tagNonHumanUncle Jim's Pet Store Ch. 02

Uncle Jim's Pet Store Ch. 02


This was completely crazy! I needed time to think about what was going on, but I couldn't just leave her here. This place was the epitome of decay. It was not fit for man nor beast, so whichever she was I couldn't just leave her here.

It was harder to get her to leave the shop then I had expected. To me it was run down and decrepit but to her it was the only home she knew. Still, I couldn't let her stay here by herself and I surely wasn't going to stay any longer then I had to. Thirty minutes later, after lots of quiet convincing and softly stroking her ears, I got her to get into my car. There was only one thing I hadn't accounted for...


I had just had my car into the repair shop two weeks ago, there was no reason for it to be making that noise, but every time I tried to turn over the engine it made that noise. Then it became clear what was really going on.

When I turned and looked at my passenger I noticed she was lurched forward and trying to intimidate the engine as if it were a beast prepping to attack us.

"You've never been in car before, have you?"

"Grrr.... What?" She said as if I had awoken her out of a trance.

"You've never been in a car before?"

I could tell from the confused look on her face that she hadn't ever seen a car before, let alone been in one.

"Don't worry; it's not going to hurt you. It's just a machine."

As the car started to move down the street she stopped growling but as I watched her out of the corner of my eye I could tell she was scared. She obviously felt foolish for trying to scare off an inanimate object and was terrified by the concept of moving so fast even though she was not herself moving.

"If you're scared you could lean your head up against my shoulder if that would make you feel better."

Before I even finished my sentence I could feel her rubbing up against me.

"I'm not scared master." She said with a trembling voice that made it clear she was lying, "Where are we going?"

"I already told you that." I said, trying to talk in as calm a voice as possible. She was scared and confused and even though I was even more surprised then she was I had decided I would take control of the situation and decide what to do.

"I know.... But I forgot."

"We're going back to my apartment."


"My home."

"Oh!" She said while trying to move herself even closer to me, "You're taking me home with you."


It was a two hour ride from the pet store back to my apartment and she had fallen asleep long before the trip was over. I had wrapped her up in my coat when we first left the pet store just in case anyone happened to look our way. Now she had curled herself up into a ball on the front seat and wore my coat like a blanket. She was so beautiful lying there completely still that I wanted to just watch her. Still, we had finally made it home and I was tired.

"Wake up," I whispered in her little dog ear, "wake up. We're home."

As soon I said home her ears perked up and she leaped into an upright position so quickly my coat feel off her.

"I'm home? We're here? Can I see it? Please! Please!"

I could hear her tail swishing back and forth at lightning speed as it rustled up against the jacket that had fallen behind her. Obviously I had not fully realized what was going on with her. I had brought her home so I could figure out what to do about her. It was clear now though that when I took her out of the pet shop she saw herself as mine and even if I wanted to get rid of her I couldn't.

Still, she was cute loving and loyal. Why would I want to get rid of her?

"You have to put the coat back on in case any of the neighbors see you."

Her tail suddenly stopped waging and she looked like she was about to cry.

"You don't like me? Am I ugly? Are you ashamed to have other people see me with you? What ever is wrong with me I can change it! Just tell me what it is you don't like about...."

I put my finger over her mouth to silence her like you would a little child.

"Shh, you misunderstand me. I like the way you look, it's just illegal for women to be naked in public. If they saw you without the coat on you might get in trouble."

"Oh, ok." She said as relief spread across her face.

She quickly through the jacket around herself and started to wage her tail again.

"Is this good enough master?"

I was lucky that I was taller then her so that my coat stretched down just far enough to cover her.

"That will be fine, now come on out and follow me inside."

I realized that telling her to follow me was pointless because she was going to even if I told her not too. For the entire trip from my car to the inside of my apartment I could feel her shallow breaths on my neck. She was standing so close that I could feel her soft breasts pushing into my back.

"Is this your apartment master?"

My apartment was a very simple one bedroom apartment. It had only the basic furnishing that a college student would want and the mess made it perfectly clear that a woman had not lived her in quite a while.

"Yes, yes it is."

"Can I take off your coat now master?"

"If you'd like."

As soon as the words left my mouth the coat was on the ground and she was bounding about the apartment.

"What's this? What's that? What does this do?" She said as she ran about looking at and sniffing everything she could find.

It was actually pretty erotic watching her run around. With every step she took her bare breasts bounced about and every time she leaned down to sniff something she'd stick her butt out in the air and wave her tail around. It didn't take very long for me to get aroused.

As soon as my cock became hard she was back by my side as if she knew what was going on in my pants.

"Please master!"

"Please what?"

"I want it so bad."

"You want what so bad?"

"You master. I want you in me! I want you to fuck me hard! Please! I can't wait any longer!"

"Wait... what? Are you serious?"

She was obviously serious because she was already using what she had learned from the last time and had gotten my pants unzipped and onto the floor.

"Please master! If you don't mate with me right now I might lose control."

Apparently she had misjudged herself because she couldn't wait. I was just about to smile at her and take her into my bedroom when she caught me by surprise and pushed me down onto the ground. It took her less then a second to be on top of me and even less time for to get my stiff shaft inside of her cunt.

"Oh god master, I didn't know it would feel so big the first time!"

"First time? You're a virgin?"

"I've never had a master my own age before so I've never mated before now... but it feel so good I don't think I'll ever want to stop. Ohh."

As she lay on top of me, riding me like a wild animal her perky breasts bounced playfully in front of my face. If this really was her first time then I knew she wouldn't be expecting anything.

With one fluid motion I took one of her nipples between two fingers and squeezed while I took her other nipple into my mouth bit down ever so gently.

She let out a primal noise as her body tensed up and her pussy contracted around me cock tighter then I had ever felt before. She buried her face into my chest as I could feel her orgasm running down my shaft.

"That felt so good master. I love mating with you."

"Good, because we're not done yet!"

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