tagLoving WivesUnwanted Guest Ch. 02

Unwanted Guest Ch. 02


Tom Kolvig stood still near the dining table. His Bermudas was still on his knees along with his underwear. Holding his manhood with his right hand he stared towards the stairs. There was evil smile on his face. His mission, for which he had come from Canton, his village, had begun.

It was good that Jack had left for California for two weeks. Now in his absence, Tom had plenty of opportunity to play his game.

Pulling his Bermudas up, he got back to his seat and resumed his breakfast.


"Oh God ... Oh God ... Oh God," grumbling Betty rushed to her bed for her mobile which lay somewhere around pillow.

Picking up the phone she dialed Jack. Phone rang for a long time. No answer. She tried again. No answer.

Jack might have reached around 3 in the morning at Los Angeles and probably he was sleeping at the moment after over five hours of journey in the plane.

Unsure what should she do, Betty sat still on the edge of the bed. Her heart was still struggling to slow its beat down.

Suddenly picture of her father-in-law's organ emerged, unbidden, in her mind. She shook her head to flick the picture away but strangely it stayed. God, how big it was. It was just unbelievable.

So far Betty had believed that such a thing existed only in stories. There was reason to believe such thing. So far she had just seen Jack's organ which was little over 5 inches. Naturally it was difficult to imagine that someone could possess even bigger than that.

Betty hadn't even believed Kathy, her best friend, who had told her that her husband had over 9 inches member.

But now she knew better.

She drew deep breath and her facial expression became serious. She was finding it hard to understand why he was doing such a weird behavior with her. She was his daughter-in-law and such a behavior from his part was inappropriate from every angle. Understood he didn't like her but still fact of their father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship couldn't be denied.

Thump. Thump. Tom Kolvig was on the door.

"Holy Crap. Now what?" Betty mused.

She stayed glued to the bed, leg trembling, heart jumping.

Tom Kolvig banged a heavy fist on the door. "Betty!" he shouted.

Betty flinched, her face pale with horror.

"Open the door, God damn it!"

Slowly Betty rose from the bed and with shaking legs crept to the door. "What's the matter?"

"Open this goddamn door." Dazed and confused she stood still for a moment near the door, and then with shaking hand opened the latch.

"What's the matter with you lazybones?" he said.

Betty was speechless.

"I'm going out to roam around. Do you want me to bring anything from the market?"

Betty wanted to ask why he did such a weird thing in the dining room but couldn't gather strength to open her mouth. Moreover she was confused why was he behaving like nothing had happened.

"No, I don't need anything."

"Okay then," he said. "And hey ham sandwich was good."

"Thanks," Betty gave a awkward smile.

"You prepared ham at home, didn't you?"

Betty nodded.

"Good job but there's scope for improvement," he said roaming his eyes on her breasts. "And one more thing ..."

Betty gave him a confused glance.

"So how was it?" he said.

"What?" Betty couldn't understand what he meant.

"My cock ..."

Oh God, how could he ask such a question? Betty was shocked. "You shouldn't behave like this with me; I'm your daughter-in-law," she said, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Oh come on, don't act like prude," he said. "You've got luscious body. You should enjoy it. And I'm just asking a simple question. After seeing my dick you should say something about it. I didn't hesitate a bit when I praised about your ass and tits."

Betty swallowed a knot in her throat. Holy cow, how easily was he saying all this? "I'm not feeling well." She tried to change the conversation.

"What's the matter with you lazybones," he said. "I think Jack's not fucking you properly."


"Has he got the same size as mine?" he asked.

"No!" she replied instantly then regretted. Responding to such a question was very foolish act.

Tom Kolvig grinned. "I knew it. Then you'd surely want to take mine in your pussy, won't you."

Betty's whole body jerked with the idea of his huge organ entering her little pussy and she shouted immediately, "No! I don't think I can take that."

Oh God, why on earth did she say that? Shit. Tom's hand moved to the front of his trouser where a tent was building very fast. Caressing his protruding member he said," Of course you can lazybones."

Betty's eyes followed movement of his hand and beheld the massive tent in his trouser. Why her eyes went there and why they stayed there to stare at his bulge was something she was finding hard to understand. But one thing was sure that whole thing was creating tantalizing sensation throughout her body. Betty could feel that her panty was slightly wet. This was strange. Very strange rather. It wasn't supposed to happen.

Just then Betty's mobile rang. Pulling her eyes away from his bulge she rushed back to the bed to pick the phone.

"Who's it?" he asked stepping in the bedroom.

Seeing him coming in the bedroom she forgot to answer the call. She felt a wave of foreboding that something wrong could happen if he stayed in there.

"It's Jack. Would you mind going out please?"

"You don't want to report Jack what's going on here, do you?" Tom Kolvig said getting closer to Betty.

Betty shot a hard look at him and without a word answered the call and keeping the phone on ear went to the window. Jack informed Betty that his flight journey was comfortable and now he was getting ready for the meeting. He said he'd call later when he'd be free and hung up.

When Betty turned back from window she found that Tom was lying on her bed. "What did he say?" he asked.

"Nothing, he's getting ready for the meeting."

"Come over here. Let's spend some time together on this bed," he said roaming his hand on his groin where he still had obvious hump.

Strangely invitation seemed tempting. Now when she knew that big cock existed, this invitation provided opportunity to get to know more about it. He might put his dick in her hand and then she'd know how such a thing felt in the hand. But what if he decided to put it somewhere else? Thought shook her to the core. Shit. No. She shouldn't let him stay in the bedroom.

"You were going out?" Betty said.

"Yes I'm," he said and pulling himself up got settled on the edge of the bed in seating posture. "Come here!"

She stood firm. She didn't like that he was commanding her as if she were his slave.

"I'm yet to take my breakfast so ..."

"Come here lazybones!" he said sternly.

Unsure, why was he calling her she crept towards him. Taking every single step with dread.

When she got closer to him, swiftly he got hold of her hand and before she could understand anything she was seating in his lap with her buttocks firmly planted at his excited cock.

She wriggled to escape but he was holding her tightly with his arms around her stomach. "What are you doing, please let me go."

"Hold on Betty! Sit still!"

"Why are you doing this with me?"

"You are beautiful that's why."

Betty was confused. This wasn't valid reason to behave like that with her. Moreover he never liked her as his daughter-in-law. How come he found her beautiful out of a sudden was beyond her comprehension.

Just then her attention went to the thing on which she was seating. It was hard like a rock. Strange wave of thrill moved across her body. It had never happened before and probably would never happen again. First time in her life she was feeling other than Jack's organ on her body. Since she was in pajama, which had thin fabric, his hard dick seemed much closer. When she felt the throb of his dick she came to her senses and started struggling again to get free from his clutches.

"It's unnecessary Betty, why don't you stay still and feel my dick," he said. "I don't let everyone sit in my lap."

"I don't want to sit here. Let me go," she said and after one more attempt sat still.

"Cheeks of your ass are so soft Betty. Nice one."

Betty couldn't decide how to react at such a complement. But her face became pink. "Please let me go, I'm hungry."

Tom Kolvig removed his arms from her stomach and said, "Okay I'm too getting late."

Immediately she got away from his lap and stood in front of him.

"Jack shouldn't know any of this," he said looking into her eyes.

Betty didn't say anything and stood still. Just then she realized how much wet her panty had become. Why her pussy was reacting that way was something she was finding hard to understand.

To be continued ...

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