tagFetishTwo Weeks Of Panty Fantasy

Two Weeks Of Panty Fantasy


My wife’s friend needed a place to stay while she was waiting to go on the road with the auto show. Her landlord said he would let her out of her lease but she had to get out right away because he had someone ready to move in. This turned out to be the greatest two weeks I have had in long time.

Let me start out by telling you how hot she is. First of all she is one of those models at the auto shows so that should tell you something and second she is around 5”6 115 long blonde hair sexy green eyes and pair 34d tits and nice round ass.

As I said before she came to stay with us for two weeks before she went on the road so we let her stay in the front bedroom where I keep all my clothes and changed for work every morning so that made perfect access to get here sexy panties. Now sniffing and sucking the juice out girls used panties is fetish I have had all my life and my new roommate just gave me my fantasy come true.

Her panties where always full of that musky sweaty pussy smell and full of thick creamy cum because she was working out every night to make sure she was looking good for her modeling gig.

She would usually get home around 8-9 o clock at night come home in her little tight work out gear hang out bit and go to bed and then get up out the door around 8:30 am this was great for me because since I own my company I usually did not leave until 10:00 and that gave me plenty of time every morning play with her panties.

I would go to her room shortly after she left and find the fresh pair panties she just took off and lay there on her bed with fresh pair on my face sucking and smelling the juices out of them and another pair wrapped around my cock stroking my dick until I filled the crotch of her panties with my load of cum.

Now I did this everyday for the first week and it was great. I thought to myself what a perfect setup I get enjoy the her stinky worn panties and nor she or my wife had clue what I was doing.

The next week when Monday rolled around my wife said she had to attend a conference late for the next two nights, why don’t you keep her friend company.

As I thought to myself while playing with her panties Monday morning, tonight I will check that body of hers out I will leave the curtains open enough so I can check her getting undressed. Needless to say all day long I just keep thinking about seeing here naked body tonight. I got home around 7:30 and could not wait until she got home. It was about 8:00 when she finally got there and sure enough she was in these little black running shorts and a sports bra and the way she was sitting on the couch I could see the crotch of here little pink lace panties and little hair sticking out.

So of course I could not take my eyes of here pussy all night. We hung out drink a few beers smoked some pot and ate dinner and then she said she was going to take a shower I thought this is perfect that bathroom window is real easy to see into the blinds. I am going to get to see a great shot of her body.

One thing I did think was strange though she usually showered in the morning why was she showering tonight but you didn’t see me complaining.

I waited a couple of minutes went out the back door and to the window and sure enough there she was top off with those sexy tits hanging out big silver dollar brown nipples and nothing but those pink lace panties looking in the mirror taking her make up off which buy the way she was so hot she hardly wore any makeup.

After she finished taking her make up off she stood there looking in the mirror and started squeezing her nipples making them nice and hard and then she started rubbing on the outside of her panties caressing that sexy pussy.

I could not believe it she was going to masturbate for me I was in heaven. Next thing you know she sat down on the toilet spread her legs pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing that big fat pussy of hers and believe me she has a nice big fat pussy lips and dark pussy hair so I guess she is not a true blonde.

Anyway she started rubbing away and kept bring her fingers to her mouth and nose tasting and smelling her on pussy. You know that shit smells and taste good when she likes the way her on pussy taste.

Well of course by now I had my dick in my hand stroking away while watching her and one thing I noticed she had her head turned facing me opening and closing her eyes like she new I was out there. Well it did not take long for her to cum she started shaking and trembling and breathing real hard and looking at me with these sultry eyes. And that was all it took I started busting my nut as well I must cum a gallon all over the wall.

And then she laid back took her panties of spun them around her finger brought them up to her nose and took a big sniff right into the crotch and was looking toward the window the whole time. She then drops the panties and heads toward the shower which is where the window is so I duck out and came back in side the house.

After she finished her shower she came into the living room gave me a big hug and said thinks for being so sweet and letting her stay. The next morning when I got up to check out those pink panties she was wearing last night I went into her room and noticed those panties where on top of the table wear I keep my pocket change and shit you accumulate in your pockets.

That’s when it hit me I think she knows I have been sniffing and playing with her panties why else would she leave them there she is a very neat person and always put her clothes in laundry basket and all of her clothes wear in there except those panties.

Well I did not let that stop me that even made more horny a put those panties up to my nose and started sniffing and sucking the juices out and believe me these where extra juicy and crusty after last night. I was about to blow my load and thought why don’t I fill this crotch up with my cum and leave them out for her to see if she notices.

So I left them right on her pillow folded nice and neat so the cum would dry and leave big crusty stain.

Later that night when I got home I was starting to have second thoughts about leaving those panties there what if she just forget them on the table. Next thing you know she was walking and it was too late I couldn’t move them now.

She came in all hot and sweaty with twelve pack gave me big hug and said hi sweetie are you ready for a beer. Once I say she was in such a good mood I was able to relax we kick backed smoked a few bowls and proceed to finish the twelve pack.

Needless to say we both had a good buzz working by now and she decides she was going to go take a shower. I thought to myself an encore performance of last night.

As soon as I heard the door shut I was out the back door ready to check her out again and the first thing I noticed was those pink panties sitting on the counter top still neatly folded the way I left them.

She already had her top off and she was taking her shorts down this time panties and all came off. As she stood there but naked facing me she picked up the pink panties and started unfolding them and then I noticed they where all stuck together and she started laughing and then put her tongue up them to taste my load.

I could tell she could taste my cum because she got a little weird look on her face smiled and started rubbing her pussy with her other hand and started sucking on the crotch of the panties and was looking right at me the next thing you she motions with a finger come here. I froze I did not know what to do and then she did it again so I said fuck it lets go in there.

I ran inside went to the bathroom and there she was the bathroom door wide open sitting on the toilet like last night and ask me I thought you might be able to see better from inside.

I just stood there speechless here I was my wife’s friend sitting on the toilet rubbing her pussy sucking on the crotch of those pink panties. She then looked at me and said pick those panties up on the ground show me how you like to play with my panties.

So I picked them up started sniffing the wet crotch and sucking the juices out of them and pulled my dick out and started stroking away. As I stroked my cock and she was going to town on her on pussy I start getting closer and closer to her until I was about 5 inches from her face.

The look she had on her face was just pure lust I couldn’t help it I just let my load fly all over her face, hair, tits and then she put her mouth around it and swallowed the rest. she stopped rubbing her pussy so she could take my cock with both hands and milk every bit of cum out of it.

After she suck my load dry she started scooping the cum off her face and body and licking out of her fingers and telling me she loves the taste of cum. That’s when I looked at her and said I love the taste of your pussy you have to let me eat it she just spread her legs and I went down on my knees and went to town on that sweet pussy and her ass I licked it all until she was Cumming all over my face.

I looked up at her with my face deep in her pussy as her legs and body was trembling like a earthquake. So when I stood up of course I had another massive hard on. so she took into her mouth and gave me the best blow job I ever had. It probably only took about a minute to fill her mouth up with a load full of cum again.

After I filled her mouth up with cum she told me she new I had been playing with her panties and Cumming in them as well. so every night she has been masturbating and sucking my cum out of her panties and she new she was going get load of my cum down her throat before she left.

And for the next 3 days she would come into my room after my left for work take of her panties put them on face and suck my dick and then climb on top of my face ride it till she came. And when she left she left a nice juicy pair panties in my suit pocket.

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