tagErotic CouplingsWake Me in Pleasure

Wake Me in Pleasure


The lights are dim throughout the house when you get home, so you know I'm asleep. As you stand in the doorway, there is enough light coming through to see me on the bed. I am wearing the white satin and lace nightgown you love. I am lying on my stomach in the middle of the bed, arms stretched above my head. One of my legs is bent, which has pulled the nightgown up to my ass. You can see I am not wearing any panties. Your cock starts to twitch and harden.

You undress quickly and quietly. You slowly crawl onto the bed and gently lay down over me. You start kissing my shoulders and arms, lightly and sweetly. You run your hands up my arms, down my back, over my ass, and along my legs. You can feel me starting to stir. It shouldn't be long before I'm awake.

Your hands start lightly massaging their way back up my legs and you stop to kiss and lick along the way. You rub my inner thighs, barely grazing my pussy lips. I've already started getting wet. My hips starting to move.

Your hands slide along my back and reach around to my breasts. With one in each hand, you squeeze, rubbing my nipples hard against your rough palms. You lay your body on mine, thrusting your cock slightly against my ass.

I turn my head and look sleepily at you while pushing back to feel you against me. You lean up and kiss me, our tongues lazily curling around each other. I love the weight of you against me, pinning me onto the bed. Your hands on my breasts shoot waves of pleasure to my pussy.

You take one hand and move it down my stomach. You run your fingers through my hair, then cup me and press hard. A finger slips between my outer lips and starting teasing my clit. It is so wet down there. Your finger slides up and down so easily.

One finger, then two, slip into my pussy, pressing against me. Your palm grinds against my clit. I groan and start rotating my hips. The sensation of your cock against my ass and your finger between my legs is making me crazy.

As my moans get louder, you ease your fingers out to stop me from cumming. I growl in frustration.

You chuckle and kiss me again. I arch my back and shift my legs out so that your cock falls between my legs and rubs against my pussy. The motion of my hips causes the head of your cock to bump my clit, sending electric charges up and down my spine.

I try to angle my hips to get you inside, but your weight prevents me from moving the way I need to. I try to squeeze my thighs together to press you harder against me, but again you prevent it. Once more, as I am about to cum, you back away.

The teasing has gotten to be too much. "Damn it, will you just fuck me already!"

This was what you were waiting for. You put one hand on my stomach to lift my hips higher then shift your knees under me. The head of your cock pushes against my entrance. You slowly ease in, stretching and filling me almost to the point of pain.

I start trying to get on my hands and knees. You press your weight against me, your hands holding onto mine to keep me pressed to the bed. Your tongue licks across my shoulder blade to the beginning of my neck. Your mouth opens, your teeth lightly scrape my skin.

Your cock slowly pulls out, leaving just the head in.

Suddenly, your teeth bite down as you thrust hard and get as deep into my pussy as you can go. I scream and push against you as much as I can. You thrust again, and again, keeping my neck between your teeth.

The feel of you, all over me, thrusting, filling me so deeply. But it's not enough. "I need more!"

You sit up, pulling me with you. My legs fall to the side of yours, giving me the leverage I need. With one hand on my breasts, the other across my hips, you help me lift off and slam back onto your cock.

Our pace quickens, the thrusts get harder and faster. The hand around my waist moves to my clit. You stroke and pinch it.

My body jerks in pleasure. I scream as I begin to cum. My pussy spasms furiously around your cock. You thrust a few more times, then begin to cum. As our orgasms die down, we fall to the bed. Our bodies still together.

Oh god, it felt so good. I always want to be woken up this way.

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