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Ultimate Humiliation


Cara is your normal everyday young lady leading a life mixed with work and boredom.

She often finds herself wondering what else is there in life to alleviate the often long periods where she feels like there is something missing in her life.

Being an active sports person keeping herself fit and trim, she doesn't suffer from laziness at all, and does not over indulge in the "bad" things in life. She considers herself as being normal in every respect, has a good circle of friends and close family.

She works long hard hours in her capacity as a solicitor with the stress of the position often getting her down.

After a hard day at the office she gets the train home like thousands of other commuters. Falling in and out of day dreams as the train rattles and sways with its relentless and monotonous motion.

There is one particular part of her journey where she always finds herself trying to get a closer look at a particular building that catches her eye every time the train flies past at annoying speeds.

She can never quite manage to get a good enough look, and by the time she sets eyes on the building every evening, it has gone past just as quickly.

It is the large sign that is eluminated on top of the roof that catches her attention and imagination. Every time. "The Dungeon Room" flashes out as the train speeds past.

Those words make Cara fantasize about all sorts of things that may be in that building. She has never been into a "dungeon" before, and often wonders what lies beyond.

Cara has never thought of herself as sexy or sexually open minded. It is not something that has ever entered her mind. But that sign seems to bring something out in her and makes her think more about what people do in their private lives in the bedroom and other places.

When she gets home this particular evening, she goes straight to her laptop and types in various key words. "bondage" "bdsm" "dungeon" She is totally amazed at the sheer number of sites that come up in front of her and finds herself getting deeper and deeper into the subject matter.

Chat rooms, forums, galleries, stories, the list goes on. She is totally mesmerized by the amount of information in front of her. Cara had no idea there we so many people into all of these activities.

For a moment she sits back and wonders if she is normal. How can there be so many people into all these strange activities she thinks to herself.

Before she realizes, 3am arrives and feeling so exhausted from viewing hundreds of web pages and forums, she pulls herself away from the computer and heads off to bed without having anything at all for dinner.

After climbing under the sheets and trying to get herself comfortable, she finds that sleep is not going to happen. Her mind is racing with all the images of bondage and weird and depraved scenes and acts between consenting adults.

Laying there day dreaming over some of the things she has witnessed, she suddenly realizes that she is running her fingers around her inner thighs working herself up.

She takes her hands from between her legs and thinks to herself that this is silly; I need to get to sleep, turns over and snuggles up in the blankets and crisp white sheets.

Morning arrives with Cara crawling out of bed feeling ever so tired and drowsy. Oh god, another busy day ahead she thinks to herself.

Not wanting to be at work, she showers then makes herself a cup of coffee where she finds herself sitting there staring out the window. Eyes wide open and staring into space she decides that a phone call to her boss is the only thing to do today. This is very unusual for Cara as she is a totally loyal employee who never takes a day off.

She picks up the phone and leaves a message on her bosses answer machine, "Hi Dave, really sorry but I won't be in today, I am feeling pretty crap. See you tomorrow I hope, by".

A feeling of relief comes over her as the thought of not having to get dressed and go to work is so nice. She sits back, sighs and takes another sip of her coffee which she is holding with both hands while still staring out the window. Staring and wondering what she is going to do today.

"The Dungeon Room", keeps flashing in her mind over and over. She can't let it go; it just keeps coming back time and time again.

That's it, she thinks, I am going to drive by that place and have a closer look to see what it is.

Going to her wardrobe she slides open the doors to see what she is going to wear.

In front of her is a vast variety of clothing as Cara likes fashion and spends a fortune making sure she looks good. Tall and slim, with blonde hair, she would be the ultimate catch for any swooning guy out there.

She pulls out a pair of black tight fitting jeans with a wide belt and big buckle. Then she selects a crisp white long sleeve blouse, a pair of knee length black boots and a red silky scarf.

Looking at herself in the full length mirror she can't help but admire how sexy she looks.

