tagNovels and NovellasVision of the Spirit Ch. 10

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 10


Chief Willie Morris delayed going home as long as possible. The sky cleared and the sun had been up for an hour, when he pulled into his driveway. Several more minutes passed, until he gathered enough courage to go inside. The smell of sizzling bacon greeted his empty stomach.

Annie was in the kitchen, humming a tune with the contentment he once found so cheerful and now found unnerving. "There you are!" The flimsy robe split open when she walked to him. "Your breakfast is going to get cold." She kissed his stubbly cheek, before leading him by the arm to the table. "Sit! Eat!"

After filling his glass with orange juice, Annie sat opposite him. "So, tell me everything that happened last night."

The request seemed truly innocent and sincere. Willie began to think his suspicions had been misguided, the evidence of her infidelity misread. "Wentworth's in critical condition…" he began. The events spilled out, just like any other day. Annie was his one outlet, his only relief from job stress. She listened carefully and asked pointed questions.

His chest tightened when the subject of Hannah came up. Willie couldn't look her in the eye, as he explained her criminal record. Maybe Annie would see the error of her ways and see the danger she put them in by bringing her home.

She touched his hand, and said, "I feel sorry for her. I think she wants to turn her life around. Are you going to arrest her?"

Willie swallowed hard. "I don't know. I don't want to… because of last night."

Annie nodded, seeming to understand the implications. "No one would believe a word she said."

The statement unsettled Chief Willie. He'd expected a denial of any wrongdoing. Instead she reinforced his suspicions. "What exactly did happen, Annie?"

She squeezed his hand tight. "Honey, you knew what kind of wild woman you married. So don't act surprised when I'm just being who I am."

Willie pulled away, and stood up. "But you're pregnant! I thought that meant something!"

Calmly folding her hands on the table, she met his glare with sad eyes. "It does… It means a great deal to me. But, there's more to life than slow and steady. Sometimes the impulsive part of me needs to break free. When opportunity knocked, I had to answer. If you can't deal with it, we're in big trouble."


Thursday morning, Hannah followed Tom as he pushed the linen cart to cabin number 5.

"Wentworth's daughter is coming tomorrow. I want this place spotless. I hope she'll let us work here until he's out of the hospital."

She edged up beside him, slipped her hand in his back pocket and gave his butt a playful squeeze. Hannah had never been happier. Life as a bonded woman provided a comfortable routine. The days and nights were filled with Tom: watching Tom, following Tom, helping Tom, and fucking Tom.

He turned his head and gave her body the up and down, horny eye that tickled all her erogenous zones. The daily fucking both thrilled and scared Hannah. In the past, she only wanted sex once in a while, enjoyed it on rare occasions. But, for the first time, she wanted a man, just one man.

Men had always used her for their pleasure. She made good money, indulging their lust. That was the payoff. Now, she wanted something greater than money, she wanted what was priceless -- love and devotion. The thought of rejection frightened her. 'Why should he love me? How could he love me?' These questions seemed unanswerable. All she had to offer was a hard day's work and a hardcore night.

The interior of cabin 5 was the typical messy morning aftermath. Tom approached the bed with an armload of clean sheets. "Wet spot."

"Really?" Hannah looked for herself. "Wow, weren't they the old couple?"


"You think he popped some Viagra?" She stroked the length of her two-foot long plait.

Tom stripped off the bedding and threw it in a pile by the door. "Better living through chemistry." He fluttered a clean sheet over the mattress, while glancing at her.

The habit of stroking her hair always seemed to ignite a fire in Tom, a fact that only encouraged her to do it intentionally, like now. "I don't think you'll ever need it."

He left the bedside, grabbed both her braids, and reined her in. Hannah resisted the pull a little, kept her eyes downcast and acted shy, until he tenderly kissed her lips. Suddenly, they were on the bed in a tangle of sheet.

She clasped his cheeks between her palms and lifted his lips from her neck. "What are you doing? We're supposed to remove the wet spot, not replace it."

His thumbs hooked the bottom of her tee shirt and pushed it up. "How do we know if the bedsprings are broken, unless we test them out?"

Cool air washed over her skin as he bent to kiss a bared breast. "You're the boss."

Tom's sexual stamina seemed boundless compared to her old clients. He liked long foreplay. Hannah enjoyed the seduction.

