tagGay MaleUncle David Fucks Adam Ch. 03

Uncle David Fucks Adam Ch. 03


Duncan laid a reassuring hand on David's arm. "You're not the worst father in the world. Tell me all about it, David, it'll make you feel better. I did drive all the way up here," he added.

David turned around to rub his aching his eyes in secret, unaware of how red they had become. "Fine," he muttered. He moved the cardboard box off the counter and poured himself a mug of coffee, glancing sparingly at Duncan as he did.

Duncan was Adam's father in every possible way save biologically. He was caring, gentle and supportive, never quick to judge or anger; in short, the warmest soul David had ever met. He even looked the part, with his rectangle-framed glasses, wearing a fitted grey, woollen sweater and long faded denim jeans. The corners of his eyes even crinkled when he smiled. A total dad -- and not just in the hot way.

David decided then he wouldn't reveal the whole truth. He knew Duncan would not judge him; when he first came out as a gay man in his early 20's, Duncan's enduring friendship had kept him going when all his other 'friends' trickled away. They even dated for a couple of years and they remained close to this day.

Duncan would likely love and support him no matter what, and David didn't feel like he deserved that right at this moment.

'Adam moved out," David started uncertainly. "Because I started to have feelings for someone."

"Strange. He's not the kind of person to be bothered by someone else's relationship. But apart from Adam, that's great news, David. It's never too late for a chance at happiness."

"Yeah... I felt close to someone for the first time in a very long time. I haven't felt that way for over twenty years, you know."

Duncan winced, indeed knowing the reason.

"Duncan, when you left me for Beatrice, I thought I'd never feel the same way with anyone else. I knew at the time with all certainty that what we had was unique to just the two of us, and I had lost that feeling forever."

"We did share something very special," Duncan agreed softly.

"Then you and Beatrice got engaged... then married... and then when you tried to have kids but couldn't, you came to me."

"The three of us were like family back then," said Duncan with a smile. "It was the obvious choice."

David opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't get the words out.

His friend waited politely, then continued. "So did it somehow involve Adam. Is that why he left?"

"Something like that."

Duncan narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

David clenched his fists and forced the words out. He couldn't keep more than one secret at a time from his friend. "I still loved you, Duncan, back then when you asked. Having that son between the three of us was a constant reminder of what we had. Of course it was impossible to love again."

Duncan looked visibly shocked; anger flitted across his face at the accusation, but his compassion won out. "David -- I -- I didn't know. I thought we were fine. You agreed to do it, and it had been so long since we broke up. Why didn't you tell me?"

David shrugged. "I spent so much of my early life closeted and hiding who I was. Hiding how I still felt about you came naturally to me. Every time we hooked up, with or without Beatrice, my world felt right again. I thought it was the only way I could feel that connection. If I refused, you would have figured out why and that would have stopped."

"I'm sorry, David, I truly do take the blame for the pain I unknowingly put you through. Had I been a better friend, I would have seen it. But I love Beatrice. You know I can't control -"

"Yeah, yeah," David waved his hand grumpily, cutting him off. "You don't choose who you love, I think I understand that now."

"You don't still have feelings for me now, do you?" Duncan asked quickly.


They drank their coffee quietly for a while. David didn't know how to continue without revealing it was his son. No -- Duncan's son. He wasn't sure which way of saying it sounded worse. Duncan would ask him who the target of his attentions were, and his stomach knotted in fear at the thought of saying it out loud.

Duncan saved him the trouble.

"So this man you've fallen in love with. You said, 'You don't choose who you love', and 'I'm the worst father in the world'... It's Adam we're talking about, isn't it?"

"Yes," he said quickly while he still had the courage to admit it.

His friend was silent for a full minute. He nodded to himself as he sipped his coffee which was cold by then.

David sipped his own lukewarm coffee, relaxing muscle by muscle. A small smile crept onto his face; an aching burden had finally been lifted off his shoulders. Duncan would tell him what to do. His friendship had never let him down.

"You vile sack of horse shit," Duncan abruptly spat at him.

David's heart skipped a beat. The look on his friend's face was alien to him: disgust, repulsion and hatred all at once. "I'm sorry -" he managed to wheeze faintly.

