tagIncest/TabooVanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 01

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 01


(This is Chapter 1 of a 5-Chapter sequel.)

(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

Hong Kong, October 2003

Just a few weeks ago, Vanessa's older sister, Julia, her senior by four years, had started a job at a local law firm. Vanessa wasn't only envious about how much money her sister was making now at age 22, while she was still in her senior year in high school, but almost more about what kind of nice business attire she was now able to afford and to wear every day. Vanessa had always admired her older sister's sense for fashion and how she managed to look great, even on a fairly small budget, but she never has really matched up to her in all these years when they grew up together in the small apartment in this bustling Asian metropolis, together with their parents who were both professionals who had moved to Hong Kong more than 30 years ago from mainland China, and who were so busy that they were rarely at home.

But one thing bothered Vanessa the most and that was her mom's no to her wearing pantyhose in school. Last summer, Vanessa was allowed to wear a pair of pantyhose for the first time on the occasion of the wedding of her cousin, despite of her mom's strict rule that "no girl should wear pantyhose until they are out of high school."After all, she said, that was how she had been raised herself by her own mom and it didn't do her any harm. At this wedding, where she wore an expensive pair of shiny white hose, Vanessa fell totally in love with this sexy accessory of the female wardrobe, she enjoyed both the look and the feel of it, the smooth sensation on her legs, feet and hips and, of course, she didn't miss the admiring gazes of many men at that party, either. But no begging helped and her mom kept sternly telling her no for now, she had to wait until after graduation...

Vanessa's mom was right in that It was true that few girls in her school wore pantyhose or tights, particularly now in the fairly hot and humid season of Fall, but Vanessa had one argument after another with her mother about whether or not she would be able to go to school wearing a pair of hose. But her mom stood firm and eventually only compromised on the prom outfit, where she said that pantyhose would be ok for her to wear, on this particular occasion, and only there. Vanessa sighed and glanced at her sister Julia's legs which were resting on the couch... she had taken off the black high heels she wore for work and Vanessa admired her sister's pretty legs in nude pantyhose, with sandalfoot, and, as she guessed, probably sheer to waist. As Julia's skirt was very high up her thighs, she could almost guess the looks of her sister's legs all the way to her crotch... Vanessa felt getting warmer and some wetness in her pussy... she sighed another time and left for her room.

A couple of days later, her parents and her sister were out for the weekend, and Vanessa was lying on her bed, fantasizing about wearing pantyhose and a guy liking her that way and both of them playing together... She was mad at herself for not keeping her white pantyhose from the wedding a couple of months earlier... then she suddenly felt an impulse to get up and walk into her sister's room. She opened the top drawer of her dresser and found quite a number of both new and used pantyhose. Vanessa's heartbeat increased and she got warmer and even wetter between her thighs... After a while of deliberation, she decided to do the forbidden thing and take out a pair of Julia's pantyhose, a black colored one, very smooth and with a bit of sheen to it, and walked with them back to her bedroom.

She undressed all the way and rubbed the fabric of her sister's pantyhose against her face, smelling a little musky sweatiness, not unpleasant though, then against her breasts and nipples, which got erect very quickly by this sensation, and then against her crotch area... She was so hot and excited that she would have been able to climax already, with a little more of rubbing the hose against her clit, but decided to instead put on the pantyhose first. Not having much practice with this, it took her a little while, and also it seemed that this particular pair was a bit on the small side (her sister was about 5'4", 2 inches shorter than her), but eventually she got it on all the way and worked on evening out the folds so it would fit perfectly on her feet, legs and hips. The tingling sensation she got now was incredible and hard to bear, more juices came out from her pussy, and her labia were swollen quite a bit as well. Her hands slowly slid over her feet and legs, hips, upper thighs, then approaching her crotch area, gently teasing her lips and clit thru the hose, making her hornier and hornier. She got even hotter when she stuck one of her fingers in her pussy, still with the hose in between, and her breath rate increased and she started to moan, first quite silently then louder. She could not hold herself from going all the way any longer and rubbed her clitoris with her right index finger through the black and silky hose in circular motion, while fingerfucking her cunt really hard with her left middle finger. As she reached an orgasm, her whole body shook violently and spasmed for almost half a minute, giving her the feeling of absolute heavenly pleasure and making her relax in a very deep and comfortable way afterwards... She never had experienced such a long and wonderful orgasm in her life and now was even more hooked to pantyhose...

