tagGroup SexVegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 07

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 07


It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon and I was grateful to be in the mammoth, cool, dark, adult theater. The place was almost empty. I took an end seat by the aisle that ran length of the left outer wall.

A few minutes after I sat down, a young man walked up the aisle toward me. He stopped when he was by my chair. He reached into his gym shorts and rubbed his cock. When he withdrew his hand, I extended my hand, and gently touched the front of his shorts. I felt a sizeable lump and began caressing it.

When he reached out and pushed on my shoulder, I eagerly dropped to my knees in front of him. He then reached back into his shorts, pulled his cock out, and held it in front of my face. It was much bigger and thicker than I had thought.

The pink cock head appeared to be two inches long and almost as wide. I loved to suck cock heads like this. Large amounts of sperm usually came out of clock heads like this.

When the young man thought I had looked long enough, he began rubbing his big, white cock across my face while sporadically slapping it against my nose and cheeks. I parted my lips so that he could put it in my mouth. I wanted to suck his cock, not get beat with it.

The young man took the hint and guided his large cock head into my mouth. I sucked and licked it tenderly. However, after only a couple of minutes, the young man grew impatient. "Suck it harder! Swallow it cocksucker!" He began repeatedly commanding.

Despite the fact, I fully grasped what he wanted me to do; I was only able to take half of the big cock in mouth. Determined to prove me wrong, the young man placed his hands over my ears and began to pull my head back and forth over his cock.

As his cock expanded in my mouth, he pulled on my head even harder, forcing his cock in deeper. His pubic hair pressed into my nose when I finally swallowed his entire cock.

I was able to deep throat him because my saliva and his sweet tasting pre-cum had lubricated my mouth nicely. Also, I pressed my tongue tightly to the underside of his cock so that his thick shaft could go unimpeded through the perfect oval I had formed with my lips.

He continued to hold my head tightly as he rammed his hard cock down my throat. This made for a loud and messy blowjob. My forehead slapped against his stomach as my throat made wet gurgling sounds. Long strings of drool from my mouth clung to his cock.

When his cock stopped growing in my mouth, I guessed that it must have about eight inches long. It went down my throat much further than most.

Nevertheless, as I was thinking that a gonzo face fuck was a little more than I was ready for on this hot Sunday afternoon, I felt my shirt coming off. I hadn't even felt him undoing the buttons. I stood up, bare-chested, and looked into his eyes.

The young man stared back at me for a moment and then proceeded to remove his t-shirt and shorts. He folded them neatly and put them on a vacant chair seat. Then he turned toward me, slowly fisting his cock.

I sighed at the mere sight of his huge, white, erect cock and blond pubes. I had the unbelievable urge to have my ass fucked by the big cock. Besides, I knew my ass could handle his big cock far better than my mouth.

I grabbed a small jar Vaseline from my pocket, opened the container, got a huge gob of it on my finger, and smeared it all over the head of his big cock. I then handed him the container, stepped out of my shorts, bent over a theater chair back, and stuck my butt out. I wiggled my hairless ass invitingly and even winked my pink anus at him as I awaited his next move.

Moments later, my smooth ass cheeks were soothingly kneaded. The effect was so calming that I did not even blink when a wet finger eased past my sphincter muscle. He wiggled it around for a minute or so before withdrawing it. I would have done the same check.

When I heard him pop the Vaseline container cap, I knew my ass was going to get fucked. Sure enough, lubed fingers massaged and greased my horny anus. The finger manipulation of my anus was so erotic that I could have squealed in delight.

Upon accomplishing his goal, the young man eased one then two fingers into me. I groaned and my anus clenched his fingers as he twisted them around, deep in my rectum to smear lube and loosen me up. My cock responded appropriately to my ass getting finger fucked; it got very hard.

As he withdrew his fingers, he asked me to spread my cheeks. I spread them as wide as I could. Seconds later, I felt something big and hard bump against my moist,puckered anus.

Expecting to feel his big cockhead easing into me, I was surprised when I heard his voice. "Look at me! I wanna see you take it up the ass."

I smiled and granted his request. I certainly didn't mind giving him the pleasure of seeing me wince as his thick cockhead pushed through my greased sphincter.

