tagRomanceVirgin Bride Ch. 02

Virgin Bride Ch. 02


WARNING: This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of consensual “vanilla” sex within marriage. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only. And also because I felt Angela should have a more satisfactory experience than she had in Part 1.

No commercial profit is expected to be made from this story. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a “membership fee” of any kind. Posting is permitted on a site requiring an ‘adult verification service’ provided it only costs a few dollars a year for access to many sites (the way "Adultcheck" used to be) but not on an "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

The couple in this story (they are married and obviously both of legal age) used birth control measures.

Of course, we know that all reasonable adults should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and they wish to avoid conception and the spread of disease.

You are encouraged to vote. Fives are always best!

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After their wedding, a bride and groom, both virgins, retreat to their honeymoon cabin and consummate their marriage. Nervous, lacking control and finesse, he takes her virginity quickly, leaving her only the satisfaction that she has pleased her husband.

To alleviate her worries, the groom reassures his wife that her small breasts are ‘large enough for him’, and that he finds her narrow hips ‘incredibly sexy!”

Chapter 4 – in the kitchen

He had said her breasts were big enough for him, and that her hips were ‘sexy’. She didn’t know how that could be true, but if he said it, she had to believe him.

Now that she had experienced sex, Angela wanted to try it again. She wondered if Jerome would say more of the wonderful things he had said. She was thankful that he was holding her close. It made her feel important, wanted, loved.

There is life after the wedding, Angela concluded to herself. Let life begin!

Jerome rubbed his chin over the top of her head as she snuggled against his chest.

“Steve said he had prepared an ice bucket on the table with some sparkling cider.”

”Sparkling cider?” Angela asked.

“Steve says it the closest thing to non-alcoholic champagne that’s available,” Jerome answered. Neither he nor Angela drank alcoholic beverages. “I’d like to drink a toast to my new bride! Shall I get some?”

“I’ll come with you. But will you bring me my bathrobe? It’s in my overnight case.”

Angela admired her naked husband as he moved from the bed to his bag and got out a Black Watch Tartan bathrobe, which he cinched around this waist. She also saw him take a small package, which he slipped into his pocket. He went to her bag, but hesitated and looked at her.

“It’s all right. You may open my bag. I have no secrets from you. “

He opened bag and found a white terrycloth robe, which he brought to Angela.

Hand-in-hand, they walked to the kitchen. Jerome found and opened the cider bottle. The pop sounded like a champagne bottle opening. Retrieving the cork, Jerome showed it to Angela pointing out that there was a coat-of-arms inscribed on the inside of the cork. The cork had swollen around the coat-of-arms. Jerome explained that wine manufacturers keep the wine bottles lying on their side. The inside of the cork soaks up some wine and expands, completing the seal of the bottle. When the cork is removed, it is impossible to insert the cork again with the coat-of-arms on the inside. This prevents an unscrupulous wine merchant from opening a bottle and adulterating its contents.

Jerome poured two glasses of cider. They sat in the swivel chairs at the kitchen table to toast each other.

Feeling shy, Angela asked, “And what are we celebrating with the toast?”

Jerome smiled, and thought, before answering. “We can celebrate that we’ve lived another day. Or we can celebrate falling in love, or getting married. Or we can drink to making love! Or we can celebrate that we each gave each other our virginity. Or - - - -“

“Or,” Angela interrupted. “We can drink to all of the above!”

They raised their glasses, touched the rim of their glasses together and drank.

Things became quiet as they sipped the sparkling semi-sweet cider.

Jerome smiled.

“Do you remember how flustered Steve’s wife was when she was telling us about this place? And how we could only stay here for six days.” Jerome chuckled.

Angela remembered the incident during the reception that afternoon. “She said seven days would make an entire week.”

“Those were not the words she used.”

Angela thought. “She said seven days makes a --- whole week.”

Jerome snickered. “That’s what she said.”

“And Steve couldn’t keep a straight face either,” Angela continued, puzzled by Jerome’s amusement.

“That’s right.”

”Steve has a renter next week, that’s why we can only stay here for six nights.”

