tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 08

Used & Abused Ch. 08


Chapter 8. Rick's Roadhouse

I didn't hear from Glenn or any his friends for over a week after the frat party. My relationship with my husband, Marc settled down after our torrid night of kinky sex and resumed a rather ho-hum pace. I was sore as hell after the party and wasn't really up to any fun and games, so I was glad not to hear from Glenn.

By Wednesday of that week I realized that my "contract" with Glenn was more than half over. In a way, I was a little sad that my life was going to get back to normal pretty soon. I get the same kind of feelings by the half-way point of a vacation knowing that it is downhill from there, it's almost over.

Although our sex life was back to normal, there was a tension in the air between Marc and me. Whether it was his guilt at what he had done at the party (with me ironically), or MY guilt at what I had done, or our mutual guilt and embarrassment over the way I had dominated Marc in bed that night, I don't know. Marc was always the one to dance around an issue and never confront it and I was fine with that approach. If he was too embarrassed or too guilty to discuss something that was on his mind, that was ok with me! I was not anxious to "rock the boat".

On Wednesday afternoon, Glenn called me on my cell phone as I was getting into my car.

"Jes. Hi, it's me. Meet me at Rick's". He said as if I had no choice in the matter.

I angrily clicked the phone shut and looked at my watch. Marc had sales meetings all week and diner was planned late for the rest of the week. I had plenty of time and nothing much to do.

I had never been in Rick's Roadhouse Bar. It was a dive outside of town on the main road that was frequented by motorcycle types and rednecks. I would guess that half the population of our little town has to pass by Rick's at least once each day. I got into my car and realized I was headed out of town directly to Rick's. I laughed an ironic laugh to myself realizing that I just obeyed anything Glenn told me to do!

Since I didn't want my car to be seen parked outside, me being a teacher at the local high school, I had parked around the back. I knew however, that if you really looked as you passed by you, could see my car.

I walked into the place with a sexy air. I was wearing a cotton print dress, no stockings and a pair of cute, strappy sandals. I saw Glenn sitting at a booth and I could feel my pussy start to tingle. That never happened before! I slid into the booth and looked around to make sure no one recognized me.

"You are so hot!" Glenn said in a loud whisper.

"You called me." I said in a monotone, hoping he didn't smell my arousal over the cigarette smoke and stale beer.

"I missed fucking you, I had to see you." He said in a hoarse whisper.

I looked into Glenn's wet, puppy dog eyes. Damn he was such a hot bad boy! I hated myself for being so attracted to him.

"What do you want me to do about it?" I shrugged, obviously egging him on, almost daring him. I knew where this was going to lead – to sex. Not "lovemaking" but hot sex, pure carnal coupling, like two dogs mating on a hot summer day.

Glenn stubbed out his cigarette and rose deliberately from the booth. His eyes burned into me like he could burn off my clothes and leave me sitting there naked and vulnerable.

He grabbed my arm. "Get up" he said, almost like I was his puppy dog. I complied, making sure I spread my legs and gave him a shot of my panties as I slid out of the booth. Glenn's eyes looked glazed. I felt a certain amount of control for the first time in our relationship.

He pushed me roughly in front of me to the back of Rick's. It was the rear corridor where the bathrooms were.

He opened the door marked "Gents" and pushed me in. I don't think I had ever been in a men's room before. There were three urinals, each of them with ice in them. The place reeked of beer and urine. I wondered how often the guys missed the urinal and pissed on the floor.

The floor. It was dark red and black vinyl tiles from the 1960s over uneven floor boards. The place was filthy! I could hear the faucet dripping and there were rust stains on the old porcelain sink.

Glenn put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. "Get down and blow me."

Despite the fact that I was a respected teacher and wife, that this was a grungy dive of a bar, and that I was in the men's room where, at any minute, a man could walk in, a man who might know me or might even be the father of one of my students, I obeyed.

I squatted down with my legs spread, my sundress hiked up and my sandled feet pointed outward. I unzipped Glenn's pants. I struggled to extract his now hard cock out of his tight jeans and shorts.

Looking back, I realize that I had tunnel vision. All I saw was his crotch, and then his cock. I was mesmerized. I began stroking it lovingly with my hands and then began to lick and suck the big, angry red head of his penis. I did this as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It was if I existed only to blow young guys in filthy men's rooms.

My panties were getting so wet I could feel the cool dampness on my pussy as I squatted down in front of Glenn. I could swear that I could smell my arousal over the stench of the room. I could hear the glub, glub, glub, my mouth made as I increased the speed of my fellatio. I began rubbing my wet pussy through the thin gusset of my panties with my free hand, the hand with my wedding ring.

