Two Tease

byErotic Reverie©

Walking down the barely illuminated street, I saw her step out of the bar. She was half a block away and I had not seen her for almost two years but I knew her on sight. I casually strode up wondering if she would remember me. She had not yet seen me, the focus of her attention being the front door to the bar. The expression on her face communicated exasperation. The expression on mine said otherwise.

"Julie?" I asked, feigning the question.

"Oh...oh, are you?" she enthusiastically asked, a smile creeping across her face as she recognized me.

"Fine. Are you ok? You look upset." I replied.

"I'm ok, " she said, "I just lost my friend. She was my ride. She started talking to an ex, told me to meet her here and has not come out. I think she went out the back door with him- dumb move on her part, but that is her business."

"Why don't you go in take a quick look around and if she is not in there lets get a drink."

Julie went and surveyed the crowd. Minutes passed but I was willing to wait. We had worked together in the same office for a couple of years. She was a few years older than me and married but often on the outs with her husband- constantly fighting, occasionally separating and reconciling; at last count it was over, but who really knew.

During the time we worked together, we had a friendly working relationship infused with an underlying sexual tension which we never directly address but hinted at with subtle flirtation. I would see her seeking to catch glimpses of me as I walked by her office doorway. She would comment on my appearance and physique, flirting and teasing me about who I was dating, asking me if they kept me satisfied.

Maybe I was a bit 'stiff' because of the office environment, but she being married and we working together, well I was generally wary. Sure I flirted back, but in general I tried to keep a degree of professionalism so nobody could question my behavior.

People would comment to me that it was obvious I intrigued her. I cannot deny the interest was mutual, although I never acknowledged it to anybody. Her personality was addictive- upbeat, quick with wit and always seeking lighthearted banter- just a fun person to be with. Physically she was the prototypical 5 foot 5 inch buxom brunette with an hourglass figure. Her face was very attractive- large brown doe like eyes, thin eyebrows, full lips, small upturned nose and distinctive raised cheekbones all framed by black straight shoulder length hair, olive skin, and, well... she knew how to dress, and to my liking. She preferred high heels which accentuated her muscular calves, skirts just above the knee to reveal enough leg to gain a man's attention, blouses or dresses that revealed some, but not a lot, of her hefty cleavage. Yes, her body alone drove me crazy. Self preservation kept me distant.

Her husband was said to be, lets just say 'erratic'. The last thing I needed was him on my doorstep at the wee hours of the morning wanting to 'discuss' the matter. So, I refrained, even when they were separated just in case they reconciled. Eventually, I left the company. That was a couple of years ago and I had not seen or spoken with her since...

Julie came out alone. "No luck?" I asked.

"No, lets get out of here. Buy me that drink," Julie said slightly disgusted.

"Sure, 'Drink Up, Get Down'?" I asked suggesting the bar.

"Where?" she asked.

"Never been? This way," I said pointing down the street.

We entered the bar- a roof top martini bar and techno dance club basement. I suggested the roof. We walked up the stairs, my eyes surveying her still beautiful bare legs as she ascended with each step. A large bar stood in the middle of the roof. Surrounding the roof were tents intermittently placed along the edge of the roof top. The sides facing into the bar area were usually drawn closed. From within, one could look out at a great view of the city. Rather than going to the bar, Julie chose to sit in an empty tent. Immediately a waitress came to attend to our needs.

"What will it be?" she asked. I looked at Julie suggesting she should order first.

"I do not know- I have never had a martini. Order for me please," she asked.

"Well then, for the lady a chocolate martini. For me, the classic with olives," I said.

"Be right back," the waitress replied. Julie eyed the waitress as she left, "Cute, isn't she?" she asked baiting me.

"She is 'ok'," I replied brushing the question aside, "tell me, how has life been treating you?" We engaged in the usual small talk catching up until the drinks arrived. She had become a manager at an insurance company's claims department. Nothing else had really changed except she finally divorced her husband. Her kids were grown and away at school. She was living by herself enjoying life and the freedom from time and obligation.

