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This is a bit of a departure from what I normally write. I hope you enjoy it. Whether you do or not, please rate the story. Your feedback is always welcome. Maximillian

Chapter One - Club Noceur

The night it happened Kayla Burch was sitting at her favorite table at 'Club Noceur'. The club, although new, had already gained a reputation as one of Atlanta's most notorious swingers' hangouts.

Normally Kayla didn't go there by herself. However, on this particular night, her usual partner in crime and her long time friend, Chloe Daniels, was busy preparing as Chloe had put it 'something special' for Kayla's birthday.

Kayla was a predator, a fact visibly revealed under the red glow coming from the light directly above her table.

She was dressed in three-inch tall black high-heels, sheer black thigh high stockings with matching garter belt. On her hips was a black satin skirt that was so thin, when she stood up, it became transparent enough that everyone looking could tell she wasn't wearing panties. It also just covered her gorgeous ass. Above that, was a see-through black sleeveless blouse with a teardrop opening in the front. No pasties were covering her nipples. On her neck was a short, silver chain necklace. Hanging down from the chain and resting just above the top of her blouse was a one-inch, oval black onyx stone resting in a silver setting. Around each wrist were matching thin silver chain bracelets. Draped over the back of her chair was the collarless, button-less, long sleeve black leather jacket she'd worn to the club that night.

It was the garb of a prowling cougar in heat and everybody could see it, but then, dressed as she was there much else they couldn't see.

With the eyes of a wild, sexual animal hunting for her prey, Kayla surveyed the crowd of patrons. Scanning the room, her hungry gaze first searched the massive oak bar in the center of the building.

'Fucking college kids!' She thought to herself. Kayla didn't like college boys and considered them as nothing but fast shooting gunslingers that couldn't go the distance with her.

She continued searching the room. No one on the dance-floor looked any better.

Kayla turned her attention to the ten foot deep stage protruding from each of the four walls. 'Fuck! More kids! What are they doing, handing out fake I.D. cards at the door?'

Her patience fast running out, Kayla continued scanning.

In each of the four corners of the room was suspended, three feet above the stage, a metal cage. Attached to each cage's door was a sign. Printed on the signs were the words 'Couples Only!' Usually the cages were used for dancing. But sometimes, dependent upon how much alcohol had been consumed by those inside, they were used for other things.

Examining the cages one at a time, Kayla discovered that all but one were empty. That cage was located in the right rear corner of the club. There was a very attractive mixed-race couple inside. Kayla recognized them from another club.

The man was six feet tall and Caucasian. He was handsomely bald and had blue eyes. He wore navy blue dress slacks, a light blue long sleeve shirt, dark dress socks, a black belt with gold buckle, and a pair black low-top dress boots.

The woman with him was five foot six inches tall and Hispanic. She had very short curly black hair and green eyes. Covering her body was an emerald green, strapless wrap-around dress; and on her feet was matching green open-toed shoes.

At first glance, the couple appeared to be kissing lustfully as they danced provocatively together. The woman's back was to her man and, his arms were wrapped around her. But it was his hand placement that told the true story of what was going on under the flickering lights above them.

When Kayla looked closely, she could see quite clearly that the man's left hand was cupping his companion's bare right breast. Kayla could also see that the man's right hand was between her legs and inside the opening of the wrap-around dress. The couple turned sideways revealing to Kayla enough bare thigh and pelvis to assure her that the woman wasn't wearing panties. She could also tell that the man's wrist was moving slowly up and down.

'What a turn on! He's getting her off right there in plain view of everyone! I'm getting wet just watching them!'

Indulging her voyeuristic tendencies, Kayla watched and imagined herself in place of the woman on stage. When she looked up at the couple to examine their expressions, to her pleasant surprise, they smiled back at her knowingly.

Kayla tried to decide what to do next. One possibility she considered was opening her purse, removing the lipstick vibrator she carried with her and placing it between her legs. It was a sure way for her to advertize her availability to the couple. But before she could do so, her cell phone rang.

It was Chloe.

Kayla was forced to yell into the phone just to be heard. "You've got lousy timing Baby Doll!"

"Where the hell are you?" Chloe demanded.

Yelling again, Kayla replied, "I'm still at the club. Things were just about to get interesting."

