tagInterracial LoveVera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 02

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 02


"Oh yes, don't stop!" I moaned as I woke up to my new little fuck-slut Cathy who was busy licking my clit! "What a way to wake up!" I said. "Look up at me, I want to see your beautiful face and big blue eyes while you eat my cunt."

I informed Cathy that she is coming along just fine and soon she will be a well-trained little fuck-slut. We dressed Cathy up like a slut and I told her that it was time for her to earn me some money. Cathy asked me what I meant, I told her not to ask any questions and just do as I say.

"Yes Vera," she meekly replied.

What a sight we must have been! Just strolling down the street in this black neighborhood, me leading this sweet little blond housewife by a leash. Everyone was staring at us. Who could blame them?

Pulling her chain, we ducked in-to a lesbian bar. The bar seemed somewhat rowdy so we sat at a booth. Even here, everyone was staring at us.

Checking out the room, I noticed there were a couple of white and Latin females, the vast majority of team were black. This was good; I smiled knowing that most of them would pay to be with my Cathy.

At the table next to us sat four black women who could not keep their eyes off Cathy. It was not long before one of them, very butch, came over to talk to us. She asked if she could buy us a drink and join us. "Of course." I replied. She sat next to Cathy, what a surprise! She told us that her name was Max and that her and her friends were looking for a little hot action.

"You came to the right place," I told her. "My name is Vera and this is Cathy, my little bitch, today she is going to Start earning me some money!" Cathy blushed, Max looked shocked. Looking directly in-to Max's eyes, I said, "The way you look at my little bitch, you could be our first customer!"

"I don't know?" "How much?"

"Three hundred dollars."

"That's kind of steep, don't you think?"

"Not for the four of you!"

Max really looked excited asking "You mean she would do all four of us at once?" "She would have to eat all of us and take our strap-on's." "Ok?"

"No problem, just don't mark her up or hurt her to much."

With a gleam in her eyes, Max informed us that she was going to talk to her friends and would be right back. Cathy asked, "You expect me to have sex with all of them?"

"You will do it and you will like it, do you understand me?"

"Yes Vera." Cathy replied, looking frightened and excited at the same time as she gazed over at the table where the four women were debating our proposition.

"Ok. Lets do it!" Max excitedly exclaimed as she returned to our table. The women decided to go to Max's house to party with Cathy.

The home was stunning. It was spacious and had beautiful furnishings. Max went to the kitchen and brought back cold beer for all of us.

The other women never did disclose their names, just Max. Two of them sat on the sofa with Cathy in the middle. Max and the other woman sat at Cathy's feet on the floor.

The ladies on the sofa were starting to kiss and fondle her, and the ones on the floor started to run their hands up her legs and under her skirt. I sat on an easy chair and enjoyed the show.

Hands were all over Cathy, eight of them to be exact. In no time at all Cathy was naked. And the others were disrobing as well.

One of them exclaimed, "Look at these tiny little white tits!" as she pinched one nipple and sucked the other. At the same time, the woman on the other side was feeding Cathy her huge black boobs.

Max was licking Cathy's pussy as the other woman on the floor was sucking Cathy's feet. Cathy was squirming wiggling and moaning, "Oh, yes, please don't stop, you are driving me crazy, it feels so good!"

Cathy was pulled to the floor. Max shoved a big black strap-on dildo in her cunt, yelling, "I know how wet your little cunt is, you are ready for this." " Come on bitch take it all!"

Cathy was fucking the dildo, she was really in to it, screaming, "Fuck me, and Fuck me hard!"

The largest woman, the one that was feeding Cathy her huge tits, sat on Cathy's face, and demanded "Stick that tongue all the way up my hole, lick my clit, do it good!"

Cathy was now being fucked hard with a dildo in her pussy and a big hairy cunt in her face.

Max withdrew the dildo from her well-fucked cunt, "slosh", "plop" and "whoosh". The one fucking her face got up as well. Cathy was out of it. Her eyes had a distant look, her breathing was hard and she could not compose herself.