The drinks arrived. "To old times," I proposed. Julie sipped hers, "My, you sure know what a girl likes- nice mix. How did you know I would like this, its so.... yummy?"

"I aim to please..." I replied.

"I know you can, such a flirt," she playfully replied.

"Me, no," I said, "not me..."

"Hold that thought, I'll be right back," she said leaving for the restroom.

When we walked in, I had noticed that the bar had a chocolate fountain. While she was away, I slipped out and filled a cup with the aromatic sweet and grabbed a few strawberries. Julie returned shortly after me.

"Oh my," she said upon seeing my find, "this is a nice surprise... I just love strawberries and chocolate." I dipped a berry in the chocolate and offered it to her mouth. She accepted and slowly licked the fruit with her tongue cleaning it of most of the divine sweet; then she took one smooth bite, removing half the fruit and leaving the rest in my hand. Her eyes never left mine and she bore an expression of smitten satisfaction across her face. I offered her the rest and she bit it off, leaving the stem in my hand.

"You know what I always liked about you?" she rhetorically asked, "Your ability to flirt- just so damn good at it. So tell me, why is a good looking guy like you roaming the streets alone on a Saturday night? No date?"

"I had one, a younger woman, about 25 years old. A mutual friend begged me to take her out- a blind date. I thought she would be to young, immature for me. I agreed as a favor to my friend. So there we are having dinner and her cell phone rings. She claims it is a friend. I think it was a pre-programmed rescue call. She just got up and said she had to go- an emergency, and no explanation. I really do not care, the date was just 'ok'. So, I finished dinner and decided to take a walk. That is when I stumbled into you."

"Oh, poor baby, what a shame," she replied placing her hand on my arm, "Can I do anything to ease your pain?" she asked.

"What do you propose?" I asked. Julie walked away and closed the sides of the tent. She walked back to me, subtly swaying her hips and breasts like a lioness on the prowl. Her heaving chest pressed against her blouse.

"Why do you think these tents have zippered sides?" she asked.

"Private parties," I answered.

"Then lets have one," Julie proposed as she knelt before me, looked up for any sign of disapproval, unzipped my pants and reached inside.

"I have wanted this for all too long," she said as she removed and coddled it in her hand, admiring its length and girth. She drizzled kisses on the round swollen head and proceeded to lightly lick and tease. Each time her lips came to, I anticipated she would take me into her mouth, each time I was disappointed.

The moment was incredible- there we were in a semi-public place engaging in very risqué behavior. The allure of the moment was not lost on me. Finally she opened her mouth to take me. I felt the warmth of her breath as her mouth opened and descended. I could almost feel her suckling me.

Suddenly the sound of the zipper on the tent flaps opened. Julie shot up and pressed her body against me, looking over my shoulder at the intruder. She held me tight, one arm around my waist giving the appearance of embrace, to which I reciprocated with both arms over and around her shoulders. Her other hand found its way between our bodies and she gently pulled on my erect cock between our pressed bodies while she looked to identify and confront the invader.

"Oh, sorry," the waitress said, "it was half open.. I just thought.. well, err, I'll come back later..." realizing her mistake.

"Guess you have no chance with her now, oh well..." Julie joked, "and I thought I had closed it all the way...," she quipped as she returned to giving me the pleasure I sought. She was very good- slow, gentle and patient.

I felt myself welling up. Then she sighed, "Mmm, just what I wanted, a little pre-cum chaser for my drink." She stood, holding my now rigid cock in hand and told me, "maybe later, I like my men pent up and hungry," as she gave me a sexy little wink of an eye.

"Lets check out the downstairs bar," she suggested.

We entered the bar and moved up some stairs to a narrow side area overlooking the dance floor. The place was packed and the best we could do was to find a spot at the end of the side area sandwiched between a back wall, the corner and a rail.

Julie stood in front of me by the rail as we watched people on the dance floor. The music was loud and the floor very dimly lit, illuminated by an intermittent light show and strobes.

She noticed one couple on the floor near by really getting close and sensual- hard bumping, grinding and groping. She started swaying her hips to the beat and I could tell she was getting transfixed by them. Julie bumped back into me, her ass hitting my crotch and she looked back over her shoulder and smirked. I grabbed her hips and gently pulled her against me as she continued her sublime tease, swaying back and forth rubbing against me for a while and then moving away.

