tagLesbian SexTwo Girls on a Beach

Two Girls on a Beach


It was the hot sun burning my ample 38c breasts that had awoken me. I had stretched out to sunbathe under the cool shadow of the tall palm tree, my back nestled softly into the cool sand. The early morning love making with my girl friend, in the log cabin we had rented on the lonely stretch of beach, had worn us both out and we had followed it with a refreshing dip in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean. The cool shade of the palm trees had beckoned our weary bodies and together we had settled down for a rest before preparing lunch. Sleep had not been my intention but the hot, tropical sun now burning my naked nipples told me I had slept for a good hour as the suns rays were now clear of the leafy palm tree and it no longer afforded me the cool shadow as it had done earlier. I turned my head to see if April was still there and smiled as I saw her tanned body stretched out in the cool of her palm tree. The hot sun had not yet cleared the foliage and the shadow still fell lightly onto her skin. I moved closer to her to get out of the sun and share her shadow and noted she was still sleeping. Her firm breasts moved up and down with her gentle breathing but tiny droplets of perspiration had formed just beneath them and the beads were slowly sliding down her stomach to drop silently into her naval. I leaned down towards her and softly licked at each droplet. The scent of her body, mixed with the slight odour of the sea, started to give me that sweet tingling sensation in my pussy as I lay beside my lover and took in the gentle curves of her almost perfect body. The only blemish on her soft skin was the tiny dolphin tattoo that decorated her left shoulder, hidden now by the golden sand beneath her.

Again I licked at the droplets of perspiration forming on her skin and again I felt that sensation of delight that only comes when you are close to the one you love.

April and I had been together for almost a year and this holiday was our treat to each other to celebrate our first ‘anniversary’.

Again my lips touched her warm skin, only this time it was with a gentle kiss to her naval. I tasted the slightly salty drops that had settled in the indentation and then moved my lips upwards towards her breasts. I kissed each naked nipple in turn before placing my mouth onto hers and giving her a gentle kiss to awaken her. I knew I was going to make love to her and I wanted her to be fully awake to receive my attentions.

April’s eyes slowly opened and her lips spread into a smile as she saw me bent over her. Without a word she raised her head from the sand and met my lips with hers. It was a soft and gentle kiss that told me how much she loved me without having to say the words. But I knew she loved me and I knew how much I loved her. My lips pressed harder against hers as her head dropped back into the sand. Lying beside her, my face close to hers, my hand slowly went to her left nipple and squeezed it gently before beginning to rub the palm of my hand over her lovely breast. Again our lips touched and a low moan escaped her mouth as she felt the softness of my hand on her breast. My own nipples began to tingle as they slowly became erect; my hand still pressing gently on April’s breast. For 5 minutes we just lay there and kissed softly whilst I fondled her breasts with the palm of my hand. Her hips slowly began to move in the sand as if inviting my hand to touch her womanhood. I smiled sweetly into her brown eyes but kept my hand on her breast, tormenting her, teasing her, knowing that her thighs were aching for my touch. Her hand slowly raised itself to touch my red hair and began a slow, rhythmic stroking through my curly locks. Her arm brushed against my breasts and a slight shudder rippled through my body causing my nipples to harden slightly more than they already were. I glanced over at the small jetty where our hired boat was anchored and happily noted that it was alone. This meant that no other visitors had reached the small island that housed our log cabin. We were alone to make love in the sand.

Eventually, as her moaning increased, my hand left the softness of her breasts and slowly slid down her tummy towards her shiny bikini bottoms. My fingers flicked lightly into her naval before continuing down, over her mound and onto her long, silky legs. I raised myself onto my elbow and my face left hers as I moved my body into a position that could concentrate on tending to her needs along with my own feminine desires. I lowered my head and flicked my tongue at her left breast. I knew that April was far more sensitive in that one than in the other and my moist tongue continued it’s flicking whilst my hand began to run gently up and down the inside of her thighs. I refrained from touching her mound, hidden just a centimetre below the thin material surrounding it. Instead I lightly touched each area of tanned skin on the inside of her thighs whilst my tongue continued to flick softly over those now erect nipples. I was moving between breasts now; kissing and licking first one and then the other. A gentle nip here and a suck there began to heighten both of our female passions as her hand left my hair and dropped to my own breasts. Cupping first one, then the other, in her small hand she began to send those lovely tingles through my own body. I could feel the moistness creeping into my pussy and I finally moved my own hand higher up her thigh until it touched the raised mound beneath her bikini.