A shadow passed over her eyelids. She opened them to see Police Chief Morris standing in the doorway. Their eyes met and then his steady gaze wandered down to where Tom skillfully pinched one nipple and noisily sucked on the other. Men were all a like. They couldn't resist temptation when opportunity knocked.

Tom's hand cupped her sex. His fingers worked their way under the waistband to twirl her clitoris.

Maybe a minute passed, before Chief Morris stepped outside.

Brushing Tom's cheek, she whispered, "I heard something. Someone's coming."

Quickly, he pulled down her shirt and jumped up. Hannah adjusted her clothes, while Tom stepped outside to greet the officer. Their voices faded as they walked away.

She continued to clean the room, letting her thoughts wander. Would Chief Willie come back and tell her to leave town? She decided not to leave, unless Tom left with her. Nothing was going to come between them now. She didn't care about anything else.

By the time the bathroom was scrubbed, the men returned.

"Hannah, Chief Morris has news. The Fed's have found the plane wreck."

Hannah tried not to react. She stepped outside and placed the cleaning supplies back on top of the cart. The sun was warm and the air smelled sweet. She focused on these simple pleasures to calm her pounding heart.

Chief Willie followed close behind. "Hannah, Annie wants to know if she could hire you to help with things around the house, like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning." He paused, before adding, "That is, if you're staying."

Tom smiled. "Hey, that sounds great."

"I don't know… I have a lot to do around here." She saw disappointment darken her lover's face. "Let me think about it."

Chief Willie nodded, while writing his home phone number on a business card. He handed it to her, and said, "Okay, you think about it. Let her know… soon." He shook Tom's hand. "I'll be in touch."

Tom rolled the cart to the next room. As they picked up their cleaning supplies, he said, "The Police Chief asked you to help his wife. You should do it. Why do you look so sad?"

How could she tell him the truth? Annie's job offer couldn't be good for her future. She was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. "I don't know. I don't like hanging around the cops."

"If we're staying in this town, you need to get over it. The Chief's wife would be a totally excellent friend to have. If she trusts you, everyone else will too."

Hannah pressed her face into his neck and hugged him tight. Circumstances once again dictated her actions. She would just have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. "I guess I could help her, a little while."

Only three cabins were rented. Hannah and Tom finished cleaning before noon. They pushed the cart back into the barn.

Before they left, Tom dragged out the hose to water the horses. "I think we deserve a break. What do you want to do the rest of the day?"

'Nothing,' sprang to mind. Was she becoming a bore? "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

"Why don't you call Mrs. Morris and get that out of the way, and then we'll go on a picnic."

She pouted and stroked her braid. "Do I have to call her today?"

"Come on. Get it over with. Tell her yes or no, but don't leave her hanging."

"Oh, all right."

Tom turned the hose on Hannah.

The frigid water took her breath away. "So, you want to play rough, do you?" She grabbed the nozzle and wrestled for control until they were both soaked.

Laughing and holding hands, they ran back to cabin number 9 and showered together, to save water and electricity.

Afterwards, Hannah sat on the bed; nervously flicking the tip of her braid between her fingers, while listening to the Morris' telephone ring.

Tom put his head in her lap, kissed her bare stomach and rimmed her belly button.


"Hi, Mrs. Morris? This is Hannah…I talked to your husband today--"

"Oh, hi! I'm glad you called. I hope you'll be able to help me out. I'd really appreciate it."

She sounded sincere. Maybe everything would be fine. "Sure, Mrs. Morris. When would you like me to come by?"

"Please, call me Annie. Can you come over this afternoon?"

"Uh, hold on." Hannah covered the receiver with her palm. "She wants me this afternoon."

Tom sat up, and wrinkled his nose in disappointment. "What time?"

"Annie? What time?"


Hannah covered again, and repeated, "Two-ish."

"Yeah, that'd be good. You can take the truck. I'll see if I can fix the washing machine while you're gone." He smiled, kissed her neck and traced a finger around her nipple.

"Uh, Annie..." Now two hands teased her breasts, while a tongue traced her ear. "Okay, I'll see you around two."

"Great! See you then."

"Bye." Hannah put down the receiver and pressed Tom's hands to her body. "You are so bad. How am I supposed to concentrate when you're turning me on?"

He pulled his head back and raised his eyebrows. "I am?"

She pushed him down, lay flat on his chest, and answered with a passionate kiss. "I want you."

"Then take me."

