Walk In The Woods Ch. 02

byL.A. Wicker©

Tammy sucked Ray and felt his hand moving under her shorts. He moved over her panty-covered pussy and he gently touched her. More moans of pleasure came from deep inside her. 'Oh Ray!' she stopped to whisper. 'It feels good,' she smiled moving him back into her mouth. This time she sucked harder, she needed him to cum in her.

Ray carefully caressed her wetness and loved hearing her moans. 'You're so wet,' he said thinking of how easy his hard cock would go inside her. 'Let me take you,' he begged looking into her eyes. 'Please!'

Tammy's heart was torn between Ray and the man she loved so dearly. She had saved herself for Daddy more than half of her life and she was so close to giving into Ray. She pulled from him and sat up; her mind was going wild trying to figure this out.

Bill was on top of Stacie, gently pushing his hips into hers. 'I guess we should get busy,' she smiled to him. She needed a man in her pussy and since John was gone Bill got the pleasure. She quickly pulled down her shorts and looked to Bill. 'Oh my Lord!' she said when she saw how fat his cock was. It wasn't near the length of John, but she knew it was going to feel good.

He moved back on her as she spread her legs. 'Push it in slow. I've never had one that fat before,' she whispered feeling the head move against her.

'I would never hurt you,' he replied giving her a kiss. He moved forward, a soft moan came from her as he carefully moved inside her beautiful body.

She locked around him. 'Oh my God!' she whimpered as his thick shaft spread her so wide she thought he was tearing her in two. 'Fuck!' Stacie moaned. 'Damn that feels good!' she cried, wrapping her legs around him, driving it deeper.

Bill looked to her pretty face and starting moving. 'Oh shit!' he moaned as he slowly moved in and out of her body. 'I wanted you from the first minute I saw you,' he whispered as he pace quickened.

Stacie could not believe how wonderful he felt. She had never seen a cock so thick and it was in her, fucking her good. 'Oh Bill!' she moaned out as it slid in and out of her excited pussy. It may not ever be the same after this, but she sure wasn't going to worry about it now. 'Fuck me!' she said kicking her heels into his back. 'Fuck me hard!' she ordered kicking him again.

Bill did as ordered; he starting fucking her as hard and fast as he could and from the sounds of her moaning, he knew he was doing it right.

'Oh yes!' Stacie yelled. 'Oh my God!' she yelled again as she began to cum around him and his fat cock. She felt as if her head was going to explode. Her heart raced, her pussy was spasming like never before, she was in heaven. 'Fuck me! Fuck me!' she moaned pushing him in her with her legs.

'Oh God!' Bill moaned as he started filling Stacie with cum. He pushed deep and thought the end of his cock was going to blow off. 'Oh girl!' he grunted and fell on her heaving breasts. 'Why was I upset?' he laughed giving Stacie a big kiss. 'Thank you,' he whispered giving her a small, loving kiss.

Ray looked at Tammy with need in his eyes. 'You know you want it as bad as I do,' he said reaching to kiss her. 'Come on,' he pleaded holding out his hand to her.

Tammy slowly pulled down her shorts and lie back on the sleeping bag. Tears filled her eyes as Ray moved over her trembling body. She just hoped her Daddy didn't get angry with her for giving into Ray.

Ray moved his hard cock to Tammy's wet pussy. 'I love you,' he whispered pushing into her virgin body. 'Oh my God!' he moaned out when she began squeezing him.

Tammy bit her lip when he took her delicate prize. 'Ouch!' she whimpered as he filled her tiny place with his hardness. Tears flowed from her eyes and she could only think of her Daddy somewhere in the night. Was he thinking of her or was he making it with the very voluptuous Candy?

'Oh God!' Kim moaned covering her head with the thick sleeping bag, trying to drown out the wonderful sounds. The only thing that kept her from going crazy was that fact that she and John had made love just last night.


'Hey,' a sweet voice said pulling John away from his thoughts. 'How's this?' Candy asked, as she stood before him in a wet pair of panties and a big smile. 'I washed them out,' she said caressing her hips. 'I remembered how much you liked seeing the girls' in their skimpy bikinis,' she added looking to his eyes roaming over her body. 'I thought you'd like them.'

He stood up, looked to her rounded hips, the prize between her legs and she slowly turned around to give him a look at her shapely ass. She had seen him looking at it so many times while they were walking and figured he would love seeing it in the small panties.

