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Visiting A Friend


Coming home from a hard days work, my soles ache, my back cramped, and I have a head ache the size of Montana. I had ten clients today, my boss threw out the Chagrin file that I had been working on and my co-worker, John cancelled our lunch to Le Chalet. I was forced to grab a quick bit of chow mein around the corner. Oh yes, my day was progressing wonderfully.

Taking the key out of my coat pocket, I open the door. The apartment is dark and I'm overwhelmed by the smell of cologne flowing through the cool air. A small light illuminates the counter top in the kitchen. Flicking off my three-inch heels and leaving them lazily on the tile floor, I immediately head towards the bathroom. The warm water cascades over my flesh as I swirl the water around in the tub. I have just enough time to get a quick bath before Cedric gets home from work. He will be in for a big surprise, I'm not supposed to be here.

I remove my smooth black panty hose, stepping out of them then working the zipper on my jet black mini-skirt. Instinctively running my hands over the length of my toned thighs, curling my fingertips at my knees. I unbutton the soft white beads of my blouse and let it drift slowly to the floor. I lastly remove my white silk bra which clings, restricting the fullness of my breasts. My nipples are instantly hardened by the coolness of the air on my warm soft flesh. I slip into the warm lavender bath. The water enveloping over my hips, stomach, and chest, before finally ending at the base of my breasts.

I must've fallen asleep in the next 45 minutes because I awoke to the sound of the door creaking open and slamming from across the room. The door to the bathroom is closed and I realize the water is cold. Shivering at the realization, I stand myself up and wrap a soft green towel around myself. I feel the cool water cascading down the small of my back. Getting goosebumps quickly I begin to pad myself dry, paying special attention to my legs and feet. Being preoccupied with getting the cold water off my skin, I don't care to notice Cedric standing in the doorway, an appreciating grin painted across his face.

"Let me help you with that." He says seductively in that southern tone that drives me wild. He walks over to my naked body, his large hands run down my shoulders as he removes the damp towel from around my waist. He folds the towel in two and gently runs it over my thighs, then gently turns me around to towel my damp curly hair. Finishing, he hangs the towel on the railing as I stand still, newly dry and naked with my back towards him.

"Come with me." He whispers, as he reaches for my hand. He leads me into the small enclosed kitchen. His hands lay on my waist as he lifts me up onto the cold wooden counter top. The strong muscles in his arms flex and I look into his glazed green eyes. The fire still burns within him as he grins at me.

Suddenly and forcefully his hands pierce my thighs as he pulls them open, exposing my cleanly shaven sex. I moan as I feel his fingers scratch over the insides of my thighs. I put my head back and move to the edge of the counter as I feel his hands run down to my ankles. Opening my eyes I see that Cedric has now gotten onto his knees, my small slim feet lay on either sides of his shoulders. His eyes are fixated on the glistening opening of my sex.

"Mmmm… " he moans. " that looks yummy." Adding jokingly while caressing the soles of my feet. I gently run my toes along his jawline, finally planting them on his furry chin. I trace the outline of his gotee with my big toes, as his fingers run between my toes making me quiver in excitement.

"mmmm… these look yummy too." He whispers at my feet. His warm breath covering over my right toe as he parts his lips to take it in. His tongue runs over my blues painted toe, alternating down the row to give each one it's deserved attention. His warm wet mouth closes over each toe. His long soft tongue slithers over and between, sucking gently on the tips. I moan and quiver as he moves his mouth over to my left foot, continuing to lick and taste my small feet. His hands rub at my ankles and massage the arches.

"That feels so good." I moan in desire as he pauses to look at me. I look down at him. My small feet cupped by his hands, my toes glistening from the warm wet attention his tongue had just given me. His wet lips slowly moves towards my wanting foot and he takes me in again into his mouth. This time I feel his teeth gently racing across the backs of my toes, nibbling at the sides. Another ten minutes passes before he finally gives in to his wanting.