Swishing the red scarf around her neck and letting it fall down in front of her white blouse she looks gorgeous. Long blond hair falling half way down her back, she is ready to head out the door.

As the lift travels down to the ground floor she finds herself feeling anxious but truly excited at her adventure. The doors open and she struts off out of the foyer doors towards her car which is parked out on the street.

Driving along with the music in the background she is thinking about what lies ahead. What is she really looking for she thinks to herself, why am I doing this? But she carries on as the air of excitement overrides any other thoughts.

She gets to the block where she is certain the building lies beyond. Taking a right turn off the main road and into a small side street she recognizes a petrol station that is only a couple of streets away from her destination. Her heart is starting to beat faster and finds herself fidgeting in her seat as she nears her destination.

There it is, she says to herself. She pulls over to the side of the road and looks down the alley way where the entrance to the building lies.

Noticing a vacant car park, she swings the car around and makes a perfect two point entrance into the small space between two other vehicles. She turns the key, the engine stops and there is silence. She sits there heart still racing wondering what on earth she is doing here.

Looking down she picks a piece of fluff from her blouse and fusses over it making sure she looks perfect. Puts her hand on the door handle, takes a deep breath and opens the door.

Closing the door and locking it, she looks down the alley way to the building. She hesitates for a moment, then begins her stride in that direction.

Within seconds she finds herself standing out in front of the main entrance. A large set of double doors painted black. There is no signage anywhere on the building other than the large sign she knows is on the roof top. Strange she thinks, and then notices a black panel with brass lettering on it.

A plaque placed beside the main entrance. She moves closer to the plaque in order to read it.

"Herein your pleasure commences"

She stares at the plaque with those words conjuring up all sorts of images in her mind.

The scenes she looked at on the internet the previous night start flashing in front of her. And just then a "bang" as she is startled out of her day dreams, and notices a very handsome man exiting the building letting the doors bang behind him. He walks past her with a smile on his face as he gives her a slanting glance as he walks past.

Clara just stands there in a daze, she feels like her feet are cemented to the pavement as she watches the man walk past and down towards the main street.

She notices how handsome he was, masculine body and very sexy.

Just then, he stops, turns slowly back around to face Cara and slowly starts to walk back towards her.

Cara is still frozen to the pavement, unable to move. He nears and then in a strong manly voice asks her if she has been inside yet? Cara tries to answer, but finds her words won't come out. She feels like she is frozen in time as she tries to answer.

Come on, he says, I will give you a tour, you will love it, and with that he places his hand on her arm and gently moves her towards the door.

Without any resistance Cara finds herself being ushered through the doors. Fear and anxiety start to run through her mind as the door closes behind her. Oh my god, what am I doing she thinks to herself. And just then the handsome gentlemen tells Cara to follow him. She obeys and without any thought follows behind. She can't help but admire herself in a large floor to ceiling mirror that is on the main foyer wall. The dimly lit foyer is plush with leather couches, brass and glass side tables, a reception area fit for the most posh hotel.

This is not a sleazy establishment she thinks to herself. Quite the opposite, it is so flash looking.

Moving past the reception area the man introduces himself as Dave. Caaaara, as Cara stutters trying to say her name. Dave smiles and says "relax' there's nothing to worry about here, you will really enjoy seeing everything we have here. She smiles and follows him through a large glass door as he hold the door open for her.

They enter a large open area which is very light and modern. Around the walls are various leather seats with tables besides and magazines underneath. This is the waiting area Dave says.

Waiting area? Cara replies, yes, there are various rooms you can go into from here. But the main room is through that door there, and he points to a large set of brass doors at the end of the room.

Taking her arm once again he directs her toward that door. As she moves along with him, she tries to look around at the other doors, and asks, "what is behind these doors", oh, lots of fun things, I can show you later.

They reach the large set of brass doors. Dave takes hold of the large ring and twists it, and pushes the door open.

Cara moves into the room just behind Dave, the doors closes behind them. Cara stands there staring at the size of the circular room set before her. She is totally stunned and amazed at what she is looking at.