Slipping a hand between them, she grasped his cock and rubbed it against her clit. Their juices mixed to create a slippery slope she couldn't resist sliding down. Never had she felt such harmony with a man, like they were synchronized, biologically in phase -- more evidence of a spiritual bond. She let herself go and freewheeled on sensation, on pleasure. As she began to pump along his cock there seemed to be an intuitive response from him. His touch held a fuel that ignited fires. His tongue left an itch that needed a scratch. Her climax grew near and he sensed it.

Tom whispered, "Come on, Baby," and swirled her clit with his thumb, pushing her over the edge.

Before her last spasm ended, Tom rolled them over and began to thrust with his own needful desire. Abruptly, he stopped. The started. Then stopped. Then started. In between starts he kissed her, sucked her, twiddled her, until another orgasm loomed.

"What are you doing to me?"

He didn't answer and he didn't quit. She came hard again, and her back arched into his last thrust. She screamed without thought. Her hips quivered with rapid-fire jabs beyond conscious effort. His hands squeezed her bottom, as his cock pulsed deep within. Then, sweet bliss surrounded them.

Large gulps of air expanded her chest. Breathily, she whispered, "Amazing…" and pulled him to her hungry lips. They lingered in the afterglow, allowing heart rates to calm.

Tom kissed her cheek. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you."

Hannah hugged him tight. Words that expressed her joy wouldn't come. Instead, she locked her ankles over his back and pressed him tight where they joined. They shared a smile and a long kiss.

Finally, Tom broke away. "Let's do lunch at the diner."

Fifteen minutes later, they sat in 'their' booth.

Immediately, Dolores the waitress came over with menus. "Hey, Hero. How's it going?"

Tom smiled. "Pretty good. How are you?"

"Just dandy." She turned to Hannah. "Hi Hon, you taking good care of this guy?"

Hannah's face suddenly felt hot. "I'm trying."

"Well, good. That's all you can do. What do ya want to drink?"

"I'll just have water, thanks."

"And for you, Stud?"

Tom rubbed his stomach and winked at Hannah. "I've worked up a thirst, Dolores. I think I'd like a strawberry milkshake, please."

"You got it."

After Dolores left, Hannah gave Tom a crooked smile. "Stud? Where did that come from? I haven't been bragging about you."

"You look really satisfied, right now. I think other women can tell."

She smiled. "I really am."

Time was short, so they ate quickly.

"Excuse me, Dolores, can I get the check?"

Dolores walked over and patted Tom's shoulder. "This one's on the house. Old man Wentworth is a fixture around here. It's just our way of saying 'thanks' for lookin' out for him."

People at other tables overheard and smiled at him. Tom looked embarrassed. "Well… Thanks."

As they walked out, Hannah took his arm and experienced another new emotion -- a sense of pride in a male companion. It was thrilling to know other people respected him. She felt dignified.

Twenty minutes later, the decency glow dimmed as she pulled Tom's truck into the Morris' driveway. Two parked cars signaled the Chief was home, as well.

"Hi, Hannah. Come in."

Annie hugged her after she stepped inside the front door. "How are you doing? I hear you're helping to keep the motel open. That's so kind of you guys to do that."

"Tom really likes it here. One of his ancestors was from the Blackfoot tribe. He's hoping to find a permanent job and stay."

"How about you?" Annie took her by the hand and led her through the living room.

"I… haven't decided."

"There's no rush. Is there." They headed down the basement stairs. "I've got a ton of laundry to do and it hurts my back to stand over the machine. So, I'd appreciate your help with that."


The basement had been remodeled into a game room, with a pool table as the centerpiece. The backyard sloped away from the house. Through the windows, a swimming pool sparkled in the afternoon sun.

"How long have you been a prostitute?"

'Shit!' thought Hannah. She didn't answer for a while. Then, using her arrest record as a point of reference, she said, "On and off for about two years. But, I'm not anymore."

Annie opened a bi-fold door, to reveal the laundry room. Clothes lay in sorted piles on the vinyl floor. She explained to Hannah how everything worked and watched her start the first load. "Good job. Now the second thing I want you to do is outside."

They walked single file to a poolside table. "Have a seat, Hannah."

They sat down under the shade of a red umbrella, and Annie opened a travel case that was lying next to a bowl of water. She reached in and pulled out a washcloth, safety razor and shaving gel. "I wouldn't ask anyone else, but since you've already been down that road, so to speak, I thought I might get you to shave me." Annie sat back and put her hands on her belly. "Big Willie likes me smooth, and, at the moment, I can't see down there to do it myself."

