tagGay MaleWanted to Be Alone Ch. 03

Wanted to Be Alone Ch. 03


From your input and requests, here he is still at the cabin.

My body is unwinding, relaxing totally in the warm water and the wine is also helping. I splash my face and look out the window to see the darkness of the approaching storm closing in. All I have on my mind is that guy, that guy I don’t know, that guy I know who fucked me, who taunted me, who make me want him so. As I soak I rub myself but nothing is stirring around my balls, they had a great work out today and I must say my limp cock still feels so good and I am proud of that soft thing right now. So I pull the plug, step into the shower, wash up and put on my robe. The steam from my shower floats across the room as I open the door and exit. I deside to not get dressed, infact I enjoy being naked and think about it some. I add wood to the fire building up a nice large flame. I start cooking my dinner, drinking another glass of wine while lighting candles all about the cabin. I love to sound of the approaching storm, the wind blowing the leaves all about, the cool but warm air, that strange effect that the storm has upon me. I fill my glass and head to the poarch and as I open the door the wind blows my robe open and I love it. Me, a shy conservative type guy loves the feeling of being exposed outside in the approaching storm. With that thought in my head I had no other choise then to let the robe fall to the floor of the poarch. The wind feels so good blowing over my cock, my cock swaying in the wind, yes I am a man, a big bad man out here naked... and I laugh.

The first signs of rain came shortly after hitting the roof like large balls falling from the sky. I go in, adjust the heat on my dinner, fill my glass and out I go. Now the weather has gotten bad, the rain in now coming down hard but a warm front has entered making it nice and humid, the perfect weather to walk out into the pouring rain. I place my glass on the table and I walk off the poarch and hold my head and arms up as I allow the rain to pour all over my naked body. My nipples are the first to react, standing out so hard that I never noticed how erotic they can feel. I look down and I pinch on one. Wow, what a feeling, it went right down twards my cock so I pinch the other one. Oh yes, I feel that, I feel it all over and my cock is now starting to grow. Am I getting horny again, can I jerk off, can I cum.

The excitement of being naked in the rain has taken over my sensces, I start dancing around in the rain, looking up, bushing my hands over my hair, rubbing my body like I am taking a shower while the whole time my cock fills, standing out hard and erect with excitement. I bend forward, spreading my legs and opening my ass cheeks with my hand to allow the rain to run across my hole. This feels so good and drives my desire for that man wild. I open my eyes to look at my cock and I see the rain water running off my balls and running along my long hard shaft all the way to the tip and dripping off. Oh yes, do I love my cock right now, do I love my ass, do I love having sex. I straighten myself out and laugh, wiping my face of the rain and I walk back to the porch. I grab my wine and down the glass, pick up my robe and wipe myself dry and go into the cabin when I gather my food, pour some more wine, sit naked in front of the fire and eat. After I finish I pour some more wine, sit in the chair in front of the fire spreading my legs wide open to warm my balls and drink some more. I think for a second that I have been drinking more wine then I usually do but I am on vacation, a get away from life, a weekend retreat and so what the hell, I pour some more and look out at the dark night strom. The sound of the rain enticese me, it sooths this beast in me and I think about the hour eariler when I was outside dancing around in the rain. What the hell, I go out again.

Yes, the cool fall rain does feel so good over my naked body, in fact it is so good that I almost get hard with the first drop of rain upon my cock. In a matter of seconds I am hard and dancing around again, laugh, acting like a child. Then the strom really hits in, the wind picks up strong blowing the trees all about, the lightning and thunder alarms me and I move to the poarch where I dry off with my robe and then head back in, closing the door behind me as I do.

Well I bush my hair out of my face and add another log to the fire, it is getting cool now and me, being wet, the chill is starting to come over me. The warmth of the fire feels good and I sit next to the fire to warm myself. Again I pour some more wine and start to think about my day. I sit back against the mantel and start to play with myself. I am still hard and in no time I am beating my cock at a good fast pace. The wind blowing the rain up on the windows thrills me, the lightning and thunder fills my soul with excitement. The flickering candles, the glow from the fire, my hard cock in my hand, oh yes, I am masturbating, I am going to get myself off, I am going to make me cum. I am a man. I have hold of my manhood and I feel good. I don’t care what people might think, this is what I need, I need to cum more, I need sex, I need cock, I want cock I want to suck, be fucked get it, need it, want it, give it to me, shove it in me, drill me, fuck me, pound me.. oh god, I am getting so close.

I pause and look about, I look out the window and see black, nothing to be seen, no light, not anything but the sound of the pouring rain, then a flash of light followed by the crashing sound of thunder, and again the flash and thunder. The strom is right above me, I feel the clouds crashing right on the roof. I look up and then for some strange reason I look at the door and with the flash of light I see a face. I hold my cock and stare at the door and then I see the face again with the next flash of light. I know it is him, he is out there watching me, do I let him in or do I give him a show. I know I want this guy to use me again but I can not show that to him so I pretend that I did not see him and I return to masturbating myself. I spread myself out into a good position for him to see and I begin jerking my cock for him, no wait, it is for me. Thats right, I don’t see him, my hand going up and down over my shaft, my other hand holding, playing with my balls and then running over my ass. I squeeze my cock hard to control my orgasm and with the next flash of light I look back at the door to see his face right in the doorway. I feel we just made eye contact, he knows I have seen him, he knows I know he is there. What do I do, do I get up and open the door, do I get dressed, lock the door, what do I do.

