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Unleashed Desire


It is a cool, dark night. The frogs are chirping. The air smells of the distant ocean and pine. She is walking home from work through the woods on a familiar path she has taken a hundred times. An owl hoots in the distance. Coyotes yip too far away to even bother worrying. She is completely at ease, letting the noises and smells lull her in a deep dreamy state as she puts her body on auto-pilot. A cool wind blows and she tucks in her jacket. She was sure it was only supposed to get warmer tonight. That's what the weather station had said, anyways. She shrugs off the sudden chill and continues on her path. A twig breaks to her right. And another.

She remembers the yipping coyotes and wonders if she ought to have worried sooner when she was closer to the city limits. She still had a good mile to walk. Twigs keep snapping as if whatever she heard was keeping pace with her in the woods. This was not good. She knew this tactic - she is being hunted. Stalked. She will soon become something's prey. She is tempted to take out her phone and call her husband, but she knew the light of the phone would only attract more predators. Besides, he would never stop scoffing over the fearless hunter woman, being scared by a playful squirrel in the woods. It would become the joke for the rest of their lives. She dreaded the thought. Another twig breaks. The urge to run is almost unbearable but she holds her ground. She knows running will only trigger hunt mode. Instead she works on breathing and continuing on. Half a mile until she is home. The twigs seemed to have stopped breaking. Her nerves calm down and she gives herself a pat on the back. The wind shifts and the clouds open up to a full moon. Her path is lit up. She feels closer to home as she sees the lights in the distance. A sigh of relief escapes her lips. She is almost home. As if right next to her ear, a deafening howl sounded through the night. She looked to her right, the direction of the terrifying sound. She made eye contact with the glowing green eyes of the wolf. She could not help her instincts this time - she ran. She heard the growl behind her.

She heard its running feet. She heard it leap. She ducked and turned, poising herself for a fight. She faced her stalker. The moon lit up the wolf's face and body in a most terrifying way. He was huge! His head was up to her chest, his body sleek and smooth. His teeth were bared. His growl was deafening. The glowing green eyes did nothing to help the terror welling up inside her, either. Still, she was a fearless hunter! She would fight. Predator and prey circled each other. She bared her teeth and growled at him. When he leaped at her, she grabbed his throat and pushed him away but he came back quicker than she could anticipate. She ducked to avoid another blow and barely escaped - he nicked her shoulder and ripped open her shirt. They circled each other again. The adrenaline, her bare skin and the cool air must be doing something to her mind because she felt a powerful surge of lust. She felt powerful and cocky. She felt sexual. The wolf lunged again as the clouds shifted in the sky. She threw him to the ground and heard the sickening sounds of bones snapping. She thought she'd won. The moon no longer lit up the fight, but she definitely only threw him down once. Bones kept snapping and cracking, the wolf howling and grunting in pain. She was too transfixed by the transformation to do the smart thing and run home. Within a few seconds, this terrifying wolf turned into a more terrifying half man. He got up on two legs, panting from the transformation. He smiled at her. Before she even realized what was happening, he lunged for her and pinned her to the ground.

He bit into her neck and she fought against him. Pain pierced through her body. She felt her pants rip away from her body. She screamed, punching the wolf and trying to push the beast off of her. She thought she had succeeded when he let her go and she started running away. He lunged onto her back, pushing her down and biting her shoulder again. The pain was intense but almost immediately forgotten, marred in comparison to the girth that entered her loins as the wolf mounted her. The wolf-man thrust into her. His girth matched the wolf's massive size. He was too big for her but she was too weak in comparison to this strong beast. His power was overwhelming. He took her by force but she felt compelled to obey. She relaxed her body and let him fill her willingly, letting the pleasure overwhelm her body. He kept his bite on her shoulder as he fucked her. He growled in her ear.

He stretched her so completely she could feel the veins of his dick grind the walls of her pussy even as he fucked her harder. Every thrust sent her higher into bliss. She climaxed on him, releasing against him. She climaxed again and again, every one of her climaxes causing the wolf-man to bite into her harder. Fuck her harder. The clouds shifted. The moon shined down on them. His body went rigid as he began his transformation. She felt his body shift against her. His girth grows inside her. His full power was released on her pussy, every muscle tense as he thrust into her and she screamed from her entire body convulsing in pleasure. Blood dripped down her chest as the wolf's teeth tore into her shoulder. She felt the wolf's seed explode inside her. The seed was hot and heavy in her loins as the wolf dismounted. She lay panting on the ground as the wolf howled and scuttled away.