Where we stood was really dark. Even though there were people right next to us, they could not really see what we were doing. So I grabbed Julie, this time I pulled her back and she followed my lead. When she came back, I wrapped my right arm around her hips and held her close, pressing her ass into me. She kept swaying to the beat.

My left side against the wall and out of public view, I began rubbing the round of her ass through her skirt. Slowly I moved to tease her inner cheek and then even lower to her inner thigh with assertive measure. I moved my hand under her skirt and slowly worked my way to her privates. I could feel she was wet and I teased her lips through her panties. Julie just continued to sway to the music as if noting was happening.

Her movements were a steady back and forth sway. I really wanted to pull down her undergarments and take her in the dark of the corner. I knew it was a risk- at the right angle, we probably would not be caught. If we were, would anyone in the crowd say anything? I doubted it. All they would probably do is watch out of the corner of their eyes, keep quiet and take in our show. I went to pull down her panties, she took my hand and moved it away. She turned her head and whispered into my ear, "Not here." Then she took my wrist and led me out of the bar.

"Somebody is frisky..." she teased, "I think I should go home. Can you give me that ride?"

"Sure," I replied thinking what a double entendre.

....The car moved forward. "Did you ever?" she asked.

"Ever what?"

"Ever fantasize about me?" she asked. I paused.

"...this discussion is long overdue, I always wanted to know. I knew you wanted me but never acted on it because I was married. I knew it all the time," she said encouraging a response.

I confessed, "many times."

"Tell me," she insisted.

"In detail?" I questioned.

"Yes, I want details," she gingerly coaxed me.

"Actually, I have two or three very vivid fantasies. The fact I could not have you in real life just made them all the better- illicit and forbidden. The first one, well, we were at my desk working one day, real story, and you were standing next to me leaning over my desk intently looking at some papers. I looked down and noticed your attire- red pumps, tan stockings, muted lime green pants and a white blouse. I noticed how the pants hugged the curve of your ass. Then I saw the skin of your back where the pants and blouse separated. I saw your lower back and hips and no panties and thought to myself how I would love to stand behind you, rub your ass, you would not respond, just stand there bent over waiting to see what I did next. Then I would unbutton your pants, draw them down, find you without panties and only in thigh highs. I thought about how I would enter and take you without either of us saying a word, silently acknowledging the moment and sexual tension between us."

"...was I good?" she asked.

"Always," I replied.

"And the other story?" she suggested.

"One day you came into my office really steamed- another real story- pointing a finger at me... started laying me out for something- I can't remember what- this one was real too, I saw your anger and thought how beautiful and emotional you were... it was the impassioned Italian in you. It was not just anger, it was almost rage, the kind that simmers only when there is an underlying tension between people... in my fantasy, I get up from my desk, close the door, approach you while you are ranting, put my hands on your face, cup your cheeks and kiss you... your rant immediately fades and I push back your face to see the expression in your eyes. Instantly you pull me close and we meld together in passionate embrace, meshed together groping one another for the first time... and yes, it was a wonderful first kiss...."

"Did you have you way with me after the kiss?" she asked.

"I never kiss and tell," I replied coyly, "and you, did you ever?"

"Funny you should ask. Of course I did," Julie admitted, "even when I was married."

"Details please," I implored.

"Hmm, ok," she said after a contemplative pause, "you probably don't even know this but some of the women in the office would talk about you, state how they thought you were 'hot'. Some of them were married, some single. One even quit her job so she could call you for a date and minutes after she resigned she found out you had a girl friend- I think I was the bearer of the news... we girls can be so catty."

"Really, who did that?" I asked stunned.