"Well get your hot little ass over here birthday girl. You don't want to be late for your own party do you?"

Hoping that her surprise was going to be at least as promising as what she was walking away from, Kayla promised Chloe to be on time, ended the call; and then, jacket in hand, exited the club.

Chapter Two - Camping and Phone Calls

When not spending her weekends in Atlanta, Kayla lived with her husband in the city of Columbus Georgia, about a hundred miles south-west.

She had been very careful to keep her nocturnal sexual exploits in Atlanta secret from everyone in Columbus... especially her husband Alex!

Kayla was confident that he was totally unaware of her swinging. She was also confident that he had no idea that she'd never been satisfied with their sex life. She loved Alex, of that she was sure. He was just too sexually conservative for her.

Deep in her heart, Kayla was positive that if he ever found out what she'd really been doing in Atlanta, he'd dump her so fast the ink wouldn't even have time to dry on the divorce papers.

She'd often daydreamed of telling him how much she wanted more out of their sex life... more in variety and more in quantity; but because she knew it would hurt him too much, Kayla never did.

Her weekly trips to Atlanta had begun two years ago when Alex told Kayla that he wanted to buy a motor home. To his surprise, her response wasn't what he expected. He thought she'd be excited by the prospect of traveling. She was not. Instead, Kayla politely told him she had no interest in bugs, fishing, beer buddies or living in a tiny, cramped motor home.

Kayla could see that he looked hurt. So she said, "Don't let that stop you from getting it. As hard as you work, you need some way to relax. If that's what you want to do, then do it."

"And what are you going to do while I'm gone?" Alex asked cautiously as he thought to himself. 'She's full of surprises.'

Kayla answered, "I'll go see Chloe. Ever since she moved to Atlanta she's been begging me to spend some time with her."

"I wish you had told me this earlier. We could have been going to Atlanta together."

Knowingly, Kayla told him, "Honey, we both know how bored you'd have been." Then she added mischievously, "Don't worry about me. I'm sure Chloe and I will find something to get into. It'll be like old times."

At the time, her intentions were actually quite innocent. Kayla had no ulterior motive when she proposed it.

Reluctantly, Alex agreed and nothing more was said of the matter.

Two weeks later, it was a Friday afternoon, Alex took his new motor home out for the first time. Ten minutes after that, with a full tank gas and an overnight bag in the trunk of her car, Kayla left for Atlanta to visit her friend.

The night before, Kayla called Chloe to ask if it was okay for her to stay the weekend. "Hi Baby Doll! Done anything really nasty lately?"

"Does having a man's head between my legs while I talk to you count?" Chloe replied.

At first, Kayla thought her friend was joking. Then she heard Chloe whisper, "Stop it! Can't you see I'm talking on the phone?" and she wasn't so sure.

A man's voice, which Kayla recognized as Chloe's boyfriend Eugene, whispered back, "Then I guess you'll have to concentrate harder, won't you?"

There was a brief sound of someone struggling. Kayla waited for it to end and then asked, "Is he your gynecologist?"

Kayla was still not convinced they weren't kidding her.

"UMMPH! NO! HE IS NOT!" Replied Chloe excitedly. The words sounded as if they were said through gritted teeth.

She laughed, "I'd say that qualifies."

"Kayla dear, as much as I'd love to talk, you kind of caught me in the middle of... OHHH YOU DIRTY DOG YOU!"

Realizing that last remark was obviously not directed at her, Kayla began to wonder whether Chloe had told her the truth about what was really happening at the other end of the phone line.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Eugene had just placed an egg vibrator inside Chloe's wet pussy. There was a wire attached to the vibrator and at the other end of the wire was a remote control. He'd pulled the wire gently until the vibrator was snugly jammed against Chloe's g-spot. Then, while Eugene used his right hand to apply tension to the wire, he resumed rolling his tongue up, down and around Chloe's labia and pea-sized clit.

Back in Columbus, Kayla waited silently. She could hear her friend moaning between deepening breaths. Then there was a buzzing sound, followed seconds later by even louder moaning. Realizing, at that point, that Chloe hadn't been joking, Kayla thought, 'That kinky little minx! She was telling the truth!'

She smiled and waited and during that time, decided to have a little fun of her own by seeing how long she could drag out the conversation. "Oh come on, it's been so long since we talked. We've got a lot of catching up to do."