Half a shirt on and naked from the waist down, she crawled the rest of the way home. She was dizzy with pain. She felt like hot liquid was put in an IV and stuck in the wound on her shoulder, coursing through the rest of her body. She was in the front yard of her house when she blacked out from the pain. The last thing she saw was her husband running to her side The next month was a blur. She remembered lots of beeping sounds. She remembered IVs, nurses and doctors prodding her. She remembered her husband's hand on her cheek, his lips on her forehead, his head on my stomach and his snoring as he slept in the same room with her for weeks. She remembers being in and out of consciousness, her scent and hearing increasing. She remembers hearing the flap of a butterfly's wings outside the window. She remembers the smell of boiling water in the cafeteria, half a hospital away. She remembers the overwhelming smell of blood, infection, medicines and sickness that permeated the well bleached halls of the hospital. She remembers screaming, crying, doctors laughing and nurses joking about patients. She remembers her husband's stench as he refused to leave her side even for a second. She awoke fully to this smell, the first words to her husband was he needed a shower BAD! He laughed and cried, called the nurses and kissed her passionately. After many tests, medications, forms and more prodding from doctors, I was released the very next day. I was seemingly good as new. The scar on my shoulder was healing, my husband explained about my rape and how worried he'd been and how it had been almost an entire month since the whole thing happened. 28 days had gone by.

The full moon She sat in the living room arm chair reading thoughtfully while her husband fussed around her like a mother hen. She smiled up at him, her once piercing blue eyes now emerald green. The doctors had explained that sudden shocks could cause drastic changes in appearance. She shooed him away and turned the page in her book slowly. The wind rustled in the bushes outside the open window. She could hear an owl flapping above the house. Her husband's heart beat frantic and worried. She looked out the window across the grassland that led to the wood. The greenery was bathed in the orange glow of the dying evening sun. A scent on the wind snapped her neck around to face the edge of the wood; a large black shadow was visible on the outskirts of the trees. She could smell the big male wolf's scent on the wind; his musky smell put her in mind of lion's cages at the zoo, sweaty and powerful. Her mind wandered back to the night he had claimed her, his massive member had torn into her and bought her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. She could feel her pussy moistening at the very thought, guilty she looked over at her husband who fucked her like an animal whenever he could. As hard and as powerful as he took her, it was nothing compared to the raw predatory assault she had endured. Damn! Her pussy was practically soaked now, she was glad she was downwind from the wolf or he would surely race over at her sultry feminine odor and claim her again, husband be damned. No! How could she even think that! She loved her man with all her soul and he had always sated her before. The sun was low now, only half of it was visible on the horizon. The moon would be shining brightly on the other side of the house. Her panties were soaked through. She looked over longingly at the wolf. She couldn't see him anymore but she could still smell him on the breeze. She could tell her husband she needed a walk in the cool evening breeze? No! Being raped was one thing, but offering herself up was quite another. Her body shuddered slightly at the thought, though; the wolf's massive form on hers, his powerful giant cock pounding into her, his warm fertile seed buried deep in her womb. "Mmm," she sighed and closed her eyes at the thought. His thick creamy cum had filled her and spilt out of her pussy and mixed with her own juices.

She had been curious, licking it from her fingers as she crawled home. It had tasted sublime! A long deep howl began from the woods. It echoed out across the grassland and vibrated through her body. Yes, he was calling to her, calling for her body, yearning to satisfy her every craven lustful desire. Itching to bury himself inside of her once again and possess her body as only he could. She bit her lip.

