Two Cats in Heat


"You've had a pretty good career yourself," Osterman replied, grinning back. "You did so well in the World Cup last year, and now you're in the Olympics."

Reddick returned her expression. "Yeah, we both are. We've both worked so hard to get here. And now we're here, and friends, and..." She trailed off, once more looking Osterman up and down. "And we're about to have fun," she finished.

"Yeah," Osterman said, standing up and staring back at the other girl. Her signals were going crazy. Reddick wants me, she realized, and now she's okay with it! And she's probably realized I want her too! Oh my gosh, why did this have to take so long to happen? If I had only known she had this side to her. If she'd only known she could be frank with me about things like this and not worry. If only... Never mind, she snapped at herself. Forget all that crap we had between us. Live the moment. Here. Now. Bring it on.

Smiling wider, she stepped closer to the blonde and leaned down, then bent over slightly. She took Reddick's face in her hands and kissed her lips. Her friend showed no signs of protest. Instead Reddick kissed back, her arms encircling Osterman. One hand moved up to and tangled in Osterman's hair as the brunette's hands fell onto her shoulders. Their lips opened and their tongues came forth, meeting and seeking each other's taste. The girls stared into each other's eyes for an instant, both looking slightly unable to believe what was happening. Meanwhile, their tongues continued to lash at one another within each other's mouths. Then Reddick pulled back, letting out a gasp.

"Oh my God," she said. "You really want to do this?"

Osterman nodded. "Yes, but only if you do."

Reddick stared at her, then nodded back. "Cindy and I have role-played," she confessed. "She's almost as tall as you are. Heather, Cindy, Angela, me, we've all fantasized about you. I just didn't think that..."

Osterman put her left index finger on Reddick's lips, then dropped it. "I've thought about you too," she said. "I just thought you were..."

"I know. It's like Brandi says. I often think some of the things I do are momentary insanity. Then I remind myself I'm among friends. I can express myself fully, openly, and honestly. Be crazy, not shy. Feel, share. I just..." She looked towards her left hand.

"I won't hurt it," Osterman said, recalling their earlier words and smiling as another quote came to mind. She dropped her hand from Reddick's lips, touched her ring, and put the proper tone into her voice. "I won't hurt the preciousss."

"Stop that!" Reddick glared at her, then chuckled. "I'm sorry. It's funny, but..."

"I know," Osterman apologized. "I hate dumb jokes too. Any guy who goes 'Here kitty kitty' with me..." She blushed, recalling all the times it had happened. It's probably happened with Reddick too, she thought, recalling the "Cat Attack!" signs she'd seen fans holding up at the other girl's games.

Reddick stared at her, shaking her head. Then she let out a breath and stepped back, reached down, and grabbed the tail of her shirt. Osterman gaped as she watched her friend pull her shirt over her head and toss it aside. Reddick's well-formed breasts were partially revealed, standing out under her black sports bra. Reddick smiled at her friend's gaze, then unfastened her shorts. Seemingly unconcerned with the other person's eyes on her, or happy for them, she dropped the garment to the floor.

You've seen her get undressed before now, Osterman reminded herself as she watched. Yeah, I have, she thought, but in these circumstances, it's different. She couldn't stop herself from staring at Reddick's legs, her breasts, her finely toned stomach, or the expanse of white cotton around her thighs. It was visibly moist, and not just with sweat. Oh my, Osterman thought. Oh my...

Reddick reached out her left hand and took Osterman's, entwining her fingers with the other girl's. "Let's just do it, okay?" she said. "If we want to, we can forget it happened afterwards. We don't have to tell anyone else."

Osterman nodded, looking at their hands. "Sounds good." Real good, she thought, feeling the tightness and warmth of Reddick's grip. "We're still going to Maenads, right?"

"Yeah," Reddick confirmed, chuckling. "We'll make it quick. The shower?"

Osterman returned her smile again. "The shower."

Stepping away from the other girl, she reached for her shirt and pulled it over her head. Osterman was also wearing a sports bra, but hers was maroon, a color she could not be caught dead wearing in Austin. It's just a color, she reminded herself as she unbuttoned her jeans. It's not important. She pushed her jeans to the floor and her underwear along with them, running her fingers across her thighs. Then she stepped out of her shoes and pants while her hands reached up and began to take off her bra.

