tagIncest/TabooVeronica's Secret

Veronica's Secret


Veronica and Lauren had been friends since childhood. Over the years they'd leaned on each other emotionally through everything: high school, college, marriage, kids, and divorce. They'd always confided in each other too, never keeping any secrets. However one night everything changed for Lauren. She saw a side of Veronica she never knew existed and in so doing shed light on a hidden part of her own psyche as well.

Lauren had a lousy day at work. Actually the whole week had been lousy, so Lauren was really looking forward to Friday night. Veronica had asked if she wanted to check out a new club in town, and so they planned a girl's night out together. The club was pretty good; the music was great, but the guys there were a bit too full of themselves for either woman's tastes. Veronica and Lauren danced with a few of them, but mostly they'd kept to themselves and drank. And drank. And drank. The two women were both pretty tipsy by the end of the night, leaving at about 1 AM. Sharing a cab back home, Veronica suggested Lauren stay at her place for the night.

"OK," Lauren replied. "I didn't really feel like going back to that big empty house tonight anyway."

"Feeling a bit lonely since Trevor went off to college, huh Lauren," Veronica said.

"Yeah. He's coming home for the summer next week though, so I'll have him back soon... at least for a while," Lauren said.

The cab pulled up to Veronica's house and Lauren paid the fare while Veronica went in to get her guestroom ready. She really didn't have to go to any trouble, Lauren was so tipsy she could've just have passed out on her couch, but it was nice to finally crawl into a nice warm bed. In fact, it was so nice that Lauren quickly fell asleep.

A few hours later Lauren woke up with a headache and badly needing to pee. Getting up, she wandered groggily down the hall from the guestroom to Veronica's bathroom. On her way back, however, she heard a strange sound that caught her attention. Lauren was still in a daze from the alcohol, but she thought it sounded like Veronica's voice. Talking in her sleep, maybe? Lauren wasn't sure, but she thought she'd better check up on her friend just to make sure everything was OK.

When Lauren got to Veronica's room she could make out the sounds better; it was Veronica's voice all right. Moreover, she was not alone. "What?" Lauren wondered. "Vron's not dating anybody." The door was slightly ajar and Lauren's curiosity got the best of her. She just had to see who this mystery guy was.

Veronica was lying on her back, on top of her bed; her arms and legs clinging to her lover's waist as he gently fucked her in the missionary position. Each time he pushed his hips into her Veronica would sigh or moan in ecstasy. Lauren couldn't see the guy's face, but she could tell he knew how to please a woman from the way he pushed his hard cock slowly but firmly between Veronica's welcoming thighs. He had a sexy body too, fairly young looking, with broad shoulders, trim waist, and a nice, firm butt. "Who IS this guy?" Lauren asked herself. "I can't believe Veronica hasn't told me about him." Veronica moaned something to her lover Lauren couldn't make out, and he replied with a startling increase in his pace. He was really fucking Veronica now, thrusting harder and faster than Lauren had ever seen any man do before. Veronica's arms gripped him tightly around his muscular neck and her hips pushed back enthusiastically into him as if to say, "Fuck me harder." Lauren was getting a bit excited herself from watching; this impressive display two lovers in the heat of their passion was something she rarely managed to taste for herself, even during her marriage. The two of them frantically made love like this for several minutes, filling the room with their lusty groans until Vron's young buck pushed forward with a hard thrust and forced his masculine seed inside her. Even though he'd come, he obviously hadn't gone soft, because he almost immediately resumed pounding into Veronica, determined to make her come too. Veronica was clawing at her lover's back with her manicured nails, her torso thrashing to and fro on the bed beneath her in a frenzy of lust. After a few minutes of this he was rewarded for his efforts, as Veronica climaxed with a loud groan. He rolled off Veronica and lay next to her, and she dozed off to sleep, contentedly using his chest as a pillow. That's when Lauren got the shock of her life, as she could now see the young man's face. Lauren covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the sounds of her astonishment; the young stud that Veronica had just screwed the hell out of was none other than her own son, Greg. For a moment Lauren considered the possibility that alcohol was the cause of what had happened; perhaps Veronica had been under its influence. Lauren knew that wasn't the case, however. There was something about what Lauren had witnessed that told her this wasn't Greg and Veronica's first time together. Lauren went back to bed, trying to fall asleep, but instead spent most of the night trying to understand what was going on.

