Valestock Ch. 01


"So, what do you think?" She asked as she stood up and brushed the top over her flat stomach.

"You look like a weirdo." Sam teased then fell over as Tony threw a piece of something at him; something that looked like it had been left over from Matt's cooking last night. Claire smiled at that.

"Shut up Samuel." Tony chided good-naturedly before he looked back to Claire. "You look great, told you it'd suit you."

Claire gave him a grateful smile which Tony returned.

"I'm glad someone likes it." She replied and gave Sam a sideways glance to which he held up his hands.

"I think I'm going to find me a hot chick..." He began to protest, however Tony cut him off.

"Before your big sister throttles you, you mean?" Tony said teasingly as Sam got up.

Claire pursed her soft lips amusedly again and Sam stuck his middle finger up before he ran away as Tony picked up his beer can. Laughing at the scene Claire sat down near her and Michael's friend and smiled at him as her brother disappeared into the crowds.

"Thanks for that, it was nice." She said with a soft smile but Tony made a dismissive gesture.

"No need to thank me Claire, I said what I thought, you do look hot." He replied before taking a swig from his beer.

Claire laughed softly at that before smiling at him again.

"You drunk already Tony?" She teased playfully and it was Tony's turn to laugh this time.

"Not yet, not yet." He replied amusedly and this time they both laughed.

Eyeing him with amusement Claire shook her head, but as she did she noticed the small book resting beside him.

"So, have you written anything in your book yet?" She asked curiously.

Looking from the book to her with a mysterious smile, Tony took another drink before he replied.

"I've started a poem." He answered chuckling lightly as he pre-empted the second question in her mind. "But I haven't finished it yet, so you can't look at it for now."

"You'll show me when you've finished it though?" She asked as she placed her arms behind herself and leaned back, enjoying the slowly growing warmth of the day and the soft feel of the grass beneath her fingers.

"Sure, I'll show you later." He agreed and Claire leaned forward momentarily to offer him her hand.

"A deal then?" She asked with a pretty smile.

"A deal." Tony agreed as he shook her hand.

Leaning back again, the pair continued to talk and laugh about various things as they sat, drank, and watched other people come and go, doing various and often odd things, until an hour later Michael came back, grinning from ear to ear as he kissed her softly.

"Woo! That was good!" He exclaimed as he sat down beside Claire and took a deep draught of the huge water bottle he had brought with him. "They were even better live than I hoped."

Claire smiled and sat up a little straighter, hoping Michael would comment on her new top, however he didn't seem to notice as he continued to tell her how good the show he had been at all morning had been.

Claire felt a little put out by that. She always tried to look nice and it was always nice to hear a compliment, especially from your boyfriend. Still, they were at a festival, she supposed when she had seen her two bands today she would be as excited as Michael was. Still, even a 'new top?' or a 'you look beautiful' would have been nice to hear.

Still, Claire let it go and concentrated on having a laugh with the two guys, and the others who randomly showed up at different times, until it was her time to see the band she had wanted to see and then with a kiss for Michael she headed off to the concert area.

The show itself was a band called Chiron, and they were amazing. She saw both Zach and Matt in the crowd at different times, both of them getting into the show as much as she was, until finally the band finished playing and Claire began to head back feeling full of energy and practically ecstatically happy.

By the time she got back the only person by the tent was Zach who had only stopped off before he ran off to another show and so Claire decided that she would go for a walk and have a look at some more of the stalls and other strange things set up by them.

As she was wandering around randomly, she ended up speaking to various random people, although halfway through her meandering walk she did bump into Michael who quickly pecked her on the cheek before rushing off to one of the unsigned stages to watch a band he had 'heard' were good but he had never actually heard of himself. A little while later though she bumped into Tony who was waiting in line to go on a ride that swung upside down and stayed that way for a minute before swinging all the way round over and over.

"Hey!" Claire exclaimed as she saw him waiting, hugging him as she came over.

"Hey, you heading on here too?" He asked curiously as he let her go.

Nodding, Claire looked at the huge ride.

"Thought I'd have some fun while no one is around, it's kind of dead at the tent at the moment." She said as she watched the huge cage-thing swing upside down a hundred feet or so in the air.