Between Chloe's moans and with the sound of buzzing in the background, Kayla heard Eugene say, "Yeah Chloe, don't be rude, talk to her. It's not like you've doing anything better right now, is it?"

'Ah! So they're on a speakerphone! This just gets better by the second. I wonder how long she'll be able to keep the conversation going?' Thought Kayla.

The buzzing became much louder.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Chloe exclaimed suddenly.

All sound stopped abruptly and, for a second, Kayla thought she'd lost the connection. But then she heard panting followed by the ruffling of clothing material.

What Kayla didn't know was that, without so much as a word, Eugene had turned off the egg vibrator and pulled it from Chloe's wet pussy. Then, before she could react, he began climbing between her still open legs so he could mount her.

Chloe's eyes, which had been closed, opened. When they did, she gasped for she saw coming in the direction of her pussy Eugene's cock Eugene's erect cock. On it he had placed, about an inch away from the base, a small vibrating cock-ring of the kind specifically designed to penetrate the vagina. It was positioned so that once inside her, it was sure to stimulate her g-spot. Eugene had put it on while Chloe was distracted, which wasn't hard to do. After all, she had been busy trying to carry on a phone conversation with her friend at the same time as both a vibrating egg and Eugene's tongue was tormenting her unresisting pussy.

Eugene grinned and then reached down with his right hand and turned the device on.

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" She said through gritted teeth.

He smiled and continued moving forward. "Just keep telling yourself that."

In reflex, Chloe tried to close her legs. It was a futile effort, which she discovered when Eugene grabbed her knees and pushed them towards her. Once he had them apart, he resumed moving forward again. Chloe tried to use her hands to fend him off but, with her wrists tied to the bed-rails, that too was a futile effort.

"DAMN!" Chloe cried out in frustration.

When she had started playing this little game, Chloe assumed that if the phone rang, Eugene would stop whatever it was he was doing long enough for her to get rid of the caller. But that wasn't what had happened. Kayla was being uncooperative, and refused to take the hint. As a result, Chloe had been forced to talk to her friend through the cordless speaker phone that was precariously resting between her breasts. Worse even still, was the fact that Eugene, knowing she could say nothing in the way of protest, decided to take advantage of the situation. When he did, incapable of stopping, Chloe had found herself completely at his mercy. All she had been really able to do was lay there and watch while he inserted the vibrator inside her and resumed licking her pussy. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was going to take even more advantage of the situation by fucking her. Inwardly she was smiling. Chloe knew that were their positions reversed, she'd do the exact same thing to him!

Not fully realizing the futility of her predicament, Chloe tried in desperation to evade Eugene's oncoming manhood. She began moving her hips around as much as she dared; but, there wasn't much she could do without sending the phone spiraling to the floor.

When she unintentionally drove her sensitive clit forcefully against the hard blunt head of his cock, Chloe discovered what a bad idea struggling had been.

The contact sent a jolt of electricity to her clit that was so powerful her body reacted reflexively and tried to retreat of its own volition. Her pelvis rolled upwards in an attempt to avoid another jolt like the first one. When that happened, the blunt tip of Eugene's pleasure prong fell right to the entrance of her love tunnel. At first, Chloe still stunned from the not unpleasant stinging in her clit, was unaware of the position she was in. She soon discovered that Eugene was not!

"OHHH MY GODDD!" Chloe cried when she felt Eugene thrust his cock deeply inside her warm, wet, unresisting pussy. When he stopped, his pelvis was pressing against her clit and she could feel her labia contracting around the girth of his manhood. She also was acutely aware of a rumbling inside her shaking her like a jackhammer. The last was caused by the tiny but powerful vibrator he was wearing pounding against her g-spot .

Bound and pinned to the mattress the way she was, all Chloe could do was writhe erotically beneath him as wave after wave of powerful orgasm rolled over her body with the force of an avalanche. It overwhelmed her so much that should couldn't even breathe, let alone speak.

In Columbus, Kayla was trying to picture in her mind what was happening to her friend.

As Chloe's orgasm began to subside, she heard Eugene say tauntingly, "Go on, don't be rude, talk to her."

She took a few deep breaths and then tried to turn back to her conversation with Kayla.