I finally figure out that I know excatly what I want and what to do. I stand up and walk over to the door, open it and speak out to this stranger. “Why stand out in the wet cold when it is warm and I am hot inside” I am hot inside, what the hell does that mean, why did I say something so stupid, but the man walks in and the rain dripping off of his clothes.

“Your soaked” I say to him, “Give me your clothes and I’ll hang them to dry”

He said “Wait, I am not alone” and in comes another guy, but the same guy. Twins, identical twins, can this be real or is this heaven or better yet... WOW!

I offer the guys some wine as they strip for me, if you could only be here to see this. Twins, two hair chested, strong assed, hung, handsome, rugged men standing in front of me. God, I look at myself and my cock is hard as a rock. What the hell, I had one of them but what one I have no idea. What should I say or even do, I think I am lookng into a mirror, thier eyes, that beautiful blue color, that dark wet hair. I hang thier clothes and return with one towel and start to wipe one on them down. I rub it over his hair and face and across his chest, then I approach the other guy and do the same. This time I go to his legs and I open my mouth and just inhale his cock into my mouth. I don’t know why I did that but I just have no control over it and I drop the towel and suck like it is the last cock that I am ever going to suck. In a minute tops his cock is full, ridged, viens popping, head throbbing and precumming into my mouth. 8” or more filling my mouth, and thick, yes it is thick and I do my best to take every inch. Mmmm and slurp is all you hear out of me. I feel his strong hand grab my head and then he pivots and thrusts his cock down into my throat. Holding my head, my nose burried into his stomach, I think I am going to choke but somehow my throat is relaxed and I can take every inch of his cock. I feel proud, funny, I am proud that I have this strangers cock all the way in my throat and... I feel something on my ass. He moves me to all fours and then his hands on my ass. My cheeks spread open and then a wet warm tongue going over my hole. Oh yes, this is the way it should be and I thurst my hips up to open myself to his face. Sucking on one cock and getting licked on my ass is really a nice start to a rainy night I think when he stops licking and I feel his hard cock pressing into my hole. Without much playing around he presses that monster into my hole and as I pull out the cock from my mouth I feel a hand pulling me back down so I can not and the other cock being shoved into my hole. He is dry and it hurts, I crindge as the pain overtakes the moment and his cock tears open my ass. Finally in all the way he fucks my ass with one shove into it and then he pulls out and thrusts back into me. The hands on my head pull my head off some and what.. fuck he is fucking my mouth. God I don’t believe what is happening, this is not good, he hold my head tight and is fucking my mouth. I have a thick cock shoving into my mouth and a thick cock shoving up my hole. This is not good, I am getting fucked at both ends by two handsome, hung studs, this is not.. this is good.

I don’t know what to do but I just allow it in hopes they cum and get it over with and no harm comes to me. As they fuck me at both ends, my mouth starts watering like crazy, my cock is hard and dripping of precum and my ass is hot and I am bucking back to his thrusts. I am loving it and I start sucking him wild and crazy, having him release his hold of me. My hole on fire I buck back on his cock to fill every empty inch of my ass. I spread my legs and I am riding his cock, oh yes it is good after all. I got two rough men and they got me hot and on fire and I am ready for sex.

I let the cock out of my mouth and look at it shine from all that spit and then I pull up and have the cock come out of my ass and I move to the center of the room. “I want it, I want it bad” is all I say and I lay on my back and then I flip up and over, like a sumersalt but stopping when my feet hit the floor. I tell him to fuck me, shove that cock into my hole. I see a gleem in his eyes and then he approaches me, holding tight to his hard cock. I see him aling up to my hole and then... bam it is in, all the way, no mercy. “FUCK ME, fuck the hell out of me” I tell him. “Shove that piece of man meat all the way into my hole, fuck me hard and good, just fuck me”

That gets him going and going good. I feel his entire body hitting up against me as he fucks my hole. “I am going to get fucked by you to” I tell the other guy and he just watches. It did not take long for my hole to start feeling load of hot warm cum filling me, I feel his legs weaken, I see him tremble, I know he had a great one. As he pulls his cock out I look at it, the cum glistening all over it excites me even more. I know that there is another one just like it ready to fuck, and I want it. I roll out of the position and look up at him, hard cock wanting to fuck. I stand up and walk him over to the table and laid him upon it. I mount up and sit down on his cock. “I am going to fuck my hole with your cock” and I start riding it hard. I am so suprised that I did not break the table, but then again, I am sure he was to. I get in a squatting position, spreading myself open for him to see me upon him, his cock penatrating me, entering my hole, impailing me. I move fast and hard, slapping myself down on him with every thrust to ensure that I get every inch of cock into my hot hole. My ass tingels, the nerves or so stimulated that my cock just wants to explode. I feel each vien massage my hole, the large mushroom head reaching the deepest depths of my hole and my prostate being so stimulated, so entisted. It did not take him long before he was cuming and my hole was filled with more hot cum.

