tagIncest/TabooVacation Ch. 02

Vacation Ch. 02


Please see "Vacation" to meet the people in the story:

My mind was in a whirl as I slipped on some shorts and stepped out of the cabin into the all ready warming desert air. I looked over at the other boat and saw the man and woman Mary had told me about. He saw me looking and waved so I waved and dove into the cool water. I swam out about a 100 feet and flipped onto my back. I wanted to try to get the fact that I had not only just fucked my 28-year-old daughter but I had really liked doing it straight in my head. I spent the better part of the next half hour floating along on my back until Mary calling to me bringing me out of it.

"Mike, I need you to cook the bacon! Come on, you can't spend the whole damned day out there!"

I gave her a wave and started swimming to shore and when I got into waist deep water I took a look at our new neighbors as I waded to shore. He was tall and she was very curvy and that was all I could tell from that distance. I looking up at Mary standing at the waters edge with her hands on her hips and when I saw what she was wearing I almost came again!

"Damn Baby! That's not covering very much!" She was wearing a Wicked Weasel suit that was a sheer blue Mesh Bandeau tube top with a matching sheer T-back thong bottom.

She did a slow turn showing me how the thong part of her bottom slipped up into the crack of her ass leaving her butt fully exposed. "Do you want me to change?" the thong had slipped up into her pussy letting her full lips show as she finished her turn and stopped to let me look again.

I looked over at the other boat thinking they might be just a little to close. "Umm, nooo, not if your ok." She as she watched me let my eyes run over her almost naked body. "I really do like it, umm, I mean I like you in it!"

"Good, now then, that is out of the way you can cook for me. Sex always makes me hungry," she gave me a big smile, "And I just had some very good sex just in case you didn't know it!"

I walked to her taking her in my arms and as I looked into her smiling eyes kissed her softly. "I think I do remember that." She turned from my arms and as we walked up to our little camp I ran my hand over her fully exposed ass.

I could not keep my eyes off of her as we cooked our meal and then cleaned up. Her full breasts seamed to move nonstop under the thin sheer top and her nipples were so hard I was sure they would cut stone. Her bottoms had pulled up into her slit leaving her full hairless pussy lips fully exposed as she moved around cleaning up after our meal and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of them. She would turn away laughing every time I would try.

"Stop now! Lat me get this done so we can go play!" she laughed as I cupped her ass cheek. She looked me in the eye smiling as I let my hand run up her back. "God I love you!"

"I love you to sweet heart."

We were sitting having coffee deciding what we were going to do the rest of the day when the guy from the other boat called to us as he and his lady walked down the beach toward our camp.

"Hello! Mind if we come over?"

I quickly looked at Mary and when I saw that she was making no effort to cover her self went with it and stood. "No, not at all." I stuck out my hand to him as he approached. "My name is Mike."

Mary slipped up next to me hooking her arm around my waist. "And I am his wife Mary."

His eyes ran over her as he shook her outstretched hand. "I'm Frank and this is my wife Joan." They were both in there 30s and Joan was a hot little number with big tits and wide hips and while not nearly as revealing as Marries suit she was still on full display in her bikini. "It's nice to meet you. Umm, I seem to have left our matches at home and we were wondering if we could get some from you. I am sure we can keep a fire going once we get it lit." he shrugged his shoulders, "it's just getting it going." His eyes never left Mary as he spoke and neither for that matter neither had Joan's.

"Sure, I think we can fix you up." I walked over to our camp box and got out our spare book of matches. "We don't usually meet folks out here. It will be nice to have some other people around tonight." I said as I handed them to him.

"Yes, maybe we can have drinks later." He took the matches. "Thanks!" he turned to his wife. "Ok Joan, come on let see if we can get something to eat." He looked back at Mary and again let his eyes run over her letting them settle on her breasts. "Well, see you guys later."

Mary hooked her arm around my waist again as we watched them walking away. "You do know they only wanted to see you right?" I asked as we watched them go.

"Yes, I do and I also know that I'm ohh so wet from letting them do it to!" she turned to face me and as she rested the palms of her hands on my chest kissed me lightly. "Haven't you ever noticed that I liked to wear things around you so you could see me?" She let her hands slide down my chest and began to play with my nipples slowly twirling her fingers around them. "Or that when we go out I always ride one your side of the car and that I let my skirt ride up my legs to let you or any one looking see me when I get in and out. Didn't you ever wonder why I would just stand there until you opened the door for me?"

"Well, yes, but I thought that you knew you were safe with me because I am your dad. You know I have seen you naked since the day you were born and just figure you were relaxed around me"

"Nope, it was because I wanted you to see my girly bits hoping it would turn you on. God knows it always has turned me on to show them to you! Sometimes after I have spent an evening walking around in front of you wearing my skimpy little PJ's I would go to bed and finger my self until I was sore wishing you would come in and do things to me." She gave me a side ways look. "You know some times, if you came in to say good night, I would touch my self with you standing there hoping you could tell what I was doing."

She kissed me again as she took my hand and put it between her legs. "Like now, I want you to feel how hot and wet I am!" She smiled up at me as I slipped my finger under the thin cloth gusset of her bottoms and slowly slid them across her slippery wet lips. "See, I am as wet as you are hard!" she put her head on my chest as I let my fingers slide a cross her clit. "OH MY GOD! How can you make me feel this way?" she lifted her left leg up high holding it on my hip as I pushed 2 fingers deep into her open pussy!

Mary looked over my shoulder. "They're watching us!"

"Yes I thought they would be." I pushed my shorts down just enough to let my cock pop out! "All of that showing off was always for me?" I asked as I held her by her ass cheek and slowly worked my fingers deep in her pussy. "And all that time I just thought you were, well relaxed around me." I pulled my sticky wet finger out of her and ran them slowly over are ass hole. "And could you not see me trying to hide how hard you were making me?"