I heard Glenn begin to groan. I knew I was getting close. My eyes were closed and I concentrated on getting just a little more of his cock down my throat which each thrust. I felt Glenn's hands grab both sides of my head. I had to rest both of my hands on my thighs to keep from falling backward onto the filthy, piss-splashed floor.

As Glenn began rhythmically fucking my face, I heard the latch of the door open and someone step in and close the door behind him. Oh Shit! My heart began to pound harder in my chest. My clit began to swell and my cunt ached to be touched, but I didn't dare move my hands for fear of falling over.

Whoever just entered the room began to cup my breasts from behind. He had crouched down behind me. I felt his hot, beer scented breath on my cheek. He began to maul my tits as Glenn picked up the pace. I felt Glenn's cock begin to expand. He was big when erect, but now it seemed as if his cock was getting impossibly big. I had to force myself not to gag as he thrust harder and deeper into my throat. I was being face fucked! I was a slutty bathroom blow job whore being used! OH SHIT! I was so near – I needed to cum. I could feel it well up in my chest. I could feel my clit poking out of its hood, almost bursting!

The man mauling my breasts reached down between my outstretched legs. My cunt was on fire and the pouch of my panties was wringing wet. Ironically, I was embarrassed that he would find how wet my panties were! He roughly pushed aside the sticky fabric of my panties and his calloused hands searched for my clit. I felt Glenn starting to pulse in my mouth and prepared for a mouthful of hot sperm.

"UGGGGH," Glenn groaned as the first spurt of hot sticky cum shot into the back of my throat. I had to swallow or choke. I swallowed. A second pulse of sperm filled my mouth, this time more than the first. I felt a ring of spunk around my lips as Glenn again thrust his hot cock into my throat. It was then that the stranger found my clit and violently began pinching it.

AHHHHHHH! I came! I came like there was no tomorrow. It was like someone threw a switch in my brain. I actually thought I would not stop cumming. Glenn was still fucking my face but I was oblivious. I was so consumed with my orgasm that I didn't care what was happening to me. Glenn pulsed two more times over my face and pushed me backward into the man behind me. Then he roughly grabbed my hair and held me steady so that I stayed in my squatting position. I was so weak from cumming that I would have fallen had Glenn not held me steady by my hair. I felt the stranger roughly come round my front. A short thick hairy cock was thrust into my face. My mouth opened almost automatically. Again I was face fucked, this time by some faceless man who happened to be using the toilet.

His cock was salty and smelled like a locker room. I loved it! I began to cum again. I felt Glenn holding my head from the rear so that this faceless man could use my mouth as if it were a pussy. With his free hand he opened the buttons of my sundress, fished my tits out of my bra and beginning slapping them hard.

SLAP! SLAP! His hand stung. The strange cock was thrusting mindlessly into my mouth. My cunt ached. I was nothing but a dirty little married whore to these two men! I started to cry and cum and the same time. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I was loosing control of my body. They physical stimulation was too much. The pain, the pleasure the humiliation, the degradation. I felt myself begin to pee on the floor. My pee splashed onto my feet and sandals.

The cock in my mouth, although thick, was nowhere near as large as Glenn's. His balls were banging against my chin with each stroke. I felt first one finger, then another in my cunt. Glenn was frigging me. Oh God. I was close to exhaustion, but I started cumming again. I began praying that the cock in my mouth would finally cum. I put my arms around the man's hairy ass and began shamelessly pulling him into my mouth, urging him to fuck it, to cum.

Finally, he groaned and let out a torrent of cum into my mouth. He seemed intent on pulling it out and spraying my face and tits. It was over. He had cum. My eyes were stinging with his hot spunk. I heard him zip up and leave the room. Glenn roughly pushed me back onto the grimy floor. The door slammed again.

I was alone! There I was, alone on the floor of the men's toilet at Rick's Roadhouse. My dress was open, my tits hanging obscenely over my bra; cum was all over my face, my hair my tits. My naked pussy was lying on the filthy floor. I was lying in my own piss. I stopped my sobbing. I let my body relax and began to realize how degraded I was, how slutty I looked lying on the bathroom floor. One man had already come in and used me. I was a slut - a whore. My body was available to any man who wanted it. I began to feel my clit swell again. Almost absentmindedly I began rubbing my pussy. What a filthy slut I was! I reveled in how slutty and disgusting I had become. I was almost hoping that a man would come in while I was masturbating myself on the floor of this filthy toilet.

To be continued.

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