She was not given a chance; they dragged her to the back of the sofa by her long blond hair. Her face glistened with pussy juice and her cunt was dripping fluids.

They quickly bent her over the back of the sofa. A dildo was inserted in-to her pussy. The other woman positioned herself on the cushion so that her cunt was in Cathy's face. There she was with another dildo in her pussy and another cunt in her face.

They were yelling at her "You love black pussy, don't you bitch?"

"That's it fuck that big black dildo, keep moaning, you filthy little whore!"

The woman pulled Cathy to a standing position; she was spun around to face the woman that had been fucking her from behind with the dildo. She kissed Cathy full on the lips, at the same time jamming the dildo back into Cathy's wet cunt, saying, "You taste like pussy!" "You fucking cunt lapping slut!"

From behind Max was rubbing another dildo on Cathy's sweet little ass. For lube, Max used Cathy's cunt juices. The dildo was inched into Cathy's tight little shit hole! Suddenly... it was rammed all the way in!

"No, please don't, it hurts; please stop!" Cathy pleaded... Tears were rolling down her face as she was fucked like never before. Her pleas were ignored, she was being fucked hard, her ass hurt.

After awhile, the pain in her butt subsided, she felt pleasure. "Yes! Yes! It hurts so good, keep fucking me, don't stop; fuck the shit out of me!" She loved it!

The sight of my sweet Cathy being totally dominated and fucked was really turning me on. My fingers were sliding in and out of my cunt. One of the girls approached me, saying, "You really like to see your little slut getting fucked, don't you?"

"You better believe it." I said. She dropped to her knees and began to lick my cunt. It was heaven cumming in her face while watching Cathy getting totally fucked...

When the all girl orgy was over, we all had another beer; we needed it to get our selves together. Especially Cathy, she had to be helped to her feet, she was a mess. Before we left Max said that Cathy was one hot fuck and that they wanted to see her every week. Cathy just blushed and smiled with pride. It was good to have regular customers; things were looking up.

When we got home, Cathy sat in the hot bathtub for over an hour. "Come-on girl." I told her "Lets go make some more money."

Cathy was both surprised and disappointed. She said that she wanted to spend the evening with just me. "Business before pleasure." I told her, " When we get back we will have time for that."

We strolled down the street; once again, everyone stared at us. There were several hookers on the corners. Tugging Cathy's chain, I pulled her to a stop. " Lets see if we can get a car to stop for your white ass!" I told her.

In less than five minutes, a limo pulled over to us. The window lowered and a large heavyset black man bellowed, "What's happening ladies?" as he grinned at Cathy, displaying a mouth full of white teeth, and one gold one in the front!

"Anything you want to happen!" I answered him.

"How much?"


"Too much."

"You could get one of those crack whores for less but you have to ask yourself what else would you get; you look like you can afford it and just look at this sweet little white housewife!"

He asked if he could watch Cathy and I get it on, then he wanted Cathy to suck and fuck him.

"Sure Baby, sounds like fun." She could eat my cunt while you fuck her!"

"Get in ladies, we have a deal." "This is going to be one hell of a night!"

Once in his house he led us to the bedroom and told us to strip and get it on.

Jake, as he told us his name in the limo, got naked and watched the show from a chair. Cathy eagerly sucked my big tits as I finger fucked her. I pushed her on her back and straddled her sweet face. "Eat that black cunt bitch!" "Do it good!" Cathy went wild; she was trying to get her whole face in my hot wet cunt! "You like eating my big black pussy, don't you bitch?"

"Oh yes, I love your big black tits, your pussy and I love the way you make me do all of these bad things!" "I love everything about you." She continued lapping up my pussy juices, she truly did love it and I loved her doing it!

Glancing over at Jake, I gulped as he was stroking his big fat cock, the largest I have ever seen, and I've seen more than a few! I would not mind doing him myself, but this was business and he wanted Cathy.