After just a couple of inches of penetration, a combination of pain and ecstasy filled my ass. Lucky for me, he stopped to admire how wide his thick shaft had stretched my sphincter. His pause gave me more time to adjust to the huge invader in my ass.

When I nodded at him, he gripped my hips and pushed harder. I felt the big knob of his cockhead slowly forcing itself up my ass, into my rectum, going deeper and deeper. He felt huge inside me.

When his cock was finally buried all the way up my ass, he began rotating his hips in circles. Hearing me grunt hard as my asshole was stretched even more, the young man taunted me. "You like my fat cock up your ass? You want me to cum in your ass? I'm gonna ass fuck the shit out of you!"

I nodded my head as he started to pump me. It felt fantastic to have the big cock sliding in and out of my stretched sphincter.

After my rectum had loosened more, I felt him widen his stance and then grip my slick, sweaty shoulders to pull me back onto his big cock. He did this so he could plow the full length of his cock into my ass with even harder, more powerful strokes.

I grunted hard after every impact and held onto the armrests for support as he continued to taunt me. "Feel good, huh? Thats it...squeeze it. You like my big cock up your pussy ass?"

At some point, I pushed my hindquarters back against him. My prostate loved the rough stimulation as evidenced by the steady drain of precum from my hard cock. "That's right! Ride me," he grunted, bucking his hips to encourage me. "Tighten that ass. Ride me. Fuck yourself on my cock!"

I did until my muscular ass became exhausted and started to make squishing sounds. It had been fucked into submission. I then relaxed completely and allowed the young man to take over.

The highly audible sound emanating from flesh slapping against flesh and wet sucking sounds filled the empty theater for several minutes. When the sound suddenly stopped, I looked back at the young man.

His eyes were closed as he held his cock inside me. It was in as deep as it could go. To my surprise, he then pulled his swollen cock all the way out. Seconds later, he bent over and spit into my gaping asshole. That was a first I thought. I quickly shrugged it off. I was determined to make him cum in me.

I reached around behind me and grabbed his wet cock. I stuck the head of it into my greased and gapping asshole and then slowly worked my ass all the down his cock as he began thrusting. That was all she wrote. The young man could no longer resist his aching balls and my hungry ass. His cock wrenched really hard and then frenzied babble erupted out of his mouth. "I'm cumming! Here it comes! Yes, oh yeah. Ahhhhhhh...."

It was rare that I was allowed to feel a hard blast of sperm bounce off my anal walls. The feeling is priceless. Most guys are butt fucking you hard and fast as they cum, so you normally don't get to feel that sensation.

As my bowels were being inundated with ejaculations of semen, I felt very satisfied. I was getting another man off with my cock hungry ass... My balls felt like they were going to explode even with the steady drip of pre-cum being released.

Before I could finish my thoughts, I felt someone's eyes on me. I immediately opened my own eyes and looked around. Across the aisle, several rows up, I saw what appeared to be a female. She was watching us fuck. In addition, she was clearly masturbating. In the dim theater light, I could see her arm moving briskly up and down her crotch area. I continued to watch her and she us, until the hard cock in me began to soften. When the young man pulled his cock out of my ass, a loud suction sound echoed in the theater and I felt cum splash out of my soupy ass. I had squeezed his cock hard with my anus wanting it to remain in me longer.

The female's eyes widened when I gratefully wiggled my ass after the young man caressed my sweaty cheeks in the afterglow. Then my eyes widened when the young man abruptly said, "Thank me now. Kiss my ass!"

Still bent meekly over the armrest, I muttered "Thank you." When he bent over and pushed his ass in my face, I realized he was serious. "Shove your tongue in! Lick it...kiss it...you love it, yeah...think 'bout it when you jerk off." I pulled his cheeks apart and daintily licked the puckered anal knot.

When the young man had had enough of my tongue rimming his asshole, he collapsed onto a theater chair to catch his breath. I stood up, took a deep breath, and walked up the aisle toward the female.

My cock was still painfully erect and oozing, as was my ass, and my testicles ached for release, too. I stopped a couple of feet away from her.

The female - a woman was wearing a cap. Her face was encompassed by strands of black hair. She had pleasant facial features and looked to be in her late 30's. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I noted the woman was quick to smile and that was always pleasing to see.