The next morning Lauren had breakfast with Veronica. They sat at Veronica's kitchen table, just chit-chatting. Greg was still asleep, although apparently some time after he'd had sex with Veronica he'd gotten up and headed back to his own room. Greg came down the stairs later, telling his mother that he was going to go to the library with a friend to study.

"Well have something to eat first, honey," Veronica said fretfully. "You know you shouldn't skip breakfast."

"Don't worry, Mom. We'll grab something along the way," Greg replied. Veronica asked Greg a few more questions, like when he was coming home, etc. Nothing about what they said or the tones in their voices belied anything more than a typical mother-son relationship. It almost made Lauren think what she'd seen the night before hadn't really happened. But it had. After Greg left Veronica and Lauren resumed their conversation, but Lauren couldn't concentrate on what her friend was saying, her mind obviously elsewhere. Veronica sensed that Lauren was out of sorts, asking repeatedly what the matter was.

"Nothing, Vron. I'm OK," Lauren tried to say as convincingly as she could.

"C'mon, Lauren. We're best friends. If something's bothering you, tell me," Veronica replied. "Don't we tell each other everything?" That last sentence really threw Lauren for a loop. Talk about keeping a secret; Lauren hadn't any idea about her and Greg. Lauren hadn't planned on saying anything to Veronica about the night before, but her curiosity was killing her. Besides, Veronica was really asking for it by flaunting about how they weren't supposed to keep secrets from each other. Lauren decided to open up the topic as carefully as possible. Who knows, maybe she was mistaken and it hadn't happened. Lauren had had quite a bit to drink, and perhaps her mind had played tricks on her.

"Well, last night I got up in the middle of the night and... I thought I heard you with a guy. Did somebody come over last night after I went to bed?" Lauren asked innocently.

Veronica's face turned pale with fear. Now Lauren knew for certain that it had happened! Veronica was sleeping with Greg. There was a long moment of silence in the air. Lauren didn't know what to do next, tell Veronica that she'd seen everything or keep silent. Finally, Veronica spoke up.

"Lauren, you know I love you like a sister, right? And I'd never keep anything from you, but... yeah, there has been something going on. I just never told you because I'm afraid I'll lose you," Veronica said. She looked down into her coffee mug and paused, trying to regain her composure. Lauren could see a tear welling in one of her friend's eyes.

Lauren covered Veronica's had with her own and gave it a gentle, sisterly squeeze. "I love you too, Vron. No guy will ever change that... Even if it's Greg," Lauren cautiously added. Veronica's startled eyes darted up from her coffee cup to face Lauren. "I saw you," Lauren said resignedly. "I didn't mean to. It was an accident."

"I'm sorry, Lauren. We never take chances like that, at least I don't. But I was still half drunk when Greg slipped into bed with me. My head was in such a daze that I'd completely forgotten you were staying over, and Greg... well you know how young men are. They don't think before they act."

"Consequences? Is that what you're talking about?" Lauren asked, flabbergasted. "What about the consequences of bedding your own son?"

"Lauren, I know this is going to sound really slutty, but... it's just sex," Veronica said. "I'm still Greg's Mom; he's still my son. He still dates girls his own age and I'm still looking for the proverbial 'Mr. Right.' But the thing is, we both have needs. I'm tired of selfish jerks trying to get into my pants, even more tired of the lousy sex when I let one of them succeed. And Greg, well Greg has his reasons too. Like any other horny boy his age he's had his share of bitchy girlfriends that use sex to manipulate him. When Greg's ready he'll find a nice girl to settle down with and everything that's going on between us will end. We've discussed it, and I know he's mature enough to keep it all in perspective. So am I. I'm not as terrible a mother as you think I am."

"I don't think you're terrible," Lauren answered. "It's just a surprise, that's all. I mean, how did it happen?"

"Remember about six months ago, when I wanted to get in better shape?" Veronica asked.

"Yeah," Lauren nodded. Veronica actually looked great for her age, 42, but she'd wanted to do some toning exercises. Since she'd begun lifting some light weights her looks had gotten even better. Veronica continued with her story:

"I didn't know anything about exercise at the time, and since Greg works out regularly I went to him for help. I don't really like gyms; you know how some women act, especially if it's co-ed. And I didn't want any men hitting on me either, so I bought some equipment and Greg set it up in the basement. I asked Greg to help me for the first few weeks until I got used to doing the program he made up for me."

