tagInterracial LoveUnsatisfied Ch. 02

Unsatisfied Ch. 02


***Authors Note***

It would be best if you read Unsatisfied I to get a better view of what is going on. I hope you like this second installments. I'm looking for positive comments only. If you don't like it then don't comment. Thanks.


This was going to be one of hell of a camping trip. She really wanted to stay at home and watch movies with Jamison and forget all about the pending "adventure". She had yet to see Demetri's little fucktoy of a bimbo that he always takes. One year it was the receptionist, the classic big tit blond. The next was the French flight attendant, the classic medium tit brunette. But who could ever for the Puerto Rican Stripper who barely spoken any English. Though she didn't know much, anyone could make out, "Fuck Me" in any language.

As she said in the car she tried to tune in on what Jamison was saying. After a while it kind of just gathered together into nothingness. "Can you believe he did that honey? That was a crazy power move and I think he may lose his job." Oblivious to whatever he was talking about, "yeah, honey that was crazy." Sometimes she wonders why she's with Jamison. He's the classic White Male. They both graduated from Harvard. Both went into Law. He went into Corporate, she went into Criminal. They had money but they weren't compatible. She did have time to think about the impending future of her relationship with Jamison as they pulled up to the private camp grounds.

They spotted Demetri's black sports car that totally suited his arrogance and grace at the same time. What they didn't spot was him. "Hmmm, I wonder where he is." Jamison muttered partially to himself. They walked around camp for a minute or two then began to set it up. They work numbly not really talking, which is completely normal. Niki found the silence comfortable. She'd learned to take his quietness as a resting break between there next discussion. It really hit her as she thought about it. That's all they really did was "discuss". They never argued. He was always super sensitive to her emotions. To her, it seemed perfect.

After setting up camp, they began to worry. "Maybe we should go look for him," Jamison suggested. Knowing his fear of the woods she figured he would stay at camp. She looked at him and furrowed her brow. "You want to go look?" She knew he hated the deep woods. He had gotten lost in them when we was 10 and could only really stand the camp site and some cabins. She watched as he pulled out his self phone. She figured he was going to call or text him. "Yeah, you take the East Route Walking Trail and I'll take the North." She didn't have a clue which route was which but took the small path that she seen.

The sun was still high in the sky when she began walking. She didn't really care where he was so she wasn't paying attention. Instead she was focusing on a case she had coming up about a teen accused of murder. She meticulously worked out all of the facts and thought about the victim. He job was to prosecute. That's what she did best. For the past two weeks her mind had been swimming for the past two weeks. The case, Jamison's proposal and who could forget Demetri. She began to walk and thinking again not even noticing she had stopped.

Jamison had been acting weird lately. He had become distant and distracted. Having sex had become twice a month, maybe three. Not that she missed it, she never got off anyway but getting him off had been rewarding. It's easier to live in dumb faith than in blind light. She didn't want to know what was keeping him so distracted. It couldn't be more than a work thing. She loved him and that was that. He was always so kind. And never a real bother, so that was always a plus. There was a part of her that knew that this was simply not true. She had been walking blindly and noticed that there was not a trail anymore.

The Sun was still high and the cool fall breeze was blowing her black hair. She enjoyed the feeling and felt her nipples harden on her chocolate skin. She was enjoying the walk back when she heard something. Turning she say nothing. She heard another sound. She believed it was a wounded animal and drew closer. It was a partially rocky terrain and she had to move around them to get closer to the noise. She saw an object around the bend. Moving closer she noticed it was a body against it. She moved closer and squatted by a rock. She was thankful she was wearing drawstring shorts and not her jeans.

She watched as the object moved up and down against the firm tree. She caught black hair over the shoulder of the woman. She heard the noise again and realized it was the fucking that caught her attention. Looking closely she could see Demetri's flowing hair and gruff grunts as he slipped in and out of the willing woman. Niki could tell by the woman's breathing that an orgasm was soon to be result of his somewhat gentle strokes.

Niki cursed herself as she felt herself getting more and more aroused. She peaked around the tall boulder again and watched in a somewhat mesmerized gaze as he continued. She heard the woman gasp and moan, "oooh yes! Demetri, fuck me. I'm coming." The woman's body shook but Demetri never stopped his slow and precise movements. Niki's hand itched and moved slowly into her shorts and down into her thongs. She couldn't help it, she had to rub herself or she was going to be in trouble. Demetri sat the girl down and turned her away from him. He saw movement out of right eye.

He hunted his whole life and new when something was very close. He knew someone was behind that bolder but if he could just figure it out. Nevertheless he was going to cum. He needed release. He couldn't get Niki off his mind as he turned his willing slut around and bent her near the tree so she had grip. He looked at her dark skin and rounded ass. It wasn't as big as Niki's but he was going to get some relief from it. He slapped it hard and listened to her gasp and moan at his assault.

Niki continued to hid and finger her wet pussy and hardened nub. She heard the slaps and only wished it was her. She was too far gone now to turn back. She risked looking around the boulder. She seen that they had changed positions and he was now bending her over. He was looking down as he entered her. Niki was so turned on. Her fingers worked faster as she watched. She was so surprised that the woman was black, only a shade or two lighter and with a well rounded ass. Not as big as hers but definitely black.

Demetri was now pounding into the woman with force and precision. Almost savagely he pounded her pussy until she was no longer trying to be quiet she was just too horny and orgasms where pelting her body. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me." She chanted and he unmercifully delivered as his big dick slammed into her tight cunt. Not only did she notice how big his shaft was and the thickness but his balls where the most impressive. Demetri caught her then. So, Niki was a little voyeur, well he was going to deliver.

He quickly picked his mate up and put her on all fours on the ground. He knew Niki was demanding but he was going to show her that in some cases. The man had to take control. He started to fuck his companion hard and fast as one hand focused solely on her nipples and the other worked on her clit.

"OHHHH FUCK ME!! YES!!!!! OH SHIT!" She screamed. Niki was watching this beautiful assault and got more turned on then she could ever imagine. An orgasm hit so fast she was forced out of her squatting position and laid back behind the boulders and road it out. She could hear Demetri's grunts of pleasure mixed with the woman's as another small orgasm hit again. Demetri couldn't take it anymore. She slipped out of the woman and growled; "Get on your knees" Demetri waited a second until he was sure Niki could see him.

Niki looked and was in awe of his body. Arching his back, like a hunter screaming after catching his pray. His taunt white muscles glistened with sweat as his manhood protruded like a sword. Niki watched as cum sprayed the woman in the face. Her cheeks, and lips where covered in the wonderful syrup. His growl of absolute relief was dominating. She woman lapped at his dick. It was then Niki realized who it was. Ciara, her roommate and best friend. Niki quickly got on her knees moved as quietly as possible back to the camp ground.

Ciara looked up at Demetri after the best fuck of her life! She thought she saw something move. She looked over but saw nothing, "Did you hear that?" Demetri, still panting from his release leaning against the tree looked over and knew that she was gone. "No, probably a squirrel. Let's get to camp. Demetri knew that this was going to be an interesting weekend.

Niki made it back to camp just as the sun was starting to set and the sky looked orange over the lake. She was glad no one was there; it gave her a little time to get cleaned up before everyone returned. She had leaves on her back and hair and didn't want to explain. All she knew was that this weekend was going to be interesting.

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