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Uncle Charles


This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.


When I moved back into my mother's tiny flat I knew I couldn't really expect to stay for long. My parents were at the age where they needed the space for themselves. I felt guilty.

I looked back over the last 6 years and realised that I had made a bit of a mess of my life. To marry Derek had been a mistake. He had been quite a nice lad but he was so laid back and placid. He was just too boring. I remember my mother asking me seriously a few days before I went up the alter "Are you sure that Derek will make you happy Wendy?"

I had been so full of myself in those days that I didn't want to listen to others. I knew then that I could get Derek to do practically anything and I had thought that it would make my life even easier. He was so easy going like my father. I hadn't realised that life can be so boring when it is that easy.

I was now 29 and when I just walked out on Derek I came straight home to my parents. I had forgotten how small the flat was. My mother shook her head sadly "There just isn't enough room here, Wendy."

I nodded but didn't really know what else to do and simply asked her "I know that Mum, but I don't have anywhere else to go and I only have a small part time job so I don't have much money. What can I do?"

I was in a hopeless situation, but my mother must have been thinking about it as she came straight out with it "You could ask your Uncle Charles, Wendy."

That startled me a bit. Uncle Charles was almost 70 now, and although he was very nice, did have a bit of a reputation in his earlier days. When I was younger, my sister and I used to laugh a bit at the various stories although we had never been sure. He always seemed to be hanging around our house a lot and we had wondered about him and my mother.

I remember telling Sally "I don't think so, Sal. He is Mummy's brother and he is such a good friend to Daddy."

My sister wasn't so sure "You are probably right Wendy, but you know that Daddy will do anything that Uncle Charles tells him. Perhaps he just lets him."

She was right about my father as anyone could walk over him. Nevertheless the thought of my mother with her brother was just too outrageous to contemplate.

We never actually saw him do anything with my mother but we really did have our suspicions. When we got older we did tease my mother about Uncle Charles and although she used to laugh a bit she never really admitted anything. Actually when I thought about it later she never denied anything either.

Now here she was actually suggesting that I go and live with him as a lodger. I felt a bit apprehensive and said "But Mum, you know he has a bit of a reputation for being naughty."

My mother didn't deny anything or try to defend him. Neither did she explain but simply nodded "Well you are 29 now Wendy and you can look after yourself. It is too small here living with your father and I. You have to decide."

I did murmur "Uncle Charles does have a lovely cottage, and it is so comfortable."

Mother nodded encouragingly "I think you will enjoy it there and you know he makes you laugh."

I nodded. It was becoming more attractive. I did say "I only have a part time job and I wont be able to give him very much rent."

She smiled "That is something you will have to sort out with Uncle Charles. He is a kind man and if you are nice to him, then he will probably help you."

I asked her "What do you mean by being nice to him, Mum?"

She didn't really answer my question but just said "You will have to settle that with Uncle Charles."

There was an undercurrent of double meaning. We were both aware of it but she wasn't going to say any more.

I went to bed that night in the tiny box room which was very uncomfortable. As I tossed and turned in the tiny bed I made my mind up. I hoped so much that Uncle Charles would let me stay in his house. I remembered my mothers words about being nice to him. Although I wasn't sure exactly what that meant I felt that I would be as nice to him as he wanted.

In the morning I told my mother how I felt and she smiled. "I think it is the best way forward for all of us Wendy. I did talk to your father last night and he agreed this flat is too small for you to be living with us."

I telephoned my Uncle straight away. He was so lovely to talk to and made me laugh straight away.

When I got around to explaining what I wanted he seemed more dubious. I felt very nervous and apprehensive but could understand his doubts. I handed the phone over to my mother so that she could explain my difficulties and plead my case.

I heard my mother explaining how small the flat was and it really was too cramped. Her voice went a bit lower as she told him about my failed marriage and that I would look up to him as an older man and respect him.

He must have said something meaningful as her voice went even lower and very husky as she murmured "She is 29 now Charles and a nice big girl."

He must have said something funny as my mother giggled. "She said she will be nice to you Charles."

