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Unhealthy Addiction


Disclaimer: The story here involves all consenting adults over the age of 18. This is a fictional story and shouldn't be taken for anything other than that. I hope you enjoy the story as it's my first one…Please give feedback.


"What the fuck do you mean!? I've waited for half the damn day and I just can't keep sitting around hoping you may decide to come back." Mike slammed his cell-phone shut throwing it up against the lounge chair.

Mike was trembling with anger at the thought of his ex-girlfriend, Hazel, spending the day shopping and hanging out at the stores when she knew he was coming to visit her. What made matters even worse was the fact that she was spending all this time with that dumb-assed friend of hers.

"I don't even know why the hell she hangs out with her. Everybody knows she's a stupid slut who'll only bring down whomever she's with."

Mike reminisced on past events where Hazel and her 'genius' friend, Alicia, went out to a club and almost immediately Alicia would practically throw herself at guys. This over-ambitious attitude would have all types of old men and drunken guys following the two of them around like puppies.

This image, of course, made Hazel more than a little upset because she already had to fend off her fair share of guys every time that she went out. Hazel, who was 19, had beautiful brown eyes that were cut into perfect almonds, and you'd swear a baby doe was looking at you if her gaze fell upon you for more than two seconds. Hazel's skin was sun-kissed giving her a look that was worthy of a golden goddess. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest at a 34C cup, something she was always proud of. With a stroke of luck she happened to have sprouted a few more inches to 5' 7", a convenient cut-off point for modeling which she was always involved in.

Mike's cell rang and he looked at the number sighing. "What do you want?" He couldn't even understand why he picked up.

"How the fuck are you going to bitch at me and then hang up when you're finished?"

"Because I got tired of hearing your bullshit. You obviously have better things to do today than to see me so I'm going back home."

"See, this is exactly why we broke up. You always want to run your mouth and say what you have to say but then when it's time for me to talk, you don't want to hear anything. Fine then, go home I'm sick of dealing with your shit."

"Whatever." Mike walked back out of the resident building and headed to the bus stop.

"All this waiting for nothing. Man, fuck her; I'm not hanging out with her ever again."


The week moved by pretty slowly with nothing to do in the house. Mike was in the basement doing some push-ups. Having reached 200 of them fighting for air, he thought he'd take a break.

Mike was, by no means, a buff guy. Sure he did a little exercise here and there but that merely kept his 22 year-old, 140 lb. 5'9" frame in a well-toned state. He reflected on his body to see any differences that one little session might do and gave up.

"She did always say she liked skinny guys, and that my body was perfect. Damn."

This week had already been pissing him off, having random thoughts in the middle of the day about Hazel. He just didn't understand her at all. They always seemed to fight about the smallest thing and yet they didn't stay away from each other.

"Well she has a new man now that's tall at 6'8", 'cute' as she puts it and 'makes her happy'. Whatever, no matter who he is he's not me."

It was yet another Friday and Mike, once again, had no plans to speak of. The previous Friday had been ruined by Hazel's disappearing act. They hadn't spoken since.

"It's no doubt; she's probably having so much fun with her new man."

Mike always knew for all their fights that they still had, even while broken up, Hazel wouldn't go too long without calling or sending him messages unless she was with someone else. He got on his laptop to check out the weather for that day. Winter this year was being indecisive at best. It would be warm for 2 months and then all of a sudden it would snow, and then the sun would come right back out. After seeing that today would be one of those blistering-lip days, he went on to check his e-mail.

"Hmm… two new messages. Who the hell writes me?"

Mike's heart dropped. He knew he was about to receive the rest of Hazel's argument. She liked to build up all she had to say then put it in text form so that she didn't miss out on anything.

"Typical female. Always have to write out some shit they can just say."

He opened up the first one, preparing himself for some fresh new anger and began reading. Mike blinked twice, and then began reading the message again as if maybe he daydreamed his way through the first time.

"She's actually apologizing to me! Wow, she must've really lost it this time."

The message explained, in great detail, her sorrow for standing him up last week and wanted him to call her. He opened up the next message and saw some little joke about how he better not stalk her. Mike's heart was beating fast. It was quite interesting really. He always thinks that he's never ever going to talk to her again and then when she communicates with him he always senses some underlying joy.