She felt her body responding, compelling her to go to him. She could imagine being naked on all fours and offering herself to his manhood, a sacrifice for his power. A soft moan escaped her lips at the thought, but her eyes snapped open. No! She had a male! He was perfect and doted on her, he made love to her when she needed and fucked her hard when he desired. She looked over at him fondly; he was sitting on the couch near to her reading his own book. "It's getting chilly" she remarked getting up to close the window. Before it shut completely another yearning howl called out in the distance, reaching her ears and shuddering across her spine. She slammed the window shut and locked it tight. It wouldn't stop the male wolf if he would smash straight through it and claim her as his own. She scolded herself for wishing that he would and closed the curtains. The moon, which was now high in the sky, appeared from behind the house and bathed the now shut window in its light. Her husband lit a fire and built it up. Soon a roaring fire bathes the living room in dancing shadows and heat. She smiled and switched the lights off; taking his hand she pulled him down onto the soft animal skin rug in front of the fire.

She kissed him passionately letting her tongue roll over his and her hands stroked his back. He kissed back more forcefully then he usually would. She could smell his arousal and feel his sexual frustration through his skin. A month was the longest he'd gone without taking her, after all. Perhaps he would be fierce and strong, powerfully thrust himself into her like the male wolf had. Her mind strayed back to that night as his hands fondled and caressed her under her dress. His searching fingers found her sweet spot under her panties and he began to forcefully finger fuck her while he bit into her shoulder. She responded to his thrusts willingly and groaned in pleasure as his teeth sank into her flesh. He was going full tilt at her; she could feel his animal side bubbling to the surface. She grinned and pulled at his trousers. She took his shaft into her hand she pumped him thoroughly.

Letting his moderate size fill her palm she sighed, remembering the wolf's cock. It had stretched her to breaking point. Massive, its veins bulged against its skin as it had slid in and out of her willing body. Yes! She could still smell him; his scent had overpowered her at the open window. Yes! She would please her husband then go and find her true male; he wouldn't go far from her. He would be waiting for her to find him and let him bend her body in every way possible just so she could feel his power inside of her again. His balls resting on her ass filled with his virile enriched seed. Mmm yes! Her libido shrieked with pleasure at the thought. She fixed her emerald eyes on her husband and smiled seductively at him. Slipping out of her clothes she wrapped a leg around his back and slipped onto his cock, an arm rested on his shoulder for leverage as she began to violently bounce on his erection. The feeling of his girth inside of her was good, wonderful even, her new senses could feel every tingle, and every ripple in his member as it sped up and down inside of her. She groaned and growled in pleasure as she rocked on top of him. He bathed his thick cock in her warm nectar. His balls bubbled underneath her; she could feel his seed preparing for release. That feeling of anticipation alone was enough to push her over the edge, with a feeling like a pot being overflowed in her womb she released on top of him and fell backwards before he could explode himself. She spun around onto all fours and backed onto his waiting cock. His hands fell onto her hips as he began to thrust against her violently. Yes! Yes! It was sooooo close; he was almost taking her to a new high. She responded by arching her back and pushing back against every thrust. His hands closed around her hips and he thrust viciously against her. She almost screamed at the passion of his penetration.

Her legs were lifted off the ground then slammed back to earth; she growled and groaned in pure pleasure, arching her back she pushed herself against his every thrust. She could feel his passion through his loins as his balls slapped against her. "Harder" she grunted as he pulled her into him. The room filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh as he assaulted her with everything he had. Her knees weren't even touching the floor anymore as he held her like a wheelbarrow and gave it his all. A weird feeling vibrated through her body, shaking her slightly, when she realized the male wolf was howling for her again.

She could feel him through the house. No! She thought as her males thick cock slammed into her, leave me alone! The feeling was intense, the male wolf's passion and power vibrated through her as she imagined the beast pacing up and down on the forest's edge, its massive erect stiff cock hanging between its legs. She could barely contain herself. She screamed out, "Oh god! Yes! Yes! I want it! I want it so bad! Please, I want that seed deep inside me!" at the top of her lungs, arching her back to the intense desire inside her. Her husband grinned behind her and thrust harder against her. Of course he thought I was screaming to him! Her husband's powerful dominance took her higher and higher but her mind stayed firmly on the wolf. Her shoulder burned as she remembered the searing pain. She could almost feel its powerful muscular frame mounting her back. She could feel that purest pleasure when it had conquered her. She longed for the unquestionable desire he had brought forth from her. Her husband's violent thrusting was nothing to the savage unrelenting pace of the wolf's aggressive dominance of her body. But most of all her thoughts stayed on its cock. The huge, glistening phallus extended up between its legs. Muscular, thick, and potent it will be coated in pre cum, ready to penetrate her savagely again. The thought released her again. She screamed out again and again. She writhed and shook. She convulsed and spasms on her husband's erection. She collapsed forward, gasping for air as she felt him release his own seed deep into her nether; it felt warm and safe as she felt it slide down her cervix. She sighed heavily as he fell on top of her and milked his cock inside of her before withdrawing. That was without question the greatest climax he had ever given her but it just wasn't enough. The wolf howl sounded close to house. She was still hungry for more. "I love you." Her husband whispered into her ear as he kissed her neck. Her eyes welled with tears. How could she even think about another man while he had always taken care of everything she needed? She kissed his arm lovingly then led him up to bed. She rode him on their soft mattress gently, making love to her kind and sweet man before they fell asleep in each other's arms.