The conversation was taking a lighter tone now and I was becoming optimistic as she giggled some more and asked me "Uncle Charles wants to know if you will be a nice big plump girl for him Wendy?"

It was suggestive but I was so relieved that it all seemed more positive I laughed "Tell him I will be a nice big 29 year old girl for him."

The conversation sort of drifted on in the same mood without anything specific and although it was suggestive I was unsure what it all meant. When my mother had finished she put the phone down with a smile and said "I will help you to pack your things Wendy. Its really up to you now."

My mother and father drove me down to the cottage and Uncle Charles made us all a nice cup of tea before my parents left. When we were alone we chatted about old times and my sister and little holidays we had all been on.

Although he was about 70 he looked quite well and his eyes sparkled as he chatted. He asked me about my marriage and I told him all about Derek and that he had been a bit too quiet and a bit dopey really.

He laughed "He sounds like your father. He isn't very bright, but he is very compliant and does as he is told."

I thought it was a strange way to talk about Daddy but as I thought about it it seemed about right. Derek was like my father.

Uncle Charles then said "I wont be charging you any rent Wendy. You are my sister's daughter after all and I want to help you as much as possible."

I felt so wonderful. I thanked him over and over and then he smiled "Your mother told me that you are a nice big girl and you want to be nice for me."

I realised that we were getting to the serious part and I didn't want to blow it, whatever happened.

I was sitting at the table. I knew I wasn't a small woman so there was no problem about being a big girl. I murmured "Yes Uncle I want to be nice to you. Just tell me what you would like."

He seemed pleased and told me "I do have some naughty little fetishes Wendy, but we don't have to worry about that now. Just settle in at your own pace to see if you enjoy it here."

I wasn't sure what he meant by his little fetishes but he was so lovely I just said "Oh thank you so much Uncle and I really do want to be nice for you."

Over the next week or so it just seemed better and better. I had my own lovely bedroom which was so beautiful with bright yellow curtains and soft carpets. As Uncle wasn't taking any rent off me my own money situation was getting better and for the first time in a few years I felt so happy and contented.

My mother and father visited us about twice a week and I tended to act as hostess and we had lovely teas. I did notice on a few occasions that Uncle Charles playfully smacked my mothers bottom a few times as she passed and once when I went into the kitchen he seemed to have his hand inside her blouse as I could see her bra was undone.

My father could see some of this as well but as he didn't object I didn't think it was my place to make any waves. Actually my mother was giggling a lot and as I felt so happy living with Uncle Charles I didn't want to disturb anything.

During those first few weeks my mother did start to tell me a few more intimate things about Uncle Charles so that I would have a better understanding of the things he liked and so that I knew how to be nice to him. It did surprise me but I wasn't shocked.

Most evenings, Uncle Charles and I would have a cup of tea and either watch the television or just chat or even play scrabble.

When we were chatting I noticed that he tended to look at my legs a lot. I had followed my mothers advice and shortened my skirts considerably. I could see that he liked it as his trousers would tent alarmingly and a few times he smiled at me and dropped his hand down onto his trousers and squeezed himself.

He did tell me that he liked my short skirt and asked if I could make it even shorter for him. This was so easy as I only had to roll the waistband up a bit and the hem of my skirt was up over my stocking tops.

He did say one evening as we were sitting together "Could you tuck your blouse in more Wendy so that it is nice and tight."

He added with a chuckle "You have nice big tits like your mother."

It sounded so funny that I giggled as I did what he asked. I also rolled my skirt up a bit higher and let my legs open a little more.

His hand did drop to his trousers and he very pointedly squeezed himself and told be "That really is nice Wendy. Thank you so much for letting me see them."

Actually, my mother had told me the previous day that he liked to talk about personal things.

I wanted to show that I was willing and said "What can you see , Uncle?"

He breathed heavily and deliberately gripped his penis through his trousers and tugged it up and down as he murmured "I can see your little white panties right between your legs covering your sweet little secret."