"Ok, it doesn't mean anything. I'll just call her and find out how she's doing and that's it. I still can't stand her and never want to see her again. Anyway, she has a new man."

Mike picked up the phone and reminded himself, "Just going to find out how she's been and that's all…"


"Damn, what the hell is wrong with me?"

Mike was on the way to the elevator in Hazel's resident building.

"How the hell do you go from just calling and seeing how she's doing to coming back to her place?"

Well into the conversation, Hazel and Mike began talking about what their plans were for that day and discovered neither of them had much going on. After a few more discussions about school and family, Mike and Hazel came up on the idea of just 'chilling and drinking' since nothing more was happening that day. Before Mike knew it he was on the train, well on his way to see her. Mike got on the elevator with some residents and pushed the button for Hazel's floor.

"Ok, don't worry about it. She has a man now and doesn't like you anymore. Don't get bent out of shape over a harmless drink or two."

He got off on Hazel's floor and went to go knock on their apartment door. He felt someone staring at him through the peephole and smiled a little as the door swung open and Rachel, one of Hazel's roommates, greeted him.

"Hi Mike, where have you been?" She closed the door behind Mike as he entered greeting other roommates.

"Oh, well you know, getting ready for school and such." It was much easier to say that than the fact that everything had gone bad for him and his ex and now she was seeing someone else.

Just then Hazel rushed out of the room and Mike caught his breath. Here she was in all her splendor dressed up nice and sexy. She was clad in a beautiful brown dress that presented her cleavage in a rather forceful way that dared any man to not stare. Beneath the dress were brown leggings that complemented one of the shades of brown on the dress. Hazel's sexy curves pressed through the leggings accenting her nice toned legs that led Mike's eyes up to her feminine thighs and small waist. Her hair was in braids that came down nestling themselves right onto her chest. The make-up she had on brought out her full golden complexion leaving a slight shimmer on her face. Mike felt a slight stirring down below and quickly averted his gaze away.

"Hi Mike, it's nice to see you." Hazel embraced Mike in one of her alluring hugs that caused one's senses to take in the beautiful scent of flowers entrancing the victim like a drug.

"Good to see you too" Mike was glad at this moment he had his dark complexion, warding off any possibility of blushing showing through.

"Watch yourself, Mike. Remember she's moved on and doesn't want you anymore."

"Come on and let's go get the drinks before the store closes." Hazel was already grabbing her coat, beckoning Mike to follow.


Mike was now sitting on the bed throwing back one of his trustee malt liquors while Hazel had took tiny sips here and there of her Bacardi. After returning from the store with little small talk along the way they immediately came back to Hazel's room and began drinking and watching T.V. It was easy to tell that the both of them would rather get a little buzzed first before any serious conversation could swing their way.

"You can go ahead and turn it on, I know how you get." Mike turned off the television getting up to go use the bathroom. He knew that every time that they drank alcohol Hazel liked to turn on her iPod stereo system and dance away.

"Ah, so many times I had to tell her not to turn that thing on so we could focus on partying and having fun." Mike reminisced while emptying out the first bottle of liquor he had.

"Come out and dance with me. You're taking too long!" Hazel had gotten into her tipsy state and wanted a dancing partner as usual. She was shaking her nice little ass against the wall as Mike emerged from the bathroom.

Hazel, seeing that Mike was out, turned around to face the wall and continued shaking her ass side to side. She looked over her shoulder to Mike and beckoned him over with her eyes to come dance behind her. Mike slowly approached her putting his hands on the wall and joining in the rhythm of her seductive booty bouncing.

"Damn, I forgot how sexy she was to dance with. I better not get too close and accidentally, wake up other parts of me. Shit, I better just slow down on the alcohol because it makes me do things without thinking."

Just then, as if in response to Mike's fears, Hazel suddenly backed into him pressing herself fully onto his body. Mike gasped at the surprising move and just rolled his eyes back remembering all the nights he had pressed himself against her ass as they fucked for hours on end. As quickly as she had pushed backed, she had changed again to turn herself around so that she was facing Mike.