Have a walk around Cara, feel free to touch or do anything you want to ok.

Cara slowly moves as her eyes zero in on all of the items around the "dungeon". Oh my god, what is all this she asks. This, he says, this is where you come to have the ultimate pleasure. A place to get away from your everyday life, and just chill out and let it all happen.

The walls are adorned with full height mirrors, racks, chains and a variety of weird looking wooden furniture.

There are large wooden crosses with restraints, benches with handcuffs hanging from the sides, reclining chairs, a whipping pole and so much more that Cara can't take it all in.

On one wall there are a set of three cubicles with the entrance covered by curtains.

What are those rooms Cara asks. A, those rooms are our specialty rooms. There are more out in the main waiting room as you previously noticed. But these three are the main ones and that's why they are in here.

But what is in them she asks again. Dave walks over to one and swings back the curtain. In front of Cara lies a well setup white tiled wall room that looks like it has just come out of the local maternity hospital. Stainless steel trolleys and trays, large lights in the centre of the ceiling, medical cabinets on one wall and a variety of instruments in a glass cabinet.

In the middle of the small room lies a large high up metal chair with stirrups protruding from the ends of the seat. The stirrups are two poles on an angle with two straps clipped to the tops of each pole.

Under the seat she notices a tray that obviously pulls out once a "patient" is up on the chair and laying there with their legs spread apart in the stirrups. The scene in front of Cara electrifies her.

She is already starting to feel herself getting very wet between her legs.

Come on Cara, Dave calls out, have a walk around, there's lots to see here.

He moves over to one of the other small cubicles and pulls the curtain back on that one.

Inside there is a replica hair salon. Wash basin and chair, cutting station and chair. A rack full of salon products, and a shelving unit full of a variety of hairdressing capes.

Cara walks in to the cubicle and asks Dave why is there a hair salon setup here? Oh, lots of people have a variety of fetish ideas, including hairdressing. So we try to cater for every ones fetish.

Cara walks around the small room touching the chair and wash basin. She notices the restraints on the arms rests and also down near the foot rests.

She continues to move around and runs her fingers over some of the capes nicely folded. She likes the feel of the crisp nylon capes. And she loves the smell of the lotions, just like a real hair salon.

Come on Cara, you can look into the third room ok, and moves over and opens that one up.

Inside Cara immediately recognizes this room. The dentist's room. Kitted out with old fashioned dental chair and drill. It all looks so menacing and evil. It kind of sends a feeling of excitement through Cara as she looks around at all of the fantasy settings.

So what are in the other rooms she asks Dave once again? Oh, there's a school room, a room for adult babies, a room that has no windows and is totally dark. In that room is a large cage where you are locked in and left there where you cannot see or hear anything at all. It is designed to totally deprive you of any senses at all.

Cara continues to look around the main dungeon room and notices a large black plain wall at one end. Why doesn't that have anything on it she asks, oh, that's nothing really, and tells her to carry on looking around.

She continues to browse the room where she just can't believe the array of equipment and weird looking furniture. Then she notices over in the corner a "jail" room. Dark grey block work with iron bars. Inside there are chains and shackles hanging from the wall. It looks more like something from a medieval castle dungeon.

Cara is by now feeling more and hornier as she moves around the room. She doesn't understand how or why she is so excited and feeling free with erotic thoughts running through her mind. She has never in her life felt like this. She feels so exhilarated.

So, what do you think Cara? Do you like what you see? Cara gulps and stutters, yes, it is very interesting she says, interesting.

Would you like to try some of the things out Cara, you can just let yourself go in here you know. Nothing is out of bounds, so you can feel totally free. He moves closer to Cara, placing his hand to the back of her neck. She feels the Goosebumps popping up over her body as his warm hand touches the nape of her neck and gently pushes her in the direction of a gymnasium looking bench.

He moves in front of her smiling and running his hand through her long blonde hair which is making Cara feel week at the knees. She is once again frozen to the floor unable to move or speak as Dave moves his hands down to her blouse and starts to slowly undo her buttons.

