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Wall Hanging


Katherine tried again to stretch and relieve some of the pressure on the balls of her feet. Although she was of good height for a woman at 5' 7", the hook above her head was too high and the ropes strung from it that held her hands raised together were too tight. She could only sigh and whimper and wait. Blindfolded and hung from a hook drilled into the wall near the ceiling high above her head, she could at least relax her spine against the cool wall. She was strung up too high to stand comfortably, so all she could do was shift every few minutes from supporting herself on one pair of toes to another.

She had no idea how long she had been hanging there. Sometime in the morning, He had woken her up by pulling her long dark hair and slapping her face. He had dragged her out of his bed while she was still nude and put the blindfold over her eyes and then tied her to this position. This wasn't the first time, only the latest. He told her to wait there until He came back, as if she had a choice. Even on the days when the cleaning crew came in to attend to the rest of the house, she was always gagged and bound. They never came in to whatever room He put her in (she never knew which one). She once tried feebly to scream, but gave up as soon as she realized she was almost about to cum. Ashamed and humiliated, she had quieted herself and sucked the ball gag as if it was a cock and felt her pussy throb with a minor orgasm. Since then, she had learned to wait for His return.

She was usually left with a ball gag in her mouth and this time He must have been away for many hours because she was out of spit to form around it. Her chin was drying the last of her saliva and her muscles were beginning to cramp when she suddenly felt hands undoing the gag. Before she could work her jaw to form words, a cold wet cloth was shoved in her mouth. She sucked hungrily at it and felt some strength return to her limbs. After a few seconds, she felt a strip of leather brush over her nipples. Before she could guess what it was, the belt struck the side of her right breast and then her left. The blows were repeated and the sharp pain sent shockwaves through her body and she could feel intense throbs inside her vagina with each one. Her knees trembled and heels jumped against the wall.

The belt then descended lightly over her head in a loop and tightened around her throat as a hand pulled her hair out of the noose. The loose end was pulled between her large breasts, now swelling with blood from the lashes. As the loop constricted, she opened her mouth around the cloth in a gasp and immediately felt something sharp and metallic enter.

"Stay still," He commanded.

She could feel the blades envelop her tongue and knew they were scissors. Her tongue pushed up through the cloth to hold them in place as He left them there. Her throat constricted more as the belt was pulled down again and she could feel His knuckles brush past her taut stomach and over her pelvis. The edge of the leather strip brushed her clit a few times and she thrust out her head and moaned around her difficult gag. In her distraction, she had let her knees move in closer than He wanted and she felt the sharp slap of His hand slam between them.

"Knees apart. Twelve inches. Always, until told."

She complied and tried to breathe and relax and concentrate, but she could feel He was teasing her exposed labia with the belt tip. Even though she was mostly dehydrated, her pussy betrayed her and dripped juice down her thighs. Embarrassed by her own lewdness, she hardly noticed as He fastened something to the first belt loop hole and inserted it past her swollen pussy lips. As He gently let go of it she could immediately sense that it was some sort of steel hook. Dull, thankfully, but it still made her thrust her neck out even more so it didn't threaten to rip up into her. Her breathing became sharp and ragged and she felt a small orgasm explode as her clit rubbed the metallic member. She almost cried with the humiliation and pleasure of it.

A few more seconds passed as she drooled past the cloth and through the scissors and down onto her breasts. She could faintly hear the click and whine of a camera as He shot pictures of her and she surrendered to another small orgasm at the thought of how she must look hanging against the wall blindfolded, with blades in her mouth and a strap tied around her neck pulling a hook up into her cunt. She trembled even more severely this time as her excitement passed and her body demanded rest. Her sex was still swollen and pleading and she almost wept for the extent of her sluttish needs.