Instead of returning the pantyhose to her sister's dresser, she decided to wash them and keep them for more fun and hot action later, since they already got so wet from her pussy juices and body sweat that Julia would be more likely to notice them in this condition than she would be missing one of her many pairs.

Even though Vanessa now had gotten hold of this tantalizingly arousing accessory, She was not satisfied to stick to this single pair of hose for more than a couple of days. So she took the earliest opportunity that presented itself to her, to return to her sister's bedroom and browse her drawer with underwear and hose some more to select another pair of pantyhose she would be using for her own pleasure. This time, her look fell on a package of brand-new nude pantyhose, actually quite expensive, from a European company she had heard of before. It was of course more risky to take this one rather than a pair of used hose, but on the other hand, Julia had about 5 packages of this particular kind, and so would probably not get too much suspicious of her...

So Vanessa took the package with the nude pantyhose, size A, from her sister's drawer, and decided to take them out right here and now, after all, if someone would find the empty package in her room, that would likely raise suspicion, both from her mom's and her sister's side. She put the package in the trash and held the soft fabric of the pantyhose in her hands, getting already excited and aroused, just from the touch and feel of it. She smelled the fabric and it had a nice erotic scent that really turned her on. As Julia was out with her boyfriend this night, Vanessa was sure her sister would not return home, as she never did after date nights with her significant other. So she just kept on going, undressed, stretched the hose some to get in them more easily, and then slowly put them on. The sensation of this fabric was even smoother and softer than that of the black hose she had "stolen" and played with in the past couple of days. The pantyhose were so sheer, that they were "barely there" and barely visible on her legs. Still, at a certain angle towards the light, there was a slight gossomer sheen to them which aroused her a lot. She could not stop exploring her feet, legs, hips, and butt which were encased by these high quality nude and smooth pantyhose using her fingers and palms, and her juices already kept flowing down her cunt and made the crotch area very wet.

Vanessa lay down on her sister's bed and started to gently rub her private parts which were swollen and significantly enlarged already. Her other hand caressed her breasts and nipples, already erect and she felt coming slowly but steadily closer to a climax. She knew to keep her fingers away from the clitoris since this would likely trigger an orgasm but she wanted to hold the pleasant tension for a while and enjoy this feeling of "being on the edge" before climaxing and releasing it all.

She must have been so focused on her hot play, that she did not notice her sister entering the apartment and opening the door to her bedroom.

"What?!" Julia screamed out loud and then couldn't say anything else.

Vanessa, shocked and caught completely by surprise, turned around, facing her sister, and would have at this moment preferred to disappear entirely.

"Vanessa!" Julia said finally, "what the hell is going on here?"

Vanessa managed to crawl under the blanket but was not able to say a word.

"I can't believe this! I can't believe this!" her sister shook her head in astonishment.

At this point her boyfriend Dan entered the bedroom.

"What's up, honey?" he asked. "Who are you talking to?"

"Hey. Dan, look at this little bitch there of my sister! She apparently walked thru my underwear drawer, helped herself, and then tried to get lucky on my bed! Can you believe it?"

"Looks to me someone needs a bit of a punishment," Dan suggested with a slight grin in his face.

"Agreed," Julia replied. "We gotta teach her a little lesson here, I think."

