Uncle Jacks Off


We all go through an exploratory phase where we find out about ourselves, what we like, what we don't like and what we didn't even dare imagine we really wanted. Mine happened with a boy called Luke.

Luke's family life was chaotic to say the least. His parents were divorced and he lived with his mother and a guy he called 'Uncle Jack'. Jack was a mechanic by trade and drinker by choice. What that meant is that Luke hardly ever saw him and when he did he was usually drunk. Luke's mother worked in a restaurant and was out most evenings. So Luke's was a good place to hang out because no one was around to bother us.

Like I said we all go through an experimental phase and me and Luke had been experimenting for a little while now. So much so in fact that it no longer felt weird or wrong when we were sitting in a dimly lit room watching porn together . It didn't feel weird that we were dressed in one of his mothers satin slips, an ivory colour with lace trim. It also didn't feel weird that I was wearing a pair of satin, elbow length gloves that we had ordered online, as one of my hands slowly stroked Luke's ridged, hot shaft whilst my other hand gently squeezed his tight balls.

The thing is, as with all these things, you rarely jump straight in at the deep end so to speak. You generally build up from relatively innocent beginnings. For us it started, like it does with a lot of peoples first sight of sex, with a little bit of porn.

It was 'normal' porn for want of a better description, man on woman, oral, two guys one woman and the ubiquitous cum shots. We watched transfixed and in silence. After that we would find ways of getting hold of porn films and as we were good buddies we always used to share. One night we were sitting in his front room watching a film when I noticed Luke had his hand in his trousers, playing with his cock whilst we were watching a particularly hot scene.

"Dude, I'm right here in the same room!"

"So. I'm not shy. Just don't look if you don't wanna see." Luke never took his eyes off the screen.

"What do you mean! I can see your hand rummaging about in your trousers from the corner of my eye."

"Turn the fucking light off then dick head, that way no one can see." Luke's eyes still firmly watching as the woman on screen goes down on her knees and takes two dicks in her mouth.

So I get up and go turn the light off "For fucks sake you dick."

"Shut up and watch the film." Luke shoots back at me as his hand continues to stroke his member .

I settle down again. Even though I can still make out most of what Luke is doing the darkness kinda makes it better as we can plausibly deny to each other what we can see. So, surely my own hand slowly descends into my lap and I start to stroke myself to a full on erection. Now we are both playing with ourselves and the room starts to funk up a bit. Then just as I'm getting into things I hear the zip on Luke's jeans go and he slowly releases his cock from his pants. I try to concentrate on the film but every once in a while I glance across and sneak a peek at Luke's dick. What I didn't acknowledge at the time was just how beautiful it was. It was about 7 inches long, uncut and Luke could just about form a circle around it with his thumb and forefinger. Above it was a patch of blond pubic hair. It wasn't a monster like in the films but it was no wiener either.

Now my attention was torn between three things. One; the porn star on screen giving the sloppiest BJ I have ever seen, two; Luke's dick and three; my own rock hard member. I remember watching the film and seeing how much of a slut the woman looked like and wishing somehow I could be that sexual and then looking at Luke stroking his own cock. Soon I forgot I was wanking myself off at all and got lost looking at Luke and wondering what it would be like to worship him like the woman on the screen was doing to the guy in the film.

Soon the scene was coming to a climax and the guy getting the BJ was stood over the girl about to unload all over her face. Luke was reaching his climax to and with a few more strokes was shooting his first wad of hot cum up in the air as he lay back. This was followed by two more and the strings of white cum landed on his exposed belly and ran down his fist as he pumped furiously at his now slick dick. It looked so hot I didn't notice until too late that I had pushed myself to the point of no return and realised that I was about to cum in my underpants. I tried to somehow catch my jizm but to no effect and I felt it squirt out into my pants as I involuntarily spasm into climax.

The film finished and Luke turned to me with a knowing look in his eye and said "Did you enjoy the show?"

I felt dirty and confused but managed a croaky "yes" in reply.

It was from then on that our relationship changed, Luke had the upper hand and knew it. He had something I wanted and he knew something about me I didn't want anyone else to know. He used this knowledge to make me say yes to doing a lot of kinky things I might otherwise have said no to...even when it was really something I wanted to do all along.

