tagIncest/TabooVaseline Ch. 02

Vaseline Ch. 02


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Jennifer stood in the kitchen making breakfast and trying to ignore her raw, bruised and yet itchy, juicy vagina. These sensations existed in her vagina because of the rough love making she did with her hung nephew yesterday morning. Today was Monday, but Jennifer decided not to go to work because of her painful vagina. It was a wonder she was able to get out of bed and make breakfast. Yesterday she stayed in bed all day, frequently masturbating, thinking about the joy of having her nephew's large penis punishing her naughty vagina. She wore only a tight peach colored turtleneck sweater that came down to her stomach. She was braless, and there was no article of clothing covering her from the belly button down. Because of the pains in her crotch, she couldn't put on any pants or panties.

Her 18 year old nephew, Joshua woke up and came to the kitchen wearing only a pair of boxers. This was what he usually went to sleep in. He had a school holiday today. He thought he was the first one that woke up in the house, which was inhabited by him, his auntie and his stepmother, who was away in a six month business trip. He was surprised to see her auntie in the kitchen. Joshua was especially surprised to see her half naked.

"Good morning, Joshua," his 25 year old auntie said. She felt completely ashamed as Joshua ogled her black triangular moss of curly pubic hair. She hadn't shaved in months, and hadn't showered in 3 days because she was so busy. This caused her sensitive vagina to emit a strong fishlike aroma as she prepared breakfast in the kitchen. She lustfully looked at her handsome nephew, admiring his manly pecs, abs, shoulders, arms, butt, thighs and legs. He looked incredibly sexy wearing only tight boxer briefs that covered his enormous sex organ. Jennifer felt her fertile vagina getting very itchy and wet. Her sweet love juice trickled down her girlish thighs and glistened in the sunlight coming through the window.

Joshua walked to the kitchen table as his penis began to stiffen when he inhaled the womanly fragrance. Joshua's oversized penis was now fully erect standing 9 inches long and as fat as a Jennifer's arm when he grabbed a seat.

He looked at his auntie as she served him breakfast. She was absolutely beautiful and shared a close resemblance to Monica from Friends (Courtney Cox). Jennifer had short blackish brown hair, a pretty face and a gorgeous smile. Her body was pretty skinny with average sized breasts and long legs. Joshua's blood beating penis began to throb as he saw Jennifer's firm bum cheeks wiggle as she walked to her chair. When Jennifer walked her wet vagina made squishing sounds with every step. She sat down, quickly glanced at Joshua starting his breakfast and blushed like a horny high-school girl. Jennifer rubbed her thighs together, hoping to satisfy the itchiness in her horny little vagina and Joshua adjusted his stiff, aching penis in his uncomfortable boxers. Joshua's swollen penis was ready to deliver the creamy goodies to Jennifer's vagina he had produced in his beautiful balls last night.

Joshua finished eating and stood up, his massive penis standing erect obscenely in his boxers, with a small dark spot where the precum collected. Jennifer incredibly horny, took her left hand and rubbed her pretty vulva for a second, unable to ignore the itchiness in her healthy vagina. Jennifer dripped love fluids from the juice-oozing folds of her itchy little vagina and saturated a spot in her chair. Joshua went to the bathroom to shave his rugged stubble. Jennifer finished breakfast and stood up, peeling her wet vagina lips off the fabric of the chair. Jennifer needed to pee. She walked to the bathroom trying to ignore the painful rawness in her vagina from yesterday's sex session. In the bathroom Joshua was shaving his manly beard. Jennifer was so horny that the painful rawness in her juicy vagina was now almost pleasurable. Jennifer walked in.

"Hi," Jennifer managed to say as she planted her naked bum on the toilet seat. She couldn't believe what she was doing, how shameful, but how sexy it was. Jennifer's golden pee slowly trickled down her girlish pink petals. After she finished peeing, she took a piece of toilet paper and slowly wiped her stinky vagina from top to bottom. Jennifer looked at the used toilet paper; it was mostly saturated by her love juices and the Vaseline she used as a vaginal lubricant yesterday. Jennifer had a dirty habit to smell her fishy vaginal juices. Even after she masturbated, she sniffed her stinky fingers, sometimes the juice sticking to her pretty nose. As always, Jennifer involuntary took the used toilet paper and inhaled the scent of her juices and the Vaseline, forgetting Joshua was standing in the bathroom. Jennifer's face went red when she realized what she had done. Joshua stopped moving his razor, stood still, disbelieving his Auntie Jennifer's disgusting act. His stiff penis violently throbbed, trying to burst out of his boxers. Her womanly scent and the sight of Jennifer's cute triangle of curly pubic hair made Joshua unable to stand it any longer. He took off his boxers revealing the fantastic penis to Jennifer as she flushed the toilet.

