She never saw it coming. She was just doing the things that she probably did every weekend, shopping, talking, mindlessly wandering all over the city. She didn't know I was there, watching her. I waited until she had her back turned before I but the cloth over her nose and mouth.

I could see her eyes start to flutter back to life, but her head still hung down as she was having an after effect to the drug. Gradually I could see her coming back. Her body was something to behold. She was tall, about 5 10 with hair that wasn't quite blonde and wasn't quite brown. She probably weighed 130 pounds, not much for her height. Her eyes were what drew her to me though. Don't get me wrong, she had the perfect body, but those eyes could pierce through you and see directly into your soul. Emerald green, my newly found favorite color.

I let her wake up slowly, first her head was lifted and then I saw her try to draw her hand to her face, only to realize that she couldn’t for it was being held by shackles above her head. This was when I saw the fear in her eyes. She looked at herself and realized that she was naked, and drawn spread eagle. The irony of her “X” shape made me laugh to myself as I watched her try to struggle to pull herself free. I was looking forward to taking the fight out of her.

As her struggles stopped I got up out of the chair that I was sitting in. When I did it fell over causing a loud noise. Her head shot up in the direction of the noise. Even in her captured state she was still a fighter, but that is what I wanted.

“Whose there?” She demanded. Her tone made me laugh.

“I don’t think you are in any position to talk in that tone.”

“What do you want?” She asked again, not backing down.

“Isn’t it obvious. I want you. I have for a long time.”

She was silent. She knew what I meant. She wasn’t stupid. She still couldn’t see me and my voice echoed off the walls making it hard for her to pinpoint where I was. Her head, her eyes were searching for a face to put to my voice, but I wouldn’t let that happen, not yet.

“Please, just let me go. Don’t do this. I’m sure you don’t want to”, she pleaded. Her voice never wavering, never letting her fear show. How I loved her.

I was behind her now. I looked at her form from the back. Perfect X I thought to myself as I reached in front of her and grabbed her breasts. She went stiff as I touched her and started to struggle against her bonds again. She was so beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get between her legs. I took one of my hands away and moved it down her back, letting my finger drag along her spine. Her breath became short.

“Please… don’t”, she begged of me again, her strength slipping.

I stopped above her hip, and felt her breath in relief. I smiled at her mistake. There was no stopping. I moved my hand again, around her side and on to her stomach, then down towards her cunt. She started to struggle again. I pulled her back against my body, which is when she realized that I was naked. I’m sure she could feel my want for her. She stopped again.

“Please… no.” Her voice was cracking. I had her.

My hand moved between her legs. She tried to pull them together, but her bonds prevented it. I stuck a finger in her cunt. She was so tight. I was enjoying this so much, but she was not. She was dry. I started to fuck her cunt with my finger. She moaned, although I am sure it was in pain, not pleasure. I was so hard.

“Please… stop. STOP!” She was fighting me again. Wiggling and trying to turn away from me, to get my finger out of her. She was stronger then I thought.

I pulled her even tighter to me, knocking the wind out of her. Her head dropped and I could hear her gasping for air. My assault continued. First one finger then two. Roughly, in and out of her. Still, she wasn’t enjoying it. I started to rub myself up and down her back and again she went stiff. I had never been this hard. I had to have her now, whether she was wet or not. I removed my hand from her breast and adjusted myself so I was between her legs. I could feel her fear now. Her body was overcome in a cold sweat.

“PLEASE DON’T… PLEASE!” She started fighting again. I loved her so much.

“Don’t worry”, I whispered into her ear, “You’ll enjoy it.”

As I moved between her legs she once again tried to close them. I moved into position of her still dry pussy. I removed my fingers and then opened her cunt with them. I put the head of my dick into her cunt, enjoying the warmth. I started to move in slowly so that she could feel my love for her. She was so tight. Slowly I started to thrust into her, still holding her back tightly against my chest. I was in about 6 inches when I felt something blocking my path. She gasped as I hit it. She was a virgin? I knew that she was young. 18, but I never imagined that she was still pure. This made me even harder.

“please, no” Her head hung low now, her voice barely audible.

“I’ll go fast, it will only hurt for a bit”

I pulled back a bit and then thrust my full 11 inches into her virgin cunt. Her scream was ear piercing, but it was done now. I got into a rhythm. Slow at first, pulling almost all the way out, just leaving my head in, then slowly all the way until my tip hit her cervix. Back and forth. Her spirit was still not broken. She struggled against her bonds, against me, against what was happening to her. Now she was pissing me off. I started faster my dick pumping all the way in and out as hard as I could. My balls slapping up against her ass. Still she struggled. I had had enough. I reached around her and started in on her clit, pushing and pulling. Rubbing it softly then hard. She moaned. I continued until I could see her head start to swing back and forth as she tried to force her orgasm not to come. Seeing her in such agony made me fuck her harder. She was now fully impaled on me. Her feet no longer touching the floor, she was suspended on my cock and there was nothing that she could do about it. I felt her breath get short and her moans were now almost constant. She started to squirm and then I felt her pussy grip my cock as she had her first orgasm. The feeling of a virgin cunts first orgasm on your dick is the best feeling. I continued to pummel her cunt. Harder and harder. She had no strength to fight anymore. I was getting close. I grabbed her legs and spread them so she was sitting on my dick. I fucked her harder and harder, by balls now making a smacking noise on her ass. She was groaning and thrashing on my dick, trying to get off again. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I pulled out so that just my tip was in and then shoved my cock all the way back in as hard as I could. She screamed and as she did I unloaded my cum into her. Her head fell back onto my shoulder as she fainted, completely spent. I looked over at her face, now covered in sweat beads and wondered how she would like being my sex toy from now on.

I removed my cock from her dripping pussy and untied her hands and feet. I carried her over to a bed, which I had prepared earlier. I retied her hands above her head and her feet together to the bottom. I looked at her. She was still beautiful, and she was mine.

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