"Does not matter, you were ambivalent about her and she was not your type. Anyway, I would sit at lunch, quietly listening to them describe their dreams and fantasies about you, privately comparing them to mine. Being the competitive bitch, I always wanted to be ahead of them when it came to you. Yes, we had a phenomenal working relationship and I wanted more from you. But, I was married and could not have it. So, my fantasy of you was all I ever had. It was a good one too that carried me for many years- it would start at around lunch time, when the office was relatively quiet. I walk into your office and find you sitting behind your desk, professionally attired in a shirt and tie. You look up to see who entered your domain. I put a finger to my lips to signal silence. I close the door for privacy, even though it had no lock, and walk to your side, push your chair back away from the desk and kneel before you.

You protest, fearful of getting caught in a compromising position. That does not deter me, the thought of being caught adding excitement to the moment. Quickly, I open your pants and find you, semi-erect despite your conflicted feelings regarding what I was doing. Actions speak louder than words and your body told me you wanted me. My mouth and tongue are my devil and I take to you with a determined passion, my head bobbing as I work you stiff.

Once there I pulled my face away and open my blouse- you remember it, the cream silk one that always strained to hold in my boobs and made you stare in disbelief at my chest? The one combined with the right bra would let you see some areola from an angle as you peered in? Yes, that one. I opened it just enough to unhook my bra, pull it down over my shoulders and reveal myself. I'd take your cock between my big soft boobies and caress it, slow and steady, teasing you. I'd feel your hands on the side of my head, fingers caressing my hair and ears as you guided my mouth to your head. A drop of pre-cum would spill into my mouth- then I knew you were ready.

I would stand you up, hands flat on the desk, hips back, and take your cock in my hand, point it at my chest and jerk you off, occasionally rimming your head with my mouth. Your cock would start to fidget and I would jerk it until you came, spilling your luscious cum all over my bare chest. That is when the fun really started.

You would sit back down and I would still be squatting before you. I always wanted to know the smell and taste, if it smelled thick and 'cummy'- that smell always turns me on- and if it tasted that way too.

First, a dab on my finger and I would taste your jiz on the tip of my tongue, showing you as the two met, then I suckling that finger hard. Then another dab and I would run circles on one areola and then the other, slow and soft as I relished in the moment teasing up each nipple with your warm jiz. Next another dab and I would lift my skirt, show you my emerald green silk panties and rub it on the area covering my hood right along my furrow- oh so close, yet so far away!

Finally, the remaining jiz- I would slowly spread across my chest like a fine oil. I would want it there to have you close to me, to smell it... and that maybe the other women might catch a whiff and wonder. I could snicker to myself knowing I had what they did not and how jealous they would be if only they knew.

Then I would stand up, get myself together and walk out, look over my shoulder and throw you a kiss as you sat in shock watching me go. I would leave and go about my day knowing what had happened, what I had and they did not... Would you have stopped me?" she asked.

"No..." I replied stunned hoping to hear more.

"I was irresistible," she cockily stated, "...are you getting excited?" she asked.

"Why don't you check for yourself?" I suggested.

Julie ignored my offer and continued, "But sometimes it did not stop there. Sometimes the fantasy would continue with me walking down the hall back to my office, closing the door and locking it- yes mine had a lock, and you had the key. You had the key because my office was once a storage room. After conversion, you kept the key- I guess because nobody asked you for it... Only once did you ever use it, when I mistakenly locked myself out. You knew you had it but never used it, until now.

Sitting behind my desk, I put up my feet and found myself beneath my skirt, slowly rubbing and teasing my furrow though the green panties. Rather quickly I would reach that point where I had to pull them aside and slip in a finger. Closing my eyes I would envision your facial expressions as our tryst had evolved-especially your eyes, so soft, deep and telling.

You would remember the key and use it, slipping into my office, finding me compromised, teasing my folds, my eyes closed and I deep in concentration as my finger played. Purposefully, you would close and lock the door so it alerted me to someone's presence. I would jump just before I getting off. When I came to my senses and realized it was you, I would see the fury in your eyes, the aggressive passion you wanted to unleash on me for teasing you. Right then I would know I had gone to far.

As you walked towards me, all I could think was that my legs were going to be held up in the air, my panties pulled up and you were going to take me as I sat helpless and at your mercy. That is not how you wanted it. Instead, you stand me up and bend me over the desk, face and shoulders down, feet spread apart.

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