"Well, it's your lucky day Miss Nichols, because I don't have anything to do until later when Hyperion come on, so I'll hang out with you." Tony replied as he too looked to the huge ride as it swung back down quickly; Claire thought his expression must have been the same as hers as they watched the stomach-turning ride.

"Oh good, at least someone's got time for me." She half-joked humorously. "I've hardly said two words to Michael today, and he didn't even notice my top."

Tony laughed lightly as he shook his head.

"Mike's just trying to see everything all at once, you'll get to spend time with him when he calms down." He replied soothingly, though trying not to appear so, "Besides, if he didn't notice your new top that's his loss."

Claire laughed amusedly at that and prodded him teasingly.

The ride turned out to be just as scary as it looked, however at least she hadn't gone on it by herself, but still she needed to cling to Tony's arm after she got off, albeit while laughing hysterically as her legs wobbled unsteadily and her head continued to spin wildly.

The next ride the two of them found was a mini-rollercoaster which was fun and far less scary than the first. After that they visited several others, one even more scarier than the first which had Claire holding tightly to Tony's hand as the ride spun around so fast that she stuck to the wall while the floor dropped away beneath them, with nothing to hold them up but the force of the ride. After that one, as Claire walked unsteadily away with a huge grin on her face, she decided that she wanted to head back to the tent and have a seat for a while; she didn't think her legs, head or stomach could handle much more rapid movement at the moment. Hyperion were on in a couple of hours and she didn't want to be wobbly-kneed for it after all.

Finally, then, they made it back to the tent in time to see Zach say a quick hello before he left the tent to just them telling them as he ran off that the others were dotted around doing their own thing, most seeing some band called Odysseus.

By the time they had gotten back it was one o'clock in the afternoon and the heat of the day was beating down on the campsite as the sun shone brightly in a perfectly blue sky. Untying her boots, Claire took them into the 'room' in the tent that she shared with Michael, and sighed as she felt the heat of the day lessen as the shade engulfed her before once more she headed out into the sunshine to sit with Tony.

"It's a beautiful day, but boy is it hot." Claire said as she sat down, fanning her face with her hand.

"You are wearing a long sleeve, you should go change." Tony replied amusedly as he sat writing in his book.

Claire considered peering to see if she could see what he was writing, however Tony closed the book and put it beside him with the pen, obviously finishing what he wanted to add, before she even had chance to move.

"Yeah, but I only bought this yesterday, I want to wear it." She told him in reply, still waving her hand trying to cool herself down before she remembered they had a cooler full of beer and reached in to grab one, offering one to Tony.

Her and Michael's friend took it gratefully and opened it the moment Claire gave him his can, obviously feeling the heat himself. Opening her own, she pressed it against her cheeks and forehead before taking a deep drink, enjoying the chilled liquid as it cooled her down a little, although the sun continued to beat down on them relentlessly, so the coolness was only momentary.

Suddenly she noticed Tony take something from his pocket, a small plastic bag that had something dark inside it.

"What's that?" She asked curiously as she took another sip of her drink, relishing the moment's coolness again.

"This," Tony answered as he looked over in the bag and smelled the contents before nodding to himself, "is something to enjoy around the fire tonight."

It took Claire a moment before she realised what Tony was talking about, and then her eyes widened in amazement and delight.

"You brought weed?" She asked enthusiastically to which Tony nodded with a pleased smile.

"A guy's got to have something to relax with if he's going to be running around like a mad man, just look at Michael and the others." He answered with an amused grin and Claire smiled broadly.

"Are you going to roll one up now?" She asked as she took another swig of her beer.

Tony looked around for a moment and shook his head.

"Not out here, if anyone smells it they'll all be coming over trying to have a hit, then there'll be none left for us." He answered and Claire nodded, that made sense. And then a thought struck her.

"How about we smoke it in the tent, it's cooler in there anyway, and we could zip the front up so no one could smell it. If anyone smells it then we could just say we smoked it all." She said sounding triumphant at the cleverness of her own suggestion, not to mention that it suddenly seemed more inviting as the day seemed to just be getting hotter rather than cooler.