So that was how I found myself in this position, dressed in satin on the settee, kneeling at a 90 degree angle to Luke whilst I stoked him as we watch porn. I had got really good at it by this point (a fact I was secretly proud of). I would start off nice and slow and time my build up to the action on screen. I always tried to make Luke cum at the climax of the film or to a scene I knew he liked.

The scene in particular stared a blond woman being fucked from a POV angle while four other guys wanked off on her. It was a bukakke scene and when the four guys had spent their loads on her face and chest the guy fucking her pulls out and shoots masses of cum on her belly. She then lays there rubbing goo into her tits, neck, face and mouth. I know It's an obvious scene but there is something about it we liked. Anyways the scene was building up nicely and I'm speeding up the pace a bit, the first guy is about to unload, I can hear Luke's breathing getting heavier as he starts to squirm a little in my grip. My face sheens up with perspiration, it can be hard work pumping another guys meat, especially when you like to try and balance him on the edge of orgasm.

The first guy in the movie lets rip with his cum shot and I hear Luke let out a little moan. This is music to my ears but a little too soon the scene goes on for a few more minutes yet. I decide to slow down. Work the shaft a bit more, stay away from the head. I need to get my man back under control.

I change the tempo and then suddenly BANG! The door to the room flies open and light from the hall way floods in bringing with it a rush of cold air. Suddenly we are no longer in the dark but in full light like rabbits on a night time road confronted by a speeding motorist. It's at this point that what was our little cosy, secret, fantasy world suddenly explodes.

"What the fuck is this?" bellows a drunken Uncle Jack.

"Shit!" says Luke as he jumps up and makes a dash for his jeans which lay crumpled in the corner "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" he spits out rapidly as he hops from foot to foot putting on his jeans as fast as possible. Me, I'm too stunned to move. My mouth hangs open as I remain kneeling, hands fallen by my sides, staring at Jacks silhouette in the door way.

Uncle Jack starts to laugh. "What the fuck are you doing home at this time on a Friday night?" Luke pleadingly asks as if he might just be able to make this un-happen.

"Lets not worry about what I'm doing coming home at this time. Lets worry about what you two kinky fucking bitches are doing at home!"

This must pass for clever word play in Jacks world as it has the effect of making him laugh even harder. Luke starts to splutter out some kind of reply that makes no sense. His mind is desperately seeking a reasonable explanation he can give to Jack that makes all this go away. Jack waves his hands in the air in front of himself.

"Please Uncle Jack, please just forget what you've seen please..."

"Shhh, I've got an idea" Jack announces "I'm half drunk and horny as fuck. Your mum wont be home until way after midnight Luke. I was going to go watch a dirty movie and jerk one out but seeing as you two freaks like to pull on each others happy sticks one of you can do me. I don't care which one of you it is but one of you will do it. Otherwise I'll start spreading the word about what you two get up to in here."

Luke starts to speak "But Uncle Jack..."

"Shhh, shhh, shhh, I'm gonna go get a beer and a sandwich. You decide which one of you is gonna bite the bullet and then come to the kitchen...you have five minutes." Jack turns and walks out the room muttering and chuckling as he heads off.

"Oh my god, what the fuck are we gonna do Luke?"

"Well it's gonna have to be you."

"What! You mean you think we should do what he says?"

"I can't see what else we can do, we can't let him tell anyone"

"Well why don't you fucking do it then?"

"I can't he's my uncle you perv"

"He's not your real uncle, he's just the guy knocking your mother off..."

"Yeh and he lives here. How could I face up to my mum after wanking her fella off and also I aint gonna become his live in wank machine. You gotta do it, I'll owe you big time...and besides you're much better at it than me."

At some point I realised it was going to be me. I don't remember if we discussed it any longer nor do I remember walking to the kitchen. I think fear and shock took over and the next thing I recall properly is standing in the kitchen. Uncle Jack was over by the cooker with a beer in one hand and a sloppily made sandwich in the other.

He smiles "Good. I'm glad it was you and not the other one."

I stand in the kitchen door way head bowed as Jack munches a mouthful of sandwich.