"That was hot, now I want the white bitch to craw over here and suck my cock!" She crawled to him and looked at his big cock in disbelief. Then she started to stroke it. She could not get her small white hands around his huge black shaft! Her lips were kissing the head of his cock as her hands moved up and down the shaft.

"Suck it bitch!" Cathy took as much into her little mouth as she could. "Yeah, choke on it bitch!" She could not breathe. "Lick my balls!" "Put that little tongue in my ass hole!" She did, quite eagerly, I was both surprised and jealous by the way she seemed to be enjoying this man with the huge cock.

"That was good, now put it back in your mouth!" She was gagging on his huge cock. That just made him fuck her face harder until he shot a load of cum in her mouth. He told her to lick him clean. She did and loved it.

Cathy licked and sucked until she had him hard again. Then she was lifted into the air and lowered to his huge cock.

"Oh God, it's sooo bi..Ggg!" She moaned. "My pussy feels so full, it feels so good, Oh shit, Oh ohooooo...!"

"You like Jakes big cock jammed up your lily white cunt, don't you bitch?" "Come –on talk to me."

"Yes I love your big fat black cock in my tight little white pussy!" "Just keep fucking me, don't stop, it feels so good!" Cathy was slipping and sliding up and down on his huge cock. She was fucking him! Then with violent thrust, he shot his hot load of gooey cum into her hungry cunt. Lusty screams announced the climax of their red-hot fuck session.

As Cathy licked him clean again, Jake said, "This little bitch is one hot fuck, I want to see her every week!"

"You got it." I told him as I smiled and thought how cool it was to have another regular customer, in spite of the fact that I felt uneasy knowing how much Cathy loved being fucked and dominated by this man with his huge cock!

Next, we went to Tony's bar. We sat at the bar; there was a good crowd, all black, Cathy was not the least bit uncomfortable, in just a few short days she had come a long way. Our drinks were served and a familiar voice told the bartender that the drinks were on him. It was Tony; leering at Cathy, he asked me who my friend was.

After the introductions, I told Tony that Cathy was my little fuck slut and that she was going to earn me some money. Tony told us that he could help us out. He took us to his office and had us sit on leather chairs while he made a phone-call.

"Great!" Tony announced, "There is a party going on in the back room, we have a stripper but they want more and are prepared to pay $1000." "Are you interested?"

"Yes!" I told Tony, "My little bitch will do it."

Tony told us that as a bonus he wanted to fuck Cathy before she went back there. As he was sending business our way, I agreed. Tony took her hand, guided her to the desk, and pushed her face down on the desk. He lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and fucked her hard from behind."Who 's your daddy?" "This black cock looks so good sliding in and out of your white cunt." "You love it, don't you bitch?"

"Oh yes, I do love it, hurt me, fuck me, I've been a naughty little girl!" "Your big fat black cock feels soooo.. Gooooood!" "Yes, Yes fuck the shit out of meeeee...!"

My little fuck slut and I entered the back room and we were cheered, they were sure glad to see Cathy. The dancer was nude on the stage, she was bumping and grinding. The dancer was a very tall black woman, although her skin was much lighter than mine. She motioned with her hand and called Cathy up to the stage. Cathy seemed so small next to her." They call me big bertha, baby." "What's your name?"


"Well Cathy, it does not look right with me being naked and you with all of your clothes on." "We will have to do something about that!" Bertha helped Cathy take her clothes off. They both stood on stage with nothing on but their shoes. Bertha noticed Cathy looking at her breast and pulled Cathy to her and said, "You like those tits don't you girl?" She pulled Cathy's face to her breast saying, "Be a good little girl and suck Bertha's tits, good girl, suck yes, bite them, don't be afraid, that's it suck, suck, yes!"