"Did you miss me?" Mike looked at the glaze in her eyes as she talked. She was really on her way to being drunk. As she finished talking he looked at how supple her lips were shining with the last sip of alcohol she had. The smile on her face was that of a drug that tempted you, even though you knew you would pay for giving in.

"Yeah, I missed you. I missed you a lot." Mike can't believe how fast he was falling into the trap.

"I missed you too. I was thinking about you all day."

"Oh, really?" "I can't believe she's playing with my fucking head like this. She knows very well she's been off with her new boy toy all week and didn't give a shit about me!"

"What about your new man? I know you've been seeing him having a good time."

"We've been out that's all. Yeah, I did have fun going out for a change."

"So why are you talking about missing me so much now?"

"Because I did." Hazel gave a little coy smile; one deserving of a devil.

"This is all a big game to you isn't it?" Mike spat this out through clenched teeth. He didn't want to get too angry and give in to all the alcohol.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Let's just keep dancing." The smirk on her face was so apparent Mike couldn't just let that go.

"You fucking liar!" Hazel jumped back closer to the wall surprised by the sudden outburst. "You know how I still feel and you dress up sexy being flirtatious as hell, grinding up on me telling me how much you miss me!"

Mike took his right hand, placing it on her chest, and swiftly pushed her up against the wall. She let out a low grunt, still dazed from the alcohol.

"What are you doing?" Her sparkling eyes shone like that of a sapphire jewel, as if she was truly confused.

Mike didn't respond. He just looked where he placed his hand on her bare upper chest. After a moment he slid his hand up to her throat, gently grasping it and not stopping until he had Hazel's head tilted back against the wall.

Mike took in the sight of her neck tracing his gaze back down to her plunging neckline. He stepped forward until his body was press up against hers.

"You're going to stop fucking playing with me." He spoke lowly in a forced whisper with his lips almost touching her ear.

"I'm not playing with you. I promise." Hazel always became submissive in her mindset upon drinking, feeling the need to please.

Mike pushed his lips gently against her neck and began to softly kiss her just under the ear. A small barely audible gasp escaped Hazel's lips.

"Stop it. We're not together anymore."

"That didn't stop you from kissing those other guys, did it?"

"But that was different." Her eyes were starting to twinkle with newly forming tears.

"Well then, why don't you make me stop?"

Mike continued to kiss her on the neck knowing this was one of her soft spots. Hazel put her hands on Mike's arms in a feeble attempt to push him off. Mike just grabbed her wrists, releasing his hold on her neck, and held them on the wall above her head. The first teardrop fell from her eye and down her cheek. Mike stared her in the eye and she looked up to meet his gaze. She turned to look away.

"Look at me!" Mike decided she would face him head-on.

Hazel looked back into Mike's eyes, her own eyes still glimmering from alcohol. He reached in and kissed her full on the lips. She resisted his kissing groaning her disapproval. Mike decided he would have to get her most sensitive spot and let her hand go, reaching around the back of her with both hands and grabbing her lower back.

"Mmmm." Hazel couldn't ignore the sensation of her back. She opened her mouth to tell Mike to stop only to find that parting her lips let his kiss go further.

Mike pressed even harder on her lower back, rotating his fingers in a circular motion.

"Oh…" Hazel's eyes went into the back of her head. She lifted up her hands in another attempt to push Mike away. All they could manage to do was to just rest on his arms as he continued. The amount of alcohol she drank, the fact that he was stronger, and her body's betrayal was too much for her.

"We're going to find out how much you missed me." Mike grabbed her hand and led her to the bed where he sat her down. Another tear had formed in her eye and was falling down.

Mike grabbed her bottle from the study desk and poured some in her cup. "Drink this."

Hazel shook her head defiantly and crossed her arms.

Mike, determined to not be disobeyed, grabbed at the back of her hair pulling down the center. This was another of her sensitive spots.

"Ahhh…" Hazel bit her lower lip in response to the painful-pleasuring motion. Mike wet the tip of his middle finger retaining his grip on her hair. He reached into her leggings sliding his hand down to her clitoris and slowly rubbing his finger on it clockwise.