April’s body stiffened as it felt that first touch on her womanhood and her grip on my breast became harder. Her fingers began to pinch my nipple, telling me she wanted more from my touching. I moved my head away from her breasts and kissed her naval, again tasting the salty droplets inside. From there I moved over her mound and kissed gently onto the material hiding it. My movements meant she could no longer reach my breasts but I wanted to taste her womanhood more than I wanted my breasts manipulated. My hand slid into the top of the elastic of her bikini and slowly pulled it down just as my mouth touched the fine hairs that marked the beginning of the delights that awaited me below. I pulled gently on the right side of her bikini and pulled it down a few inches before moving my fingers to the other side to pull that down. Slowly my fingers were uncovering the heaven between her legs and as each inch of skin was exposed my lips kissed gently downwards until they felt the first delightful touch of her soft, wet womanhood.

Slowly, inch by inch, I eased her bikini from her thighs until her heavenly slit was exposed to my tongue. Finally the material cleared her ankles and lay on the sand at her feet. I eased myself between Aprils’s long, smooth legs and lowered my face slowly down towards that glorious piece of heaven that nestled there. The sweet scent of her pussy drifted into my nostrils and my excitement rose even higher in anticipation of the taste of those juices that were creating the sweet aroma. My tongue slid silently into the hidden depths of her wetness and felt the smooth inside of her womanhood. The loveliest taste in the world greeted me and I pressed my own pussy, still covered by my bikini panties, into the hot sand beneath me. My hips started to grind against it as my tongue flicked over the smooth lips of April’s slit. I felt her body jump beneath me as my mouth began to heighten the pleasure she was receiving.

This encouraged my tongue to delve deeper into the wetness of her pussy and taste even more of nectar that was seeping from deep within her. I could hear the soft moans of pleasure growing in intensity and I licked even faster. The more I licked between those sweet pussy lips the louder her moaning became. She began to raise her hips up and down to meet my ravaging tongue and I paused for a second just to look up the smooth contour of her body. Her face was hidden from me by her breasts that were now being heavily fondled by her own hands. Her fingers were pinching at her nipples and she was delighting in the sensation of the mild pain that was rippling through her.

My face again dove into wetness of the pussy beneath me and my tongue again licked into the soft depths. As yet I had not touched her clit. I knew that the little bud that was protruding from its wrapping was aching to be sucked and licked and nibbled at. But I was going to bring my lover to a higher level of pleasure before my attention focused itself at the spot I knew would have her screaming.

I slowly slid my index finger into the hole of her pussy to join up with my tongue. Suddenly I rammed it in deep. The pelvis beneath me jerked upwards to meet my probing finger and I knew my girl was ready to be fucked. My own pussy was dripping juices and I knew they were seeping through the material of my bikini and would soon dampen the sand beneath me. Again I thrust my finger into April’s slit. Again she moaned and thrust upwards. My index finger was soon joined by a second, and finally a third, as my girl’s hips began to pound even faster to meet up with the 3 fingers that were fucking her so deep and so hard now. It was then that my tongue touched her tiny clitoris and sent a wave of pleasure souring through her perspiring body. I licked again, and again. My tongue now flicking expertly over that protrusion that was giving my girl such pleasure. My fingers fucked in deep and hard as I brought my girl to climax.

Suddenly I reached down to my own crotch with my other hand and slid it into the top of my bikini. I was soaking. Juices were pouring from my sit as my finger touched my tiny bud and began to rub. I had worked myself up so much by making love to April that I needed only a few touches and I was ready to squirt my juices into my womanhood. I could feel April trembling beneath me and knew she was about to climax on my fingers and tongue. When it came the intenseness of her orgasm surprised even me. Her whole body shook and she screamed at me “Oh baby.. Oh My God Baby.. YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss."

At the same time my own orgasm rippled through me. Not as intense as April was now experiencing but a good orgasm just the same.

I pulled my cum covered fingers from both pussies but left my tongue to lick at those sweet juices flowing so freely from my girls body. Slowly, very slowly her body began to relax and the trembling subsided. I eventually lifted my head and slid up the hot sand to lie beside her. Our eyes met and I could see the tears of pleasure in her eyes. Our heads moved together and we kissed each other with an intensity and love that few couples experience. The kiss lingered for what seemed an eternity until we both noticed that the sun was now clear of the palm tree and our bodies were burning beneath its heat. I stood up and picked my lover up into my arms. As I carried her down the beach our lips met again and my nipples started to grow hard again and press into her body. I knew that after our swim we would head back to the cool of the log cabin and it would be my turn to have my body subjected to an immense amount of pleasuring. I smiled to myself in anticipation of what was to come. In the cabin were our toys. I knew I would be feeling them inside me soon and almost began a run towards the cool, blue ocean.

But that is another story.

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