She awoke with a start and glanced at the red LED on the digital clock next to the bed, it was just past twelve. She rolled out from under her husband's grasp, rose from the bed and stretched, completely naked as she strode over to the big bay window. She opened the curtains and flung them open. She enjoyed the feel of the cool night air on her naked skin. She placed her hands on the window sill and leaned out into the night, the moon was hiding behind the roof of their house and she was bathed in shadow. She felt her husband's hands snake around her waist and his mouth on her neck. She felt his erection on her back. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply from her nose and took in a huge lungful of the night time scents as well as her husband's arousal. The smell of coyotes and foxes singed her nostrils, overwhelming her momentarily. A passing skunk walked across her acute line a sight. Her husband's arousal penetrated her softly as she noticed a small herd of deer grazing on the edge of her ability. The background scent of trees, flowers and other foliage provided a wonderful background while her husband took her again. An invisible tapestry played out in front of her through her new senses. Her husband kissed her neck softly. His hands cupped her breasts and he filled her completely. His tongue lapped her ear and she moaned softly as he told her he had missed her. Her chest swelled with love as she felt him grow inside her. She could feel his release welling under the surface of his balls. She could feel the tension behind his soft caress. Never had she realized how much he held back when he made love to her. She could feel the barely audible tremor as he held in his release, waiting for her full pleasure. He pressed into her harder and faster, the pleasure building inside her deep and primal. She closed her eyes and groaned. She felt his body tense. She could feel his animal needs overwhelming his need to please his wife.

He growled in her ear. He bit into her neck. He grabbed her hips and hoisted her fully onto the window, bending her over the wide expanse of earth below her and thrust himself fully into her. She let out a howl of pleasure as he rocked her forward. She held on to the window for support and for dear life. "Yes," she pleaded, "let it go. Don't hold back, baby. Just let go." She had never felt her husband fuck her so hard.

His hands on her hips would leave bruises. He thrust his entire weight and force into her and he rammed her body against his cock. She had no control but to scream with pleasure. She almost fell out of the window as she felt his seed fill her insides. He had never burst so forcefully inside her. He held onto her as he fell backwards onto the floor, still inside her, laughing and panting from exertion. He milked himself inside her and lay flat on the floor, taking her with him. She dismounted herself from his cock, turned and curled up into her husband. It was almost enough to make her forget about the wolf outside her window. As if hearing her thoughts, the wolf howled mournfully. Her body shook like an addict, responding to the noise. She could smell the wolf's arousal. She looked at her now sleeping husband, smiling in his sleep and kissed his cheek. Unable to control herself, she leaned out the window again. She took in the smells of forest life again. She could smell the deer, hear the owl's wings, and taste the dew forming on the ground. She let the experience overwhelm her slowly, happily lost in the nocturnal smell. A low deep growl below her snapped her back into reality. She looked down slowly. The wolf was sitting in the middle of her garden. Despite being downwind from her, she still smelt his potent arousal. The growl sent shockwaves across her body. Her fingernails dug into the wooden frame as she stared down at the magnificent creature. His sent floated up to her and stimulated her nostril hairs so they danced in pleasure. She breathed him in; the musky aroma permeating her every sense. The deep, powerful, intoxicating scent of a savage predator rasped across her. Her fingers were punctured with splinters again as he growled for her again.

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