tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated by Cops Ch. 02

Violated by Cops Ch. 02


At last, Vijay was satisfied. He gave the signal to the two cops who were holding Asha by her hair.

Asha was lifted forcibly on her feet by her hair. She groaned in pain as they pulled her by her long hair and dragged her towards Vijay. She was thrown on the mattress. She landed hard. If it weren't for the mattress, she would have been hurt. She lay on her back, a bit dazed at this rough handling moments after two large cocks had discharged their thick loads in her small mouth. Her mouth was still tasting salty from the cum she had been forced to swallow. She didn't realize at first what was happening when mom went and sat on her haunches over her head.

Regina had passed from being the innocent mother to the forced woman to the cock-loving slut who would do anything for her master's pleasure. Her brain was unable to process the suddenness and brutality of the events which had happened to her. As a result, she decided that the only way to have some semblance of sanity would be if she assumed the role that Vijay and the rest wanted her to play.

So if her master wanted her to feed his cum straight from her cunt to her daughter's mouth, then she was okay with it.

So she bent over Asha, her puffed up pussy lips directly over her face. She waited for some time. A glob of Vijay's cum dripped down her pussy and straight into Asha's face. Her head was held tight by Vijay who anticipated that she might try to turn her head away. He pinched her cheeks, so that her mouth was forced open.

She was ordered to keep her mouth open and swallow the cum. Asha, though disgusted by the thought of drinking a man's semen straight from her own mother's pussy, was too afraid to disobey. Regina pushed her internal muscles to squeeze more and more of Vijay's cum from her vagina. I watched as Vijay's semen dripped from my mother's used pussy into my sister's open mouth.

When most of Vijay's cum had been deposited in Asha's mouth, at Vijay's command, Regina got up from over her daughter's face. She sat on her knees on one side of the mattress.

Then Asha's stripping began. I watched helplessly as Asha's leggings were stripped from her in a swift motion by one guy. She was wearing white bikini panties with red polka dots. She was then turned around and pulled up so that she was on her hands and knees, like a bitch in heat. Her large breasts were hanging in front of her. Her panties were high cut, covering just the crack of her ass and a little portion on either side. I saw it and my cock gave a little twitch, as I imagined Vijay's hard cock would soon be buried between those luscious cheeks.

Vijay went behind her, as if to inspect his new prey. He groaned in lust when he saw her bent over, her large 36-inch ass sticking out. He slowly pulled her panties down, exposing her round, firm ass as Regina looked on. When her tiny pussy lips came into view, Vijay couldn't control himself any longer. He reached out and touched her pussy. Asha shivered in fear as her virgin pussy was touched for the first time by a man.

"Oooo...It's so warm... and slightly wet as well....So the little slut is enjoying this, boys." He said with a wide grin, which was mirrored by his men. He kept on rubbing his hand on her nether lips. "Hmmm...Well let's not keep her waiting. Regina..., shall we?" Vijay turned Asha on her back and gestured towards mom, signaling that he wanted her to come between her daughter's legs.

Regina bent on her knees and came between her daughter's legs, now a bit unsure of her actions as she had come down from the peak of sexual frenzy. Vijay immediately held her head and forced it down between Asha's thighs.

"Hmmmphhhfff..." Regina moaned from between Asha's legs. She had started to say something but was cut off by Asha's pussy on her mouth. She grasped Asha's thighs as she licked her snatch as if her life depended on it. She had to make Asha wet for her deflowering, otherwise it would hurt too much. Asha was being licked by her own mother as Vijay pushed Regina's head forcefully between her legs.

As Regina dutifully lapped at her virgin daughter's pussy, Vijay went near her face and squatted in front of her. Asha looked fearfully at the naked man in front of her. Vijay enjoyed the look of fear on her face for a moment, then he grabbed her head by her hair and pulled it roughly towards his rapidly hardening cock.

"Open your mouth, randi. I know you enjoy sucking cocks and I'm going to give you what you like." He barked. Asha obediently opened her lips and took in Vijay's black cock in her small mouth. Vijay held her hair forcefully as he made her suck his dirty cock at first, pushing more and more of his tool in her wet mouth. He held her hair and started to face fuck her, using her mouth for his pleasure. Then he took it out and directed her mouth to his balls. Asha was forced to lick and suck on the cum filled sac as well. She was forced into further humiliation as Vijay ordered her to lick and clean his sweat and grime covered ass crack, as he squatted over her face. Since she had already sucked two very large cocks a short while back, she had not protested to taking his cock in her mouth. But she vehemently refused to lick Vijay's ass crack.