Reddick watched her all throughout, flicking her eyes back and forth and smiling. Osterman grinned, feeling the blonde's gaze playing across her muscular legs, her stomach, her shaven slit, her large dark nipples, as they were revealed. "Do you like what you see?" Osterman asked.

Reddick did not answer. Instead she turned and walked away, taking off her own bra and dropping it in the doorway as she headed for the bathroom. Her panties were shoved down as well, and Osterman smiled as she got a good look at the other girl's rear. Nice, she thought, leaning against the table and taking her socks off. She massaged her ankles as she did so, still feeling a slight ache from the running she had done earlier that day. It's going to be eased now, she told herself. That ache, and all my other aches. I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I wanted it to, and now it will. Yes, oh yes. She smiled, then put aside the last of her clothes.

Shaking her head, Osterman stood up straight and unbound her ponytail, leaving the hair tie on the table. She then walked into the bedroom, looking down at Reddick's discarded clothes as she passed them and regarding each. Funny how life works out sometimes, she thought. You think you know someone and then... She smiled and pushed open the bathroom door.

Reddick stood beside the tub, looking back at her. She was naked except for the ring on her left hand. Her nipples were pink and hard, her skin flushed and shining. Every curve of her body stood out, and Osterman found herself looking them all over once more, taking in the new details she was noticing now. She glanced between Reddick's legs and smiled at the thin strip of blonde hair. I never cared to look there before, Osterman thought, but since we've come this far... The smile widened on her lips.

"This doesn't have to go anywhere," she told the other girl again, looking into her eyes and seeing a trace of remaining trepidation. "It's just an ordinary moment."

"No," Reddick snapped. "There are no ordinary moments." Grinning at Osterman, she pushed back the tub's plastic gray curtain and stepped over the edge. "Come on."

Osterman felt herself hesitating. One does not simply walk into something like this, she thought but did not say. Then she put her leg over the edge of the tub and got in with her friend, smiling and continuing to look the other girl over as she pulled the curtain shut. Reddick stared back, and inside her mind Osterman felt emotions falling away, worries shuffled aside, and tensions easing. I was hoping for this attitude, Osterman told herself again. I wasn't thinking our friendship could be like this, but now that it is, I like it. I like it a lot. She gave Reddick an expectant look, feeling her body tingle with anticipation.

Reddick smiled back, then stepped towards her. Again they started to touch. Reddick kissed Osterman briefly on the lips, then moved down and pecked her on the neck. Her hands came up, grabbed the other girl's arms and squeezed as her mouth moved farther down. Their bodies pushed together and touched each other. Osterman could feel a sensation rising on her flesh, familiar and new all at once. Reddick sucked her left nipple, then her right, pushing the brunette back against the wall. Osterman sighed, feeling the cold tile against her warm body. Reddick's warm too, she thought, huddling closer to her friend as they moved. And so aggressive. I want to stay close to her, feel her, experience every part of this now that I can. She shivered in joy and let out a gasp.

Her friend gasped back, then resumed sucking at Osterman's breasts. The brunette gritted her teeth, then began to return the attention. Her hands came up and rubbed across Reddick's back, finding sensitive points. Each key spot she discovered she pinched and teased, smiling as her friend's body shook under the pressure. Osterman's fingers were very dexterous, built up well from squeezing balls in preparation for a pitch. She practiced throwing every day, getting her techniques down and keeping them ready. Such exercises helped with moments like this too. She caressed her friend's shoulders and spine, then slid her palms over her sides and forward. Reddick moaned as the brunette took hold of her stiff nipples and tugged on them. "Careful," she said, taking her lips off Osterman's breast and looking up.

The brunette stuck out her tongue at her. "I know what I'm doing." To prove her point, she rubbed the undersides of Reddick's breasts, then down across her stomach and her waist.

Reddick giggled, put her hands on Osterman's shoulders, and stuck out her own tongue. She leaned up and touched the tip against her friend's mouth. Osterman stuck her tongue back out, and again their organs wrestled erotically. Their lips touched and fused, their bodies pressing close. Osterman could feel the blonde's nipples piercing into her body just under her breasts, then moving up and flicking against her own hard nipples. She shook at the sensation. Reddick's pussy was also pushing against her thigh, wet and slightly rough. Osterman reached down and ran her left hand across it, causing Reddick to breathe deeply into her mouth.