Vanessa knew that there was no way out for her at this point and that she just would have to endure whatever they had in mind for her. Julia told her to sit on her desk chair and keep on her pantyhose which were, at this point, already very wet with her pussy juices at the crotch area, and moist from her sweat as well. Dan took some nylon strings, who knew where he found those and what they were for, and started to bind Vanessa's wrists together behind the chair. At the same time, her sister fastened Vanessa's pantyhose-encased ankles tightly onto the two front legs of the chair, so she was unable to move at all. In fact, while Dan did not go overboard with the nylon string around her wrists, Julia made an effort to tighten the strings so much that they actually hurt. Vanessa bit her lips to prevent crying.

Now Julia took a dark neck-scarf and blindfolded her sister, just to make things a little bit scarier to her. Vanessa started to breathe more heavily and was sweating out of anxiety, although she was completely nude except for the hose, and the bedroom had the air-conditioning on.

Vanessa felt a soft sensation on her left breast, a tongue was licking her with care, first at the basis, then coming closer to the areola, then, almost by accident, touching her nipple. Despite of her anxiety and apprehension, Vanessa could not help but getting, at least a little bit, aroused by this special attention her breast received. At this time, her right breast started to feel a similar sensation but this time the tongue was much stronger and harder and she figured it must be Dan working on her right breast with a lot of skill, too. He took a bit longer to reach her nipple, and by the time he was up there, both of her nipples already stood firm and erect, pointing out more than half an inch.

While both her sister and her boyfriend still worked on licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples, she felt their hands on her body, as well, starting to touch her neck and shoulders, then slowly working their way down her back and her tummy, but not touching any of her hot areas yet.

Meanwhile, Vanessa's anxiety had disappeared almost entirely, as well as her pain at her ankles, and she gave herself into the pleasurable sensations that Julia and Dan provided to her. Just as she was wondering, why they were talking about punishment, Dan went beyond his licking and sucking motions and started to bite her breasts. At first, this was still not too unpleasant of an experience, but he would not stop at gentle bites, but intensified them, bit her harder, and then also bit her erect nipple really hard. She felt intense pain, overlaying her feeling of pleasure, and she was now, a second time, close to crying. But she managed to restrain herself and endure whatever she had to and just hoped it would not last forever.

Now Julia picked up a pair of her own worn pantyhose from her dresser, squeezed it together into the shape of a small ball, and stuffed it into Vanessa's mouth.

"You're going to shut up, little bitch!" Julia said with a grin on her face Vanessa could not see but kind of guess it was there. "This is just the beginning, you slut, mind you!"

With this, Julia pushed in the sheer nude hose deeper into her sister's throat who had no means of defending herself, as she was tightly bound to the chair. Vanessa's face got red and she started to choke.

"How do you like that?" Julia was teasing her. Vanessa was sure she was close to suffocating, if Julia wouldn't stop immediately. But Julia waited for another very long minute until she released the choke a bit and moved the pantyhose ball a bit farther out. Vanessa took a deep breath, and then could not hold off crying any longer.

"Look at this little thing!" Dan commented. "She's not used to much, I guess..."

"Yeah!" Julia agreed. "A kind of sissy of a sister we have here."

Julia put her right foot on the chair between Vanessa's legs. She wore high heels with a pointy tip and slowly approached her sister's shaven private parts, just covered by the see-through nude pantyhose she was wearing.

"You like the bare feeling, huh?" Julia said. "No hairs there whatsoever! Sweet hot little cunt we have here!" And she touched Vanessa's labia thru the hose with the tip of her heels. Vanessa shook slightly but it did not go unnoticed by Julia.

At the same time, Dan took out the pantyhose choke from Vanessa's mouth and told her to keep it wide open, as he inserted his large and hard cock into her mouth as deeply as he could. Again, she was choking and Dan laughed briefly, telling her to go to business. Vanessa had never given a blowjob before, so she just did the best she could and sucked Dan's dick hard and firmly, releasing it for a while, playing with it with her tongue, and then sucking it again in rhythmic motion.