'Well what you waiting for, a written invite?' another classic gag from good old Uncle Jack, 'Get over here and get on with it.'

I walk over to him, trembling a little, when I'm a couple of foot away I say 'Please. Please lets not do this Jack. Please.'

'Oh it's too late for that now. You're gonna give me a nice little hand job, like you do to Lukie boy there and then your secret is nice and safe. Now get on your knees and get to work you little bitch.'

Jacks hand goes to my shoulder and presses down as my knees buckle. Being called a little bitch sends a jolt right through me and I make an involuntary 'uhh' noise as I sink to the floor. With his right hand now reaching for his beer Jack uses his left to unbuckle his jeans belt and undo his flies. Reaching in he pulls out his semi erect dick. Unlike Luke his has a lot of dark brown hair. I reach up and form an O round his shaft with my thumb and forefinger, I find I can get a nice slide going on, from the base all the way up to the head. I quickly bring him to full thickness and find I'm holding a nice straight stiff dick with one hand and cupping his balls with the other.

I'm mesmerised by the sight of my gloved hands working his junk, one hand sliding up and down and over the head and shaft but it's the smell that most gets me going. Jack has been at work all day and out for a drink in the evening. His crotch has worked up that beautiful funk that only a man can. That hot close, clammy smell that all good cocks have. It's a smell that makes me go crazy even to today, makes me loose myself in the moment. I inhale through my nose as deeply as possible and it's like I'm snorting a drug. The effect is felt in my mind and in my body.

I look up and see that Uncle Jack has forgotten all about his beer now, it's held loosely in one hand, his head is tilted upwards and his mouth hangs open a little. I let myself fall a little further into my role and say 'Am I doing it right Uncle Jack?'

'Oh yeh baby, you're doing real good. Just don't you stop. You're world class baby, you must have done this a lot of times to be this good.'

'Thank you Uncle Jack, I just wanna make you happy, am I making you happy?'

'Yes you are, you stroke cock real nice, you're a good girl.'

I giggled a little when he called me a 'girl'. It sent me deeper into my role and I became totally fixated on the dick in front of me the more I massaged it the more pungent it became. Soon it was producing lots of sticky, velvety smooth, tasty looking pre-cum which I rubbed all over the bell shaped head of his cock.

I could feel the power of his penis pull me in. My face slowly crept nearer and nearer to his groin as I involuntarily edged closer. I wet my lips, my jaw ached just like when you're just about to eat after not having anything all day. My mouth hung half open as I pushed my tongue slightly forward over my bottom teeth. I could see his pre-cum bubbling on his cock head as I wanked him. I could smell it's salty odour mixing with the clamminess of his crotch. With my lips so very nearly touching the end of his dick Jack suddenly says 'Oh yeh you slut you're gonna make me cum, that's it baby girl I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming!'

'What!' That brought me back to reality as I woke up to what was going on. Somehow I had been oblivious to the reality of the situation, lost in my role as a whore on her knees. But the sudden realisation that this man was about to ejaculate on me snapped me out of my fantasy. I dawned on me that in the position we were in Jack was about to cum on my face and with my lips where they are into my mouth. I suddenly stopped stroking the dick I had spent so long playing with.

'No! This wasn't part of the deal' I cried, I started to pull away and tried to move out of the reach of Jacks cum shot but he was quick. Quick and a lot stronger than me. He grabbed me by the back of my long hair with one hand and with the other he grabbed his cock. He turned my head on sideways so my cheek is offered up to him.

'Oh no you don't you whore. You're gonna be a good slut for Jack and take this.' Jack pumped his own cock to finish off the job I started. Almost instantly his body jerked, thrusting his hips back and forth, then a moment later the first streak of white spunk leapt out of his dick.

I just about managed to cry 'No!' before I had to scrunch up my eyes and clamp my mouth shut to stop his jism from invading my body. His first shot hits my forehead and trails down over my right eye then he splashes more on to my cheek and chin then he spurts a little more onto my neck. It's hot and feels like it's burning my skin. It feels like its masses of cum splashing on me. He flicks the last few drops onto may face then releases me and says 'Good girl.'