She then pushed Cathy to the floor on her knees and told her to eat her cunt. Cathy was lapping the bald pussy. The men, about twenty of them in all began hooting and cheering, they were enjoying the shoe. "That's it baby, eat that cunt, I shaved it just for you!" Bertha then invited the men to come to the stage and fuck Cathy as Cathy ate her pussy.

The men came rushing on stage and all of them fucked her. The whole time Bertha held Cathy's face to her cunt. When the men were finally done Bertha kicked, Cathy to the floor on her back, put her foot to Cathy's mouth, made her kiss, lick, and suck her feet. She then sat on Cathy's face and made her lick her ass hole! "Yes, put your tongue all the way in my ass hole; you little white fuck slut!" She then pissed all over Cathy!" While gathering her clothes Bertha looked down at Cathy and said, "I know you made more money than me but you sure had to earn it, didn't you?" As she was walking away, Bertha turned and said, " I rather enjoyed using your body, and you sure eat pussy real good!" " I work here at the club and I sure hope you come back to see me!"

Cathy had to be helped to her feet. I took her home, told her that she did a wonderful job and that we could go home, relax, and spend some time together.

When we got home, Cathy had a shower and joined me in the bedroom. My legs were spread and Cathy wasted no time getting between my legs. "Oh Vera, I am so glad we can be alone together and I just love eating your pussy!" I smiled and told her to keep licking.

Over coffee in the morning, I informed Cathy that today was her day off and that we would go see Ron. She looked very sad and told me that she wanted to see her husband but did not want to be without me. " I need you Bertha, I could never go back to a life without you. "Honey, you are not going to lose me, you are the perfect little bitch, you are everything that I ever wanted, you are sweet and hot at the same time." " I love you and no one could replace you!" "You will have a couple of days a week to spend with your husband; the rest of the time you will be with me." "That way, you will have the best of both worlds!"

Cathy got so excited she kissed me full on the lips, her eyes were shining, and she was so beautiful. I told her we would go to bed with Ron together and have a ball! Nervously she said, "I don't know about that." I told her not to worry, I would take care of everything!

We no sooner got in the doorway than Ron rushed to embrace her; he was like a child on Christmas. He was so glad to see her. I told him to be good to my little bitch, my fuck slut. "You are my little fuck slut, aren't you Cathy?"

"Yes Vera, you know that I am, I will do anything that you want me to do!"

"How could you do this to her?" Ron demanded.

"Ron, don't you know anything?" I asked. "She wants to be dominated by me, she loves it, I set her free to do wild things and not feel guilty!"

"Why don't she feel guilty?"

"Because she is only obeying a command, it is not her own idea!" " You have to face it Ron or you will loose her altogether, she is submissive and I am her master, from now on you shall both call me Mistress!"

" Now both of you into the bedroom and strip!"

"Yes Mistress!" Cathy obeyed.

I looked sternly at Ron. He said "Yes Mistress." Rather reluctantly.

Once in the bedroom I had them, both strip and I took off my clothes as well. Ron was shoved on his back on the bed. I sucked his dick and had Cathy join me. "How does that feel Ron?" "Tell me how much you enjoy your sweet little wife and me sucking your cock and licking your balls?" "Talk to us Ron!"

"Oh Yeah, this is wild, Wow, don't stop." He loved it. He fucked us both and shot his load in my cunt. I made them clean my pussy out together. It was fabulous, two tongues licking my pussy stomach and legs. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" I jokingly asked. They both gave me a yes. "What a wonderful family!" "Do you two have any siblings?" Cathy said that she had a younger sister and Ron told me that he had two sisters. I told them that I would like to meet them. They both looked shocked and worried. "Gee I wonder why!" I told Cathy I would be back tomorrow to pick her up. The both kissed me goodbye.

On the drive back home, I felt so good, so invigorated, and I could not help but think about the sisters, especially Cathy's.


Thank you all for the fabulous response, I sincerely appreciate it, and as long as you tell me you want more, I will keep the stories coming. Thank you.

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