"You like to watch men do it?" She responded to my self-conscious sounding question by quickly nodding and smiling shyly. Relieved, I reached out for her small hand. I put it on my throbbing cock. With my hand still on hers, we stroked it.

When I saw her sink her free hand back down her skirt, I knelt down on my knees between her legs and gently lift them up. I carefully placed them on top of the back of the chair in front of her.

With her legs now spread, her neatly trimmed pussy was exposed. It looked very inviting.

I lowered my face and worked my way down to her pussy. I kissed her inner thighs and her labia, and then I licked and nibbled over the same area.

Soon, pussy juice was seeping from her. I gently ran the tip of my tongue up her juicy slit to catch it. It tasted sweet. Then with the flat of my tongue, I licked in one continuous motion from her anus to her clit, driving my tongue in deep between her swollen pussy lips. Again and again, I licked her tasty cunt and flicked her clit.

She moaned and rolled her shoulders each time my tongue touched her clit. Taking my queue, I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and gently massaged it with my lips. The vacuum created by my sucking lips gave her an orgasm in no time.

Right after she came, I stood her up. We both looked into each other's eyes. In that instant, when our eyes met, I felt something I'd never experienced before. I brushed her black hair away from her face and leaned in to kiss her.

She did not wait. She reached up and grabbed my head, pulling my face to her as her lips went straight to mine. I received a wonderful, warm, passionate kiss before she licked her pussy juice off my face.

My eyes drank in the smile on her lips and the look of pleasure on her face as she licked. When she was through, we took turns savoring each other's tongues. I enjoyed the taste of her mouth and my hard cock pressed against her soft belly.

Eventually, I broke our embrace and walked behind her. She looked back at the hard cock still jutting out between my legs and bent over without any coaxing. I flipped her skirt up and then paused to take in her shapely hips and her round, dimpled, butt cheeks as she reached back and spread them fully for me.

In the dim light, her exposed, puckered anus appeared to be light brown and surrounded by slightly darker skin. I became so aroused when I saw her anus that I immediately kneeled down and lustfully ran my tongue up and down her ass crack. The anal stimulation unleashed her lust, too. She pushed her anus against my tongue whenever I touched it. "Damn, you sure taste good" I told her when I paused to concentrate on her anus. Her body shuddered as I partially penetrated her button shaped anus with my tongue.

When my saliva and tongue had relaxed her sphincter, I was able to slide my tongue all the way in and wiggle it around in her ass. "Oh my god" she squealed as she tried to squeeze my tongue with her sphincter. It was so exciting to feel her ass responding to my mouth that I spit even more saliva onto her anus and continued to fuck her asshole with my tongue.

When my tongue tired, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and rolled them around, collecting pussy juice, before I pushed both into her sweet ass. Standing over her bent over body and watching her apple sized breasts swing as her ass bucked against my fingers, increased my desire to fuck her silly.

Conveniently, my cock was level with her pussy. All I had to do was push it in and I did. My cock brushed against some slight stubble around her slit, and then easily slid through her fleshy lips into her hot, wet pussy.

With my hips resting firmly against her smooth white buttocks, I began shallowly fucking her pussy. When I felt her able to take more cock, I put my hands on her hips to steady myself, and began to accelerate my thrusts. The deeper my cock went the harder and longer it became and the more her pussy opened.

She let me bang away. She took all the passion and lust I could muster. With every slam of my hips against her buttocks, the woman thrust her ass and hips up to get maximum penetration. "Fuck me, Baby, fuck me," she moaned.

At some point, I stepped back a little and slowed down. After all that prostate stimulation, I was pretty close to cumming. I also enjoyed watching my cockhead force her labia into her pussy and then watching it stretch like a pink rubber band around my cock when I pulled out.

As I began thrusting, again, I heightened her pleasure by strumming her clit with my thumb and gently finger fucking her anus with my index finger. Within a couple of minutes, I felt warm liquid streaming out of her pussy and down our legs. The faucet had been turned on.

The incredible stimulation we were enjoying became too much for both of us. I gripped her hips hard and began taking bigger and longer strokes. She started blabbing in ecstasy as her pussy milked my cock. "Oh, my god! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

My cock was in ecstasy and had begun to throb and swell unmercifully. Knowing I was going to cum in seconds, I quickly shifted my hands from her hips to her thighs. I pulled her against me and then held her tightly as I strained to push my cock as far up her cocksucking pussy as I could.

