tagIncest/TabooUncle Bob and His Niece

Uncle Bob and His Niece


I am a fifty-three year old, successful, healthy male. My home is adjacent to the water in the San Francisco delta. My life was quiet, almost boring, until last month when, Tickles, my nineteen year-old niece called, telling me she was coming to spend a month with me. This was a surprise. She had always been my favorite. We were really close until she became a teenager and her parents moved away. She still came out a couple of times a year to visit and we still talked on the phone for an hour or two every month but I had not seen her since, Alice died two years ago. At sixteen, Tickles was modeling, boy crazy, bright eyed, had a million dreams and always dressed to attract attention.

Her call concerned me. She did not sound like the self-assured, Goth, vegetarian, handful who always tells me everything. For some unknown reason this whirlwind has always been so open with me, I have often had to hide my shock. I'm the only person in the world who knows her insecurities and that she is still a virgin. My quiet life was definitely going to end for a while.

Five nights ago, off the plane came an unkempt, 5'6", curvy, brunette, baggy gray sweat suit clad, sulking young woman. She was trying hard to look plain. She looked dirty. That was nothing new. Getting her to bathe had always been a problem. She lit up when she saw me; skipped and jumped into my arms. My 170 pounds reeled at the impact of her 130. I guess she thought she was little again. I survived and gathered her luggage. We started our hour drive. She talked nervously and incessantly about everything unimportant. I figured she would wind down.

When we got home, she announced, "I'm going to use the boat for my bedroom while I'm here." The boat is a 30' cabin cruiser moored to the deck on the back of my house.

"It yours while you are here". She had made a good choice. It was hot. The upstairs guest rooms would not be comfortable. I knew she was roasting in that sweat suit.

She went aboard to settle in. Fifteen minutes later she came in dressed in baggy shorts and baggy t-shirt. Nothing was underneath either piece of clothing. Her legs needed a shave. She seemed to be challenging me to criticize her. Instead, I got us soft drinks and we flopped down on the couch.

"Why have you chosen to spend a month of your precious time before college with an old fart like me? Don't try and con me." That threw her. I knew she had a bullshit filled speech all planned.

"Uncle Bob, I needed to get away and relax a while. I always feel happy and wanted here. But let's not talk about serious things for a few days." She always got her way with me. So, we just hugged. I saw a few tears run down her cheeks.

She was tired. The three-hour time difference was catching up with her. We had a quiet evening at home and foraged sandwiches and snacks for dinner. Not vegan approved but there were no complaints.

That evening, Tickles, lay down on the floor in front of me to watch TV. She didn't fit in that space anymore. When she moved around, she would bump my feet. Every part of her body showed at one time or the other. I looked and admired. She made sure I was watching. About ten, we stood, she gave me a long hug with a quiet slow sigh. We went our separate ways to bed.

For the next couple of days, we ran around having fun, buying all her favorite foods, putting some in the boat. We got her set up for her stay. My old Camery came out of storage for her to drive. I set up a laptop, complete with cable connection and printer, in the boat. Strangely, she had no money. We got her some and a credit card with a very firm limit. Tickles used to wear only designer clothes. She still had not bathed. We went to the moorage's swimming pool for a while. That helped.

That third evening was hot. We dressed coolly – shorts and top. Her outfit was the same thing she had worn for three nights now. She sat on one end of the couch. I sat on the other. Tickles put her bare feet in my lap and I massaged them. The legs of her shorts gaped. I looked often. She smiled at me when I looked. Several times, staring directly at her, I would move a leg for a better view.

"Tickles, you know I'm enjoying looking at your body, but why are you encouraging me?"

She started to answer, but said, "Let's talk some other time."

She turned around and laid her head in my lap. I wasn't quick enough to stop her. She knew exactly where she wanted her cheek and ear, directly on top of my hard cock. She would move a little and "old faithful" would twitch. I could hear her quiet giggle each time. After the 11 p.m. news, we had another standing long hug, this time she slipped her hands under my T-shirt and gave me a little grind with her hips. Then off to our separate beds again. No one else would ever believe that she would tease like this.

About 1 a.m., sleep was avoiding me, so I quietly went out on the back deck to sit and think. Soon Tickles came out and sat next to me. She had been a busy girl. She smelled like pussy. I was going insane. Maybe I could at least bribe her into bathing.

