tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Obsession Ch. 03

Unwanted Obsession Ch. 03


This is not sweet reluctance, this is creepy, dark, non-con, and a work of pure fiction.


Louise's sleep had been light, restless. Since she first managed to fall asleep she had woken every few moments, to drift off again a while after. But once 'Joe' started moving and mumbling in his sleep, she became fully awake.

After he had scared her into peeing in a bowl, she had decided to play along with anything he wanted to the best of her abilities. Pride was inessential, survival was everything. He hadn't played more games with her after that, though. Not really. He had fucked her three more times before going to sleep, but it had been just that, fucking. In, out, and in, out, till he came. No thank you ma'am, no mockery, no games.

The last three rapes had felt like he was merely small-time masturbating with her body as a wanking-glove. Almost like he had sort of forgotten she was there. In between the fuckings he had relaxed with reading. He hadn't even talked to her until he put the bowl under her again for a last tinkle before bedtime. That time round she had managed to do it without further prompting.

Louise's eyes were wide open as she listened to her rapist's sleep-talking.

Mumbling, groans. "No." Restless movements. "Them... no." He went quiet.

She couldn't see him, she lay on her side, turned away from him. He had rearranged her bondage somewhat before going to sleep. The chain to her handcuffs was now linked to the head end at 'her' side of the bed. Her feet had been released from the bondage belt. Now they were cuffed together. A chain led from her cuffed ankles to the foot end of the bed. She didn't have enough free chain to curl into a ball, but there had been enough for her to wiggle a little closer to the head end of the bed.

The undersides of her arms had gone sore from being above her head for so long. Keeping her hands at the level of her face relieved those sore muscles, so she did that, even though she had to keep her legs fully straightened to have enough chain to keep her arms bent.

"Mine..." said 'Joe'. He said more but the rest was unintelligible. It sounded like he was having nightmares.

The comparatively 'peaceful' end to the evening had made it possible for her to hope he would eventually release her. That he had rearranged her bondage for her to sleep on the bed with him had added to that hope. He had even covered her with the blanket.

'If he was planning to kill me,' she had thought, 'then he would have chained me up in the bathroom or some such place. Out of the way like a bag of garbage.'

Before going to bed, he had fitted a modified fencing mask on her. At first she had thought that was the beginning of some new torture. When he simply went to sleep afterwards, she had figured out it was so she couldn't bite him while he slept.

Louise was scared.

She was hoping to eventually get out of this alive. When her rapist was business-like, when he used her as a means to pleasure himself, then she could make herself believe he was simply using her and would let her go when done with her.

"Emeralds, my emeralds."

Louise closed her mouth to withhold a frightened whimper. When her rapist tossed and turned in nightmares, then it was very easy to believe that he was insane and would chop her to pieces when he got bored with fucking her.

"No. No, don't take them." If not for his deep voice, he would have sounded more like a boy than a man. "They are mine."

'Is he crying? Is he crying in his sleep?' A tear escaped Louise's eyes, and travelled along her skin. She couldn't wipe it off through the fencing mask. 'Please don't let him wake up in an upset nightmarish frenzy. Please don't make him wake up and take his nightmare out on me.'

"Sssh," she whispered, hoping to soothe the sleeping man. "It's ok. It's ok. Sssh."

'Please don't make him wake up insane and murderous.' More tears escaped her eyes. 'I don't want to die.'

"Sssh." She kept making soothing noises, desperate to calm him.

It seemed to be working. His mumbling first decreased, and then changed to a happier tone.

"Mine," he declared, and rolled over on his side.

With tears still rolling from her eyes, Louise kept making soothing sounds, a while. Once she felt sure he was again sleeping heavily, and nightmare free, she went quiet.

"My emeralds," declared 'Joe', and moved closer to her.

Louise only just managed to keep herself from voicing a frightened squeal, when he moved an arm around her and pushed his body against her back.

'He is still sleeping,' she realised a few seconds later. His breath against the top of her back alternately heated and froze her skin. She didn't think she would be able to fall asleep again, but, after her rapist had been still for the better part of twenty minutes, she did fall asleep. Fear is very exhausting.

A bit after Louise had fallen asleep, Ronald woke. He was a little surprised to wake up with an arm around his victim, he didn't usually spoon with the prey. He wasn't displeased though.

'So soft,' he mused, and ran his hand along her belly.