"Yeah, OK. Then what?" Lauren asked.

For the first couple of weeks Greg just stood by to correct any mistakes I was making. Greg was going to the gym to work out, and then taking more of his time to help me. Then I thought, "Why not kill two birds with one stone?" I told Greg if he wanted to we could buy some more equipment and work out together at home. We still do.

The double entendre of Veronica's last point was unintentional but Lauren still couldn't hold back from raising her eyebrows in response. Veronica chuckled softly in reply. Now feeling more relaxed with opening up to her friend, she continued telling her story.

"Greg and I began working out together, three times a week. It was a lot of fun actually; we hadn't spent much time together in years and it was almost like a 'getting to know you' opportunity. I enjoyed working out, and the results were really noticeable. My butt hasn't been this firm since I was a teenager, neither have my boobs. Anyway, one thing I never expected, and I know this is going to sound funny but, every time I'd work out... well, I was getting really horny from it," Veronica giggled with embarrassment.

"I've heard of that. It's not all that unusual," Lauren said.

"Well, I'd get it bad. I was getting more and more turned on during our workouts. It even got to the point where I'd have go back to my room and use my vibrator after we'd finish working out. And then... somewhere along the line I found myself checking out Greg while we worked out. It was kinda strange at first, but after a few times I just wrote it off as my horniness getting the best of me. But then, well... Greg's a good-looking guy, I'm sure you've noticed. I guess you could say that I've always had a 'platonic attraction' for him myself, if that's possible. I didn't plan for it to happen, Lauren, but little by little the 'platonic' part of my attraction for Greg faded away. At first I'd just steal glances of him while we exercised, just taking in his looks. Later on though, after we'd finish working out and I'd go back to my room, Greg would still be in my mind as I got myself off. I never thought I could have sexual thoughts about my own son; I didn't think it was possible for any mother to get turned on by such a thing. I was wrong. In fact the whole "wrongness" of seeing Greg that way only heightened the arousal of my fantasies. At first I'd feel guilty afterwards about having such thoughts, but by the next time we'd exercise I do the same thing all over again. I couldn't stop, if anything my fantasies about Greg were becoming more intense." Things got to the point eventually where I'd be thinking about having him even on the days we weren't exercising.

"For the next month or so we kept this routine. Any guilt I had about my fantasies began to wither as I got more used to them. That's when something else happened; I began to get the distinct feeling that Greg was eyeing me too. It started off with innocent glances, but then I began catching Greg looking at me when he thought I didn't notice. The idea that Greg might be having sexy thoughts about me too was such a turn on I couldn't help myself from egging him on. I started wearing sexier outfits to our workout sessions, hoping to tease him a little. It worked too; Greg got better at disguising his peeks at me, but the big bulge in his shorts would give away what he was really thinking. If he hadn't been my son I would have fucked his brains out by this time. The sexual tension kept increasing between us though, until I couldn't take it any longer. That's when I finally made my move.

"You seduced him? What happened?" Lauren asked.

"What? You want details?" Veronica laughed with a hint of sassiness in her voice. Veronica's question caught Lauren off guard and she wasn't sure what to say. Lauren didn't want to admit it to Veronica, but her friend's story was exciting her. Ever since Lauren had stumbled upon Veronica and Greg having sex it was all she could think about. She couldn't get over how hot they looked together. Hearing the story of how it all began was a temptation she couldn't resist.

"Tell me," Lauren replied as calmly as she could.

"If you insist," Veronica shot back with a wry smile. Lauren guessed she had tipped her hand to Veronica after all.

"Tell me everything Vron," Lauren said, waving her hand with an air of resignation. Veronica smiled victoriously, seemingly pleased at Lauren's curiosity, then told the remainder of the story.

"Part of our exercise routine is taking time once a week to check our results. We measure things like body weight and so forth. I don't care enough to make a big deal about these things - the mirror tells me all I need to know, but Greg insisted we keep a log of how we were doing. Anyhow, I'd been teasing Greg all week with my new, sexy outfits. I even flirted with him a bit. Nothing too direct, just little comments here and there about how great he looked. I also did things like brush up against his body whenever I saw an opportunity, making sure to make it look accidental at first, but less so later on. It was a crazy week all right; the week I decided to seduce my son... Anyway, on our last workout day, Friday, I knew I was ready to go through with it. The sexual energy had been building inside me so strongly I felt like I was ready to explode. I decided that 'Evaluation Day' was the perfect time to make my move. The first part of my plan was to wear my newest outfit, the black one. You saw it once, Lauren. Remember?"