"I would like to take you to the Cirque du Souile tomorrow afternoon and then out to dinner. I'll wear slacks and shirt. Can you get something as pretty as you together and get all bathed and polished to have a date with an old man?"

Without missing a beat, she one-upped me, "I can find something to wear but you might have to help me with the bathing."

A very heart felt groan preceded my plea, "Please, please quit your teasing." She looked hurt and surprised and started to leave. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back onto my lap.

She was crying and said, "I thought you liked the teasing."

Time for me to come clean, "I absolutely love it. I love it way too much. You are a beautiful, young, healthy woman. Your body is turning me on to no end and I want you. I want to touch you all over, kiss you all over and feel your body wiggle under my touch. If you keep teasing me, I'm worried that I'll just reach out and take you. That scares the hell out of me."

Tickles looked totally relieved, let out a long sigh and started to talk. "I know you love me and would never hurt me. You are the only one who always loves me - even when I didn't want to be a model, when I quit my jobs, when I quit the school band, when I get drunk, when I get angry. You would still love me if I got a tattoo, didn't go to college or didn't know how to give a blowjob."

Lots of information just bubbled out.

She shyly looked at me as asked, "Would you still love me, if I didn't bathe?" She knew the answer.

"Yes, I would love you, but I could sit closer to you at the restaurant, if you did." Finally, a real smile. She sat on my lap and gave me a big hug.

"Tickles, you are putting way too much pressure on yourself. You are very young, wonderful and special. You do not have to have all the answers right now. You can take years to decide. We'll figure it all out and have a lot of fun doing it. You can stay as long as you want. You can even invite one of your girlfriends to come stay with you for a while. I'll pay for her trip. Now perk up."

She really lit up, "Really?"

"Yes, Really." I tickled her ribs. She squirmed in my lap and kissed me on the lips. My cock hardened under the pressure of her butt. I needed another kiss. She had had some practice. Around the fourth kiss our tongues were busy and my fingers were rolling her nipples. I was rock hard. Tickles was as worked up as I and was enjoying my dick in the crack of her ass.

I whispered in her ear, "This is wonderful but it would be so much better if you did not have those shorts on."

Without a word, she stood halfway up, removed her shorts, straddled my left thigh, lowered her naked, wet pussy onto my leg and began to rock. Her hands moved to the sides of my neck for balance. Her eyes closed, her head rolled back, her breast jutted forward. She moaned. I raised her shirt and closed my lips around a salty right nipple and sucked. She was really getting my leg wet but seemed to be slowing down. I bit lightly. She woke the neighbors with a scream and humped hard and roughly into me.

In a minute or two, she relaxed, the night wind blew and she shivered. She nuzzled into my neck. My dick really hurt, so I reached between us and tried to move my folded cock into a more comfortable position.

She said, "I would like to help you with that. But, you have to tell me what to do."

I hated my reply, "Right now, I want that more than anything. But we need to talk things through when my brain works again and my dick isn't hard."

Tickles seemed to accept that. "I'll bathe every time you ask me to."

If I didn't quit now, all the good intentions in the world would not keep me from fucking her virgin pussy. I pushed her off my leg and picked up her shorts, still trying to arrange myself. She smiled at me, as if, she were the most experienced, knowing woman in the world and then, still naked from the waist down, headed for the boat.

I walked back into the house not closing the sliding door, hell bent for some kind of release. I raised her shorts to my face, inhaling deeply. Ahhh – dirty, hot, wet pussy. My head swam. I pushed my own shorts and underwear down. Grabbed my dick and began jacking off onto her shorts. Tickles was watching through the open door. Too far gone to stop, I turned toward her and kept working until her shorts were soaked with my cum.

Dizzy, short of breath, I stepped out of the tangle around my ankles and walked out onto the deck - my softening dick was pointing the way, - squeezed out the last few drops of cum onto her shorts and handed them to her. The little vixen was proud of herself. She reached out, lightly rubbed my cock and then took her shorts. We went to our separate beds to try for sleep again.

