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Vampire Seduction

byAugust Never©

The day fades into extinction and cold darkness resumes it's claim on the sleeping city. A brisk, steely October wind whips through the brittle leaves in the trees, making shadows jump and dance on the bedroom wall. On an antique four-poster bed, bathed in the moonlight, lies a young woman. She has been stripped naked, her limbs stretched taut and bound to each post with black silk. Her long red hair spills outward onto the pillows around her. She is in a deep but restless sleep, drugged by her abductors and left alone as a simple offering for His coming.

The heavy curtains shudder slightly, then become still again. A cool mist creeps into the room, wafting through an open window and flowing like a heavy fog along the hardwood floor. The sleeping woman becomes restless. Tendrils of the gray fog wrap around the four-poster bed. The woman moans quietly as it creeps over the satin sheets and embraces her naked flesh with its soft caresses. She begins to squirm slowly, seductively wriggling her body as she alternately pulls on the silk bindings constraining her arms, and then her legs, only allowing the captive a certain freedom of movement, while forcing her to remain hopelessly spread-eagled on the bed.

Then the mist pulls away, as quickly as it had entered. The floor creaks, and in the far corner of the room the dark shape of a man appears. He stands motionless, while taking in his surroundings. He is a remote, majestic figure, shrouded in a long black cloak hanging loosely off his broad shoulders. His black hair swept straight back, and his unblinking eyes sparkle with hideous life. Moving toward the dresser, he passes one hand over an unlit candle and it sparks to life. The candlelight seems to flow through his body and there is no reflection of him in the dresser mirror.

The dark figure glides silently across the room and stops at the foot of the bed. The young woman cries out softly, knowingly. She is aware of his presence, even in the depths of her slumber. He studies her form -- the soft swells of her young breasts, the blush in her cheeks, the hair splayed out on the pillow. She is warm and so, so full of life. His servants have chosen well with this one. His hard eyes draw downward to the neatly trimmed mound between her open legs. Two desires began to burn within him, one ancient, the other ageless.

He raises his arms and allows the cloak to fall behind his shoulders. He is completely nude. His body is lean but not sparse, his muscles are powerful yet sensual. Taking a deep breath, he slowly rises from the floor. The young woman's breathing becomes irregular, gasping as if she were trying to wake herself up. The black cloak flutters wildly behind him as he glides like a feather over the bed, their bodies almost touching, his long shaft fully erect. The woman turns her head from side to side, her wrists twisting helplessly within the silk bindings that imprison them. He gazes into her eyes, and presently she grows calm, her fears chased away and replaced with deadened sleep. And something else -- a longing that has been buried deep within the darkest recesses of her soul. He slides his hand across her breasts, she shivers from his ice-cold touch, her nipples become taut and erect. He lowers himself upon her, relishing the warmth of her young body. She beckons him with a hot sigh. The wind outside howls like someone screaming in pain, the curtains in the window snap violently, but the woman is unaware, lost in her own dreams. Her full lips part in a smile. In her mind's eye, she is in the arms of a magnificent warrior in glittering armor and burgundy robes, the man he once was, so many centuries ago, before his Becoming.

Slowly he takes possession of her, nibbling the soft flesh at the base of her breasts, kissing the smooth contours of her ribs, before dropping gracefully into the opening between her legs. Taking a firm grip on her hips, he rolls his long tongue into a stiff round appendage and penetrates her with it. Her squirming increases in intensity as he continues his assault on her wet dripping folds. Then he stops, and gazes down at the soft muscles of her inner thigh, eyes fixed, as though he were in a trance. He bares his fangs for the first time, they are long and streaked with yellow. In less than a moment, he quickly moves and bites down hard into her thigh. The young woman cries out and writhes helplessly on the bed. Blood trickles, his eyes glow as he indulges in her taste, then he releases her.

His tongue travels up her breast, then up her neck and to her mouth. She looks deeply into his eyes for the first time, seeing nothing but the fire within them. His fangs extended, their tongues dance and she tastes her own salty blood on him. Tracing the contours of her body with his hands, he kisses her, then with one quick thrust, forces himself inside her. The woman cries out passionately, struggling weakly with her bondage, not in an effort to escape the intrusion, but only with the desire to embrace her lover. He works his massive organ deep within, jerking her body back and forth. She rubs her thighs against his and pushes her breasts up to him invitingly. He reaches up to touch her soft neck in a gentle caress. Leaning closely, he puts his lips against the warm, inviting flesh. His cold breath excites her and she rolls her head to accommodate him. The woman's thoughts cry out to him. Take me, my Lord! He stares directly into her eyes, full of terror and desire, his fingers wrapped around her throat as he answers...

You are already mine.

Then he hisses and sinks his long fangs into her soft, pulsing neck. A low moan escapes her lips. He drinks hungrily, feeling the woman struggle silently beneath him, her eyes begging for release as he slowly drains the life out of her body. A thin line of blood trickles down from his mouth and falls in tiny droplets onto the satin sheet. For a few moments the woman fights against, and for his powerful grasp, then relaxes, her heart beats once... twice and then remains still.

He lifts his head from her swollen neck and continues to pump his cock deeper and deeper into her limp, lifeless body, violating her even after death. He presses his chest against her still-erect nipples and feels the warmth in her slipping away. Then one final trust until the earthly need within him is satisfied.

Then August slowly rises and unties the silk bindings from the young Woman's wrists and ankles, looking down with pity at the body sprawled on the bed like an unwanted rag doll that has been tossed aside. Her pale eyes look up at him as if begging to take her with him. He stands back, and holds the dead woman's gaze for another long moment, then disappears into the mist as it slides out of the room.

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