Louise whimpered in her sleep. A defenceless arousing sound. Ronald's cock throbbed in response.

'Ah, what the hell. A quick little game and then back to sleep.' Ronald slowly rolled away from his victim and off the bed to put a condom on. Condomed and ready for action he managed to slip back under the blanket without waking her.

'Could she be having wet dreams again?' Ronald didn't think it likely, but then again, 'Lowish' was the first of his victims who had ever had a wet dream while with him. If she had one once, she might have it twice.

Carefully he slipped into the spooning position from before, moved his arm around her and moved his hand down her belly. Louise woke when he pressed his hand between her thighs. He could tell from her breathing.

'No, she isn't wet,' concluded Ronald, pushing the tip of one finger inside her. 'What a pity, her pussy feels great when she is.' He pulled his finger out, but kept his palm pressed against her v. 'Maybe I should fetch the lubricant.'

He didn't feel like moving just yet though.

"Are you awake, Joe?" whispered Louise.

"Yeah," replied Ronald, thinking, 'What a strange thing to ask. As if there could be any doubt.'

"Is there something you would like me to do for you, Joe?"

"Are you feeling service-minded all of a sudden?"

"I just want us to get along, Joe."

"Really?" asked Ronald with a grin. It wasn't the first time a victim got a sudden whim to be co-operative. It happened sometimes that a woman would get it into her head that if she played nice, maybe he would.

"Is there something I can do to please you?"

"I'd like you to get wet again," stated Ronald, rather expecting her to get flustered, maybe even panicky, when faced with that request.

Louise looked at her hands through the fencing mask. Light escaped the almost closed bathroom door, and she could see her fingers. She tried to wiggle them. 'I still can't control them well enough.' Her hands still didn't function properly, due to her injured wrists.

"I can't play with myself just now, Joe. But I have a vibrator in my backpack, if you use that I'll get wet."

'Didn't see that one coming,' thought Ronald, and laughed. "You travel with a vibrator?"

"Yes." Louise did her best to sound natural, as if she was talking to a friend, not a dangerous assailant. "Women have needs too, you know."

"Tell me more about your needs, Lowish," said Ronald, and moved his hand to run a finger back and forth between her folds. Since she wasn't turned on, her clit wasn't swollen and he couldn't locate it like that. But by moving his finger back and forth in the general area he was sure he would brush it occasionally, and he was sure that would bother her.

"I usually play with myself before bedtime," said Louise, thinking, 'Keep humouring him.'

"Sometimes I use my hands, sometimes I use the vibrator. It makes falling asleep easier."

"Does it feel good?" asked Ronald, smiling. It was fun to see how far she would go while being co-operative, it might give him some material to better fuck with her mind later.

Ronald had wanted to know if it felt good when she played with herself, but Louise misunderstood.

"Yes, but it would warm me up faster if you spent more time on my clit." She didn't like what he was doing, but had decided against both full honesty and full dishonesty. Right then, she needed to get wet to please him, and Louise figured pleasing him would increase her chances at survival.

Ronald laughed again. 'Lowish' had sounded like a mature woman trying to gently instruct an inexperienced lover.

"It would warm you up faster, would it?"

"Yes," replied Louise. Her voice shook. Her fear grew as 'Joe's laughter increased.

"Say it again," ordered Ronald.

"Say what again?" asked Louise, her fear showed in her voice.

"Tell me what it would do."

"It would warm me up faster."

Ronald's body shook with laughter, even at the tame reiteration. "Priceless, Lowish. Absolutely priceless." If he wasn't already lying down, he would have leaned back, to laugh it out. His young victim talking to him as if their age difference was the opposite and she was teaching him how to become a more experienced lover.

When the laughing fit subsided he tried to make a snide comment, but found himself unable to as he instead fell back into laughter. Eventually he pressed his forehead against her back, trying to fight off the remainder of the laughing fit. Ronald couldn't remember when he had last had a laugh like that.

"Oh, Lowish," he said, while fighting off the last giggles. "I love you, Lowish. You're priceless." With that stray comment, he finally got his humour under control.

Ronald pushed his body closer against Louise's, and moved his hand from her pussy to one of her breasts. There he found a nipple to expertly twirl between index-finger and thumb.

"Tell me you love me too, Lowish."

"I love you too, Joe."

He pinched her nipple when she said 'Joe'.