'I like them very much!' he said hugging her as he gently caressed her heated behind, gently kissing her neck.

'Thank you,' she replied feeling wetness pouring from between her legs. 'You sure do know how to get a girl going.' Candy purred moving her hips back and forth, teasing his cock.

John felt her and strange feeling came over him. It was like he had met her before or maybe had seen her in a dream. 'You know all the other girls' are great, but there's just something about you,' he whispered smashing her big breasts against his chest, trying to think of what drew him to her. Sure she was a total beauty with a set of the best looking breasts he had ever seen in his life, but there was something he just couldn't put his finger on.

'What's that?' she asked feeling him growing against her. 'Oh my!' Candy moaned trying to move her hips to his. 'Ouch! One of us needs to lose the jeans,' she laughed standing back to put her hand on her hip. 'Oh my God!' Candy gasped putting her hand over her mouth and she knew another reason why the other girls' were so crazy about him. 'How in the hell did you get that in Kim?' she asked thinking of something so long and fat inside the small girl. She would be lucky if she could get it inside her.

He moved forward, letting it move between her legs and rest on her panties. 'That little girl about raped me,' he laughed reaching to caress her ass, enjoying her soft flesh on his fingers. 'And as for getting in a hot thing like you,' he leaned to kiss her lips and flexed his hard cock. 'I think it's going to fit in you nicely,' he added pushing her back on the bed and he moved over her trembling body. 'You're so pretty,' he whispered lowering himself beside her.

Candy wasn't sure if she should rape him or run, but she knew this was going to be a night to remember. Candy spread her legs as she turned to face him. She had to have the massive piece of meat back on her throbbing pussy. 'It feels so good,' she moaned feeling it pulsing against her.

John enjoyed the look on her face. Sure he had seen women respond the same way many times before, but he always did enjoy it and Candy was so special. 'I'm glad you like it.' He reached to kiss her and couldn't help but reach to caress her right nipple.

Her soft moans filled the tiny cabin as they kissed and caressed each other with a mix of lust and a hint of love. He kissed, nibbled and licked over her very shapely body, driving her wild with lust.

She in turn licked, kissed and sucked various parts of him, enjoying every inch.

'Oh shit!' Candy gasped pulling from John. 'I'm ready,' she said panting for air, feeling tears of anticipation in her eyes. She felt as if it was her first time with a man.

He caressed her face. 'How do you want it?' he asked moving to suck one of her excited nipples in his mouth. Her back arched as he tenderly sucked her swollen bud and he too was ready to be inside this wonderful girl.

She turned on her back, spread her legs and looked to him. 'Take me,' she whispered as he slowly moved over her. Candy watched as he reached to position himself, she drew a breath of air. 'Oh my God!' Candy screamed out as he carefully pushed deep inside her wet insides. She felt the most wonderful pain she had ever known as his massive head spread her, making room for the rest of his swollen cock. 'Oh John!' Candy whimpered wrapping her arms around his back.

John pushed deeper as she locked around him. He needed to be as deep in her as he could. Something was drawing him to her and he didn't know why. 'You feel so good,' he said looking to her pretty eyes enjoying her wrapped around his cock.

Candy lay under him, filled with more cock than she could have ever imagined, and loved it. She looked into his eyes and saw a wonderful man loving her, a man she was falling in love with. 'Earlier you said there was something about me, what did you mean?' she asked reaching her arms around him.

'I don't know. It's like I already knew you or something,' he replied as he filled her body. He looked into her eyes and tried to think to figure this out, but could not.

Candy saw the desperation in his eyes. 'Come on now,' she said kissing him. 'Don't worry about it right now,' she kissed him again. 'You've got better things to do!' Candy said in a lustful voice pushing her hips to his cock. She needed him to love her right now and later she'd help him figure this out.

John held her hips as he moved in and out of her body, watching her large breasts swaying back and forth with each of his deep thrusts in her. Her small breaths of air filled his face as he pleasured the young woman under him. She felt so tight wrapped around him, it was if a hand was deep inside her milking his cock. 'I've never been in anyone like you in my life,' he said kissing her with heat and more passion that he had any woman in his life.

Candy enjoyed John's massive cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy more than any other man in her life. She watched him as he pleased her and she knew by the look on his handsome face that she wasn't just a quest, he truly loved her. 'Oh John!' she moaned out. 'I'm so close,' she whimpered feeling him moving a little faster and the sounds of two people loving each other filled the night.