"No, don't…Ahh…please…mmm…" Hazel couldn't form a sentence as her hair-pulling was coupled with the sensation of Mike's finger massaging her.

"Now, are you going to drink it?" Mike already knew the answer before she nodded her affirmation. She took the cup and began emptying its contents into her body. After she finished, her head swayed a bit before she steadied herself.

"Do you know what happens to cock-teases?" Mike had sat on the bed next to her and was looking her in the eye.

"But I wasn't…"


Hazel shook her head no. She looked down to the covers like a puppy caught peeing in the corner.

"Don't fucking play with me. You know what happens. Tell me, what happens."

Hazel looked up doe-eyed. "They…they get a spanking?"

The smile on Mike's face was god-like as he reveled in the fact she hadn't forgotten how he kept her in line. While she was 19, her obedience level was that of a perfect little angel.

"Good girl. You know what you need to do."

Hazel started moving with the speed of one whose trying to avoid inevitable displeasure. She slowly kicked off one heel then the next. Hazel stood up slowly and tucked her thumbs into her waist-line and began to roll her brown leggings down. Her eye remained fixed on Mike's as she finally stepped out of her bottoms leaving her little Vickie's on. Mike stared at her long golden legs with her feet, seemingly, newly painted with some extravagant colors. She pulled off her top revealing two breasts that could hardly be contained by the push-up that were carrying them. Hazel crossed her arms and just stood there.

"Well don't fucking stand there, lean over my lap." As Hazel stepped towards Mike he could feel his dick pressing up against his jeans. Ever since he first pushed her against the wall it had been pulsating nonstop. No doubt it was leaking pre-cum everywhere.

Hazel reached over Mike's Lap resting her elbows and knees on the bed, with her crotch centered right over his. He reached down and caressed her ass for a few seconds and then squeezed it.

"Mmm." Hazel's moan vibrated through her whole body letting Mike feel the effects of it.

"Your ass is so nice and round."

"Th-thank you…" Hazel thought that maybe he had changed his mind about the punishment.

SMACK! Mike had brought down his hand so hard and swift that she had almost choked with surprise.

"Ouch!!!" Hazel's ass had a visible hand print where Mike's hand had landed and it obviously had to hurt.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mike had brought his hand down onto her three more times, each successive hit bring about a louder yelp from Hazel.

Mike continued his assault on Hazel in this three-hit form for about forty-five more seconds leaving red hand prints all over her once-golden ass.

"Pleeeaaase! Stop it! Please!" Tears were all over the bed being joined by snot running down Hazel's nose. She was trying to wiggle from under Mike but he held her firmly in place with his left arm. Mike's erection had, seemingly, been growing beyond its normal length at the excitement this was bringing him.

"Beg for it the right way!" Mike slapped her ass three more times.

"OUCH! Please may you stop?" More and more sobs came from her trembling body.

"I've learned my lesson now." Hazel had looked back, tears running down her face, and was looking back at Mike. He was about to bring down his hand again. "WAIT!" She almost screamed.

"I've learned to stop being a cock-tease…Daddy." Hazel let the last word slip out dangerously seductive. Mike almost came right then.

"This little bitch has been enjoying this!"

"Daddy, please don't beat me anymore. I'm a good girl now." Hazel was still piercing Mike with those almond-shaped eyes not blinking one time. Her voice was that of a soft-whispering melody.

Just then, while staring at Mike, Hazel began to rotate her hips in a counter-clockwise motion while still lying across his lap. It was a slow dream-like motion. Mike's dick went from sticking out and hard to standing vertically up as if controlled by a puppet-master. Hazel stopped and rose up her body looking underneath her.

"Aww, look what I made Daddy do." Hazel slid off of Mike bringing her knees down to the floor. She was now kneeling down centered between Mike's parted legs. She reached out a hand with her delicate fingers and placed it upon the tent coming through on his jeans. Hazel squeezed while looking up into Mike's eyes.

"Ahhhh." Mike's moan was accompanied by his eyes closing and enjoying the feeling.

"I'm sorry Daddy. Please don't punish me again; I'll make it all better."

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