The morning was busy for me - bills, mail, bank account balancing - all the fun stuff. My visiting sack rat rolled out about eleven again, looking for a non-caffeinated energy drink. She looked like Popeye, one eye open. She was stinky. Still, I wanted her. She could tell, even with one eye.

About noon, it was time to set the schedule, "We have to leave about 2 p.m. for the 4 p.m. matinee." She looked up at me. I had a blue clothespin on my nose. She hit me really hard in the arm. It stopped hurting by the time the show started.

The show was great. She had cleaned up really nicely, looking good and smelling good. I could not stop wondering about how she would taste. Once a crude teenage boy, always a crude teenage boy.

Tickles was surprised that the Italian restaurant already had a full vegetarian meal planned for her. They doted on her. She felt special. The modeling had helped. She looked fantastic and older than eighteen. Her giggle gave her away a couple of times. When I tipped the parking attendant he winked at me. She caught it.

"He thinks you are my sugar daddy."

"Yes, and it makes me feel ten feet tall." Her whole body wiggled.

She surprised me again when we got home. She handed me a note, kissed me lightly and went off to bed. I opened the note:

Dear Uncle Bob,

I miss Aunt Alice. You have always been my strength and support but she was my big sister. I talked to her even more than I talked to you. This last year has been shit. Things have not worked out for me. Mom and Dad are always on my back, telling me how horrible I am. They think I'm a bad girl. I've told them otherwise. They don't believe me, like you do.

I feel lost and alone. I know you will l be disappointed but I don't want to go to college.

This year, I even decided not to be a virgin any more. That did not work out either - two different times. The only person, who makes me feel good and safe, is you. I want you to have my virginity. I want you to teach me to be a good lover. Aunt Alice said you were the best.



That note hit me like a ton of bricks. I bawled like a baby. I missed Alice. She had been my world, my best friend and was my sexual equal for 30 years. She suffered so before she died that her death was a release. I had not cried for her until now.

At six in the morning I awoke and panicked when I remembered Tickles. Then it was like Alice was there, "Be honest, go slow, she is half of this decision." A nervous calm came over me.

Tickles was slow getting up again. I knocked on her widow about ten a.m. and asked if she wanted to go to the hardware store and then get lunch.

"Why would I want to go there?"

It was like answering Alice, "To select the rope I'm going to tie you up with."

Tickles dressed and smiled all the way to ACE. I got nails and paint, then, together, we selected a length of soft rope. Standing in the isle, I tied an overhand knot on her right wrist and pulled on the rope, "Would that be comfortable for you?" She just let our eyes enjoy contact while our minds wandered around dominate/submissive fantasies. I felt alive; I was teasing again.

After a salad lunch, we stopped by the bottle shop for a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. I handed Pickles the bag, "Your brand, I believe."

She pretended to shocked, "But mister I am only nineteen!"

Twirling my imaginary mustache and in my best Simon Lagree voice, "Yes little girl, but I have grown up things planned for you after dark." She sparkled, but looked afraid.

"Mostly talking tonight Tickles. You have to promise that you will not take advantage of me, like you did last night." She smirked and nodded. The pressure and fear were gone.

Just after dark, we met on the porch. I already had the table set. I'm sure she had watched me getting everything ready. The night breeze was cool. She had on a loosely tied long white terry cloth bathrobe from the boat. Her legs and feet were bare. The robe showed glimpses of her body as she moved. She knew how to tease me. Maybe she did talk to Alice. I wanted to give her some good first time memories. I might have to occasionally run to the bathroom and jack off, but if she decided to continue, the next few days would be for her.

She was looking away from me, when I brought her drink, knelt down and slid my drink-cooled hand up her calf, past her knee and stopped on the inside of her thigh just short of her pussy. She gasped and looked at me but did not close her legs. I handed her the drink, pulled my hand away and sat down at the table next to her.

After a drink and a half, I asked, "Why did it not work to loose your virginity?"

She tensed, then relaxed, "The first guy was nervous, all hands. I felt like I was being mauled. It wasn't beautiful like I wanted. When I said, "Stop," he got mad and took me home from the party. He called me a tease and a bad kisser. As soon as I went inside, Mom started on me. I was already crying, I didn't need her shit."