I liked the way he was talking and smiled "I am 29 and married Uncle. It isn't so little really. Its quite a big secret."

He tugged again with his hand and muttered "Is it a hairy secret, Wendy?"

"Yes Uncle. A lot of dark brown hairs and they get quite sticky sometimes."

He sighed "You have given me a nice big horn, Wendy."

I nodded. It was obvious. "I can see that it is big Uncle."

He sighed "I have always had a very big cock. Wendy."

Again I just nodded. I could almost see it.

Although we weren't actually doing anything physical, we were both enjoying the conversation. I was letting him take it whichever way he wanted.

He asked "Do you mind me talking personal to you Wendy. I don't want to offend you."

He really was a nice man and I was so grateful for him letting me live rent free in his lovely house I immediately said "Of course not Uncle. You can say anything you like."

He nodded and asked "You were married, weren't you Wendy?"

I nodded "Yes Uncle. For 6 years to Derek. He was very boring"

"Can you tell me about Derek, Wendy?"

This question surprised me but I said "Of course Uncle. What do you want to know?"

"Did he have a big cock?"

It surprised me but I wanted to giggle as I told him "No Uncle. It was very little. Tiny in fact."

I could see this pleased him as he said proudly "I am almost 70, but I have a big cock Wendy."

I was so giggly now but also excited as his trousers was like a huge tent pole.

"I can see that Uncle."

He asked me "Do you like a big cock or a little cock Wendy?"

It was a simplistic question with only one possible answer. We both knew that. "I like a big cock Uncle."

He sighed. It was clearly pleasing him and he said "I like you living with me Wendy. Your mother said I would. She told me to make sure the doors were locked and the curtains drawn."

I smiled. She had told me the same.

I was now sitting in front of him with my skirt mostly up and my legs wide open. We stopped talking for a minute and it was very quiet except for his hand squeezing himself directly in front of me. Suddenly he asked "Wendy?"

"Yes Uncle?"

"Can I show you my cock?"

We had obviously moved on a stage now and I knew that Uncle Charles needed some encouragement.

I just said "I would like to see your cock Uncle."

I watched in fascination as he undid his buttons and levered out his huge penis. It was so stiff and big it wasn't easy for him to get it out.

When it was out it was gripped in his fist as he slowly masturbated it for my benefit. I pulled my skirt right up and spread my thighs wider as I asked him "Do you want to see my secret, Uncle."

He gasped "You know I do Wendy. Will you talk to me about it as you show it to me?"

I giggled but it was a very excited giggle as reached down between my legs and moved my panty gusset to one side so that he could see all my pussy.

He panted "I like your cunt, Wendy."

We were both enjoying the words now and his fist hand was moving a bit faster now.

I continued the naughty chat "I am very hairy Uncle."

"I can see that Wendy and it looks a very wet cunt."

I giggled again "Its very sticky now Uncle."

Suddenly he groaned and before he could do anything he squirted great big blobs. He just managed to get large handkerchief out to catch most of it.

It was lovely to see and I kept up my open leg pose with my knickers to the side until he had completely finished.

As he settled down and cleaned himself, he slipped his big boy back into his trousers I adjusted my own clothes so that in a few minutes we were both back to normal and reasonably respectable. It did cross my mind that it was just as well that the doors were locked.

He smiled at me "Thank you Wendy. I really like that. You sit down there and I will make us a nice cup of tea."

I jumped up and insisted "No, Uncle. You have done so much for me over the last 3 weeks, please let me make the tea and then we will watch television"

He smiled happily as I went into the kitchen.

We had a lovely evening watching TV and then had a short game of scrabble for about half an hour and then went up to bed.

As I put my nightclothes on I looked around my warm bedroom and realised what a lucky woman I was. I wasn't sure how far things would go with Uncle Charles but I knew I couldn't risk upsetting him. I was determined that I would be nice to him.

Over the last week or so I had started to realise the similarity between my ex husband Derek and my father. They were the same type. I wasn't sure of course, but it seemed likely that my mother had been nice to Uncle Charles for most of her married life.

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