Friday night.

In a scene played out across the country, singles and couples filtered in and out of the club. Some were there to hook-up; others merely sought to escape the concerns and details of the week now behind them.

Music pounded at a volume guaranteed to be heard for a good eight square blocks, and though it was still early, the pace at the club was hopping and picking up with each passing minute. A substantial number of men and women danced on the floor, contorting their bodies keeping rhythm with the beat. Some were trying to move with the music, rhythm obviously missing. At the bar, a stream of people choked up three different spots, vying for a bartender's attention. Men and women too shy to hit the dance floor either held their ground at the bar, hugged a section of the wall, or sat at one of the tables that ringed the room. Waitresses and a couple of waiters fought their way through the crowd, picking up glasses, taking orders, trying to manage the chaos.

Gary Rogers was a man with a plan. He sat at a table located in the section of the club that was elevated half a floor above the rest of the establishment. From his vantage point, he surveyed the crowd, scoping out his options. One of the beautiful women here would be his love for the evening. Just for the evening, though. He didn't believe in love, romance or relationships. Those were crutch terms the desperate used to hang on to someone when they could no longer compete on the field of sexual conquest. Though still a little early in the evening to be finalizing his selection, he had already narrowed the field a bit. He saw it as separating the women from the girls. Doing that would enable him to focus his attention on the best potential beneficiary of his affections.

He saw a familiar face approaching him. Kim. Blonde, big-breasted, and a nearly relentless tease. He remembered she was pretty good in bed, too, as he shifted in his chair. But she was clingy. Possessive. And that was before she'd gone home with him. He had taken her home with him last week, almost letting her spend the night. Finally, he'd convinced her he had to go in to work the next morning. She had called him four times, wanting to go to dinner, a movie, anything. He'd almost been tempted, but he had resisted, knowing she would try to draw him into the inevitable "relationship chat" that surely would have followed. That cramped his style. Not a good thing.

"Hey," she said, practically shouting to be heard over the music. "You never called me back." She slid into the chair across from him.

"I'm sorry," he said. "My machine garbled your message and I lost your number." Both were lies.

"I locked it into your cell phone!" she said, somewhat incredulous.

"You did?" He hadn't noticed. He hadn't checked, either. She was blocking part of his view.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Look, it doesn't matter. Want to go somewhere and talk?"

"What? No, I can't," he said, her question registering. He'd been looking past her. "I'm meeting someone."

What he had not said finally registered with her. He hadn't called her or returned her calls because he'd never intended to, and now she understood he had no intention of giving her the time of day, much less actually paying attention to her.

"You're an ass!" she said, standing up and glaring at him angrily. He smiled at her, unsympathetic to her anger.

"Now, don't be like that," he said. "We just aren't right for one another; that's all."

"We're not right for one another?! We hardly even know each other! You took me home, I gave you a blowjob and you fucked me. And you all but threw me out of your apartment." She glared at him, her eyes narrowing. She stood up, leaning across the table and bringing her face close to his ear and speaking just loud enough to be heard over the music. "You know, there's a special place in hell for guys like you." She turned and walked away with angered, deliberate strides, almost causing two people to spill their drinks as she bumped into them.

"So I've been told," he said, taking a sip from his drink.

A man slipped into the chair beside him. Doug Marshall had just come off the dance floor, a woman with Asian features wearing a skimpy blue dress disappearing from his arm and making her way to the ladies' room.

"Was that... what was her name, Kim, the girl you took home last Friday night?" Doug asked, out of breath.

"Yeah," Gary said, reaching into his jacket and pulling out his cell phone. He scrolled down, finding that Kim had indeed stored her number there. He was pretty sure he still had the scrap of paper with her number on it sitting on his kitchen counter, too.

"Dude, she's hot," Doug said, contorting himself in his chair to see if she was still visible.

"See if she'll talk to you,' Gary said. "Don't tell her you know me."

"You're kidding." Doug relaxed, leaning back in his chair.

"She actually loaded her number into my cell phone."

"I'm working on Lisa, the chick in the blue dress. I don't think she's wearing a thing under it."