Hannah tensed. She had hoped for the best, but expected the worst, and here it was. People always came to the same conclusion -- once a whore, always a whore. "Is that all you want? Just a shave?"

"What else would I want, Hannah?" Annie reached out with her bare foot and touched Hannah's calf.

It seemed like a question that didn't require a straight answer. "What if I say no?"

Annie stood and pulled off her shorts and panties. "It's a free country. No one is forcing you to do anything. But I like you, Hannah. I want to be your friend. Willie and I could help you… and Tom." She waited for an answer, naked from the waist down.

The implication was clear. The influential couple could help them, or they could destroy them. It was up to Hannah. "Well, I like you too." She traced her palm down Annie's hip. "Sit down and let's get started."

Annie sat on the edge of the chair and spread her legs.

Hannah wet the washcloth in the bowl of warm water and then knelt between the redhead's knees. "Where's the Chief?"

"Inside, doing paperwork."

Trying to make the process empty of all sexuality, Hannah roughly wet the wispy pubic hair with the washcloth. "You don't have much to begin with."

"I know. I'm not very hairy."

Annie twitched when Hannah began to apply a thick coat of foam.

"Well, isn't this a pretty picture."

The deep voice made Hannah jump.

Annie smiled up at her husband. "I'm getting a shave."

Hannah nervously rinsed her fingers in the bowl of water and picked up the razor. "You want to do it?"

The Chief put a hand on Hannah's head and Annie's smile shrank a little.

He said, "Show me how."

Hannah placed the razor against Annie's skin below her pregnant belly and stroked downward. "I like to start at the perimeter and work toward the lips, less chance of a nick that way."

Annie closed her eyes and sighed. "That feels nice."

The Chief squatted next to Hannah. Slowly, he slid his fingers up Annie's leg to her inner thigh and pushed her left leg a little wider. "Let me try."

Hannah handed over the razor, and then pushed Annie's right leg farther away.

Annie's pussy lips popped open, to reveal a pink dampness.

The Chief laid his palm on Annie's round stomach. "This turns you on, doesn't it?"

She met her man's gaze, and breathily answered, "Yes."

Unsure of her role, Hannah remained an onlooker, as Chief Willie wet his middle finger and pressed it into his wife. It disappeared easily between the folds. He held it still, while trying to complete the shave. The intimacy between the husband and wife touched her, but she wished she were somewhere else. A vibe from the Chief told her he felt the same way, since he'd taken control of Annie.

Hannah's reverie was broken, when Annie rubbed her foot along her leg. "I want you to help him."

The Chief glanced at Hannah with a look of disappointment. "Don't let me cut her."

She moved to the other side of Annie's leg and reached over. Placing both hands near the woman's pussy, she stretched the skin taught at critical times. Within the confined space, the man's arm brushed against her with every small stroke.

Between razor swipes, Willie began to seesaw his finger into his wife, while Hannah moved the labia to safety.

The shaving cream mixed with Annie's cream and generated a new fragrance. Her spread leg began to twitch against Hannah's stomach when something felt particularly nice. Once again, Annie's eyes were closed, her breath a little ragged.

The Chief put down the razor, looked over his work, and said, "Hand me the washcloth."

After rinsing it in the bowl, Hannah passed it on.

With obvious intent, he dabbed and stroked her clean. The other hand now slowly thrust two fingers in and out, while the thumb swirled her swollen clit. "Smooth as silk."

Annie looked at her husband and then at Hannah. "There's only one way to really tell how smooth."

"I don't have to be asked twice." Willie kissed up one thigh and then the other. His tongue laved around her sensitive bud, while his fingers continued to tease. "Not a rough patch to be found," he said, and then placed his lips over her clit.

Annie arched into the sensation and moaned.

Hannah, once again, became a voyeur. The Chief certainly looked like he knew what he was doing. No help needed with this procedure. It wasn't long before the moans and squishy slurps sent tingles to Hannah's tummy. The display of affection reminded her of how much she wanted Tom. Oh, how she wanted him right now. A kick from Annie brought her back to reality.

"Stand behind me, touch me."

Reluctantly, Hannah stood behind the chair and looked down the landscape of Annie's body. Her swollen belly hid the Chief's face, so she couldn't get a reaction to his wife's request. Lightly she massaged Annie's shoulders. The woman shuddered under her fingertips.

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