Her face was a picture of determination as she shook her head silently. Vijay told her again, angrily this time. Still she refused. He looked at her face for a full minute. I saw a blur as his hand crashed in to her cheek. Another slap followed. Asha was now crying from the pain. Regina had stopped licking Asha's snatch and was now looking at them. But she too was silent, fearful of Vijay's reaction.

Vijay raised his hand again. Asha cringed and raised her hand.

"Noooo...stop...please..." She cried.

Vijay stopped. Asha looked at him in resignation, broken. Vijay was pleased at her reaction and went forward, until his ass was directly over her mouth. Asha licked at his inner thighs and then his dirty ass hole as he sat on her face, getting his shit hole cleaned by this young girl.

When he was satisfied by the ass licking, he got up. His cock was hard and shining from the sucking Asha had given him. Regina was lifted by the cops on Vijay's signal. They dragged her towards the table where Vijay had previously fucked my mom.

Standing on both sides of her, they put one arm each at her back, supporting her and grabbed her boobs with the other hand. Mauling the soft flesh in their rough hands, they started to enjoy Regina's body.

Mom started to protest as the two cops handled her breasts roughly. She was moaning softly in pain and trying to fend them off weakly.

"Oh..Aaaahhh.. Please...It's hurting, they're very sensitive.... Please leave me... Aaaahh... No..."

The cops didn't even look at her as they continued to squeeze her fair breasts until there were red marks all over them. They pinched her nipples between their fingers and pulled at her sensitive buds, making her whimper in pain. They bent their heads to suck and bite on the soft melons, attacking her soft flesh with their hungry mouths. The horny cops moved to her hard nipples, which were sticking out from her boobs like a little boy's finger, flicking them with their tongues and finally clamping their mouths on them and sucking away to glory. They just couldn't get enough of her large boobs.

After a while, they told her to stand on her knees on the chair. She did as she was told. In this position, her butt was sticking out as she supported herself on her hands and knees. One of the guys went behind her and spread her cheeks with his hands. He caressed her round buttocks for a while, squeezing and slapping the plump cheeks. The other man meanwhile was getting his cock sucked by her. He held her head with one hand and his rampant penis with the other as he fed my mother his thick organ. Regina'a mouth bobbed on the policeman's large tool as she tried to satisfy her rapists. Her mouth made an 'O' as the lust-engorged rod went in and out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from the sides of her lips and wet slurping noises came from her as she sucked the man's penis submissively.

The other cop now out his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. He was ready to fuck her.

While Asha was being forced by Vijay to drink his cum from mother's pussy and then lick his asshole, Ezhil was finally defiled by the second man as he came up her pleasure hole with great force. He grunted in pleasure as he unloaded a thick stream of cum in my sister's deflowered hole. He then left her and lay down beside her. The first cop was on her in an instant, fondling her medium sized boobs, licking the nipples and biting on them.

I sat nearby, naked, as I was forced by the men to watch her being taken against her will.

Now I heard one of the policemen calling me from the other side. I looked over to see that the cop standing behind my mom was gesturing to me to come to him.

"C'mere boy..." The cop waved me over. I went there with some trepidation. I was standing beside him, inches from my mother's ample globes, which had long enticed me with their perfect roundness. I looked over at her mouth, where she was sucking on the policeman's cock like an ice cream, her eyes closed. She was so busy that she hadn't noticed me.

He saw me looking and grinned as he said, "You like it, boy? You like your mommy's ass? Huh... tell me now, don't be shy..." He almost cajoled me.

I nodded, ashamed to admit it.

He smiled at my answer and then probed further, "You want to touch her...? Huh...? You want to feel her ass? C'mon boy, tell me the truth...c'mon..."

I wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to answer that. Just a look at her milky white ass cheeks had aroused me to no end and my penis was quivering with lust now. The man took a look at my rock hard 5 inch long penis and he knew the answer.

He urged me, "Go on...Touch her...put your hand on her hips...c'mon..."