"Oh yeah, that one," Lauren answered with a nod. The outfit was a two-piece. The tight Lycra shorts were mid-thigh in length, but very form fitting and sexy. Nothing too outrageous, but they flattered Veronica's shapely bottom really well. The top was the daring part of the outfit. It was basically a sports bra, except that it showed much more cleavage. Veronica's DD's looked like they were going to burst out the day she'd modeled it for Lauren. "I thought you said you'd never that top without a T-shirt," Lauren asked sarcastically.

"I lied," Veronica laughed, her cheeks reddening. "You should've seen Greg's eyes when I came into the room wearing that. They looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets. I acted as naturally as possible, though that was hard to do with Greg's eyes constantly looking me over."

"We went though our typical exercise routine, but it was clear my outfit had Greg distracted. You should have seen the look on his face when he was on the bench press. I leaned over to hold the bar steady, hovering over Greg, giving him a great view of my breasts. Needless to say, he didn't have a very good workout that day. By the end of routine I had Greg so worked up he was practically climbing up the walls. He wasn't the only one though; putting on this sexy little show for Greg had me as hot as a firecracker."

"Our workout was over and it was time for us to take each other's measurements. Ever since our exercise routines had taken an erotic turn 'Evaluation Day' had become a sensual event but this time even more so, as if the air itself was saturated with sexual tension. I measured Greg's arms and chest with the tape measure we use, letting my hands linger on his taut muscles even more than usual with soft caresses. Greg didn't say anything. He didn't have to though; the thick tube steak straining to get out of his shorts told me all I needed to know. Greg had had a few semi-erections during our workouts, but this time was different. The material of the shorts he was wearing was soft with a lot of room to stretch. With all my teasing, poor Greg's cock had grown to full size! It was pointing straight up against Greg's stomach, held firmly in place by his tight shorts. The sight made my mouth water, and that wasn't the only thing getting wet either. I'd never seen anything so big; if I didn't know better I'd have thought Greg had a flashlight stuffed down the front of his pants. The other thing that made this day different from the rest was that Greg did nothing to hide his erection. He wasn't the at all embarrassed about the effect I was having on him, and he wasn't apprehensive letting me know it either. That gave me the last bit of confidence I needed to continue."

"It was time for me to measure Greg's thigh and calf muscles. To make things easier the person being measured usually stands up on a stool at this point. With Greg standing on the stool his hardon was now level with my face. I pretended to ignore it at first, measuring Greg's legs with the tape measure, but still lightly stroking his skin with my hands. Gradually, my hands inched higher and higher, touching and stroking Greg's muscular thighs. The pretenses were now over, but the look on Greg's face couldn't have been more relaxed. I'd been worried all week that taking this final step with Greg might come out awkward or worse. However, nothing could've been further from the truth. In fact the scene that was unfolding felt as unforced and natural as an erotic dream. Growing more impatient I stopped working on Greg's thighs and pressed the palms of my hands into the front of his shorts, gently massaging his erection through the fabric. Greg's hard cock felt so good. I looked into Greg's eyes. The look on his face was that of sheer bliss, and when he noticed me watching him I responded with my own lustful smile. Feeling a bit naughty, I told Greg that if he wanted me to evaluate his progress properly there was one more measurement I needed to take. I grasped the sides of Greg's shorts and underwear, carefully pulling them down to his ankles, and freed his stiff cock. Then I took it between my hands, stroking the big shaft from top to bottom. Greg was groaning loudly now, telling me how wonderful it felt, begging me to continue. But I was well beyond the point of no return. In fact, I was so excited I began using my mouth on him, licking, kissing, and sucking Greg's manhood. It was driving him crazy. My lust over his beautiful cock drove me a little crazy too. I never wanted a cock so badly, never felt so eager to make a man cum. I pressed Greg's cock into my chest, nestling the shaft between the exposed half of my boobs, and told him to fuck my tits. And that's exactly what Greg did, pistoning his beautiful dick between my boobs until he finally spayed them with his sticky cum."

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