"Oh god Auntie Jennifer!" Joshua moved toward Jennifer. Jennifer unbelievably horny wanted to fuck Joshua right here in the bathroom. But then a kinky thought came over her mind as she glanced at Joshua's electric razor.

"Joshua, sweetie," she began as she rubbed her fat little clit, "you can fuck me if you do me a little favor."

"Anything, Auntie Jennifer, please, I'll do anything," Joshua started masturbating his delicious penis.

"Honey, I want you to shave all your pubic hair. You have to shave your balls too honey. Then I'll let you fuck me with that big bazooka," Jennifer was shocked at her command. She took her fingers away from her swollen clit and sniffed it, then sucked on the fishy finger with her luscious kissable lips. Jennifer cooed as she grabbed Joshua's donkey penis. She then rubbed it affectionately and walked to the bedroom. Joshua immediately took his electric razor and shaved all of his pubic hair in the bathroom. Joshua felt absolutely naked with no pubic hair covering his fantastic penis. When he looked at his hairless scrotum, some precum oozed out of his penis hole. Joshua put his cut pubic hair in to the waste basket. He opened the tap and washed his erect penis with warm water. Since his penis was large enough to directly reach the tap in the sink, he didn't bother to walk to the bathtub. He took a towel and rubbed his enormous sex organ. Finally, Joshua reached in to the bathroom cupboard and uncapped a new jar of Vaseline. He rubbed the yellowish oily cream all over his naked penis and then walked to the bedroom.

Jennifer held the Vaseline jar she used yesterday to lubricate her vagina in order to fit Joshua's big penis in one hand, and rubbed the yellowish cream on her pink vulva with the other hand. Her stiff little pink nipples stood erect under the tight peach turtleneck. Jennifer took more Vaseline and applied it to the walls of her dripping vagina, sticking her finger in as far as possible in order to reduce the pain when she accommodates Joshua's big penis. Little clumps of yellowish Vaseline cream matted her pubic hair of her pretty labia. She decided that her itchy vagina was now well lubricated.

Jennifer laid face down on the bed. She grabbed a pillow and thrusted it under her soft white belly to elevate her hips. She then feverishly rubbed her aching clit. When Joshua appeared in Jennifer's vagina scented bedroom, his penis throbbed violently. Jennifer stopped playing with herself. It was time to get serious. With both hands she spread her pink vaginal lips. Joshua couldn't believe his eyes. Here was his auntie, displaying her genitals to his nephew's big penis like some kind of animal mating ritual. Joshua joined Jennifer on the bed and held his shaved penis meat in his hand. Jennifer looked back at his shiny naked penis. Jennifer's vagina, glistening with her love juice and Vaseline got incredibly itchy. Her vagina emitted stronger womanly fragrances and hotter juices as the vaginal walls throbbed violently.

"Oh, Joshua honey, fuck my itchy pussy with your big cock," Jennifer pleaded holding her wet vaginal lips open, "please sweetie, my pussy wants to fuck super bad!."

"Oh, auntie," Joshua rubbed the spongy tip of his thick cockmeat against her auntie's wet vagina. He fondled with her breasts under the peach turtleneck sweater. Jennifer whimpered spreading her hairy labia as Joshua slowly entered her vagina.

"Oh my gawd! Your dick is so big honey! Ugggnh!" Jennifer screamed in pleasure and pain. Joshua had inserted four inches of his massive shiny penis in to his auntie's Vaseline coated vagina. Jennifer let go of her hairy labia and rapidly started rubbing her fat little clit. The odor of Jennifer's unwashed vagina worsened as Joshua penetrated her.

"Ugnhhh! Owww! Oh yeah, I love your big cock darling," she purred biting her lower lip, her vagina clamping on to the satisfying thickness of Joshua's blood beating penis. "Owwwie! Ow, oww!" Jennifer screamed as the large penis hit her cervix at seven inches. The other two inches stuck out obscenely from Jennifer's vagina. Some of her love juice collected at the base of the penis and ran down his shiny shaven balls.