I feel impowered right now, I feel in control, I feel horny, I feel like sex. I think quick, can I keep these guys here for a while for my own pleasure. My ass is still on fire, my hole is full of cum, two handsome guys are here and just fucked the hell out of my ass, my mouth still hungry for cock. I suggest that we make our way to the bed and I notice the pleasant look in thier eyes as I said that. I get one to sit up against the head board and I crawl inbetween his legs. With me on my knees I tell the other one to fuck me. I tell them that I want to be thier cock slave for the night, the whole night, the entire night and that they are free to use me in anyway they want and that I am going to use their cock for my own pleasures. In no time I am sucking hard and strong on a hard viened cock, slurping it into my mouth with strong deep strokes while the other cock is gliding into my hole. Oh yes this is heaven and I am with the angels. My nipples are so hard, my cock feels like it can explode at any moment.

I pause and then I move myself, truning myself over to my back but never loosing the cock from my ass. I tell the one I was sucking to get on top of me and fuck my mouth. I tell them that I want to feel both of them fucking me, I want to feel them shoving their cocks into me, using me for sexual pleasure. I was suprised when he mounted my head but from the top so his ass was facing the headboard but hell I was getting it. My legs are held up high, my ass open wide and getting plowed something good. I hear the guys talking but I can not make out what is being said. I feel him move forward and I open my eyes to see if I can see anything. What a sight to behold, those hairy chest, strong chests at that, six pac ab’s, solid builds, the body every man only dreams of having and I have two of them right now fucking me. But as I look I see that they must be whispering, no, they are kissing. I see them kissing each other. They are kissing while fucking me, I can not believe this. Oh god, is this right, my mouth full of his thick cock plundging into my throat. I reach up and hold his ass, his nice bubbled ass, smooth back, hairy legs, balls hitting my nose as he fucks my mouth and the other cock fucking my hole.

As I look again I see them tongueing each other, my tongue should be there, I want them to love me, to use me, to please me and just the sight of this send me over the edge. I start thrusing wildly against the cock shoving up my ass and swallowing deeply the cock in my mouth. I am chocking, gaging, being fuck and cumming all at the same time. This is more then I can take, my ass tightens up, my body trembles almost out of control. I feel the cock in my mouth harden and swell up and then shoot load after load into my mouth and at the as time I hear the moans and sighs and I feel hot cum shooting out into my hole.

We all just move together easily afterwards and get control of our sences. Then the guys get off of me and they ask me which one I like the best. How can I deside, after all I don’t know who is who and I was not in any position to compair them in. Well they said, lets make a deal, we both will fuck you and then you can tell us which one was better.

“What is in it for me”? I ask “After all, you are getting the better end of it arent you”?

They just laugh and say “sex, you get sex”

Well I guess they knew that that is all I wanted and I fianlly agreed. One guy lays down on his back and tells me to climb aboard. I smile and mount myself above his cock and then just sit down upon it... Rocking back and forth on it he says to me “like that don’t you, you like that cock in your ass don’t you?” Hmmm Hmm is all I could say and I continued to rock back and forth on top of his man hood. I can feel the other guy moving around on the foot of the bed not knowing what he was doing when all of a sudden the guy I am on grabs my arms and I feel the other guy behind me and then.. “OOHHH GODDD!” He fucked me, he shoved his cock into me along with the one I am sitting on. I have two cocks up my ass and it hurts. I don’t move, in fact I don’t even think I am breathing then he starts fucking me slowly. I feel my ass stretching more with his movements, ripping, tearing my hole apart. I open my eyes and I see the one I am sitting on, the excitement on his face, the pleasure look all over him and I feel the body of the one behind me, his chest toching my back, his hips moving away and then closer. I like it now, I am getting into it, I want it I love it... “OH FUCK ME” I shout out “FUCK ME YOU GUYS” Oh yes my ass is hot, it is sore but my nerves are on edge with the thought that these two hunks are together fucking my hole. I want them to stretch me out until my ass can not take it anymore. I want them to cum together in my hole and pound and pound my ass. I am pulled down to the one on the bottom. He kisses me and I love it. I kiss him back deeply and passionatley. I feel the other one lay on top of me, our three bodys all touching and two cocks up my ass fucking me.

We all kissed while I was getting my ass dueled fucked for almost 30 minutes. Then, the best experiance I have ever felt, the twins started moaning, communicating with each other then they both shot load after load of hot cum into my hole at the same time. Cum came dripping out all over the place since I was so stretched out and had the two cocks in me. Once the last load of cum shot out of both cocks my cock just exploded and shot cum all over the place. The guys laughed and rubbed my cum all over them and myself. I told them that I loved being fucked by both of them, that I could not deside if one was any better then the other.

We then rolled out and laid down together with me in the middle. They said that maybe later I could give them another try and then deside which one is better then the other. They seem to be very competative sexually but I am willing to try it again and again until I can figure out if one is indeed better then the other. I lay on my side, my ass so sore and we close our eyes to sleep.

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