"I've got my eye on the redhead over there, in the green top," Gary said.

"Oh, no, man. Trust me. She looks hot from across the room, but she's really annoying," Doug said. "You won't like her."

The two men continued to analyze the floor. Gary finally noticed a young woman with honey colored hair. She noticed him, too. The hunt was on.

Over the next three hours, he bought her several drinks and turned on the charm. In the end, convincing her to come home with him was easy.

At five in the morning, they'd had sex twice, he'd nearly forced her to perform oral sex on him, and she'd sobered up completely. As the taxi pulled up to take her home, she fought back tears as the pain and insult of being used welled up within her. Gary kissed her on the cheek, shut the door when she was in the cab, and watched as she rode away. Letting out a deep breath of satisfaction, he went back to his apartment, crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next week was like any other. Somehow, the last weekend's conquest, Terry, wasn't it, had managed to get his phone number. She called him six times. What had she done wrong? Would he please call her so they could talk? He shook his head. Such attachment after one night of ecstasy was unfortunate.

Friday night arrived and Gary found himself occupying his usual seat, looking for his evening's entertainment.

Doug showed up an hour later than usual. He'd gone home with the Asian woman the week before. He'd managed to make her mad enough that she had no interest in seeing him again, so he, too, was on the prowl.

As the evening progressed, Gary expressed some concern that maybe they needed to find somewhere else to go. Doug told him he was worrying about a problem that didn't exist. It wasn't even eleven o'clock yet; the evening was still young.

Doug headed back to the dance floor. A strawberry-blonde wearing a floral print spaghetti strap dress had piqued his interest.

Gary continued to watch the dance floor. He felt a hand press down on his shoulder. He turned to look at the owner, his eyes locking on nails covered in dark red polish, traveling from the tips of her fingers up her arms until he was drawn to the eyes of the drop dead gorgeous redhead sitting next to him. She wasn't the woman he'd noticed last week, was she? No, she was different. Actually, there was something acutely different that distinguished her from every other woman that he just couldn't quite put his finger on. A strapless black dress clung to her body, experiencing moments of near transparency as flashes of light popped around them. Gary quickly realized she wasn't wearing a bra; in those flashes of light, her erect nipples were visible through the cloth that covered them

"I've been watching you," she said. "I think you're hot."

"Really?" Gary said, somewhat surprised, because he prided himself on being keenly observant, and he was sure he'd never seen her before.

"Yeah," she said, licking her lips. Her lipstick was brilliant red, so red it was almost like a wire was feeding electricity to light it up. "It's kind of dead in here. Want to go somewhere?"

It wasn't that slow in here, was it? he thought to himself.

She leaned over and put her hand on his leg, running it up his thigh. As her hand came to rest on his crotch, his eyes were drawn to her cleavage. Her breasts were all he could see; it was almost hypnotic. Why was she topless? Why was she naked? He blinked rapidly and she was clothed again. His pulse quickened; his head was pounding. Her hand applied pressure and he felt his cock swelling beneath it.

"Yeah, let's get out of here," he said, standing up.

"Great," she said. "Let me tell my friends I'm leaving."

"Okay," he said, watching as she walked away. This was too good to be true. A super hot chick and she'd found him.

He followed behind her, working his way to the door. Where did she go? One second she was there, the next she was gone. He spun around, looking for her and seeing her nowhere.

"Hey, man, what's going on?" Doug asked, passing by.

"This redhead...," Gary started to say.

"I told you, man, you don't want to mess with her," Doug said.

"No," Gary said, shaking his head, "not the same one... a different one. Smoking hot, black see-through dress. She's ready to leave now."

"Really?" Doug asked. The strawberry-blonde reappeared at his side and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the dance floor. "Call me."

Gary nodded. He still didn't see the redhead.

"Looking for me?"

He turned around again, and there she was.

"Can I bring a couple of friends?" she asked, flanked by two women, one blonde, one brunette. Both wore the same brilliant red lipstick.

"Sure," he said. This night was really looking up.