"Of all the men you in the world -- your own flesh and blood!? Are you that desperate for sex that you're fucking your own son now?" Duncan's voice has risen to a shout. "You can pick anyone to screw, and it takes, what -- one week? Two? - after Adam moves in until he becomes another one of your conquests?"

Less than a day, David corrected silently, hating himself. I wanted to fuck his brains out the moment I laid eyes on him.

"My son, your offspring, that I raised and loved as my own! What the fuck do you think you're playing at, you sick fuck?"

"Hey now, that's not fair -" David spluttered in his defence, but David held a hand up to silence him.

"Don't tell me what to think." Duncan took several deep breaths to calm himself. "Don't even talk to me about what you did." His voice dropped to an icy whisper. "If I hear you touched my son, I will fucking pound your face to a pulp, you got that?"

David knew Duncan physically couldn't lay a dent in him, but that was beside the point. His friend's willingness to do so hurt just the same.

Duncan turned and stomped out of the kitchen.

"Stay away from Adam! Whatever you did to get over me, you better do the same to get the fuck over Adam! Fuck someone else's kid!"

"Duncan -- wait!"

"Go to hell!"

The front door slammed, followed by a car door and then the sound of tires screeching down the street.

David made his way to the couch and sank into it, completely numb. It was the complete opposite reaction he was certain he'd get. "You cocky bastard, David. You deserved that," he mumbled to himself.

Two tears escaped. "Fuck's sake, not now," he gave a disgruntled growl as he dashed them angrily from his bristly cheeks.


After weeks of sunny weather, the sudden blanket of dark clouds and torrential rain on Monday afternoon made it feel like Winter had finally arrived. Adam shut the windows in his room against the rain and went to make sure the rest of the apartment was sealed.

"Holy fuckballs, where did this rain come from?" Ray, his room-mate and co-worker, shouted angrily as he thundered past him to shut the windows in his own room. His blonde hair was still dripping wet from his unfinished shower, leaving a trail of water over the vinyl flooring.

He had done a hasty job wrapping a towel around himself... Adam glanced back over his shoulder and was rewarded with two glorious seconds of Ray's plump ass cheeks sliding up against each other. Hot damn.

Ray happened to be looking for someone to share the rent with when David kicked Adam out, and lived on the opposite side of the city, far away from Uncle David.

The distance had been a major factor in Adam's decision to move in. An apartment any closer and his resolve would have weakened, and he'd be at David's doorstep begging to have his ass ravaged and seeded.

The room-mate being on Adam's list of guys to one day suck, spread and fuck factored retroactively into that decision too. The 26 year old chub was supposedly straight and had a girlfriend who he visited occasionally, but he also did a poor job of pretending not to stare at Adam's junk whenever he came out of the bathroom naked.

Adam loved flaunting himself. He loved the attention.

Ray was a head taller and two sizes larger than Adam, and had a pear-shaped body that bounced as he walked. From what Adam saw, Ray was completely smooth and pink neck down, though the man did have a soft dark-blonde beard that matured an otherwise boyish face, and blunted the 'please, oh please fuck me' look in his innocent blue eyes.

All in all, Adam felt like he could have done a lot worse.

Adam spent more of his time at the sandwich shop these days, and the money came in handy. He had been given extra hours when one of the other workers left, and his boss, Sam, quickly turned those extra hours into a full-time position.

The sandwich shop was smack-bang in between David's house and Adam's apartment, and Adam initially found it difficult not to simply head the other way after work and go back to David. The cravings weren't so bad now.

The first few days after Adam moved in with Ray, he beat off until he was sore just thinking about what he was missing out on. A fleeting memory of David would make his dick so hard it refused to be denied immediate release.

As the weeks went by, the David fantasies were less frequent, but still aroused him unlike anything else.

Sam helped Adam resist the urges; he was no David, but the divorced father of two flirted clumsily with Adam whenever they were alone in the shop after hours. He was clearly dipping his toes into male waters for the first time, which excited Adam enough for Sam to become more than just a blip on his radar. Adam wanted to break that man in hard.

His boss had a short and portly figure and appeared to carry most of his height in his upper body. He had brawny arms and always seemed to sport several days worth of rusty-brown beard growth on his face and neck. He wore medium-length sideburns which drew the eyes to the slight cleft in his chin (his first chin, anyway).

