"Ignore" you, pet? I couldn't if I wanted to! Trust me on this one, sweetheart, not if my very life depended upon it!

Right now, before I write anymore, I want you to strip for me, v- Remember, you are to be completely naked, at all times, when we are "together."

Now, with that out of the way, we can continue...

I hope that you got the toy I asked you to buy. I hope you didn't disappoint me already. I don't want to be disappointed in you, my pet, ever. For, when that happens, My mood can change from one of peaceful contentment to one of rage, depending on the offence. This offence would not render Me livid with blinding rage but it could leave you with welts on your bottom from the riding crop! Or, worse yet, I might have to ignore you until you have complied with My wishes. And I reeeally don't want to ignore you as, that would hurt Me more than it might you.

When you and I are together, v, there are no "others." I will devote all My attention to you. So don't concern yourself with any other notions. I will also require you to devote yourself to Me, completely. Mind, body, at least. You should keep your spirit, unless you really want to loan that to me at those times, in which case I'll be very gentle with it until you ask for it back. (I don't mess around with "souls," too much anymore. There was just too much fuss with God and the Angels in the past. )


Here's a fantasy for you to ponder, my pet:

There's a hurricane blowing outside so nothing and no one are going anywhere.

We have just awakened from a well-deserved sleep after being up for much of the night, making love. You run to the kitchen to fix a small brunch to keep our energy up. Because of the storm outside, there's nothing else to do, so we might as well spend the day fooling around, I tell you with a mischievous grin on my face.

Just then, I get a whiff of something stinky. Sniffing around, I realize the smell is Me and I excuse myself to go take a shower, leaving you in the kitchen. I run and take a quick, 5-minute shower and afterward, turn the water off and wrap a towel around my head and walk out of the bathroom, dripping wet. Sneaking into the kitchen, I see you with your back to me, still working on our meal. I tiptoe up to you and startle you, rubbing My dripping-wet body on your nude backside; tickling your warm, dry back with my hairy, wet chest.

You jump, startled again, by the feel of my wet, erect penis accidentally nudging the cleft between your buttocks as if my manhood has a mind of its own, wanting to return to its favorite place in the world, the same place where it had spent much of our previous night of wild, loving sex. But I will it to refrain because I remember how sensitive your anus gets after you've let Me fuck it raw.

So, instead, I reach around your nude body and gently grab onto your soft nipples, stretching them and electrifying your nervous system in the process. I listen as you have a mini-orgasm in front of me. I let go of your hard, taught nipples, reluctantly, to hold you up as your knees go weak. I can feel My dick get harder as the smell of your sex permeates the air in the kitchen, overpowering the odor of the fresh fruit you'd been dicing for our salad and the fresh-cut flowers that lie in the vase on the counter next to the sink.

I grab you by the hips, spin you around, pick you up and place your ass down on the counter in front of me. Prying your legs apart and spreading them, almost painfully, I reach into the salad bowl for a big slice of my favorite fruit: a mango. Taking the sweet treat in hand, I place it on your pussy lips, which have slightly parted already and begun to leak with your own lubrication. Rubbing the mango all over the labia makes them glisten even more. And the smell --- Ohhh, the delightful smell of your pussy mixed with the mango is intoxicating.

I then take the slice of mango and push it deeply into your tight, wet slit, listening to it squish around and, feeling the sloppiness drip down my wrist, I stick out my tongue to taste the sweet nectar dripping from your center, licking every trace of the juices from your pubic region... Mmmmmmm, my two favorite flavors in the world – mango and sweet, sweet pussy! Both mixed together, no less! You feel Me groan as the vibrations from My throat send shivers from your pussy to your brain and back again. I haven't even touched your clitoris yet and already you're coming as if a spigot has been turned on inside your orifice!