"Don't call me that."

"I love you too, Mr. President," said Louise, remembering the strange word game he had demanded at a previous occasion.

He pinched her nipple again, harder.

"His lover wouldn't be calling him, Mr. President. Would she?" Ronald was just going with the flow, he hadn't planned this mind game and didn't think about where it was headed.

"I'm sorry," said Louise, scared of more and other things than nipple pinchings. 'He sounds so angry, so very angry. Think. Think! Former American president Ronald Reagan. What would his lover call him?'

'Joe' pinched her nipple again. 'What does he want? What does he want?' Another pinch.

"I love you, Ronald," said Louise. "I love you, Ronald. I love you."

Ronald's heart skipped a beat and then pounded with a vengeance. Something snapped, something clicked into place.

"What did you say?" his voice was smooth, colder than ever. "What did you just say, Lowish?"

'I did something wrong? But if that wasn't what he wanted then what did he want? What?' Louise was almost as terrified as she had been staring up at the knife when he first made her pee in the bowl. She still hadn't realised that 'Joe' wasn't her rapist's real name.

"I'm sorry," whined Louise. "Please don't hurt me."

"If you don't want me to hurt you then do as I say." The voice was cold, smooth, indecipherable. Reptilian. "Tell me what you said."

"I said, I love you, Ronald."

"Say it again."

"I love you, Ronald."


"I love you, Ronald."

"Again," he demanded, and gently twirled her nipple.

"I love you, Ronald."

He rolled her to her back. Louise forgot to move her arms to keep the chain to the handcuffs loose and squealed when they tugged against her hurting wrists. While Louise moved her arms to loosen the chain, Ronald crawled on top of her, squeezing her legs between his, he pressed himself against her, and then sought out her breasts with hands and mouth.

'So soft, she is so soft.' Soft, except for her nipples, which were so easy to wake. His mouth caught one of them, sucked it in, and bit it gently. 'She talked to me as if I was an inexperienced lover,' he remembered. Ronald was actually a quite experienced lover, he kept his casual lovers well satisfied. Of course, being a victim, not a lover, Louise couldn't have known that.

He lifted his mouth from her nipple. "Again."

"I love you, Ronald."

'I'll show her that I know how to warm up a woman,' decided Ronald, and commenced a gentler assault on her upper body.

Afraid, bound, helpless. Instead of numbing her senses the adrenaline magnified them. Tender kisses on her skin. A soft tongue. Gentle tickles from fingertips as he moved to rest on his elbows.

"Please don't hurt me, Ronald," she begged. "I love you," she lied. "I'm all yours, please don't hurt me."

"I won't hurt you, Lowish. Just lay back and relax." Ronald just went with the flow. Once Ronald had a woman in chains he did exactly what he felt like with her. 'I want her wet. I want her to yell my name while she comes.'

He convinced himself that that would give him very good material to mindfuck her later, convinced himself that was why he wanted to do it.

Ronald teased and tickled her skin, often avoiding her nipples to make them that much more sensitive to his touch. He knew how to please women, almost as well as he knew how to please himself.

'She is getting warm,' concluded Ronald after a while, and left the bed to turn on the light and rearrange her legs.

Louise didn't fight him when he uncuffed first one leg, and recuffed it to the bondage belt chain, and then the second.

"You are beautiful, Lowish," he said, playing the part of the considerate lover, and repositioned her a bit to make her arms more comfortable. He gently tickled the sides of her chest, and toyed with one of her nipples to keep her 'warm', before unlatching the fencing mask. He dropped the mask over the side of the bed and let it fall to the floor.

"I love you, Lowish," he said. 'Keep messing with her head.' "Tell me how you feel about me."

"I love you," she said, the lie was easier to push out the more practice she got.

"Tell me more," demanded Ronald, and trailed soft kisses down her throat.

Louise's imagination failed her, refused to supply her with suitable lies. So she resorted to the truth, things that had been true before the nightmare began.

"When I first saw you, I thought to myself: Oh, I'd love a piece of that. You looked so masculine and strong. So sexy. I wanted you from the first glance."

"You have me now," said Ronald and covered her lips with his. "You have me now," he repeated after the kiss and moved his legs between hers without breaking eye-contact. "I'm all yours, Lowish."

Louise stared into his eyes, she could almost live herself into his game. "You didn't have to use force, Ronald. I wanted you. I was giving myself to you of my own free will."