Adam thought his boss was fucking adorable, and he did a decent, if not unintentional job of replacing David as something to lust over.

There was an unspoken promise of a future encounter ever since Adam noticed Sam checking out his rear after his short job interview. He had called Sam out on it, and Sam spluttered an endless stream of apologies that made Adam want to gag Sam's hot, little mouth with his cock. Adam then casually asked the man if he wanted his dick sucked, and Sam, red-faced and positively panting, gave Adam a job on the spot then made a mad dash for the toilets with a tent pitched in his pants.

Unfortunately Adam had been preoccupied with David, and Sam was still reeling from the aftermath of his divorce with Kim, so it wasn't until Adam gained full-time employment there that either of them started acting on their sexually charged boss-employee relationship.

A crude bit of flirting here and an 'accidental' brushing of a buttock there was all it took to reduce his boss to a bumbling, trembling wreck of a man. Adam felt like a predator playing with his prey, and he simply could not wait to devour Sam's cock. It was only a matter of the right time and place.

Once Adam finished shutting all the windows he returned to his room, locked the door, and rolled onto the bed to burrow under his blanket. He lay there, bored, and then kicked back the blankets and pulled his pants down with a grunt.

He hadn't had the time or heart to find someone else online to take suck him off, so he had been masturbating a lot lately.

With Sam in mind, Adam started to jerk off, fantasising about sucking his pocket-bear of a boss off in the kitchens while customers waited out front, mere meters away and none the wiser...

But David kept intruding on his fantasies.

Adam bit his lip and his 4-inch cock throbbed beneath his fingers. He could recall all too easily the feel of David's tongue swirling around it... David's hairy chest and hard stomach grinding against him, and the feel of David's girth sliding in and out of his ass... The hours spent fucking and sucking each other - Adam revelled in it until he was moaning.

He tugged himself harder and with more urgency until he released a torrent of sticky cum over his knuckles. He sucked the seed from his fingers and then stretched out for a nap.

Sam was a close second, but Adam knew he'd never find another man like David.


After crawling out of the deep pit of depression Duncan threw him in and returning to his old, stoic self, David came to the understanding that his friend had tried to help him after all. Behind all the shouting was an invaluable piece of advice: If he could get over Duncan, he could get over Adam.

David thought he'd never recover after Duncan left him -- but he did. Likewise, he thought he'd never find another man like Duncan, but Adam had proved that assumption wrong. Perhaps he was wrong in thinking Adam was his last chance of happiness. There had to be someone else out there, someone who gave him an inexhaustible desire to fuck. Someone who wasn't his son.

His healing process with Duncan started with anonymous sex. He had filled every hour of his free time either with a stranger's dick in his mouth or fucking the shit out of any man stupid enough to offer his ass to him. There was real joy in it, just physical pleasure and the release that his body needed. He rebounded off so many men he grew numb inside, and started filming his encounters so he could keep track.

Just as he had exhausted the supply of horny men in the area, Adam was born.

David tried to ignore the addition to his life, but after several subsequent years spent in agony he accepted an overseas job offer to keep the wound closed. He moved there and started whoring himself out anew. Every day he lost count of how many cocks were in his mouth, and how many men emptied their balls in his ass. Then one day, as he was letting an ex-marine regular pound his rear raw while the ex-marine's friend fed him his meat from the front, David realised he was enjoying himself.

If rebound sex was what it took, then David would fuck his way to recovery.

David put an ad on Craigslist, and then opened the hidden folder 'daddy' where he kept his dick-pics and web-cam porn. He attached an image of his cock to the ad, posted it, then went back to his videos and played one at random. This was what he went through last time; watching it would probably help get the ball rolling.

"Oooh! Ah, fuck! It hurts -- wait, stop!"

It was from so far back that David couldn't remember fucking the cute, chubby teenager in the video. He wondered where the man was now. Did they even exchange names? He picked another one -- the man in this video didn't have his face in the shot.

"This is pure vanity," David sighed when his briefs grew tight. He pulled his cock out anyway and started stroking as he watched himself fuck strangers.

Three videos later David was limp again; reliving his past quickly lost its appeal. Everything in the 'daddy' folder was a cry for help, a section of his life captured on screen from when he thought he'd hit rock bottom.