I was still hesitant and he suddenly reached out and took my hand, placing it on mom's ass. It felt so good, so soft that I was lost in a sea of lust. I had looked at this ass for so long and to finally touch it was a dream come true. The fair skin was stretched tautly over the rounded moons of her globes. I rubbed her smooth flesh as I moved from cheek to cheek, taking pleasure in the silky softness of her skin. I was in a daze as I felt my mother's ass crack, the deep cleft inviting me to sink my hand down there.

I rubbed her for sometime until the man stopped me.

"That's enough for now, boy. You'll get your chance. Now its time to see a real man fuck your whore mother." He said roughly, obviously eager to fuck her juicy hole.

He had seen me put a cock in Ezhil's pussy and now he wanted to force me to another humiliation.

He told me to put my palm forward. When I did, he told me to spit on it. I did as ordered, unable to understand why. Then he told me.

"Now out your hand between your mommy's legs and make her wet for me, boy." He commanded. I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do for several seconds. Then he looked at me menacingly and I knew that I had to follow his orders or risk another beating. I cursed myself for being so helpless in front of these burly men.

I slowly reached out and put my hand between her thighs. It felt warm and wet. I felt shame as well as excitement as I rubbed my saliva into my mother's pussy lips. Regina gave a start as she finally realized someone new was touching her. She turned her head and almost fainted when she saw me touching her pussy, while standing naked behind her. She looked at my exposed cock, which was hard and bobbing slightly from my pent up lust.

She would have got up but the cops held her tightly. She struggled a bit then, but was unable to do or say anything as the man in front stuck his tool into her mouth again, forcing her to shut up. This time her head was turned as she looked at me while giving oral pleasure to the man in front.

I had finished rubbing my saliva all over her lips, making it wet for another round of sex. The man then spat on my palm and told me to lube him up. I did so without any protest, as I reached forward and touched the hot flesh. I made it slippery with his saliva as I rubbed the shaft from head to root. I rubbed for a while on the head until he was ready and ordered me again, to put it in. I was by now getting used to the idea that I would have to service the horny policemen this way and I obediently put his large, bulbous cock head at the entrance of my mother's pussy. Mom looked on in disgust and shame as her own son was putting a cock in her pussy, helping in her rape.

The man pushed with force and the slick head was forced in the tight opening. I removed my hand as he pushed again, with more force this time and more than half of his large, thick, black cock was buried in Regina's body.

"Aaahhh....Slowly please....Oooohhhh maaaaaa..." Mom moaned in pain as the organ penetrated her tight channel. The man just grinned as he held her hips in a tight grip and forced himself inside. Ignoring Regina's groans, he pushed and pushed until I saw that his pole was buried balls-deep in my mom's pussy.

Then he began the rape of my mother.

I watched with stunned excitement as I stood beside the policeman fucking Regina, my cock hard and throbbing. He had gripped her hips tightly, her flesh bunching in his hands painfully as slammed again and again into my mom's ass cheeks, thrusting his coal-black rod into the depths of mom's wet hole.

Mom was making loud moans at the assault on her vagina and the way her flesh was being pinched. The cop continued to fuck her with passion, bumping against her hips forcefully as he drove his thick tool in her tunnel. He was enjoying the soft feeling of her ass flesh on his thighs and the tightness of her tiny hole around his plundering shaft. I watched him withdraw his penis until just the head was inside, then push back in a powerful lunge as he made long and hard strokes into her moist opening.

With each inward stroke Regina moaned in pain but it only seemed to fuel the lusty cop's desire. He enjoyed pinching and slapping her fair buttocks as he raped her pussy relentlessly, leaving red marks on them.

The guy in front was enjoying her oral ministrations as he watched his colleague take the whore. He had grabbed her hair and was using her mouth as a fuck hole, shoving his engorged tool inside her welcoming mouth.

Now he indicated that he wanted a piece of the action as well. He moved his penis from her mouth and went behind her. The other guy vacated his spot and moved away from her back. He swiftly came in front of her, waving his swollen member, coated in her juices, in front of her mouth. Regina was resigned to her fate as she submissively opened her pink lips and waited for the cop to violate her mouth.

The cop didn't do anything. He just waited a moment as he enjoyed the scene of this woman, who had been so bent to their will that she was willingly inviting his dirty cock in her mouth without being told.

Then he said, "Lick it all up, whore. Use your tongue on my prick. And make it look like you love it. Or I'll make you suck your son instead..."