Picking up his bottle of beer he walks round me and I hear him say 'You probably wanna clean your bitch up Luke before sending her home. I'm off to bed.' I half turn round and still kneeling on the floor and see Luke standing by the door. I don't know how long he's been there but he has a dumb look on his face like he has seen a ghost.

I feel his footsteps approaching me and I start to shake and cry, my shoulders heaving up and down in time with my sobs.

Luke kneels beside me 'Hey look, don't cry. You did what you had to do, you took one for the team.'

'Your uncle just came on my face!'

'Yeh I know. I saw. Look you had no choice and besides you looked fucking great doing it.'

'What!' the shock of my best friend telling me I looked good whilst giving a hand job to Jack made me stop crying for a bit.

'Yeh. I was watching and well you looked hot doing it. Especially when you started getting into it.'

I stared into his eyes confused the situation was already beyond odd. Luke raised a hand to my face and said 'You looked like a real porn star when you took his cum shot on your face.' He then ran his thumb through some of the goo on my neck 'We should get you cleaned up.' He scoops some of the sticky liquid off my neck and moves his hand up to my lips. He rubs his cum covered thumb across my lips coating them in the stuff.

'Thats a good girl.' He says. I keep my lips closed. 'I got such a hard on watching you. I nearly came in my pants when you were about to put Uncle Jacks dick in your mouth.' Luke scoops some cum from my chin and cheek and again moves to my mouth.

'Open up little girl. You know you want to. Be a good little cum slut now.' Again the electrifying effect of being called names makes me compliant. As his cum covered thumb reaches my mouth my lips part and my jaw drops open. Luke slides his thumb into my mouth and for the first time I taste the rich, salty semen. That's when I knew what I was to meant to be. I was a cum sucking slut, a cock licking whore, a dirty little bitch who would drop to her knees to please any man. I start to suck on his thumb like it's a dick as he slides it in and out of my mouth. Luke the pulls it out and I let a little gasp escape as I jerk forward to try and recapture his thumb.

Luke leans towards me and grabs my head with one hand. His lips cover mine and I allow his tongue to slide into my mouth. I moan as he dominates me with his kiss, one hand sliding down my satin covered body to grab my arse. He pulls back 'Your mouth tastes of cock.' an enigmatic smile plays across his face. 'Lay back.' He says 'I wanna cum on your face too.'

'Oh Luke no, please not again...'

'Shhh' he soothes me as his fingers curl into my hair and pull me backwards. I quickly capitulate and lay prone on the tiled floor. Luke straddles my chest trapping my arms beside my body. He undoes his jeans, pulls out his member and starts to stoke it directly above my face. With My eyes wide open I look up into his face to see him staring straight back at me. I smile and say in as soft a voice as I can muster 'Do you want to cum in my mouth Luke? Please cum in my mouth. I want to taste you Luke, please Luke please.' Then I part my lips open my mouth and wait for his seed to splash on my tongue. My own hands find their way to my crutch and I play with myself as Luke pumps his own dick.

It doesn't take Luke long, he must have been worked up by all the goings on 'Oh you fucking nasty slut. I'm cumming, I'm gonna blow on you you filthy whore.' Lukes whole body spasms as his orgasm pulses through him. He falls forward and supports himself with his free hand. This puts his groin directly over my face and his cock pointing right at my mouth. His swollen cock is now only millimetres away from my mouth and its about to blow. I find I can't resist and my head jerks up, I part my lips and wrap them around Luke's fleshy cock head as he shoots his beautiful, hot, salty sperm directly onto my tongue and down my throught.

'Urgh, oh yes, oh yes.' Luke groans as he cums in my mouth. Pumping in and out now his cock covered in seamen and my saliva some of which dribbles onto my lips and chin. His orgasm subsides and he rolls onto his side, I roll with him not wanting to let his slowly softening cock escape my lips. 'Good girl' Luke praises me as he supports my head with his hands pulling it into his groan. 'Mmmm mmm.' I manage to mumble round his dick.

'You suck cum good you dirty slut.'

'Thank you.' I try to mumble around his slippery penis.

'You're a good girl. A very good girl.' Is his praise. I smile.


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