tagErotic PoetryUnwanted Barrier

Unwanted Barrier


My heart flutters...

I can't help myself,
he showed me what I needed to be shown.
I never thought I'd feel this
way for a human.

My breathing becomes heavy...

For the longest time
I didn't know what these feelings were.
I just figured that it was best
to keep them private and hidden from him.
According to what he's told
me thus far, he had been trying to
keep his own thoughts hidden as well.

I grip the ground under me...

But eventually
he found it impossible to resist any longer.
I can't say that I'm not flattered
or at all unimpressed.
I mean, I was irresistible to him.
It is, truly, nice to know.

I close my eyes...

He revealed everything to me.
To be honest,
he sort of yelled at me.
He sent me all kinds of images
and feelings.
He told me stories about how
he talked with other Dragon Masters
and how they
bombarded him with insults
and criticism of his thoughts.

I relax...

He told me that
he only wanted to see
past the taboo nature of all this.
I told him that
he was wise.
(I'm not sure if that's true.)
I then started to reveal
the mutuality of these desires.
I told him everything that I had
always wanted to tell him.

I growl teasingly...

For the first time
in quite a while I've
been able to just go about
my usual business with
my mind at ease.

I feel a twinge in my wing...

He would continually
tease me with images of us
or he would tell me things
that would make me
want him even more.

I lay my head back, and take a deep breath...

I no longer worry
about what other humans
or what other dragons
think of us.

My tail is going crazy...

To be completely
it's not even a secret

I moan loudly...

I don't care
who knows
and who thinks
they know
what's right and wrong.

I can feel myself seize instinctively...

I'm more animal now
then I have ever been
Our love burns with a passion
no human nor dragon can understand.

I can feel nothing else except the immense pleasure flowing through me...

Nothing can possibly stop
us from what we've become so fond of.
Nothing can possibly prevent
me from having him again.
Tonight is another adventure.
Tomorrow is another day.

I scream his name aloud, and embrace the bliss...

You can only imagine how good we are together.
I can hardly wait to have it again.

The overwhelming feeling crawls beneath my scales...

Thank God there are no more unwanted barriers.

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