Ronald remembered the happy expectation on her face when he had first cuffed her wrists. His cock throbbed.

"Keep looking at me," he said. "Keep those emerald eyes on me, Lowish."

'Emerald?' wondered Louise. 'My eyes are more blue than green.'

Ronald held his upper body high, carrying his weight on straightened arms, while moving his hips to find her entrance with his cock. He had planned to lick her first, to complete the warm-up with some oral action, but Ronald was going with the flow, and right now the flow told him he needed to fuck.

His cock found, and he pushed in. 'She is wet. Oh, sweet oil. She is wet.' Ronald moved back again, and forward, never taking his eyes off hers. 'This is what it would have been like if I had just played her game instead of raping her for real.'

"Tell me that you love me," he ordered.

"I love you, Ronald," she lied, grateful to her body for having responded to his foreplay. "I love you so much. Please, promise you won't hurt me."

Ronald was getting dizzy.

"Please, promise you won't hurt me," she pleaded, again.

"I promise I won't hurt you." He increased his pace, pumping faster.

"I love you, Ronald," she lied, and did her best to make pelvic movements in tune with him. "I love you."

Ronald closed his eyes and leaned his head back, her oiled pussy around his moving cock felt heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. 'Mine.'

"Please promise you will let me go, Ronald," she pleaded.

He stopped pumping. His whole body just turned to stone as he was: pushed in to the hilt. His jaw clenched, same as every other muscle in his body. He opened his eyes. They narrowed to furious slits. 'Mine.' He turned his face to her. 'Mine.'

Louise's eyes widened in terror.

'MINE!' Ronald dropped himself down on her and pushed his arms under her.

"Please don't hurt me!" shrieked Louise.

Under her back, he moved his arms to her shoulders. He folded his hands around them from under her and pushed her whole body hard against him, and his cock. Then he pulled back his abdomen and thrust into her with all his might.

"You are mine," he stated through clenched teeth. He pulled his cock back to thrust equally hard. "Mine!"

He started pounding in a hard steady rhythm. "I will never let you go, Lowish. I will never let you go." Ronald wasn't mindfucking his victim, Ronald was angry, and Ronald didn't even think about it. "Don't you ever fucking dare talk about me letting you go. You are mine, Lowish. Mine. I own you."

He was barely aware that he was fucking her. A moment ago he had been in a sexual bliss, now he barely remembered his cock was hard and at work.

"You hear me, Lowish?"

"Yes, Joe. I'm sorry, Joe. I'm sorry," whined Lowish. "Please don't hurt me, I won't do it again."

"You'd better not do it again, Lowish," warned Ronald. "And, Lowish, the next time you call me Joe I'll give you a round with the belt."

"I'm sorry, Ronald. I'm sorry," said Lowish. Her voice shook both from her sobbing and from his body's brutal pounding against hers.

"You'd better be."

Ronald closed his eyes, and tried to focus on the feel of her pussy around his cock. He tried to find a good rhythm again. 'What's wrong with me?' Ronald had never lost his temper with a victim before, or well, not since the first time a woman broke his arm, at least. He had often pretended to loose his temper, to scare a victim senseless, but that was pretend.

He changed his pace, trying to again find that good feel. His cock was still hard, he still needed release, but his arousal had vaporised. 'Dammit.'

Louise too wished he would come soon, her pussy had tightened with her fright. She could feel every movement he made within her. 'I wanna go home. I wanna go home.' Her rapist re-adjusted his entry angle again, now his body grazed against her clit on every thrust in.

Her body still responded to him.

'Not now, don't respond now. He is angry, now is the time to lay still, to play dead.' Louise stared up at the ceiling. Trying to relax her body and be passive. She felt his cock passing back and forth inside. Smooth, nearly frictionless. Pushing against her walls. Relentlessly moving. Forward, back. Forward, back.

She lay absolutely still, waiting. But it just didn't finish. Just as she was getting used to one rhythm, numbed to one rhythm, he changed pace, and shifted his position slightly.

'Come on, dammit.' Ronald's frustration increased every minute. He just wanted to come, blow his load and cool of with a glass of wine. He switched to a more scrotum grinding fucking. A whimper escaped his victim. 'Maybe if I fuck with her mind a little?' Ronald just wanted his arousal back.

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