David closed the video-player and leaned back in his chair, thinking. He didn't want anonymous rebound sex this time. He wanted to skip to the real thing. But mostly he wanted Adam. He wanted to feel his son submit to his carnal hunger, to give up the sweet, pure pleasures of his body when ordered to. God, he just wanted to fuck that boy's ass, all day and every day. If he had been in Duncan's place, he'd be hitting that the moment Adam became a grown man.

He found one of the newer videos with Adam and opened it. In the video, Adam was bent over the very desk David now sat at, and his own muscled, hairy body was behind him, thrusting away.

"Oh my god David, you're so fucking big! Breed my ass, breed it!" Adam's voice pleaded through the speakers.

"Aw, fucking hell," David moaned as his cock stiffened. He shrugged out of his shirt and started stroking himself again.

"Cum for daddy bear!" David's video-self growled a few minutes later, approaching his own climax.

David flinched at the word 'daddy', but could feel his cock throb in his hand; he was getting close. He used his other hand to pull at his heavy balls, and furiously pumped his fist up and down his shaft.

It had been so long since he'd last cum. It was going to be huge, he could feel it.

"Ugh!" Adam gave the camera a look of tortured ecstasy as he started unloading onto the carpet under the desk, and video-David finished a series of self-satisfied grunts.

David tucked his chin into his chest and started squirting his juices at the same time, erupting with an initial blast of cum that shot up and over his shoulder. Six rapid loads pulsed consecutively from his cock, tracing wet, pearly lines over hairy chest and neck.

The pressure was lessened but it persisted, there was more waiting to be coaxed free. He got cum all over the mouse as he played the video from the start, then gripped his cock and started jerking it.

"Oh my god David, you're so fucking big! Breed my ass, breed it!"

"Oh fuck, oh fuck - Ungh!"

With a grunt, the rest of his load arced free from his dick in thick, powerful squirts and splattered his stomach.

He licked the back of his knuckles clean and wiped several tissues over the mess, and then noticed a (7) on his email browser. Seven replies so far, which at best would lead to five guys to suck, fuck and help bury his thoughts of Adam.

He might even meet someone who could make him cum five times in one session, and then maybe, just maybe, he would stop thinking about fucking his own freaking son.

The number changed to (8), and David grinned hungrily. Let the healing begin.


"Thanks Sandra, I'll see you on Thursday."

Sam waved her out the door and turned around to find Adam leaning his hip against the counter.

"And I'll see you tomorrow, Adam. Good work tonight."

"Need anything else taken care of?" Adam offered.

"Thanks, but we're just about ready to close up, Adam."

"I can stay and... give you a hand."

Sam's eyes widened at the suggestion, subconsciously running the tip of his tongue along his lower lip as he took in the alternative meaning. "It's... It's just the two us here, isn't it?" He glanced towards the kitchen at the back.

"Everyone else went home. Just you and me, alone," confirmed Adam, smirking knowingly.

Sam's cheeks flushed a rosy pink, and his eyes flicked down, almost guiltily, to the visible hard-on in Adam's pants and back up. He peered at the shop windows as though expecting on-lookers pressed up against the glass.

"I'll be in the office," he said, and he hurried into the small room at the back.

I'm so sucking his dick tonight, Adam knew with almost complete certainty.

Sandra had wiped down the tables and bench tops, Adam had prepared for tomorrow morning and the kitchen-hands took care of the kitchen 20 minutes before closing time, so there really wasn't that much left to do. Adam turned off the lights, flipped the open sign and locked the doors, and then followed his boss.

The office was cosy, with just enough space for the two of them. There was a white office desk with a computer and papers scattered on the table, a filing cabinet on the side, and a shelf next to the door. The small, open window behind the desk kept it from getting too stuffy.

He stepped into Sam's office just as Sam leaned over to pull his trousers down, presenting Adam with a full view of his ample backside.

"Oh fuck!" Adam uttered softly. He didn't think it would be this easy.

Sam still had his tight, white briefs on. His plump ass looked so appealing and his low-hanging balls created the cutest little bulge between his legs that Adam wanted to drop to his knees right there, tear through the thinning fabric, and give his boss the meanest tongue-fucking he'd ever experience.

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