Minutes passed, maybe an hour? Katherine no longer had any real notion of time. There was only the time when He came home and then a brief moment when He unbound her, just before she surrendered to sleep, that she consciously thought of the outside's conception of time. She knew she had signed a contract with Him for a month of His attention, with no safe word for escape. She could not remember why she had done it and no longer cared. For the past few days (or was it weeks?) she let Him do anything at all at anytime He wished. All she knew now was the slut. The slut was that girl or woman or beast inside of her that craved only to be fed and cared for and fucked. It had argued against every piece of her mind for years and destroyed several relationships. It had finally won the war within and she could vaguely recall the armistice she signed in this man's presence. She knew she met Him through some website she had tried on a whim, but even that thought she wanted to discard. He was here and was paying attention to her unlike any she had experienced before. She wasn't even sure she wanted the contract to end or even if He would honor it, but even such a thought as this flew away under the pressure of the hook and the gag and the blindfold.

"Be still. Be quiet. Be good."

The ropes that held her hands slackened gradually and she felt herself lowered toward the floor. Some part of her mind told her to turn her head in case she met the floor but another part – a part put there by Him – forced it away and said He would never let that happen. Indeed, the rope tightened again and she hung there at what she could only guess was a 45-degree angle. Her toes throbbed with pleasure to be released from gravity and her feet scrabbled to plant themselves against the wall. Again, her cunt throbbed as new sensations of relief and ultimate submission battled and flooded her. She groaned loudly and almost lost the scissors, but she clenched her jaw and felt the blades scrape the insides of her cheeks and pinch her tongue. She whined repeatedly until she felt the scissors being removed. She tried a muffled "thank you" past the cloth but was cut short as she was slapped across her face on each side.

"Be still. Don't make me tell you again."

The skin of her face was still stinging as he re-inserted the scissors. She concentrated on them even as she felt her knees being slapped further apart.

"Two feet now... further... good girl."

She felt her ass cheeks slapped lightly. Her dripping pussy was now fully exposed and she could feel the air carrying away the moisture on her engorged lips. She wanted to drop her head and moan again, but was afraid of the scissors and of disappointing Him. Instead, she breathed harder and focused her thoughts on her cunt, just the way she knew He wanted her.


She could feel something moving across her ass cheeks and she let go of herself and simply hung there. A rubber object starting pressing against her asshole and she instinctively resisted, even though she knew she shouldn't. A sharp slap landed hard and fast on her butt, followed soon after by three more. She whimpered and concentrated on the scissors. The butt plug was withdrawn for a second and then returned with a slick and oily texture. The lubrication worked on her hole and opened her without her even thinking. She tried to stop thinking and accept it. As the thick piece of rubber entered her, she stifled herself and pushed down in her stomach to take it all, just like she had been taught a good little slut should.

The plug entered her tight asshole and she breathed even harder through her dangerous gag. He pressed it deeper inside of her and she tried to relax and push down more to take it, but there just always seemed more to take. Her tongue stroked the scissor blades through her cloth gag as she tried to scream when He forced the plug all the way in. Panting and sweating, she felt His hands stretch tape across her ass to keep the intruding thing inside of her.

Next, she felt His hands gathering her hair and gently pulling it back and tying it into a ponytail. She could sense rather than feel Him standing over her suspended body, straddling her with his legs. She yearned to brush up against even one pant leg, but He was careful to avoid her body. She began to feel Him pulling slowly back on her hair and she realized she had let her head droop far lower than she had thought. As her head was pulled gradually back, the belt tightened and her neck constricted and the hook buried in her cunt was forced up into her. As it bumped into the thin skin that separated it from the plug in her ass, a long low wail began in her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to ignore the pain even as a massive wave of excitement built and pulsed in her pussy. She had no idea how far He had pulled her back, but when the force of the hook pushing against the plug finally turned her wail into a scream, her tongue pushed hard against the scissors and the terrible pinching it suffered there only increased her pain and her pleasure. She knew she was cumming in a way she had never experienced before – a long terrible tide of pain and humiliation and raw pleasure.

