Walking in Switzerland


"Sorry Andy. I should have said earlier but I'm busting, and I just can't risk, you know ..."

Just as things started to go well, and just as Andy had a stonker erection, she walked over to the nearest tree, beckoned Andy, leaned back and ...

"You wanted too see me pee, well here's your chance ... "

That complete, and Andy's curiosity satisfied Alison returned to her previous position, a broad grin on her face.

"That's the first and the last time I do that."

Andy gave her a big hug and the two were soon locked in an embrace. Andy owed this girl and the best way he could repay was with his fingers, his tongue, his lips. Starting at the top of her brow he kissed, and kissed and kissed ... all ... the ... way ... down. Her nose, her lips, her chin, her neck, her breasts and nipples - both sides - her tummy, navel, hips, pussy, thighs, legs, knees ankles and feet.

They both knew that neither was a virgin, but Andy took it gently, steadily. Little by little he entered her wet and very willing pleasure zone. He slipped in easily but felt her grip him, her pleasure muscles gripping his cock enough to give him much sensation, much pleasure. Despite the failing light there was no rush, no urgency.

Andy thought of the times he'd entered his sister. He was unsure at first but she guided him, taught him until he was confident with other girls. She had taught him subtle variations, how to give himself and give her the best pleasure. She told him this was the best gift she could give him. One to one expert tuition. He learned how to make her cum, to do what ... what?

What the fuck? He cursed himself, letting his sister intrude between him and Alison. He shook off the thoughts and began to increase the pace. He would use the subtle variations to please Alison. Why the fuck should he let Mo have all the enjoyment?

Steadily, stealthily his strokes became longer and faster. He could feel Alison's vaginal walls grip him tightly. He could feel the pressure in his balls, slapping hard against her. He slowed sufficient to engage her in a kiss, to caress her breasts, then suck her nipples until she shared his pleasure. He called her name softly again and again. He thrust harder watching the intense look on her face, harder and faster still until he could give no more. His arousal peaked and his body took over, pumping his seed into Alison.

Without even a thought he withdrew, bent down level with Alison's vulva, sought out her clit and began to lap, like a cat greedily lapping the best cream. Although it made his jaw ache, he unleashed the full fury of his tongue against the nub of Alison's sexual being. He sensed the tension building within her, he sensed her clit pulsing out furious messages of total ecstasy, he sensed her totally give in to the pleasure of total uninhibited orgasm. She cried out, totally unable to control herself, passing into a state of sexual nirvana.

It was almost dark by the time they returned, satisfied, to the hostel. A drink or two in the bar and to their separate beds. They both slept dreamlessly until morning.


The coach arrived early afternoon to take them back home. The pair, companions all week, still had much to discuss. The overnight journey didn't seem so bad, Andy making Alison cum countless times under cover of her jacket and feigning sleep. After all, isn't that what fingers were made for?

Sadly Andy and Alison parted company in London. Kisses and tears, but they planned to meet up soon.


Sis greeted Andy with a warm hug and a kiss at the railway station. She was wearing his favourite perfume. Her car parked outside sped them home. Mo's present was in Andy's rucksack. Half an hour later she came down, kissed him and led him to her room. He would sit on her bed, watch her new, already moistened panties, and be lulled gently by her soothing relaxing voice to tell her everything about his holiday.

As he made his way to his own bedroom, he couldn't remember anything about the conversation, but sis seemed to know everything about Alison.

The following morning the new panties were where they should be, in the linen basket. Still damp, still packed full of the most delicious aroma. He stood, inhaling, gently coaxing his cock to discharge its load.

Andy never contacted Alison again.

Why did he need to when he had his beautiful, sexy, understanding sister, Mo?

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Beautiful story. More like that please

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