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I paced outside my house nervously. I had never done anything quite this risqué. Oh sure, I had met off the internet for sex before but I had stuck to some personal rules which always involved meeting in a public place and my driving myself. But my current situation had left me few options. I could go without sex or I could revise my MO.

The situation itself had been so tempting, especially considering that I hadn't had sex in nearly two months. OK, I'm sure that some people think that is no long stretch. But for a girl who would ideally like to fuck 2 to 3 times a day that was quite the marathon.

Finally I saw the car. It was a blue Ford Escort; a driver and passenger inside. The car crawled to a stop where I stood. The front passenger side door opened and out stepped a beautiful specimen of a man. He had to be over 6 foot tall and had a broad build like a football player. He was 27 according to our email exchange. He opened the back door for me and I stepped in. He followed.

I turned in surprise as he followed me into the back. The car pulled away as quickly as his hand reached behind my head, grabbing my hair and pulling my face into his lap. He was quite the talented fella, as he simultaneously removed his dick from his pants with his other hand. I sucked his monstrous cock without hesitation. After-all, that's what we were there for. When he came in my mouth I nearly came in my pants. Knowing that his friend in the driver's seat could hear my sucking him off had gotten me very wet. No sooner had I gained an upright position, the car rolled to a stop at the side of the road. Both men opened their doors and stepped outside. The guy that I had just blown took the driver's seat and the driver joined me in the back. He shut the door and looked over to me as I was still processing what was going on. "Well slut," he began to speak, "You know what to do." And I did. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and proceeded to suck him off as well. He wasn't as big as the first guy. But the smaller cocks were kind-of fun when it came to oral because I could take them entirely in my mouth and down my throat. He didn't last long with me and when we were finished, I retired quietly to my side of the back seat while the two men discussed what a fantastic slut I was to be for the night.

When we arrived at their place they led me inside and immediately demanded that I strip down to the nude. When I had, they led me to bedroom and tied my arms and legs to the posts of the bed. I laid there spread, my pussy watering for their cocks. But then they left me there and went to the other room. I could here them talking, playing video games even. I became frustrated and anxious.

I thought back to the ad of which I had responded. Two buddies were looking for a girl to share and coincidentally, I had been a girl looking to be shared by two buddies. But I hadn't the ability to come out and meet them. So I resigned to their domination and allowed them to pick me up and use me as they see fit. In fact, "Use Me," had been the subject of my email response to their ad.

But two buddies wasn't exactly how things worked out. They left me waiting, tied naked to the bed for about a half an hour. I heard another voice added to the conversation from the other room and as the three voices moved closer to me down the hall, I heard one of the familiar voices say, "We've got her for the day". The two men that I had met online entered the room. They were followed by a husky man wearing a baseball cap who stood at the end of the bed, staring up my naked body. "Are you sure it's OK?" he asked and both original men gestured for him to move forward. I couldn't object. I was so turned on. I watched as this third man unzipped his pants an began stroking his cock while staring at me wantonly. The original two each stood to each side of the bed. They were gonna watch this guy fuck me; and I almost came at the very idea.

He crawled between my legs and thrust his hard cock into my wanting pussy. "Oh my God, you are so wet," he yelled out as he pounded me mercilessly. Glances to either side of me exposed satisfied faces. The one to the left had pulled out his cock and was stroking at the site of his friend fucking his fuck toy. I came hard.

When he pulled out I expected the stroker to take his turn with me. But all three men retired to the other room. Again, I was left tied to the bed nude but this time lying in my own wet puddle of cum. Finally I heard our guest leave and then there was silence.

A few moments passed before both men entered the room and both worked together to untie me. For the next few hours they took turns fucking my mouth and my pussy. Sometimes one would sit back and watch while the other used my body. Other times, they would use me simultaneously, one cock fucking my face while the other cock pounded my pussy. I was in shear ecstasy. In the final round I switched back and forth taking turns orally on each cock until they both finally jerked to a finish covering my face in cum.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I entered the living area the one guy stood by the door with his keys. It was time to take their toy home. He drove me home and dropped me off without saying a word. I liked it like that. When I went to bed that night I replayed the evening's events in my head. I had become addicted to threesomes and I liked feeling used. The memory of that night would give me plenty to get myself off to in the nights to cum.

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