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Very Nasty ButtPlug Training

byamy pussy©

by now my ass has got to be stretched out enough to fit my boyfriend and anything else he can think of. for about six weeks I have been letting peter make my ass "ready". Most days I ware a rather large plug inside my asshole. At first it was kind of uncomfortable but peter assured me the results would be worth it. The worst was the over whelming sensation of my impending bowel movements. I realize that this is my problem and I have to work through it. Peter preferred to have me wait until he got home from work to release my bowels so as to not lose any bit of stretching I might gain during the day. I agreed, although this waiting was sometimes painful and always difficult.

Most days by the time Peter came home I was soaked in sweat from the desire to release compounded by the pressure of the plug. The rim of the plug is very wide and really stretches the tight ring of my asshole. By now I'm almost totally use to the sensation. Everyday Peter comes home from work with a hard on and can hardly wait to take a look at the progression my ass is undergoing. He fingers me contently and has become totally obsessed with my ass now that I have been wearing the plug. In the evenings I empty my ass, and keep it well lubed. This is for my own benefit as peter has a very large cock and strokes my ass quite unceremoniously at his own discretion. He asked me soon after I moved in to remember to always keep it lubed when he is home. We stopped having "regular" sex all together soon after I moved in and its been about four months since I have had cock in my pussy.

Peter sometimes places a soft rubber toy over his cock that fits like a condom but only covers the base of his cock shaft. Its thick rubber and has soft spikes all over it. I love to look at it being buried into my ass in a small hand mirror peter asks me to use.

Often when we go out peter asks me to ware the plug. He also has another "training" that he uses to amuse himself when we go out. Often he likes to take me out to dinner or a party after he has insisted upon me drinking ALLOT of water.

He can be very cruel with this game and requests that I ask him for permission to pee. Often I can barely hold on after he rejects my pleas, and I suffer from quakes and spasms in front of guests who have no idea as to my suffering. I have at times peed myself as a result of this game. I know that this result is inevitable as this is Peter's plan from the beginning. He acts very irritated by my pleas and demands for me to hold it during the long ride home ( I know he would be more than pissed off if I were to lose it in his Mercedes). The last time we got home after playing this game I dashes through the first floor of the house to the outdoor patio hoping I could at least let go on the grass but before I could make it Peter demanded that I go upstairs and change into a pair of jeans. Which I did before finally going out side and relaxing my bladder on the patio tile, wetting my jeans completely.

Lately I have noticed that the rim of my asshole has gotten allot bigger and is very pronounced. Peter says that it is "descended", and that it gives my ass a most desirable look of wanting to be fucked. When he has got his cock fully buried inside of my ass the sensation is so good and Peter encourages me to tell him how it feels. I usually wind up begging for him to fuck my ass as deep as he can (which is deep because he is big and long). Sometimes he gets carried away and is more then a little ruff. I give signals for him to ease up but the look on his face tells me I'm just going to have to work into it. When he sucks my nipples he knows he can ass fuck me as hard as he wants and I'll love it. Most of the time I'm on my back with my legs over his shoulders getting it hard and deep and I love it. To tell the truth after removing that huge all day butt plug, Peters cock is a total relief! I think he knows this and that is why his poundings have gotten more ruff and hot. Afterward he kisses me so passionately and tells me he loves me.

Not to long ago Peter gave me a instruction book on how to manipulate his cock without his having to stroke back and forth.

This is a practice where I use my ass mussels to tighten around his cock. I already was using some of these muscles to control my bowels during my day time ass stretching. There are many sections of my ass that I am learning to control the use of. This information has totally heightened the sensations I experience in my ass while fucking. Currently I am not able to cause Peter to cum from "milking" alone, but I do practice while he is pumping in and out of my ass.

Soon after Peter gave me my new book he asked me to marry him. I am eager to master the milking technique before our honeymoon, however Peter informs me that he has a separate surprise for me!

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