The four of them made their way to his car. Would it be okay if they just went to his place? Not to worry, they had a way they could get home. Gary felt almost light headed as he slipped behind the steering wheel of his car.

Their names were Anna, Sabrina and Tricia, redhead, brunette and blonde, in order. Anna sat in the front seat, and teased his crotch with her hand for the duration of the drive. Sabrina and Tricia amused themselves in the back, stopping short of exposing each other's breasts, nonetheless making it even more difficult for him to focus on his driving.

When they opened the door to his apartment, there was a flurry of activity as they teamed against him to strip his clothing off of his body.

Anna pushed him down onto his bed, straddling him as she pulled her dress up. It was a black stretch dress, and she slowly drew it up over her body, revealing she was completely naked beneath it. A small tuft of red pubic hair sat above her pussy, and her breasts rested full on her chest, crowned with small, hard erect nipples, her skin an even, pale alabaster white.

"Stroke yourself for me," she said. "I want your cock hard for my pussy." Her hands descended on her belly and worked their way down to her sex, where she began to masturbate herself.

Sabrina and Tricia, standing off to the side, were only mildly content to be patient. They stripped out of their dresses as well, Sabrina removing her thong and Tricia removing a bra as well. Once they were nude, they climbed onto the bed on either side of Anna, and began sucking on her breasts. Gary noted that Sabrina was completely shaved, while Tricia, like Anna, had a small patch of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed. Both women had flawless, smooth, pale skin.

Gary's cock responded as would be expected to the sexual stimuli before him. He quickly became rock hard and ready to fuck the beauty atop him.

Anna was ready to mount him. Her hands had been replaced by Tricia stroking her, and Sabrina reached down, taking hold of his cock and guiding it toward her pussy. As Anna lowered herself onto him, the euphoria was beyond anything he remembered. She began rocking against him, rising and falling on his cock.

"Oh, your cock feels good inside me," she said. "Fuck me, lover, fill me with your cum."

Gary was almost beside himself with the sensations of pleasure. The walls of her pussy were tight against his cock, milking him and driving him towards climax.

Without warning, he was suddenly and relentlessly overtaken by an orgasm, and he arched his back as he felt his body surge, pumping his semen into the redheaded beauty astride him.

"Damn, that was good," he said, panting and out of breath. In truth, it was unlike anything he'd ever experienced.

When his orgasm had subsided, Anna dismounted him, and Tricia immediately knelt down, taking him into her mouth. Her breath was hot on him like a wind blowing out of the desert. She sucked him with desperation and purpose, not letting his erection fade.

"Hey, watch the teeth!" he said, wincing a bit. He could swear she'd bitten him. "You know, we've got all night." She was relentless. "I hate to admit this, but if you'll let me rest for a few minutes, it'll be much better for us." There was no deterring her from her efforts.

Within a couple of minutes, he realized that his erection would not flag. Tricia released his cock from her mouth and mounted him. As she settled down onto him, he felt like he was burning. She began to rock back and forth on his cock, pushing herself onto and off of him in a purposed rhythm.

"Suck me, suck my tits while I fuck you," she said. She leaned forward, feeding her breasts to him. He recoiled from her at first. Her nipples were like fire. She pressed herself to him, and slowly, he took her breasts between his lips.

As his orgasm began to build, he was struck with the impression that it felt like his balls were being squeezed, a dull ache turning to a throbbing pain. He stopped sucking on her breasts, gritted his teeth, arching his back as he thrust up into her. When his orgasm came, he felt the familiar muscle contractions, but he couldn't be sure if he'd shot cum into her or not. Tricia removed herself from him and Sabrina fell upon him

She was like ice, her fingers cold and probing, her mouth like a deep freeze.

Gary protested. "You have to give me a few minutes. Please."

"Come on, lover, we all want our turn on that wonderful cock of yours," Anna said, cradling his face in her hands. "Give us your cum. Satisfy us with your cock."

She leaned down, and locked her lips on top of his, her tongue forcing itself into his mouth.

"I can't... right now," he pleaded.