Just then, I dart My tongue inside your fiery hole, and search for the fruit slice embedded within. Finding it, I wrap My tongue around it and pull it out -- agonizingly slowly -- biting off small chunks as I pull out more and more. The feelings this is causing must be indescribably delicious because I can feel your body spasm as each inch is taken from your lusciously wet cunt! I cannot get over how wet you are, or how enjoyable this fruit tastes! It's enough to satiate even MY legendary sweet tooth! Your vagina is now positively syrupy as you orgasm begins in earnest. So, rather than just let it come unaided, I decide to give it a little motivation. I pull out the very last bite of mango, swallowing it whole and shove my tongue as deeply as it will go, into your vagina! I then take a deep breath through My nose, taking the aromas into my olfactory nodes, and then brush My nose against your exposed, swollen clitoris. This action sends you over the edge, into a screaming orgasm! I hold onto your hips, holding you down as you buck wildly underneath My face on the countertop, there, in the kitchen! With your legs flailing wildly, it's all I can do to keep you from flipping Me onto the linoleum-tiled floor but I manage to subdue you with My greater weight.

I wait for your climax to subside and, when it does, you look down and see My painfully erect cock pointing upward, toward your burning, twitching, still-spasming pussy. Instinctively, you slide off the counter, leaving a thin layer of pussy juices on the counter and, getting on your hands and knees, assume your rightful, submissive posture.

"Please, Master, please fuck me. i hope You will use my body as You see fit," you say, looking back, over your shoulder. I say, "What the fuck!" and get down on my knees and place my hard on at the opening of your slick cunt. Ohhhh, this gonna be fun, I think to myself.

So I grab onto your long mane of hair and plunge My hard-as-granite shaft deep inside your steaming hole, to the hilt, eliciting a squeal from you. But I'm so far beyond caring about your pleasure anymore, dear girl. No, the higher functions of My brain have been shut off and I'm running on total Automatic Pilot, now!

Your juices are pouring out of you again, dripping down both our thighs to form little puddles on the tile floor. But, again, we are both so far beyond the point of caring now that if the roof fell down around our ears, we wouldn't realize it.

Your orgasm hits you first as juices begin to fly out of your sloppy, squelching vagina. Your pussy walls begin to spasm around My penis, causing My orgasm to erupt from My balls and through My cock right into your hot womb! We BOTH feel My sperm shooting into your vaginal canal, filling up spaces that nature had left a vacuum after I had sucked them dry.

You scream when I slap your buttocks, spanking it red, leaving My handprint, just to add a slight amount of pain to your pleasure thresh hold. I slap the other cheek and you cum again, massaging my ultra-sensitive penis as it's still deeply embedded inside your vagina! I slide my finger up your still-distended (from last night's marathon ass-fuck) anus and your orgasm is extended for another minute! I just love watching your whole bod twitch from orgasm. I especially love feeling your smooth, hairless labia grasping and clenching on my cock when it's buried deep inside you! "Ohhhhh, v, my sweet, sweet, play toy! I will never tire of servicing your body, dear girl! Never!" I say, out loud.

Feeling my erection as hard as it was when I first penetrated your tight cunt, only an hour ago, I pull out and spin you around and force my dick down your throat, so you can taste the combined flavors of today's loving. I ask you how it tastes: The mango mixed with your pussy and My cum!

"Mmmmmmm," is all you say as you suck the head of My cock deeply into your throat. You look up, into my eyes just as I start shooting My last load for the day into your throat!

I pull my withered penis from between your crimson lips, leaving a trail of cum and spit on your cheek. I order you to leave it there. It looks interesting, erotic, sexy, I tell you.

Just then, we hear a knock at the front door! It's My friends and a few business associates, have unexpectedly come to join us for a late lunch. I quickly run into the bathroom down the hall and grab My robe. I let my friends in and invite them into the kitchen where you are now standing at the counter again, still naked, preparing a lovely meal fit for a King or, at least, one your Master and his friends will enjoy.

And no one else but Me notices the trail of cum dripping down your inner thigh. Well, no one except you, that is…

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