tagAnalUnexpected Return

Unexpected Return


I had a morning off, so I spent it doing usual household things, paying bills, washing dishes, planning the weekend, contacting old friends. I finished everything well before noon, when I was expecting my lover to come home for the afternoon, so I decided to reward myself by reading a couple of the new stories on Literotica.

I should have known that just reading the stories would leave me feeling hot and bothered, because it did not take long before I could feel the juices leaking from my pussy. I needed to get off in the worst way.

There was no one else home. My lover was not expected for at least an hour.

I remembered that I had recently brought a vibrating dildo over to my lover’s apartment. I tried to convince myself to wait to see my lover, to read or watch television, but my pussy was demanding attention, my ass longed to be filled.

I went into my lover’s room, and got my vibrator from my drawer. It was long and slender, about six inches long and about ¾” in diameter, translucent purple plastic, a very basic vibrator, but my favorite.

Quickly, I removed my jeans and my panties and laid down on the bed. I spread my legs wide, and reached down to touch myself with my fingers.

I was so wet, everything was slick and ready for sex. I slid one finger into my wet pussy for lubrication, then started rubbing my clit, thinking nasty thoughts. It was so fantastic, and I was so aroused that I started cumming after about a minute. I felt the contractions of my pussy and ass, and I savored my lack of control during those spasms.

But it was not enough. I needed more.

I allowed myself to catch a breath, then I reached for my vibrator and turned it on. I slid it into my pussy to get it wet, then used it to tickle my clit for a couple seconds to really get the juices flowing. Then it was a quick revisit to my pussy before I started to direct it towards my ass.

My ass was already wet from the juices dripping from my pussy, and it was aching to be filled. Even still, I wanted to fully enjoy the feeling of my dildo in my ass, so using one hand to spread my ass cheeks apart, I slowly eased the dildo into my ass.

I got it about an inch into my ass, then stopped just to feel it vibrating against the sphincter. I let go of my ass cheeks and used that hand to play with my clit, which was still engorged and sensitive. I rubbed at my clit furiously and applied continuous pressure on the dildo until it was entirely in my ass.

It was like heaven. There was six inches of vibrating plastic in my ass, humming away, and my sensitive clit was about to shoot off another mind-blowing orgasm. My body started to buck and spasm, and I cried out my lover’s name, over and over again, just as I do when he fucks me.

I touch myself until I don’t think I can take any more sensory input, then collapse. The dildo keeps on buzzing away in my ass. I am semi-conscious, barely aware of the feelings of my ass contracting around the dildo.

When I start to regain my senses, I realize that I am not alone in the room. I open my eyes, and there is my lover, looking down on me with an amused expression on his face. “You couldn’t wait?”

My face reddens in embarrassment. I think of how it must look: I am lying on his bed, half naked with a dildo poking out of my ass. I am ashamed of my lack of control. Suddenly I am overcome with feelings of dirtiness.

“How much did you see?” I can barely ask, I just want to hide right now.

“Enough” is his reply. “I liked it.”


My lover takes my hand and brings it to his crotch. I can feel his cock, straining against the wool trousers, hard as steel. There is no greater turn on for me than a hard cock. I moan as I grab it.

“Are you ready for the real thing?” he asks.

I can only nod.

He steps back from the bed and quickly slides his trousers and boxers off. His cock, now released, springs straight up, bobbing a couple times with its weight. I reach out for it again.

“Suck on it. Make it harder so I can fuck you with it.”

I am lying sideways on the bed now, and he walks up to the side of the bed and feeds his cock into my mouth. His cock, being dry, slides only about halfway in with the first thrust. I make sure that there is a lot of saliva in my mouth so that I can completely deep throat him on the second thrust.

I hear my lover groan.

He allows me to bob up and down on his cock a few times before pulling it out and pushing me flat on the bed. He gets on, straddling my head in 69 position. He jams his cock back down my throat.

The vibrator is still embedded in my ass. My lover now turns his attention on me. He looks at the dildo, and plays with the knob so that it is on full blast. He laps at my clit a couple times, lazily, while he works the dildo in and out of my ass, awkwardly. Then he slides one then two fingers into my pussy. I feel him pause when his two fingers are completely in my pussy. He is contemplating the feel of the vibrations of the dildo on his fingers. He is curious as to how his cock would feel in my pussy with the vibrator in my ass. I can imagine the gears in his head turning as he fucks my mouth harder with his cock.

He pulls out of my mouth and turns around so he is on top of me. He takes my legs and pushes them up so that my ankles are around my ears. In a single thrust, his very hard and wet cock rams into my very wet pussy all the way to the hilt.

He fucks me deeply, each thrust hitting the back of my pussy, pushing up against my cervix. I have never felt so full in my life, not even when I used two dildos on myself. It is so much better when he’s fucking me, his body weight pushing my body into the bed. The vibrator is inside of my ass, vibrating on high power, and he is fucking away, feeling the vibrations through my thin membrane.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum” he tells me between grunts.

Just hearing those words set me off, and I’m begging him to cum in me to fill me up. That’s all I want. I start to talk dirty to him to try to set him off. “Do you like how tight I am with the dildo up my ass?”

“Yes” He slams into me even harder. I love the feelings, and I can feel another orgasm welling up in me. My pussy tightens around his cock, I can feel my juices spilling out of my pussy, easing his way into me even more.

He is relentless in his fucking. He slams into me over and over again. I can feel his cock becoming more and more engorged with blood, preparing to erupt inside of me.

These feeling set me over the edge, and I start to cum. I scream out, shouting his name, and he keeps on fucking me, thinking now only of his release.

I am limp with spent emotions. I am barely cognizant when I hear him shout out and thrust into me completely before pumping me full of his semen.

He collapses on top of me. We both lie there for a few moments, dazed. Then I start giggling, and he chuckles. We’re both feeling the vibrator, still humming away.

He sits up, pulling out of me. He then reaches down and turns off the vibrator. “Pull it out” he directs me as he goes to get cleaned up.

I do as he instructs. My ass is reluctant to let go of its friend, but slowly it lets go.

My lover returns with some Kleenex for me to clean up. He smiles down at me. “My dirty bird” he says lovingly.

I look up into his eyes, full of adoration for him. “Next time, I want you in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy.”

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