You look so gorgeous Cara, he says as he undoes the last button on her crisp white blouse.

Slowly opening her blouse as he pulls it out from her tight fitting jeans and lets it flow down in front of her.

He runs his hands around her stomach and around to her back where his fingers gently stroke her back pulled her closer to him.

His lips touch hers in the most gently motion as he continues to runs his fingers over her body under her blouse. As he is doing this he starts to bend her over the bench and then takes his hands under her buttocks and lifts her up onto the hard leather bench.

Cara is so out to it with her mind racing she doesn't even realize she is on top of the bench.

He pulls his lips away from hers; looking into her eyes he starts to slowly undo the button on her jeans then takes hold of the zip and starts to pull the zip down.

Cara takes hold of the buttons on his shirt and commences undoing them to expose his tanned muscular chest and abdomen.

She feels her jeans being gently pulled down over her legs and dropped to the floor. Cara is in such a dreamy state she doesn't care what is happening, she in fact loves every minute of it.

Then she feels her panties being pulled roughly down her legs and then having them stuffed into her mouth. She gasps and starts to wiggle and try to raise her hand to take them out, but Dave grabs her wrists and tells her to stop struggling as he pulls her arms up over her head, and leaning over her body so that she can not move, starts to secure a pair of wrists cuffs to her wrists. She feels the straps being pulled tightly on her wrists then feels her arms being pulled tightly up over her head.

She is now spread out over the bench with her panties still stuffed in her mouth unable to call out.

She starts to thrash her head side to side trying to struggle, but is of no use. Dave is too heavy as he lies over her body pinning her to the bench. He then stands back slight and grabs hold of her ankles where he pulls them down to the sides of the bench and fastens the straps again tightly around her ankles.

She tries to struggle but realizes she is totally at the mercy of her "master". Looking to one side she sees herself in the array of mirrors positioned around the walls. Her struggles subside as she likes what she sees. Bent backwards over the bench, naked from waist down, her white blouse open and draped down the sides of her exposing her firm breasts. She likes the look and feel of her arms and wrists being pulled up over her head fastened tightly to the end of the bench.

As she lays there feeling totally exposed, she notices the lighting getting brighter and brighter as someone turns up the lighting. This makes her feel ever so more exposed, as before the room was dimply lit.

She hears another voice in the room and looks to the other side where she sees another man in the room. He is dressed only in a short tight pair of black leather shorts. His body is very tanned and shining in the bright lights, enhancing his muscular body where she can see every line around every muscle.

Mind racing, she want to be free and run for the door, but on the other hand, wants to carry on as the excitement is growing, and she is getting wetter between

The muscular man walks over to the wall where there are a variety of what looks like whips and straps, where he takes hold of one and pulls it from the hook.

Holding it in one hand and stroking the long tassels with the other, he moves closer to Cara.

Dave moves to the end of the bench where he takes hold of Cara's wrists and pulls them even more out from her body and refastens the straps. He then does the same with her legs and ankles, pulling the straps so tight she feels totally stretched out to the limit.

Her eyes wide open with anxiety and fear she sees the other man standing at her sides, swishing the whip into his other hand.

Dave then bends over her and pushes her panties deeper into her mouth and wraps a strap over her mouth and ties it behind her head.

Unable to cry out or move as she is stretched over the bench, she feels a slight sting of the whip over tops of her legs. She flinches and tries to lift her legs up, but cannot move at all. Again and again she feels the sting of the whip. She squirms the best she can, pulling down on her wrist restraints trying to break free.

Her blouse is pulled away and pushed down the sides exposed her entire torso; she knows what is coming next as the whip lashes down over her stomach. It is not painful as such, but has a slight sting that leaves a small red line across her body.

She feels the tassels of the whip being teased over her stomach and over her breasts where her nipples stand up on end. It feels very erotic as the whip is run down between her legs where he teases her inner thighs with the tassels. Cara is becoming more worked up and getting wetter between her legs.

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