Be gentle, Osterman told herself, thinking back to her own first time and the girls she'd been with whose maidenhoods were intact. She won't like it if you're too rough. If you had her permission to be rough, that'd be one thing, but you don't, so you can't.

Keeping her touch soft, Osterman rubbed her fingers up and down Reddick's cunt, locating the senstive spots along its edges. Again she lingered on each she found, trying to stoke the largest amount of pleasure she could without going too far. She broke her kiss with the other girl as she did so, watching her eyes for the right look. First Reddick frowned, then she smiled and nodded, lips open and eyes blinking rapidly as Osterman touched her insides.

Good, Osterman thought, I'm doing this right. Grinning, she took hold of her friend's clit and manipulated it, mixing speeds and motions. She twisted it to the right and then to the left, flicking her fingers rapidly across it and then slowing down before speeding up again.

"Yes!" Reddick gasped, beaming at her and shaking back and forth. "Keep doing that!" Osterman smiled and complied.

I have quite a record when it comes to lovers, Osterman thought, just as I do when it comes to strikeouts. This is similar in some ways. Reddick and I met on the Net and we became friends. But still we were set at odds, like pitcher and batter. But I kept spending time with her, throwing metaphorical balls at her. For the longest time she held out, hit fouls but never enough for a walk. Then we got close- strike one. Then, strike two, I discovered the secret side of her. And now... wait, is this a strikeout or a home run? Who's winning here, her or me? Crap, stupid analogy. Never mind.

Chuckling at the dumb thoughts that often came into her head at moments like this, she returned her attention to the situation. She kept her left hand rubbing Reddick's snatch and her expression happy while stepping toward the other side of the tub, which had the shower's controls. Reddick walked with her, her hands continuing to roam over Osterman's body as their lips clashed once more. Osterman kept her right hand on Reddick's arm until they reached the opposite wall, then moved it away. She reached out with it and turned on the water.

"Tell me when," she said, taking her lips off Reddick's and taking two steps back. Her left hand's fingers continued to caress the other girl's thighs while her eyes and most of her attention went to setting the water's temperature. Reddick shook at the intial chill as the shower came on. Then she smiled at the growing warmth.

"Now," she said, gasping and letting the stream wash over her. The blonde leaned back, pressing her body against the wall and beaming at her friend.

Osterman reached up and adjusted the shower head so the water would cascade properly, then leaned forward and again moved close. She started traveling her lips across her friend's body, kissing Reddick on the forehead and cheeks. Her mouth again touched the other girl's, and Reddick's tongue came out to meet hers. Osterman kept her left hand rubbing her friend's cunt, her other hand roaming over Reddick's torso as Reddick's hands touched hers. She pinched and rolled the blonde's nipples, caressed hard across her stomach, flicked a finger in her navel. Water's cleaning you off, she thought, and I am too. We clean ourselves, like the felines for which we are named. And we enjoy it. The water and our touches fall like rain, stripping away the ugliness and putting beauty back in our lives. She broke their kiss and smiled at her friend, then leaned down and licked at her breasts.

"Yes!" Reddick moaned, pushing her head under the water and staring up at the ceiling. Her hands came up in the same motion, grabbed sensitive spots on Osterman's shoulders and squeezed hard.

"Ahhh!" Osterman let out a moan of her own, moving her tongue and fingers in circles on Reddick's body. The other girl's hands moved into her hair, tugging at Osterman's brunette curls. Osterman gasped at the feeling and sucked hard on Reddick's right nipple. Steam was rising around them, from the water and their sighs. She pulled back and looked at her friend's face, noting the flush and the expression. Got you where I want you, Osterman thought. She kissed the nipple she'd just licked, then moved down.

"Yes!!!" Reddick cried again, feeling Osterman's fingers push her open. She moved up against the wall and spread her legs, jumping slightly as the other girl's soft hair touched her thighs. Osterman chuckled at the reaction, then moved in.

She stabbed out her tongue and licked at Reddick's clit, thrusting deep but staying gentle. So salty, Osterman regarded her taste. Very unique, sweet yet bitter. Especially now. I can sense her readiness. She's relaxing, but still shaking hard. I can feel her growing tighter, contracting around me. She's wet too, and growing wetter. I can feel her temperature rising, and my own. Good.

