tagLoving WivesVampire versus Pixie

Vampire versus Pixie


Connie and I have decorated our house on Tate Street for the last seven Halloweens. However, this year we had been very busy and it was already October 28 and we had done nothing.

"Connie, let's just forget doing anything special for Halloween this year."

"Can't we do something small? The kids in the neighborhood have been asking what we are going to do this year. Even some of the moms have stopped me."

"Let's think about it tonight. If we do something, it won't be decorating the entire house, like last year. That took days to put up and two days to take down. We just don't have that kind of time."

The plan was not too elaborate. We would decorate just the area in the yard where we would pass out candy to the Trick or Treaters. All I needed was a large box, two mannequins from last year, make-up and some other items we already had. The scene was a man cut in half by the Angel of Death. The angel was a fully caped and hooded mannequin holding a massive, bloody scythe. I stood in a hole cut in the back of the waist-high box. The top half of me was dressed in black. I was made up bloody, cut in half with blood running down over the black sheet covered box. The kids would have to step around my severed mechanically twitching legs and reach across streams of blood coming from my divided torso to take their treats from my bloody hands as they quiveried over the flat surface of the box in front of me. With moaning, lighting and the dark night, the affect was quite good. Since only the top half of me showed, I just wore sweat pants on the bottom. Connie did all the work to imprison me in the confining set.

Everything was perfect until right before the first kids arrived. The mechanical linkage to my severed legs broke.

"Damn, that was a good part of our display. It won't be nearly as scary to the kids now."

Connie immediately offered, "I'm small enough. I can sit in the box in front of you and work the legs by hand. We'll just stack the candy where you can reach it for refills."

"Great idea. I think that will work."

She wiggled her tiny spinner body past my legs and settled into the front of the box. Our make-shift, teamwork dependent, bloody, candy dispenser worked beautifully. We had little kids too afraid to reach across for their treats, children screaming and running away and macho little boys with trembling hands. I had to resort to throwing candy bars a few times when none of a group would step across the spastic legs or put a hand across the blood toward the hideous moaning half body.

We were having great fun torturing the youngsters when our neighbor, Ann, arrived with her five year old girl and six year old boy. They were all dressed as vampires. Ann is our neighborhood's resident exhibitionist and she has the body to be a welcomed one. In the summer, she often wears the tiniest bikinis and finds reasons to traipse her tall frame and long, long beautiful legs from house to house seeking help or borrowing things. Many times,I have drooled over her large breasts and thin waist. Usually, she would have a nipple or areola partially exposed. Sometimes she would pull at her bikini bottoms to show a new Brazilian wax job and anything that the thong backed suit accidently hid. Connie had a knack for catching me ogling Ann. Usually, she was good natured about it but there was always a hard envious edge in her humor. Connie was beautiful but she was five foot tall, one-hundred pounds and had small breasts. She was sensitive about that.

Tonight, Ann's white top was nearly see-through. When the light hit it just right, I could see the dark circles underneath. Her long blonde hair was tipped in stage blood and drops were on her blouse. She had fangs. She knew she was hot and desirable so her eyes twinkled and danced naughtily.

"Dave, what happened to the good half of you?"

"Ann you make a gorgeous vampire. And you are with two beautiful little vampires."

"You are out here all alone and helpless."

I reached out a hand offering her a candy bar, "Do sexy vampires eat candy?"

"No, we only bite and suck."

I groaned; my cock twitched. I felt Connie move around to get a peephole to look out at Ann.

"If all vampires looked like you, I would offer my blood to all of them."

With that, I felt my sweatpants being pulled down, a very cold hand cup my balls and another grab my half hard cock and pull the skin tightly back.

"I'm so good at biting and sucking, you would not need any other vampires."

I felt hot breath on the throbbing, moist, wet, sensitive, red head of my dick. I started my reply but sharp, hard teeth closed gently but threateningly and held on.

Ann caught the break in my voice,"Is something wrong, Dave? Can I help?"

I cleared my throat, "No, Ann, I'm ok. I just swallowed wrong."

"I swallow."

Now I was rock hard and Connie decided to remind me how excellent her skills are.

I struggled to keep up the banter, "I do not know very much about vampires. Do vampires enjoy being touched and kissed or do they only enjoy doing things to others?"

"This vampire loves to be licked."

Connie had been sucking my cock using long wet strokes. Now she pushed my helmet into the back of her throat. She swallowed and the ripples from her throat muscles made my knees weak. Her magic, slippery hand twisted around the end of my cock every time she almost pulled her lips away.

"Do vampires taste as good as humans?"

Ann reached out and traced a stream of fake blood on my chin, down my neck and then found her own path to my right nipple. She raked her long manicured fingernails back and forth several times before she grabbed it and held it with the tips of her sharp, hard nails. She squeezed and bragged, "If you tasted me, Dave, you would be my slave for eternity."

My cock lurched and Connie began to suck for results. There was no teasing now.

"Eternity is a long time."

"If the children weren't here, I would give you a taste and you would pass out."

I was already struggling to stay upright. The more I kidded with Ann, the more deliberate and rougher Connie was with my cock. She had tightened her grip on my balls, threatening to squeeze.

"Oh, I see,vampires are teases, like my neighbor, Ann, down the street. She shows her body off and then runs back into the safety of her locked house. She is all tease."

I felt my balls being rolled and my cock slip deeper into Corrine's throat. She had not deep throated me often and my shaft danced in appreciation. She hummed and slurped.

Ann turned her body away from her kids' eyes and slipped her right hand under the waist band of her long flowing black skirt. My eyes were glued to her every move. Her forearm flexed signaling that her fingers were moving.

"Dave, this would be better if you did it."

Sweat was popping out of every pore on my brow and I felt short of breath. "No, your panties would be in the way."

"I am not wearing panties."

My eyes glazed; I gasped, held on to the box for support and my balls drew-up in time with the rhythmic suctioning of my tiny wife's talented mouth.

"You are perspiring, Dave. Is this lady vampire getting to you?"

"No, it's not that, I ..............."

Before I could continue my lie, Ann, pulled her wet fingers from her skirt and pushed them into my mouth. I sucked; tasted her; my head spun and I began to cum into Connie's greedy throat.

My body lurched forward and my stomach contracted harder with every spurt. Connie twisted my balls and then moved her fingers to my ass. She did not penetrate me but she pushed and I tried even harder to cum but I was dry.

"My powers seem to be stronger than I thought."

I did not answer. I could not answer. My breathing was labored.

Ann stroked the side of my neck knowingly, "Did the naughty, little boy, cum in his pants?"

I was trying to recover but Connie kept sucking my sensitive cock making my body convulse in wonderful pain. She pulled at my softening shaft, milking out the last drops I had to offer into her mouth. I did regain enough composure and inhale enough air to tell Ann, "No, I'm alright ............"

The top of the box, in front of my half body, holding all the candy treats began to shake and move. Ann stepped back, not knowing what was happening.

I stand six-foot-three; Ann is easily five-foot-ten. But we both were defeated by the little pixie that wiggled out of the box and stretched to straighten her stiff body. Her lips were wet, her eyes sparkled and she was smiling from ear to ear.

Ann took another step back, not knowing how angry a wife would be with the flagrant flirting she had been doing.

"Oh, Hi, Ann. Your tit is showing. Nice blood sucking costume."

Ann had lost all her composure. She sputtered, "Connie, I didn't know....."

Connie looked down at the white liquid rope on her hand and brought it to her lips and sucked it noisily down her throat. "Happy Halloween. I'm not in a vampire outfit but I'm really good at sucking body fluids."

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