'Go baby!' he said looking to her pretty face and the pleasure that filled it. 'Cum baby,' he whispered moving faster, driving his hard cock deeper. 'Cum for me,' he whispered and couldn't wait to feel her cumming around his cock.

Candy could feel it building it the back of her excited pussy. Her back arched high in the air and she drew in a deep breath. 'Oh my God!' she screamed out. 'Oh yes! Oh yes!' she screamed more as she dug her fingernails deep into John's back. Blood raced through her body and it felt as if her heart was about to explode. 'John! Oh John!' she whimpered feeling tears running from her eyes, down her cheeks and Candy knew she loved him.

John pumped her orgasming pussy with long, deep strokes as she exploded around him. She tried milking him of his seeds as she contracted around him. 'Oh shit!' he groaned and knew it was his time. He pushed to her deepest depths and began to release.

'John! Go!' Candy moaned pushing to get him as deep as she could. She wanted his seeds, his gift, and his hot cum filling her full. She would love to have a child by him, she knew it would grow to be a fine, strong, man. 'Fill me up!' she whimpered as the hot cream injected so far in her she felt as it was going to come out of her mouth.

John pumped hard as he filled her full of cum. 'Oh yes!' he smiled looking to the happy look on her face. 'Damn, we could kill each other if we did this too much.' John laughed giving her a deep, loving kiss.

'What a way to die,' she returned his smile and a lost feeling came over her as she thought of never being with him again. 'Too bad Todd had to go and fuck up our trip,' she added with sadness in her voice. 'Stay in me all night. Please!' Candy begged and began to cry.

John hugged her in his arms. 'What's wrong?' he asked trying to comfort her as much as he could. He dearly hated to see a woman cry, it always broke his heart and he always felt as if he would join them.

'I don't want to lose you,' she cried returning his loving hug. 'I know what you meant earlier. I feel it now,' she whimpered. 'It's like I've known you before,' she said sniffing back some tears of sadness. 'I can't believe I went and fell in love with you,' she giggled, but it quickly turned to a deep, loving gaze into his eyes.

He caressed her face and smiled. 'Don't feel bad, I feel the same way,' he replied giving Candy a deep kiss. 'I'd love to stay like this, but I hurt my back a long time ago and it will start hurting anytime,' he said shifting his weight. 'How about if you get on top?' he asked giving her a wink.

'Can I do anything I want?' Candy asked with eagerness. She had always wanted to ride a man of John's size.

John wrapped his arms around her and with one swift move she was on top of him with his cock still buried deep in her. 'Oh yes!' she moaned when it touched places she didn't even know were there. "You may be right,' she smiled. 'It would be pretty easy to fuck each other to death.' And she began moving up and down his hard cock shaft. 'Oh John!'

'Yes! You ride it,' he smiled caressing her wonderful ass watching her big breasts bouncing in his face. He grabbed one and sucked it while his right hand grabbed the other, sending more waves of pleasure through her young body.

Candy had never felt so good in her life. She had one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen deep in her, a wonderful man under her and she was in love. Candy felt her pussy getting tight, heat raced through her and she lost control. 'Oh fuck!' she screamed sitting completely down on John, driving his cock deep into her as she exploded into another wild orgasm. 'Oh my God!' Candy squealed. 'Hold me! Hold me!' she began to whimper lying on his chest as the breath taking sensations flowed through her.


Early the next morning Bill sat up and looked around the camp. He saw Ray and Tammy huddled together and when he looked to where Kim was laying, she was gone. He jumped up, looking everywhere around the bushed and up and down each side of the small river.

'Kim!' he yelled out as loud as he could. 'Kim!' he yelled again and the others' quickly ran to him.

'Where is she? Ray asked knowing it was his turn to watch the camp, but he had fallen asleep. 'Did anyone see her?' he asked running up the small incline to the path. 'Kim!' he yelled out running down the dusty path. 'Kim!' Ray yelled over and over as he ran back towards the cliffs they had passed yesterday. 'That's when he saw her shirt lying on the side of the path. He picked it up and saw what looked like blood. 'Oh no!' he said running back to camp as fast as he could. 'Look what I found.' Ray said holding her bloodstained shirt to Bill as tears ran down his face.

'Oh shirt!' was all Bill could say as he looked at the small shirt. 'Where did you find it?' he asked looking to Ray, wondering if Todd would have hurt her that bad or even gone as far as killing her.