Tickles took a deep breath and a long drink of her rum and coke, "The second time, I picked a college guy with a reputation for being good in the sack. We never got out of his car. He was handsome; his body felt good; his kisses made me hot; I really wanted him. He wanted a blowjob and pulled out his dick. When I did not know what to do, he pushed me away saying I was a dumb highschooler and he did not have time to baby sit. He drove crazy all the way back to my house. Mom didn't see me get out of his car. It was only eight o'clock. I was supposed to be at my girlfriend's. I just told Mom that my friend was having cramps." Tickles had tears in her eyes.

I put her third drink on the table, "Last one for tonight." It was 10:30. I walked behind her, tilted her head back, and closed her eyes with my fingers. Kissing her closed mouth softly was fun; trailing my lips down her neck and shoulders was more fun. In between kisses, I talked slow and quietly.

"No one is good at sex when they begin. Everyone is afraid. But if your partner cares about you he will want to be good for you. Every time is different. Every time is good. But every time does not always work out. If I kiss you in a way you do not like, just guide me to what you do like. If you like what is happening, tell me with your words and your body. If we do something you don't want to do again, tell me over breakfast."

Still standing behind her, my hand slipped down the front of her robe and closed gently over her naked right breast. Her head rolled slightly and a very quiet moan slipped from between her lips. Leaning close to her ear, I whispered, "Teach me how to touch your breasts."

She put her hand over mine and began to show me. When she removed her hand from mine, my other hand also slipped into her robe to show her other breast that her student had paid attention. I rolled her nipples between each thumb and forefinger and pulled gently.

Barely audible, "Please kiss them."

I moved around and knelt between her legs, opened her robe and worshiped both her breasts – kissing, sucking, licking. Her breath became labored.

I moved up and kissed her lips, still holding each breast. "Are you still sure?"

She hissed, "Yesss."

"I won't let you give me your greatest gift tonight, but I am going to kiss your body."

She had no words for me this time, just a glazed look. Hand in hand we went inside and she stood facing me with her back to my king sized bed.

"Show me you want to give me your body. Be naked for me." Her eyes were only slits, her lips were slightly parted and she made no move to make it happen but her robe dropped to the floor. I took my shirt off and gently laid her back in the center of the bed.

Her arms were out to her sides and her legs were slightly open. My eyes traveled to where her legs met. Her skin was flawless and her virgin pussy was covered in soft, inch long black hair. The picture was breathtaking. I pushed her feet together, closing her legs, and began to kiss her feet and suck her toes, constantly telling myself, "Slowly, slowly, you are the experienced one." Every cell in me was crying for me to take her now. Slowly, my hands ran up the outside of her legs and my lips kissed upward. I kissed and tasted her belly to the bottom of her breasts. I shifted, kneeling on her right side and began to kiss her lips while my hands enjoyed her silky skin and hard little erasers.

Tickles had been limp and quiet. She was just taking the kisses and touches. She did not know that her body was teaching me, making low moans and soft movements to urge me on. On to lick, kiss and suck each nipple, until her arms closed around my head. My right hand started to rub down her stomach and her legs opened wider even before I passed her beautiful belly button. My palm lightly rubbed the inside of her thighs, my fingers traced across her puffy little mound. She was swollen, wet and pink. My fingertips pressed lightly, making gentle tiny circles at the top of her pussy. Her shiny clit no longer wanted protection from its fold and was peaking out, wanting to play. Tickles' body knew it wanted something it had never had. I moved, kneeling between her legs and replaced my finger with my mouth and tongue.

My senses were being over whelmed as I kissed and sucked around her pussy. Her hands guided my head putting my mouth where she wanted it. Her knees move higher and opened wider. Her pussy opened for my tongue and lips. After a few licks, my lips closed on her virgin button. She had never been given an orgasm by a man, but her first was starting. My hands slipped under her and pressed her to my mouth. For a moment, I wondered if my lips and tongue were going to be enough. The answer came when she started to fuck my face roughly. She did not make any sound but her body tensed and arched. I thought she had frozen in position. Her stomach, back, arms and pussy muscles began to tremble. For more than a minute, she held her arch as her body continued to tremble. Then she collapsed.

Climbing up to lay beside her, I wondered if she had had one long orgasm or several shorter ones. As soon as she woke up, I was going to ask.

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