The belt had finally constricted so far she could no longer breathe and she began to choke, but managed to keep from thrashing. Her hair was gently and excruciatingly slowly released so she could lower her head and slacken the leather strip. With every merciful centimeter He released she felt her cunt throb with smaller waves of ecstasy as the hook receded and her breathing returned. Eventually He let her hair go and her head drooped as low as it could and she felt herself giving in to exhaustion. Just as she thought she might pass into a delirium, she felt His hand stroking her back and her senses came alive again.

"Good girl. You did just fine, little slut. I'm very proud of you."

Katherine moaned and managed to raise her head up to show how she could do even better and was ready. Some part of her mind recoiled at how submissively grateful she was for His praise and how she almost cooed at the feel of His gentle petting, but that part had become just a shred of a memory of her former self that she had put in a box weeks ago. She even giggled a bit as she looked forward to anything He wanted to do next. She could sense Him move and come to stand in front of her and she raised her head even higher in the hope that He would let her suck His cock. The anticipation of it thrilled her and the pressure of the hook and plug carried this feeling into an exquisite pulsing throughout her body. Even if He only removed the gag, she yearned to beg to taste his dick or lick hungrily at his balls or even just to beg for hours while He simply stood there considering her.

Instead, she felt a cold metal clamp being attached to her right nipple and a screw tightening it. The nipple pinched, bulged, thickened and was fastened. The same was done to the other one and the new sensation made her moan softly and repeatedly. She could feel her nipples being pulled up and closer together and guessed there was a chain between the clamps. As they rose, so did her excitement and pleasure. She heard a metallic snap and sensed that He had attached the chain to the belt buckle at her neck. She experimented with nodding her head slowly and was rewarded with intense waves of pain and pleasure in various parts of her body.

"Good girl. That's my good girl. Show me how you can fuck yourself. Go on."

Katherine's head nodded rhythmically up and down as she used the tightness of the belt to yank her nipples and fuck herself with the hook. While she tried to bring her head as high as she could to show how good of a slut she could be, she felt something touch her clit past the metal of the hook. It began vibrating and she squealed. The rip of tape sounded and she could tell He was fastening it to her clit. As He let go and straddled her prone body again, she felt the vibrations increase in intensity. She also felt her hair being pulled back again and her head rising even higher than before. She moaned loudly past the chokehold on her throat, feeling the sensations of hook and plug and clamps and vibrator all at once. It was more than she could bear and she started to writhe.

"Patience, little slut. Just hold it a little while longer."

Katherine's body was in torment and overwhelmingly stimulated. She tried to focus on His words and calm her breathing and accept her torture. She managed to keep from screaming and only sobbed in supplication. Finally, the vibrations rapidly diminished and her hair was let go and as blood circulated to the areas that had been the most under pressure, her body shook with millions of tiny orgasms that left her utterly exhausted. She could only barely sense Him removing the clamps, then the scissors, then the belt and hook. She sighed and might even have climaxed again as they were withdrawn, but her body was spent. An oily substance was applied to her buttocks and the tape that held the butt plug in place was easily removed along with the object. Finally, the cloth in her mouth was gently extracted and he held her chin so she could have a few sips of water.

As He lowered her slowly to the floor and undid her bindings, she curled up and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but then felt her body being lifted by His strong arms. She still had the blindfold on, but even if she had the strength to do it, she would not remove it. He had not told her to and that was enough. Soon, she felt the air change to something warm and humid and felt she was being lowered into a tub of warm, soapy water. She fought the desire to slip into sleep immediately as He bathed and massaged her tired body. He removed the blindfold and she blearily saw only His smile as He cleaned her face. She managed a feeble smile and then gave in to exhaustion.