Ray wiped his face. 'I found it back by the cliffs,' he replied feeling Tammy's loving arms around him. 'I feel asleep.' Ray cried hugging her. 'It's all my fault!'

'Don't cry,' she replied. 'We'll find her and she's going to be just fine.' Tammy said hoping that in fact they would find her okay. She knew Todd was insanely jealous that her Dad had fucked the pretty, young girl all night. 'It's okay,' she whispered to Ray, hoping to get him to calm down so that they could go looking for Kim.

'I'm not sure if we should go hunting for her or not.' Bill said. 'If he took her back by the cliffs, he could do just like yesterday and we'd be sitting ducks again,' he said with a hint of worry in his voice. They were very lucky that they got away yesterday without anyone being killed.

Tammy knew he was right, but they had to at least try to find her. 'We need to go look around. We can't just let that jerk go and beat her up or maybe even try to kill her without looking;' she said looking to the others'.

'She's right.' Stacie said moving next to Tammy. 'If we go as far as the cliffs or maybe we could even find a way to go over them like he did,' she paused to look at Bill and Ray. 'We can't just sit on our asses hoping that John and Candy found any help,' she added wiping a tear from her eye. 'We owe it to Kim,' she said feeling tears running down her face hoping that she was alright.

Bill knew that were right, but on the other hind what if Todd hurt more of them. Stacie was lucky she could walk and he could tell that Tammy was in a lot of pain. 'Are you two going to be able to walk back that far?' Bill asked looking at the two girls'. 'I can tell you both are still hurting and if I give you one of John's pills, you'll be so high we'd never find Kim,' he added smiling to them, hoping that they would change their minds.

'I can live with it.' Tammy quickly said not caring about herself.

'I can too.' Stacie said as soon as Tammy had completed her last word. 'We need to help Kim no matter what,' she said thinking of the pretty girl being hurt by the man that tried to rape her.

Bill shook his head and couldn't help but admire the two girls' for wanting to help Kim. 'Well, let's get everything packed out and hide it,' he said. 'I just hope we're not walking into more trouble.' Bill added pulling the pistol from his backpack.

'I'll take that.' Tammy said reaching for the gun. 'My Dad taught me how to shoot a long time ago and we go shooting every chance we get,' she smiled, pulling back the slide, making sure it was ready to fire. 'Let's hurry up,' he added flipping on the safety and jammed the pistol down the back of her jeans making sure it was covered by her shirt. 'We need to leave some kind of sign to my Dad to let him know what way we're going,' she said looking around for small pebbles. She found enough and made the most used sign used by her Dad just under a small bush.

Bill and Ray looked at each other and couldn't help laugh. 'I bet she could out shoot either of us blind folded.' Bill laughed again giving Ray a slap on his back.

Everyone had their things hid in a matter of minutes and they were off to find Kim.


Candy slowly opened her eyes feeling something wonderful still in her body. 'Mmmm,' she softly moaned knowing what it was, John's nice, long cock. Candy lie atop him, looking to his masculine chest, the thick coat of hair covering his handsome face and she knew what she wanted. She began to flex her inner muscles around him and within just a few seconds, he started to grow. 'Oh yes!' Candy whispered as he inflated inside her tiny place.

John felt her, his hands moved to her round ass and he gently squeezed. 'Someone must want to play,' he smiled up to her and felt his heart skip a beat. 'Oh my Lord!' John said reaching to caress her beautiful face as the warm morning sun filled her hair and could see her mother waking him up the same way some fifteen years ago.

'What?' Candy asked with a smile. 'Do you mind that I'm doing this?' she asked as she leaned to kiss him as her hips moved, wondering why he was looking at her that way.

'No at all,' he replied thinking back to her late mother and how much they looked alike. John could not believe that he didn't see it sooner. 'You look just like your mother when she woke me up this way,' he smiled feeling tears in his eyes.

Candy gave him a puzzled look and froze. 'What?' she quickly said. 'My mom has been gone for a long time,' she added and was just about climb off of him thinking this was some kind of joke.

'It's okay, June Bug,' he smiled calling her by the pet name her sweet mother did. 'Who would have ever thought we'd see each other after so long,' he said giving her a deep kiss. 'And to end up making out of this world love to each other.' John added and couldn't help but laugh at the look on her pretty face.

Candy still wasn't sure who he was, but not many people knew the name her mom had called her, he must have been close to them. 'So, help me out here,' she said trying to force a smile.

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