Tony chuckled to himself at how enthusiastic she sounded but he still nodded his assent anyway. He couldn't really disagree and he did want to smoke himself after all. And so the two of them grabbed their cans, and a couple extra so they wouldn't have to come out and let the smell out prematurely, before heading into the tent, zipping the front flap closed behind them.

Once inside, Tony tossed his book into the 'room' he was sharing with Matt and he and Claire sat in the 'communal' area, swigging their drinks while he rolled up the weed to smoke. When it was finally ready, he offered it to her first and Claire took it and lit the end, taking a deep drag. After a few each, Tony lay on one elbow as they talked and drank their beer.

The sounds of the people outside and the bands playing in the distance filled the background noise as the two of them chatted, smoked and drank happily away for a while, laughing as the weed began to relax them both.

"You guys really should start that band you've been going on about." Claire said as she took a swig from her can, watching Tony take another drag, "I mean, you sing beautifully, you'd easily make it big. Just think, we could come here to see you guys play."

They both laughed at that last though Tony nodded at her words before handing the joint back to her.

"Maybe we will, I'd like to, I mean I know the others don't have any instruments but I know they can play." He replied dazedly as he took a deep draught from his can.

"See, and you always write lyrics, you totally should." She told him before drawing deeply on the joint for a few drags then handing him the end bit, which he finished off before sitting up and beginning to roll a second.

As she watched him deftly roll the joint, Claire glanced towards where Tony had tossed his book and thought that now he was more relaxed it might be the perfect opportunity to bring it up.

"Which reminds me..." She began teasingly and poked his arm as she smiled amusedly, "...I think you should show me your book. I've never heard you sing before last night and I want to see what you write. Mike's always telling me you write amazing things."

Tony laughed as she prodded him, probably because she almost fell over forward as she did, however he didn't reply at first, until she stared at him with her best puppy-dog eyes.

"Alright, fine, just let me finish rolling this first." Tony finally conceded and Claire threw her arms in the air.

"YAY!" She shouted, almost spilling her drink as she grinned at him broadly.

Tony simply shook his head, an amused smile painting his face as he concentrated on rolling up the next joint. To Claire he seemed to take forever, however finally he finished and handed her the joint as he leaned towards his 'room'.

Claire however smiled mischievously and crawled swiftly over, grabbing the book from his hands as he picked it up and dived forward to stop him from getting it off her.

"Hey! That wasn't the deal!" Her and Michael's friend exclaimed as he crawled in after her, almost spilling his beer too as he lunged to try to get the book back.

Claire rolled onto her side and clutched the book to her chest tightly, wrapping her arms around it and refusing to give it back even when Tony tried tickling her to make her let it go.

"No, stop! Stop, Tony!" Claire giggled and struggled against him, "Hold on! Hold on! Listen."

Finally he stopped tickling her, though he did watch her suspiciously for a moment before he sat back and took a deep drink from his can as he waited to listen to what she had to say.

"I'll hold the book but you can tell me what to read, ok?" She asked as she turned her head to glance at him.

Eyeing her cautiously for a moment he finally nodded and once more lay on his side next to her as Claire rolled onto her back and left the book on her chest as she placed the joint in her mouth and lit it, taking a deep drag before handing it to Tony so she could hold the book upright.

"Alright, first page?" She asked as she looked at the cover.

"Well, there's only one thing written in there at the moment, so yep." He answered calmly before taking a drag on the joint and watching as she slowly opened the book to the first page.

Claire's beautiful green eyes fell on the short passage that filled half of the first page, the only half that had any writing on it.

'The music speaks softly to these gentle ears

Writing the words that are felt through soft winds

That drift along with the summer's breeze

Softly the elegant woman treads the supple grass

The blades welcoming her soft skin's caress

The beauty of a summer's day is given ever more

A gift of magnificence it did not possess before

Oh gentle creature so pure, so sweet

That fills the senses with a splendour that this Poet

Fails to render in the limited words of song

Your softness and beauty are matched by none

Equalled by nothing, admired by all

Watch all she passes stare in desire

At the emerald queen of blazing fire

She who stirs the winds of passion within

She who can belong to none, even when desired by all

To touch me once, oh maiden sweet,

Would render this Poet mute

But a price more worth paying he knows not

And a prize more worthy, cannot be.'