And yet his cock remained firm. Sabrina's efforts focused on fellating him were proving to be successful, as he could feel another orgasm building within him. As before, he felt someone was squeezing his scrotum, only the pressure was more intense this time, almost like something was crushing his balls, but from inside his body.

"Unhh," he groaned as he came, and he felt the semen flowing from his overtaxed penis as the brunette sucked him with outrageous desperation, draining him.

Gary was breathing hard. His head and chest were pounding. He was hot. Why wasn't he sweating? He hadn't felt like this since... when? his junior year in high school when he'd nearly had a heat stroke.

Anna descended on him, sucking his shaft in between her lips. He began to moan in protest.

"No, no, no," he said. "This can't be happening." It felt like a million pins were stabbing him in the groin.

"But it is," Tricia hissed, climbing back onto the bed.

Gary's eyes snapped open to look at her. Her eyes were empty. Or were they? What did he see? it was a fire... burning and... a face swooping toward him... the mouth opening in a vicious smile... teeth... no, not teeth... fangs.

He tried to scream, wanted to scream, but Tricia's lips covered his, and the sound was lost within her.

Caroline Parks hated working weekends, especially Saturday nights when she had been planning to go out, but sometimes it was the occupational hazard of working on-call status for the investigator's office. She grabbed a lab-coat, face-shield and wide lens safety glasses, and suited up. Scooping up her notepad, she bumped her way into the autopsy room.

"Initial report says we got a report of a suspected assault, the uniforms showed up and found a body. What have we got?" she asked, pulling a pair of latex gloves onto her hands.

Ray Preston, Medical Examiner, looked up from the clipboard laying on the cold, anti-septic surface of the stainless steel counter.

"I hope you're not easily offended," he said.

"On this job? The people I work with? Right. Show me."

Preston pulled the sheet back.

"Gary Robert Rogers, aged twenty-eight years."

"Wow," she said. "Look at the expression on his face."

"Yeah," Preston nodded. "Almost makes you think he got scared to death just looking at him."

"Okay," she said. "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. What's special about this guy?"

Preston shook his head. "I've never seen anything like this before. He's dehydrated, but there's nothing to indicate how he got that way, not to this degree, anyway. His toxicology screen came back clean, but his blood work shows him to be seriously mineral deficient."

"What kind of mineral deficiencies?" Parks asked.

"Potassium, calcium, zinc... the list goes on. But what's really out of the ordinary is this." Preston pulled the sheet back even lower on the body. He stood there and let Parks examine for herself. She leaned closer to the table, squinting and then shaking her head.

"That can't be normal," she finally said. Gary Roger's penis lay against his body, shriveled and knurled like a dried twig.

"It isn't normal," Preston said. "And this isn't, either." He lifted the penis with a pair of tweezers and held a magnifying glass over it. "If you look very carefully, you can see equidistant puncture marks on opposing sides of the shaft. And his testicles are the about the size of a pair of shriveled green peas. I swabbed for trace, but there is no external residue of saliva, ejaculate or anything else anywhere on him. If I didn't know better, I'd say someone or something literally sucked the life right out of him."

Parks nodded as she and Preston locked eyes, thinking about the implications of the evidence.

A week later, Doug sat at the table on Friday night. He hadn't talked to Gary in a week, more than a half dozen calls going unreturned. Doug was curious to find out how Gary'd made out with the hot redhead. The woman he'd taken home the week before had been freaky and wild, and Doug would be with her now, but she'd had to go out of town. He'd catch up with her next week. Tonight, he was going to scratch his weekly itch.

Maybe Gary had been right. The faces here in this club were starting to all blend together in familiarity. No, this club still had potential. After all, the night was still very young.

Doug felt something brush past him and saw a shadow flash next to his shoulder. He spun around and saw no one there. He turned back around and nearly jumped out of his chair. A beautiful brunette was sitting down beside him, her hand laying on the table, her fingers within inches of his, her nails adorned with a dark red polish. Her hair was longer than shoulder length and she swept it back, exposing her shoulder, the cloth of her strapless, red dress taut against her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were hard.

"I've been watching you," she said, her white teeth contrasting sharply against the brilliant red lipstick framing her mouth. "I think you're hot."

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