Letting go of my legs, I watch him stand, the bulge of his manhood visible through his khaki shorts. He rests between my open legs, pressing his manhood against my swollen sex and kissing my lips softly. Parting our lips, our tongues wrestle impatiently as my hands fidget with the button on his shorts. I nibble fiercely at his lower lip, sucking gently before moving to his fuzzy chin.

He moans loudly as my hands grasp his hard cock, squeezing him gently, letting my thumb encircle over the small opening on his tip. His body quivers in excitement. Grabbing me roughly by my round ass cheeks, he pulls me off the counter top to the floor. I pull his shorts and boxers down to the ground, his manhood fully exposed, his strong legs pressed against mine as he pins me against the wall.

His left hand wraps around my small waist while his right scans over the contours of my body. His thick fingers trace down to my wet sex, spreading my pink lips to find my erect bud; soft and smoothly massaging it as his lips find my ear lobe, suckling it tenderly. His manhood presses against my stomach and my hand gently stroking him, urging him on. Deserting my love bud, his middle finger pierces into my pussy hole as I yelp out loud.

"Oh yeah!" I moan deeply as his finger pumps my sex roughly. His left hand still grabbing at my hip.

"Turn around." He orders out of no where and flips me around. He puts his hand onto the middle of my back and pushes me over. My breasts make contact with the cold counter top and my hands spread out in front of me as I grab at the shelving in front of me. I feel the tip of his cock at my entrance as he runs it up and down the length of my dripping slit before impaling me roughly, filling me up to the brim.

'Ohhh!!" I moan loudly. I feel his balls slap against my ass cheeks and his hands grasping at my hips hard.

He begins to thrust himself into me as my body bounces with the weight of his body against me. Increasing his pace, I find myself rubbing my erect clit and pushing towards my first orgasm.

"Fuck!!" I yell, not realizing what I had just said.

"You like that you little slut?" he huskily moans as his hand slaps against my right ass cheek. My head pulls back as I yelp a yes.

Another slap, this time a little more forceful and I let out another cry.

"Tell me you like it!" he orders.

"Yes…. Yes……." Another slap occurs against my tender bum. "Yes!!!" I scream as I rush towards an incredible orgasm. My body convulses and I scream in pleasure as Cedric doesn't let up on the pace. His hard body slaps rapidly against me as I moan loudly with each thrust his cock makes into my tight pussy. My juices drip down the insides of my thighs as he continues to give a ultimate fuck.

Suddenly he slows his pace and withdraws his cum covered cock and turns me around to face him. His hand lightly strokes his cock as his other reaches for something in the cabinet. He pulls out a small plastic bottle of "Magic Potion"

Taking the cap off he pours a quarter size amount onto his hand, rubbing it along the shaft of his beautiful cock then taking another quarter size amount rubs it up and down the length of my ass. I moan in pleasure and close my eyes. I arch my back and bend back my head. I feel his lubed up cock rub up against my slit, down to my small little tight bud, then back up towards my clit. As he slowly runs it back down my crack to my anus, I look into his eyes. Looking back at me with desire, he shoves his thick cock into my tiny love hole. I scream in pleasure as the tip of his cock bursts through.

Slowly his length enters my ass and I close my eyes. He increases his pace in my lubricated asshole while I moan in pleasure and pain.

"Fuck!!" I yell as he begins to pump me with all the force he had earlier. My tight asshole being assaulted and yet it feeling so damn good. I feel my second orgasm beginning to build and I let Cedric know.

"Fuck yeah… cum baby.. cum….." He whispers as he watches his thick cock disappear in and out of my tight little hole.

Then I hear his throaty gasps as he yells "I'm cumming.."

As he yells those words, my body convulses once more and my inner caves expand as my juices flow….

"Fuck!!!" I scream as his semen fills my bowels. He arches over me kissing my back as his cock gently softens within me. My juices flow down my thighs in excess.

He slowly removes himself from me…. Cum dripping off of him.

"God that was good." He says happily.

"Mmmm.. yes it was." I reply.

He gently runs his pointer along my dripping slit, bringing it up to his mouth and sucking it eagerly.

'Mmmm." Is all he can say.

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