tagFetishTying Up An Angel

Tying Up An Angel


I leaned back and smiled as my lover drizzled warm honey over my feet. The golden liquid seeped between my ten red toes. The sticky ooze felt divine and was beginning to turn me on. He used his index finger to run little lines along the top of my foot in the honey. He lifted his finger up to my mouth offering me a sweet suck. I could see his cock hard in his jeans as I sucked his finger. Mmmmm....gets him every time.

He instructed me to put my arms up and he lifted my blouse up over my head, discarding it to the floor. We had lain a white sheet on the floor for our "messy" tete-a-tete. I laid back on the sheet and deliberately wiggled my toes...as if he even needed reminding! He gently lifted my foot by the heel and licked the line of honey that was running down my arch. He suckled each of my toes individually and then all of them together. He slid my toe rings off with his teeth, scraping my toes with nice hard bites. His teeth sent shivers up my legs and straight to my wet pussy. I moaned in delight as he bit my ankles and squeezed my feet with his strong hands.

For a long time he kissed my feet and licked, sucked and then licked some more till my feet were honey-free. He stood up and gazed down at me lying on the floor with only my tiny white panties on. His look was that of lust and his dick was begging to be let out of his jeans.

"Turn over." he told me.

I rolled over onto my belly exposing my ass with the white string thong peeking out at the small of my back. I heard him unbuckle his belt and remove it from his jeans. I turned my head to look at him.

"Ready for a spanking?" he asked, his eyes sparkling at the prospect of whipping my fair ass.

"I'm more than ready." I replied.

He knelt down on his knees and took the belt in his right hand. With his left hand, he firmly grabbed the back of my neck, pinning my head to the floor. I braced myself for the first blow.

I don't know which was nicer...his tight and constricting grip on the back of my neck, or the sting of the thick belt on my ass. I cried out as he hit me time and time again. In between blows, I ground my pelvis into the hard floor, coming close to orgasm. As he hit me he reminded me of a few things...

"Dint, forget, you are a fucking filthy little girl."

"I know, baby."

"And, you need to be whipped because you have been thinking bad thoughts all day, haven't you?"

"I have."

"Like sucking the come out of my cock?"


"And being a little girl-licking slut?"


"And wanting me to come in your cock-hungry little ass?"

"Yes, love."

When he was done whipping me....he tired before I did....he ran his fingers lightly over the red welts and kissed the marks softly.

Kissing the soft skin on my ass was too tempting, and he spread open my ass cheeks and gave me nice wet kisses over my ass and pussy. I was so wet, I could hear his lips in my juices. I moaned and grabbed the sheet in my fists as his whiskers roughly rubbed my pussy.

He flipped me over and grabbed a plain brown rope lying on the floor ready for use. He deftly tied my wrists together above my head. The ropes cut into my small wrists and set my mind free. He took both of my ankles and secured them to the legs of the couch spread eagle-like. Not only did it feel like heaven, but it hurt like hell. The ropes were so tight, my toes and fingers were instantly turning bright red. The pressure of the collected blood in my hands and feet transported me to a different place altogether.

He took my hair and pulled it tightly back into a ponytail on the top of my head. A few straggling wisps of hair fell over my eyes and tickled my cheeks.

Once again he was on his knees at my side. He covered me with soft kisses that contradicted the taut, coarse ropes. My mind was conflicted, my body divided.

His soft kisses turned into small hard bites. He sucked my tit into his mouth and twirled his tongue around and around my nipple ring. His teeth artfully caught the ring in between them and he gave it a hard tug that took my breath. I looked at my feet and saw blue.

He covered my mouth with kisses ranging from bitterly hard to fairy-wing soft. My body was aching for his cock and I begged him over and over to please fuck me. He never answered, he just kept kissing my swollen lips.

At this point, he leaned over and into my ear, whispered things meant for only the two of us to know. Some things were sensual, some evil. Some were loving, some full of spite. Was he my lover, or my Lucifer? He was perfect...that is all I know.

Finally, he positioned himself between my bound legs. He had undressed, and his cock stood out stiff and beautiful. He seized himself in his hand. The sight of him with his hard cock in his hand sent a thrill down my body, and I clenched my teeth and moaned.

Of course he didn't fuck me immediately, he rubbed his stiff dick over my feet and face. I could no longer feel my hands and feet.

When he finally filled my soaking pussy with his cock, I screamed and moaned with pleasure. I arched up to meet him pulling on my restraints. I could see the look of satisfaction he got from watching me struggle against my ropes.

When I was close to coming, he knew, and quickly grabbed my discarded panties, shoved them in my mouth and clamped his hand over my lips. He covered my face with kisses as he pumped his cock in and out of me. He grabbed my neck and choked most of the air right out of me. I came hard and long, and when my pussy was throbbing with the orgasm, I felt his cock release his come and fill me up.

"You are an angel." he whispered in my ear.

"And you.....are not." I replied.

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