Katherine awoke at some point the next day. She stretched and sighed in the king sized bed He had always taken her to at the end of the night. She was surprised He had left without binding her up or tying her to the bed or hanging her from the wall. There were only a couple of occasions were He had left her unbound. She looked around the room and found to no surprise a long black evening gown hanging from the door. She knew in instances like this He liked to see her fully dressed and made up and ready to go out when He came home. They never went out, of course. He would only do things to her while she was dressed and make her feel like a whore pretending to be a woman of class. The first time it happened she was disappointed at first because she loved the gown and liked the way she looked in it and wanted to eat at a nice restaurant, but after He began to go to work on her she lost all thought of anything but pleasing Him. It was humiliating and degrading and now she couldn't wait to be ready for Him.

She spent some time stretching and testing her aching limbs on the bed. He hadn't put any clothes on her last night and she still smelled of roses and lavender from the bath. Her muscles were still a little tired, but otherwise limber and strong - very strong, in fact. After a month of His ministrations, Katherine noticed she had lost what little fat she had carried around her belly and her arms, legs and torso had developed a tautness she never knew before. Suddenly, her stomach growled and reminded her she had not eaten at all yesterday and she looked over near the door and saw a tray set on a small wooden fold out dining stand. She gingerly left the bed and was happy her limbs and back didn't complain at all. She explored the tray and found cereal in a bowl and a vial of milk and container of yogurt chilling on melting ice. There was also an apple and an orange and a couple of fresh rolls and pats of butter. She ate hungrily of the cereal and yogurt, but decided to leave the rest for later.

She tried to open the bedroom door and wasn't surprised to find it locked. She walked into the adjoining office space while eating her yogurt and ran her hands over the bars of the large golden cage placed there. It was 8 feet in diameter and took up most of the room and was floored with plush cushions and sported a central support beam she had often danced around when He came home on the days He had locked her up in there. She smiled slightly while thinking of it. She had always been a good dancer, but had never pole-danced until He requested. It didn't take long to learn the basics of it. She just treated the pole as both a dance partner and a lover and that seemed to work for Him.

She let her hand trail off the bars and entered the master bathroom where she guessed He had taken her last night. It was perfectly cleaned – the cleaning crew must have come in while she was sleeping – and almost as large as the bedroom. She wondered about the cleaning people and what they must think of her. Have there been others before? She knew from the few dates they had before the contract that He had had several relationships and one divorce, but had He had many or any contracts? She had never thought to ask. She considered herself in the mirror after she threw out the empty yogurt container and decided she would ask as soon as the contract was up. She admired the new muscle tone on her body and tight skin around her belly. This wouldn't be a bad life at all, she thought, if I could just get out of this damn room.

She felt the skin of her body as she turned in front of the large mirror over the counter sink. There were no bruises she could see and her breasts and ass seemed tighter and higher than she had seen them in years. Not so bad at all, she thought. She took up the razor and trimmed her pussy-hair growth and then began plucking stray hairs from various parts of her body with a set of tweezers that had been left on a washcloth near the razor. As she groomed herself, she thought of the last time He had allowed her to wear clothes and the evening they had spent together...

She pulled the tight white thong up past her thighs and over her hips and felt the silky fabric rub against her clit and asshole. She paused for a moment to accept the wave of pain that overcame her tired muscles as well as the excitement of the sensation. Moving gingerly to the dresser, she took up the white corset and wrapped it around herself. Thankfully, the corset only compressed her ribs and stomach and her breasts remained exposed. Her nipples were sore and tender after the treatment she had to endure last night. After tightening the lace in the front as far as she could and still be able to breath, she approached the silver evening gown hung on the door. She noticed white nylon stockings hung over the wire hanger and pulled them down and put them on, securing them with garters to her thin thong.

The silk of the gown was a relief to her aching body and she almost considered simply collapsing back into bed, but His note specified that He expected her to look her best when He arrived. If she wrinkled the gown, she wouldn't know what He might do. A part of her almost wanted to explore His punishment, but the part of her that remembered the bruises earned from last night told her to go to the bathroom and put on make-up. She was voraciously hungry and hoped this eveningwear meant He was taking her out to eat. As her stomach growled, she applied eyeliner and lipstick.

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