"OH, Mike honey, turn me so they can see my ass!" I did as she asked and she wrapped her arms around my neck lifting herself up onto her tiptoes. "Yes, dad, I knew and that made me want it even worse." She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly back and forth. "Did you ever play with it thinking of me?" She let her leg drop to the ground sliding off my fingers as I let them slide through her open wet slit.

"Yes, yes I did."

She put my dick between her thighs so it was between her wet pussy lips and moved slowly letting it slide back and forth across her clit as she looked up at me. "Did you ever wish it was me when you were fucking mom?"

"Oh Mary! Yes, honey all the time!" I pulled her to me by her hips. "And unless you want me to fuck you right here and now you need to back off. Fuck, you're making me so hot!"

She looked at the other couple watching us as she stepped away leaving me cock sticking out like a steel rod as she waved to them.

"Ok then, take me out sailing. I want to get naked and I want to fuck you in the lake or on the boat or someplace but I want to fuck you!"

And that was the beginning of our first day!

I started the boat motor and as I backed us away from the beach Mary stepped into the hatch way and bent down at the keel crank I watched her breasts fall free and sway back and forth as she began to crank it down her nipples grew hard as her breasts moved in the sheer material of her swim top and realized I was getting hard again.

The fact that I had a large bulge in my shorts was not lost on her as she put the crank handle away and with a big smiled stepped out of the cabin and onto the deck. "Did I do that?"

"You know you did you little shit!"

She laughed as she climbed up onto the top cabin deck and began to pull up the main sail. "Well I am sure I'll find something to do with it here in a while but right now you need to get me out into the lake." She called back to me as I watched the muscles in her thighs flex as she began working the lines.

I could not help but look at her bare ass cheeks as they grew tight and then relaxed with each pull of the halyard. She got it up and tied it off then went forward and pulled the ties loose on the jib letting it roll out into the wind and as it caught I turned off the motor and lifted it out of the water.

Marries tits bounced as she worked her way back across the deck to me and I watched her legs open as she stepped down from the top of the cabin and into the cockpit. I got a nice look at her full pussy lips and how they were being held open and separated by what there was of her swim bottoms. Still smiling at me she moved to me she stopped.

"On or off?"


"My suit. Do you want it on or off?"

"Its very sexy, umm why don't you take off the top and leave the bottoms."

"Ok, bottoms only it is." And with that she pulled the little top over her head.

She sat back leaning up against the cabin wall and began putting sunscreen over her legs. She worked her hands up over her belly and then her breasts. She worked the cream into her skin as she began to talk to me.

"Take your shorts off for me will you?" I stood at the wheel and did as she asked letting them drop to the deck around my feet. "I think I had better put some of this on that. I would really be hurt if it got all sun burnt and I could not use it the rest of the trip."

Mary slid over to me and after putting a lot of sunscreen in her hands began putting it all over my butt, thigh and them my cock. She slowly worked the cream into the soft skin of my balls as she looked up at me. "You know Scott is gay, right?"

She began to slowly stoke my stiff member pulling the foreskin back on my uncircumcised cock as she looked at it.

"I thought so. All though he has never told me so."

"You know I have never seen an uncut dick before." She looked up at me. "I like it. It feels like I am fuller and there is more movement in me when your doing it to me."

"Well unless you want me to cum in your hand you had better stop that!"

She pushed me back onto me seat and placing a knee on either side of my legs sat astraddle of me. "No I want it in me when you do it again. I really do like it!" She leaned into me kissing me softly. "Have you ever been had two woman?"

"No." it was becoming hard to think as my stiff dick slipped between her fat puffy pussy lips. "I have always thought it would be fun. But your mom would have nothing to do with that." She lifted just a little as she took my cock in her hand. She placed it at her opening and as she sat down let it slide deep into her wet opening.

"Oh GOD baby that feels so good! Umm have you ever?"

Mary worked her hips slowly back and forth fucking me as she looked into my eyes. "Only once."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes very much!" I turned the boat out of the wind as I lifted her tight bottom up just a little and began to move in her. "No, no let me do it. You just drive the boat while I set here on you and we talk. If you cum that's ok to but I want to feel you in me."

I let her go and as she slid back down on my cock brought the boat back into the wind.

Mary smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck pushing her breast into my chest. "I love you daddy."

Just then the ship to shore radio crackled to life.

"I love you to Pumpkin." I picked up the microphone as she rocked her hips a little.

It was the Nevada Mobile Operator hailing us. It was Terry calling us to tell us she was on her way and that Scott would not be coming with her. I told her we would be at the dock by the time she got there and as I hung up the radio microphone turned us south.

As I truly turned the boat into the wind Mary slipped off of me and dropped down onto her knees in front of me. My cock was wet with her pussy juice and began she licking it like a pop-cicle. She looked up at me as she kissed the tip making her tongue circle the opening in it. "I want to suck you, it is another one of those things I have wanted to do for ever!" she took me balls deep sucking me to the back of her throat and then pulled back. She licked down the back of my shaft and circled the crown with her tongue.

The sight of her sucking me was too much!

"Oh shit baby I'm going to cum!"

I tried to push her back not wanting to make her take it in her mouth but she pushed my hands away and as I blasted in her mouth she took me to the back of her throat and began to swallow! It was to much as I blasted white-hot seed into her mouth and it began to leak out through her lips and around my dick! I watched how it ran down her chin and as it dripped down onto her tits she began to rub it into her nipple!

Mary smiled at me as she sat back on the bench. "Now I want you to think about that while you talking to mom this after noon."

Stay tuned for part three!

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