Kayla, who in the meantime had been doing her best not to laugh hysterically into the phone, asked casually, "So, have you seen any good movies lately?"

"Not really. You?" Chloe replied in an embarrassed tone of voice as Eugene began deliberately moving his staff in tortuously slow, deep strokes.

She gave him an evil look.

On the other end of the phone, Kayla could tell from the faint sounds of bed springs her friend was being fucked. "Nothing new. But I did catch a really good remake on cable television the other night."

"UMMPH!" Chloe moaned as Eugene reached under her, grabbed her ass and raised it with both hands changing the angle of his penetration. The increased pressure on her g-spot seemed to magnify a thousand fold the vibrations emanating from the sex-toy rubbing up against it.

Struggling more than ever to carry on the conversation, Chloe asked, "Really..." "UMMPH!" She grunted, he was sucking her left nipple. "What was it called? Maybe I've seen it."

Disregarding the phone entirely, Eugene moved his mouth to her other breast and then picked up the pace. The sound of the bed springs became even louder.

In the most serious tone she could muster, Kayla replied, "Shaft! Have you seen Shaft lately?"

After laughing into Chloe's right breast, Eugene turned his head to the phone and said, "Yeah, she's seen Shaft! In fact, she's watching it now. Aren't you Honey?"

Chloe didn't respond. One reason was because she didn't know what to say. Another reason was that Eugene had quickened his pace again and, she was enjoying it so much that she was losing herself in the passion of the moment. She was, however, moaning loudly!

Eugene said, "Chloe loves Shaft. Don't you Honey?"

Then to make his point, he sank his cock hard into Chloe as deeply as he could.

"AHHH! YESSS!" Chloe wailed into the phone. A horrified look on her face appeared when she realized what she'd done. She tried to cover up...

"I... ah..." Chloe tried to say something. However, every time she went to open her mouth, Eugene thrust his cock deeply inside her. She gave up when he began a series of quick, short strokes causing the vibrator on his cock to rub continuously back and forth against her g-spot as his pelvis bounced on her clit.

"FUCKKK!" Came Chloe's voice over the receiver.

Kayla giggled and then asked feigning concern, "What happened? Are you okay?"


Deciding to take pity on her friend and let her enjoy herself, Kayla responded, "You sound busy. I just wanted to make sure that you'll be home at 9:00 tomorrow night. I'll give you a call then. You will be home won't you?"

Not too surprisingly to Kayla, the next voice she heard was Eugene's, "She said to tell you that something's come up and that she'll definitely be here tomorrow night to take your call. Nice talking to you. Bye now!"

The words had been hurried and he was breathing heavily when he'd said them.

As soon as the phone went dead, Kayla began laughing so hard she almost peed herself.

"What's so funny?", asked Alex, who was sitting in the bed next to her at the time.

Between laughs, she replied, "Oh, nothing. That was just Chloe. You know what a kidder she can be."

By then, Kayla had already made up her mind to surprise her friend by showing up unannounced. Something told her they were going to have a ball together when she got there. She wasn't wrong.

Back in Atlanta, Chloe's phone was laying on the floor. There was a dial-tone coming from it but, neither her nor Eugene cared.

Neither did they care about the pillow laying beside it. Near the end of the conversation, taking pity on her, Eugene had placed it over Chloe's mouth to muffle the sounds she was making. When he did, Chloe immediately had begun screaming her cries of ecstasy into it. Seconds later, when it became obvious that the pillow wasn't working, Eugene ended the call. He then promptly threw both pillow and phone onto the floor..

With no further distractions to stop her, Chloe had thrown herself totally into the moment. She wrapped her powerful legs around Eugene's waist. Once there, she used her ankles to lock him into position. She might not be able to escape him, but he wasn't going to escape her either.

Luckily for Eugene, before they'd started, he had applied a cream designed to desensitize his penis and prolong his erection because Chloe didn't let him go until she'd cum five times.

Chapter Three - Crashing The Party

The next night, at 9:00 sharp, Kayla arrived unannounced at Chloe's front door. When she rang the doorbell, Kayla was astonished when the door opened and she was met by a man dressed only in a dark brown silk robe.

After looking her up and down, the man greeted, "High gorgeous; welcome to the party!"

"Eugene?", Kayla asked, assuming she knew the man's identity.

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