Jerome nodded. Angela raised the wine glass almost to her lips as she asked, “So what’s wrong when she says that seven nights makes a whole - - - “ Angela stopped mid-sentence. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Jerome couldn’t resist his laughter any longer and it began to bubble over.

“Is that true?” Angela demanded, horrified.

Jerome snickered. “Seven days does make an entire week.” He responded.

“That’s not what she meant!”

“Of course it’s not! But it is funny to here those words coming from the wife of an elder of the church.

Angela began laughing as she visualized the embarrassment that Steve’s wife had experienced and the flustered attempt to extract herself from the words she had spoken.

They both laughed. As he laughter subsided, Angela raised the glass to her lips again, but once again, was wracked with laughter, spilling the champagne over her chin and some ran down her chest.

“Oh, I spilled some,” she said as she set her glass on the table and reached for a napkin.

“No, I’ll take care of it!" Jerome said quickly, taking the napkin from her hand.

Still chuckling, Angela held her chin up for him to wipe. But he didn’t use the napkin. Instead, to her amazement, he licked the cider from her chin. Angela’s laughter stopped, replaced with . . . amazement (?). He bent beside her and began to suck the drops of cider from her neck, and knelt beside her as he followed the trail of cider drops down her chest, licking and sucking the wine-like liquid from her skin. Angela felt a response growing in her that was new to her, but extremely enjoyable.

He positioned himself between her legs, as the droplets reached the closure of her robe. Somehow the reality of a man, even her husband, kneeling between her spread legs was uncomfortable to Angela. But when she tried to pull away from him, his hands gently, but insistently, held her thwarting her retreat. She tried to move her legs so that she was no longer straddling him, but he drew her closer to him, so there was no way she could change their proximity with each other.

Jerome took two hands and separated the bathrobe, revealing her breasts to him. There were droplets of the cider that had run down between her breasts. Jerome carefully sucked the droplets from her skin, and then licked the residue. His hands settled on the outsides of her breasts, not holding them, but still enclosing them between his palms. She looked into his eyes, watching the boldness with which he was laying claim to her. She couldn’t read the expression on his face as he gazed into her eyes.

Finally she saw a small smile cross his lips, almost as if a decision had been made.

Jerome dipped a finger into the nearest wine glass and carefully circled her nipple with the cider. Immediately, his lips began sucking the sweet liquid from her skin. He dipped a finger again and drew a line from her collarbone to her nipple. Then, starting at her shoulder, he kissed, licked and sucked all of the cider, from her.

As he completed his oral bathing of her, she slipped to her knees before him and they held each other in a deep kiss. As the kiss drew to an end, they slipped to the kitchen floor, holding each other. Jerome’s hands began to roam and soon Angela’s robe was spread beside her; she lay exposed before her husband. His hands continued to caress her and his intentions were obvious.

“The bedroom - - - “, Angela gasped as his fingers explored her lower regions more extensively than they had before.

“No, here!” her husband whispered in her ear.

Angela felt extremely naughty as she nodded her head and began to press into his hand.

The hard, cold kitchen floor was not nearly as comfortable as the bed had been, but the excitement of doing something ‘naughty’ thrilled Angela more than she would have thought possible.

There was an awkward pause as Jerome paused to open the box. Surprised and impatient at the interruption, Angela glanced down to see what was causing the delay. She saw Jerome fumbling, trying to get the condom in place. And she also saw HIM! Quickly, she averted her eyes, but the image remained seared in her mind. He was enormous! Even bigger than she had thought when she had touched him! Had - - - that - - - actually fit inside of her? No wonder it had hurt!

Jerome moved between her legs and nibbled at her neck. The stimulation caused her to squirm some more. When she felt his manhood making contact with her feminine lips, she hesitantly began to move her hand to guide him, but he found the right place by himself. Anxiously, she waited, afraid of Jerome’s shear size as he began to enter her. There was no pain! She was still a little sore, but, to her astonishment, there was no pain!