"Good job, baby!" Dan commented with some delight, a bit surprised of how well she was doing this job. But he didn't want to come yet and shortly before he was ready to shoot he pushed his cock all the way in real hard to give her more of a scary choking sensation and make her cry again. Then he pulled his rod out of her little mouth and put back the ball of nude sheer pantyhose to prevent her from talking or shouting.

Julia had meanwhile intensified her shoe massage of her sister's private parts and made Vanessa very hot and wet between her legs. But Julia had another idea and took off her heels, continuing the tease by holding the heels in her hands, but then, suddenly, turning them around and using the thin stiletto part for the tease. They had quite rough edges and were quite painful for Vanessa, and as Julia inserted the whole stiletto part into her pussy, ripping a hole in the pantyhose crotch, she started to cry again, it was almost unbearably painful to experience.

"Do you think our little bitch has suffered enough?" Julia asked her boyfriend.

"I don't think so, really, we have just warmed up a little bit," he replied and they looked at each other and laughed.

Vanessa's hopes for an end to this torture were premature, obviously. On the contrary, her sister and her boyfriend now increased the severity of their punishment by hurting her on different parts of her body at the same time. While Dan choked her multiple times with pantyhose and his own hard cock, increasing the intervals where she could not get any air, Julia fastened the nylon strings at Vanessa's wrists and ankles further until she could not tighten them any stronger. Vanessa's blood flow through her hands and feet was severely restricted and even the nerves got partially cut off and her hands and feet went numb over time.

Then Julia continued her treatment of her sister's sensitive areas with her stiletto heels until her pelvic skin got scratched and started to slightly bleed. In a brief moment when Dan released his cock from one of his mouth chokings, Vanessa cried out loud to stop and that she would die if this were to continue. But neither her sister nor Dan showed any signs of mercy.

"I think we want to make our bitch a bit hotter," Julia said with a diabolic smile on her face. She took out one of her vibrators from the bottom drawer of her dresser and started to run it across her sister's breasts, nipples, and then crotch area, in a not entirely unsuccessful attempt to make Vanessa hot and horny, despite of all her pain she had been enduring.

Meanwhile, Dan unfolded the pantyhose ball he had been using as a choker and slowly started to wrap the hose around Vanessa's neck, looking her deeply in the eyes in a sadistic grin. Vanessa was immediately off all her temporary horniness through her sister's vibrator and got extremely scared, as Dan pulled the hose around her neck tighter and tighter. Again, she started to have great difficulties breathing and she thought she would pass out any minute, when Dan noticed he had gone a bit too far and just loosened up the knot a little, then stuck his hard-on deep into Vanessa's mouth and demanded her to suck it as hard as she could. Whenever she let go only slightly, he pushed inside so hard that she started to choke, called her a bitch, slut, and whore and pulled hard on her long pretty black hair or briefly tightened the grip of the pantyhose she had tied around her neck. While Dan felt very close to an orgasm and knew he would come any moment, with his cock further expanding and throbbing harder, Vanessa felt almost like not being alive any more from all that torture and pain and just wished she would die. But her sister kept pressing her vibrator right against her clit and despite everything, she could not help but getting aroused again. In a sense, she didn't really care any more what happened because she felt at the end of her rope.

As Julia shoved the vibrator through another hole in the pantyhose into her sister's ass, Vanessa's pain was too much to bear and she fainted in her chair, just briefly after Dan had reached his orgasm with a subdued moan, feeling his cum rushing through his steel hard cock in a massive ejaculation. He pumped more than a dozen loads of cum deep into her throat and made her swallow all of it, making her gag on his juicy jisms.

"That will have taught her, I think," Dan said, satisfied and withdrew his sword from Vanessa's mouth, dripping cum all over Vanessa's pantyhose. Julia agreed, even though she had some mixed feelings about it, particularly with respect to the end of it all. But in a sense, she knew Vanessa would get over it and that it would not fundamentally affect the good relationship she had with her sister.

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