When my sperm exploded into her womb, I heard and felt her pussy gurgle and convulse. I was glad I kept her impaled after I had shot my final load. Her pussy's spasmodic muscle contractions continued grasping my balls-deep cock for a couple of minutes.

When her orgasms had subsided, my spent cock slipped out, and the woman collapsed onto a vacant chair on her knees. She rested her forehead against the back of the chair. Not necessarily for my viewing pleasure, her savory ass remained lifted up. I watched my semen slowly trickle out of her swollen, dilated pussy as she sighed and made soft moaning sounds. It was a remarkable sight.

Impulsively, I lifted her up into my arms and while holding her, I sat down in her chair. As she nestled into my lap, I could feel our cum on her ass and the man's cum on mine. She lay back on my chest and we cuddled for a while, all sweaty and tired out. I rested my hands reassuringly on her soft stomach. Our respite was short-lived.

Two older looking men suddenly appeared in front of us. Without even asking, one man knelt between her legs, gently spread them wider, and without hesitating, buried his face in her sloppy, freshly fucked pussy.

Since she didn't say anything, I didn't either. I couldn't believe that he would want to eat that pussy, all slopped up with my semen seeping out of it, but he went right to work, slurping it up.

The other man went straight to her clit, licking it with his tongue. With a weak moan, she pushed her wet mound closer to their faces.

While the trolls were eating her, the man who had fucked me earlier, walked up to her left side and offered her his rejuvenated cock. She hesitatingly took hold of the cock that had just royally fucked my ass and slowly pulled it to her mouth.

"Thats it, bitch. Suck my cock with that hot mouth," he said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. I wondered if she could taste my ass.

Despite her hot, luscious mouth willingly engulfing his cock, he grabbed her head and pulled it forward to get his cock in deeper and immediately began to fuck her little mouth. He didn't allow her anytime to prepare.

I watched with great fascination as his thick shaft kept her little mouth stretched wide open as it continuously slid all the way in and out. Her throat bulged out every time he pushed in and she gasped for air every time his cock pulled back out.

Her little nostrils flared and she began to drool uncontrollably. It seemed her discomfort only excited him more.

"Take it bitch!" He chided her as he looked into her teary eyes and rubbed his nutsack over her face. "Suck that cock, bitch! Swallow it!"

Join the club I thought sympathetically. Like it or not I told myself, it was happening to her, too. She was being face fucked like a cheap whore.

When he neared orgasm, I saw his testicles begin bobbing up and down and his pace increase. As his balls drew up tight in his scrotum, he jammed his cock all the way down her throat, until her lips pressed firmly against the base of his shaft. A second later, her eyes got really big as his cum exploded down her gullet. She did not even have to swallow.

He came so hard; he jerked his cock out of her mouth. As she gasped and drew in a huge breath, the second jet of cum blasted up the side of her nose, across her forehead and into her hair. The third blast splashed against her lips and chin before she was able to get it back into her mouth.

"She's one good cocksucker", he said as he pulled his spent cock from her mouth. I did not respond. He added, "She's all yours." I just watched his back as he walked away.

After a few moments, she turned her head toward me and sheepishly smiled. I leaned over and gently kissed her cum tasting moist lips.

In fact, I kissed her a few times, before she wiggled her tongue into my mouth. When I gently sucked on her cum coated tongue, my cock came back to life. Sensing that her mouth had recovered and knowing that I desperately wanted her to suck my sperm out of my cock; I brusquely interrupted the trolls' Sunday brunch by forcefully extricating myself from underneath her. "Do me!" I exclaimed as I stood up.

Like a monkey in heat, I easily jumped up onto the armrests of the chair she was sitting in. Each foot landed perfectly on the armrests on the chair.

With my feet straddling the armrests, I crouched in front of her. My hard cock bobbed up and down in front of her face. Startled, she looked at my hard-on for a second before she began to fellate me.

It felt so good. I always loved receiving a blowjob and she was doing a great job. With half of my cock in her mouth, she pumped the remaining half with one small hand while the other gently kneaded and squeezed my balls.

While alternating between exerting a light sucking pressure and swirling her tongue all around the top of my cockhead, she let lots of saliva build up. Her mouth felt so wet and warm around my cock.

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