Mom looked at me for an instant, horrified and immediately went about her task of licking the dirty cock clean. Her own secretions were mixed with leftover semen from Vijay's fucking. The mixture was now sticking to the beefy cop's stiff rod. She used her tongue on his fat cock lovingly, licking her own juices from it, giving long, slow strokes up and down the dark meat. She licked the slick sausage from the root, at the sides and on the shiny helmet, with a bit of pre-cum oozing out from the end. She took it all in her mouth

"You like it, don't you...?? Huh...? You dirty whore... you like licking your juices from my cock??" The horny cop demanded as he enjoyed Regina's tongue lapping at his slippery member

Mom knew she had to talk dirty to him, demeaning herself further.

"Yes sir... I love it...Mmmm...It tastes so good, sir...Thank you for letting me lick my own juices from your long and hard penis...Sir..."

I don't know what happened to me at that instant. Maybe it was watching my mother clean the guy's cock clean from her own pussy juices, talking like a whore; maybe it was seeing the other guy ram her unprotected hole mercilessly from behind as he clutched her hair in a bunch, or maybe it was just the pent up excitement of the last few hours, when I had witnessed my sisters and mom molested and now raped.

My cock jerked on its own as I came spontaneously. Thick blobs of semen spayed from my slit on to my mother's ass and thighs. I watched with disgust as my uncontrolled lust was spent on my own mother's body. But I was helpless to stop it. My penis just kept on jerking on its own and defiling my mother. My juice was sticking to mom's curved ass cheek, slowly pooling in the small of her back and dribbling down her thighs. I looked at my mother's face to find her looking at me with a mixture of shame and resignation. It was the final humiliation. But at the same time she understood that I was only human. She turned her head away.

The cops watched as I spent myself and laughed.

"So your little boy couldn't keep it to himself any longer, huh..??'

"Looks like he wanted to do that for a long time..."

"You should really look after your boys needs..."

They humiliated us further with their comments as they laughed.

They cop who was face fucking her momentarily removed his cock and held my hand. He dragged me towards him. I went, as if in a daze, stunned by my own actions.

I was so perplexed that I didn't even protest as he dragged me to face my mother. He then said the unthinkable.

He ordered Regina to suck my cock clean..!!

"What..!! No, no...I can't do it... Please sir, don't force a mother to do this to her son. Please..." She begged.

But to no avail.

"Listen you whore, either you suck it clean or we cut it off...And you can then be proud of your son, the eunuch...!" he growled as he pulled her hair roughly, looking at her menacingly.

Regina knew that they would be willing to do that too. After all, no one needs to know; she reasoned as she allowed the cop to push her head forward and take her son's now flaccid cock in her mouth.

"So warm..., so wet..., Ooohhh God...I feel like I'm in heaven..." I thought. But I didn't let my twisted emotions show as I enjoyed her mouth cleaning and swallowing the semen sticking to my penis. It was slowly becoming hard. I was ashamed but at the same time the pleasure I felt was incredible. The feel of her lips as they clamped on the end of my penis and sucked was making me more and more excited. As I looked at her innocent looking face and my cock sticking out from her pink lips, I knew how the men felt as they fucked her. My balls contracted on their own as they sent a few more drops of sperm up my penis.

The drops of cum oozed off the end of my penis and she swallowed it too. She avoided looking at me directly, focusing on the task at hand.

After about a minute, the cop had had enough of our humiliation.

He pulled me away roughly and dragged me to a chair, tying me there again, this time a bit loosely.

I didn't know what to do, I was so ashamed. But at the same time, I was excited too. Mom must have felt it as my cock became harder in her mouth.

I sat in the chair as I watched the men take her from both ends. I couldn't keep my eyes of the two policemen fucking my mother in the mouth and the pussy.

At about the same time that Regina was being taken aside by the two men, Vijay was positioning himself between my sister, Asha's thighs.

He bent her thighs to make her totally exposed to his eyes. Her virgin hole was now shining with Regina's saliva. The lips were closed tightly and it didn't look as if even a finger would fit in. Vijay's excitement knew no bounds as he looked at the fair skin of her inner thighs and the little entrance to her pussy. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on the reddish lips, lubing it up. His rampant cock was already wet from Asha's mouth and now he held it as he prepared to penetrate the young virgin.

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