Pressing two fingers against Reddick's clit, Osterman lapped at her pussy, sucking down the juice it gave out. Reddick ground back and forth, tangling her fingers in Osterman's brunette tresses and urging her on with every breath.

"Don't stop!!!"

Osterman grinned and paused for an instant, then started licking again. Reddick moaned, shoving herself farther into the wall. Osterman moved with her, deep into the stream of water. Her body was soon as drenched as Reddick's, and she could feel another flood building up between her loins. Soon, Osterman told herself, holding off. First I need to finish this. She leaned forward and pressed her tongue deeper into Reddick, keeping the pressure gentle but firm as the other girl shuddered against her. Her fingers moved as well, left hand stroking faster and right hand reaching up and squeezing the blonde's breasts. The other girl's hands pushed hard into her hair, then fell away. Reddick let out another moan, and then...

"Yes!!!" she cried, shaking against Osterman and releasing a torrent of sensation and emotion. Osterman kept looking at her throughout it, smiling at her words. "Yes!!!" Reddick cried. "Oh, yes. Thank you!! Thank you!!! Ahhh!" She shook once more, then dropped her hands to Osterman's shoulders and lightly pushed her away. Osterman pulled out, then stood up and put her hands on the other girl's arms, smiling as she watched Reddick calm down. The blonde took several deep breaths, then opened her eyes and grinned at her friend. "Your turn."

Osterman nodded, feeling her very present need. She stepped around Reddick and pressed herself against the shower's side wall, letting the warm water spill fully onto her body. Reddick stepped around her, kissing her lips and then moving down much as Osterman had on her body earlier. Her mouth danced a symphony across her friend, fingers caressing alongside. Osterman felt something slide away within her at every touch. Her friend licked across her belly, and her negative feelings were gone. Her friend squeezed her rear, and positive feelings replaced them. A wave of pleasure began to build. And then...

She gasped, feeling the blonde's wet hair against her open thighs. Osterman moved her right hand down and rubbed Reddick's hair, just as Reddick had done to her earlier. Her friend blew air against her cunt, then leaned in and started licking, her tongue rough and moist. "Yes," Osterman said softly, feeling herself tighten up at its entrance. "Please. Please, Cat."

Her urgings were soon rewarded as Reddick licked harder at her snatch, her movements differing only slightly from Osterman's earlier movements in pattern and intensity. Her hands grabbed hold of Osterman's thighs, caressing and rubbing them hard. Osterman felt herself growing wetter, both inside and outside. She moved her right hand up to her breasts and clenched at them, wanting the feelings to soon come to fullness. "Fuck," she gasped, squeezing her left and then her right nipple while pushing Reddick's face into her thighs.

Her friend stayed on her even as she shook, matching each motion like Osterman was a forward approaching the goal. I am approaching the goal, Osterman thought, and Reddick's defending. She's letting me come close, but she's still blocking the way. Oh God, I need release. Stop slacking off, stop... She bared her teeth and let out a scream.

"That's right," Reddick chuckled, then sucked at her again. "Heather's going to love you," she said between licks. "So are Cindy, Brandi, and Angela. We're all going to love you. We've always wanted a Cat we can do everything with, and now we don't have to wait."

"We still do for you," Osterman shot back, thinking about some of the toys she had back in her room. How she would love to stick them into Reddick, be rough with her and not have to worry. This feels good, she thought, but I want more. I want to go further. I guess I'll have to stay close to her for that, wait for the right time. But that's okay, the time can be whenever she wants it to be. I'm sure we'll both find lots of fun things to do between then and now. And all of it will be great. It will be... She clenched her jaw, feeling a particularly hard lick across her loins. "Yes."

Reddick smiled at her, then stuck her tongue and two fingers into Osterman in the same motion. The brunette threw her head back and moaned as they pushed inwards, starting an explosion inside her body. Reddick's face pressed into Osterman as she went off, fingers squeezing and tongue lapping at her thighs. Osterman let herself shake around them, with each sensation spilling more passion into her friend's mouth. "Yes! Oh yes!" She gasped and came again, letting out another long cry. Reddick echoed it with a series of rapid hard breaths against Osterman's core, matched by her fingers and tongue. Wish I could go that deep on you, Osterman thought, her hands falling off her breasts and clasping the other girl's shoulders for a brief moment. Then they fell to her sides. Reddick stopped licking, smiled, and stood up.

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