Angela didn’t know when it happened but somehow her fear was replaced by love and anticipation as he slowly sank deeper and deeper into her depths. Consciously, she spread her legs . . . and let him in! She was sharing her body with her husband. And she was glad! He was much gentler this time. Angela groaned with pleasure as he slid into her. She arched her back and unconsciously wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles behind him, pulling him to her. It seemed to take forever before his pelvis pressed against hers and she knew that again he was ‘fully’ inside of her.

Jerome began a slow pumping which stimulated her beyond comprehension. Words of endearment began slipping from him as he thrust into his wife.

Angela began breathing heavier as the two of them began moving faster and he thrust harder into her. She gasped and moaned, not caring about anything else. She felt Jerome’s gasps and grunts in her ear.

Angela threw her head back and cried out. She was totally absorbed in what was happening to her. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she loved it! They continued pounding each other hard and fast until Jerome came hard deep inside of her. Barely aware of her husband’s orgasm, Angela pulled him as deep into her as she could, using both her arms and legs. She wiggled her hips against him and suddenly her world shattered into a prism of sensations as she climaxed. She convulsed in a wild frenzy of muscular contractions. Her sweet body rhythmically kissed him and massaged him in the throes of her orgasm.

Chapter 5 – afterglow

Jerome’s entire weight rested on his beautiful young bride. Both were panting, desperately trying to get enough oxygen to let their bodies return to normal. Angela’s head fell to one side, as the grip of her legs around Jerome relaxed and her heels slowly slipped past him until they rested on the floor.


What a beautiful thing for Jerome to say! Angela’s glorious smile returned as she felt loved and appreciated. She turned her face back and gently rubbed a cheek against Jerome who lay inert above her.

“Yeah. Wow!” There was nothing more she could say. And it definitely was a ‘wow’!

“That was incredible!”

“Yeah, it was.”


Breathing hard, they lay kissing each other.

Eventually, Jerome rolled to one side. After disposing of the condom, he rolled to his back beside is wife. Angela rolled to him and climbed on top of him, letting him support her weigh the same as she had supported his a few moments before. Her arms were still in the sleeves of her bathrobe, so effectively her robe covered them both as she lolled on top of him.

“Jerome?” she asked, her face beside his.

“Mmmmm?” he responded, his eyes closed, totally relaxed but not sleepy. He really enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s bare body on top of his.

“That was wonderful! I loved it. I love you! But I have to ask a question. Having sex wasn’t the only reason you married me, was it?” As quickly as her question had been asked, she knew that she shouldn’t have asked it. Or at least not now. Then, suddenly apologetic, she raised her concerned face so she could see his eyes. “I mean, it was wonderful, and it’s alright if that is why you married me. But I was just wondering. I . . . .”

Jerome gave his wife a smile that ran from ear to ear. Deep in his heart he blessed Mr. Johnson. That man seemed to have anticipated every worry that he or Angela might have. He had even anticipated this question.

Jerome gave the answer suggested by Mr. Johnson. Not simply because it was a good answer, but because Jerome truly felt that this was the correct and only answer he had for his wife.

“No,” he whispered, his eyes looking deep into Angela’s eyes. “No, wanting to make love with you isn’t the only reason I married you.” After a hesitation he concluded. “But it is one of the reasons I married you.”

Angela absorbed the answer. She smiled and let her face drop beside him, pressing her cheek against his. She couldn’t have wanted any better answer! That was exactly the way it should be!

Lying on top of her husband, her legs limply beside his hips, she felt him stir beneath her. Was he growing hard again? Gooood! They still had six nights in this cabin. But then they were going somewhere else and it would be two weeks before they had to return home.

Angela smiled. Steve’s wife had really put her foot in it when she made that remark about ‘seven days’. Idly, Angela speculated as she felt Jerome stirring more beneath her. Yes, he was definitely becoming harder! She smiled as the thought teasingly crossed her mind, “now what do you suppose that means?” She was still a little sore, but it was a good sore.

Jerome kissed her cheek, and she snuggled against him.

She wondered if seven days would make a hole weak.

She doubted it.

But somehow, she suspected that she and Jerome would find out.

The end.

# # #

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