Joshua started pulling out, but only to go back into Jennifer's itchy and fishy vagina again. Joshua continued pleasing his aunt's vagina for a couple of minutes. Jennifer's curly black pubic hairs detached from her genitalia and fell on to the bed as Jennifer feverishly rubbed her stiff clit. Jennifer loins were burning and her sensitive vagina was already in the verge of having an orgasm.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! You really know how to please a girl, honey. Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuuuck!" Jennifer said, not caring about anything except the carnal pleasure she received from fucking Joshua's thick penis. "I'm gonna cum baby! Oh god! Yes!Yes! I'm cuummming! Ugrrrh!" Jennifer's vagina contracted around the large penis, squeezing the precum into her fertile womb. Jennifer spewed vaginal juices all over Joshua's penis and the bed. The stinky liquids exploded from Jennifer's vagina. It was like she was peeing after holding it in for some time and also with a thin pad closing her curly haired vulva.

Now that Jennifer had her horny vagina fucked, she wanted to shove her well endowed nephew's Vaseline and vaginal juice coated penis in to her itchy little bumhole. The idea of having her bumhole penetrated was morally repugnant to her, but it was impossible to ignore the puckered bumhole which was now violently throbbing in and out, begging to be fucked.

"Sweetie, take your fat cock out of my pussy. I want you to fuck my bumhole now. My bum is very tight, so you have to put lots Vaseline inside it. Okay honey?" she said trying to ignore her shame.

"Okay, Auntie Jennifer," Joshua slowly pulled out completely from Jennifer's vagina so his penis can be welcomed into a tighter location. He ogled and admired his work on Jennifer's crotch. The vaginal lips were very pink and shiny. Her love juices and some Vaseline matted the curlish pubic hair in clumps. Foamy white vaginal juices stuck to the black hair on her fat labia and more juices were oozing down her skinny thighs.

Jennifer gripped her white rounded bum checks, spreading them wide and revealed her pink puckered bum hole to Joshua. He uncapped the Vaseline jar and applied the yellowish oily cream all over her tender little bumhole.

"Stick your fingers in, Joshua. Get my little bumhole nice and juicy." Joshua obeyed. Straightening his index finger, he thrusted it into the pink interior of her bum. Jennifer groaned and fucked her tight, itchy bumhole onto his finger. Joshua applied more Vaseline to her bumhole making the pink interior slimy and yellow. Jennifer fingered her fertile vagina and collected her fishy love juices. She then applied the juice inside her gooey bumhole in a circular motion.

"That's enough Joshua. Now I want you to fuck my itchy asshole. But please be gentle sweetie." Jennifer prepared for her bumhole penetration. Joshua placed his big pink spongy tip of his delicious penis against her well lubricated bumhole. At first the big penis did not fit, but after a lot of pressure Joshua managed to get the fuck organ inside the pink bum flesh.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh!" Jennifer grunted like an animal. "It hurts honey, be gentle. Owwie, my bum!" Joshua slowly stretched the soft walls with his huge penis. After five inches, it was no longer possible to go further inside. Her eyes were tightly closed and her long black eyelashes were moist. Jennifer had her eyebrows pointed down like she was angry with wrinkles on her pretty forehead.

"Oh god, ugnh! Joshua, fuck my butt honey!" She started rubbing her stiff clit as the pain in her bum became more pleasurable. "Do you like the way I fuck you Auntie Jennifer?" Joshua asked loving the way how his auntie's bumhole was clinging on to his gigantic penis. "Oh yes honey. I absolutely love your huge cock," Jennifer replied shamefully fingering her dripping vagina.

After few more thrusts from Joshua's large sex organ, Jennifer started to have another wonderful orgasm. Her wet vaginal walls clamped her fingers and discharged stinky juices on to the bed. "I'm cumming Joshua, cuuumming, agruhh!" Contractions from Jennifer's soft anal muscles caused Joshua to climax. His large penis throbbed and his thick sperm erupted from his dick hole. "Oh my gawd auntie!" Jennifer giggled in pleasure when Joshua's manly jizz splattered against the deep interior of her bum. More sperm spewed from the big penis and coated Jennifer's anal walls, soothing the itchy pink bum flesh. Jennifer shamefully flexed her bum muscles, milking the sperm in to her horny little hole.

The young stud pulled his penis out of Jennifer's sensitive bum hole. Joshua collapsed beside her. Jennifer embraced him and smiled. She took her stinky fingers out of her healthy vagina and started inhaling the fishlike aroma. Joshua sucked her beautiful fingers and licked her love juice. She rubbed her sensitive vagina on his muscular thighs and kissed him passionately. The beautiful sweaty couple made out until they fell asleep with their raw genitals sexually satisfied.

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