At the end of the writing Claire smiled faintly, touched deeply inside by the words she had just read. Reading it over once more the words seemed somehow to make sense to her -- what it was that was really written there -- but she couldn't say what, only how it made her feel, especially with the complete relaxation caused by the weed, the drinking and the warmth of the day.

"It's beautiful." She said before she looked to Tony, who smiled gratefully in return as he lay on his side beside her. "Who is it about?"

For a long moment he didn't answer, but rather smoked more of the joint and watched her silently with his dark eyes. Finally, though, in answer, Tony placed the joint in a shallow tin he had and touched her cheek softly before he spoke.

"Oh emerald-eyed queen with flaming hair,

There is no beauty as you so fair,

For you the gods would bend their knee

To be blessed by the beauty I now see."

Tony's finger gently stroked her soft cheek as he looked into her eyes and spoke his words. Whether it was his words, the weed or the alcohol, Claire did not know, however slowly she reached to gently touch his cheek also, before she lifted her head slowly, and still looking into Tony's eyes, and lost in the moment, gently pressed her lips to his.

For a moment their lips simply touched, before with a heart that began to beat faster, Claire softly kissed Tony's lips once more. His hand continued to gently stroke her cheek as he tenderly kissed her lips in return, once, twice, and three times softly.

Electricity seemed to fill the air as their lips touched and Claire stared into Tony's eyes...and then suddenly that electricity exploded...and with a heavy breath Tony mashed his lips against hers, his tongue darting into her mouth as she opened it welcomingly.

"Mmmmph." Claire moaned into Tony's mouth as her tongue began to dance with his passionately.

As their lips smacked and their tongues danced, filling the sound with the soft slurping sounds of their kiss, Claire reached up and wrapped her arms around Tony's neck, pulling him closer to her and Tony responded by climbing on top of her, his lips firmly pressed against hers as their tongues hotly darted and danced eagerly.

"Mmmmmmph." Claire moaned again as she opened her tight-trouser clad legs to wrap them around Tony's waist, folding her arms around him and running her hands through his hair as he lay heavily on top of her, kissing her forcefully while she returned it just as vigorously.

Suddenly Claire broke the kiss and breathed out heavily a breathy moan escaping her lips as Tony moved his hips and pressed his crotch into hers hard.

Kissing down her neck and onto her shoulders, the beautiful red-haired girlfriend ran her hands through Tony's braided hair, relishing the feel of his hot lips kissing and gently biting her neck and shoulders before once more they found hers and they embraced in another hot, passionate kiss.

Tony's hand soon slid up her legs, enjoying the feel of her soft thighs as they held tightly around his waist, up to her small waist and then, slowly he moved his hand up to cup one of her large, heaving breasts, squeezing gently on top of her tight new top as their tongues danced faster.

"Ohmmmmph." Claire groaned into his mouth as she felt his hand roughly grope her tits before once more returning to her stomach.

Their kiss quickly grew more intense and soon Claire pushed her hands under Tony's t-shirt, revelling in the feel of his solid back on her hands.

Tony too pushed his hand under Claire's top, running his strong hands along her side before pushing his hand up, under her top and over her bra, cupping her heavy, round tits and squeezing them roughly as their lips smashed and their tongues danced in each other's mouths.

The feel of Tony's strong hand on her bra-covered tits, under her tight top, sent a spark to the electricity in the room and Claire felt her body blaze in lust as Tony grabbed and squeezed her breasts as they kissed passionately.

As Claire's body suddenly set on fire with erotic passion, she roughly grabbed Tony's t-shirt and began yanking it over his head. Tony let her tits go and broke the kiss long enough to let her pull his shirt over his head. As she did she stared hungrily with lust-filled eyes at his toned body as it came into view before Tony once again mashed his lips to hers, this time however he took hold of her hands holding them down beside her head as they continued to kiss noisily.

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