tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWarlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 01

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 01


The Warlock's consciousness snapped back to the here and now. His vision quest was complete and he now knew the identity of the fourth Halliwell sister.

She was Paige Matthews, and she volunteered at the social services' office. She was a descendant of a whitelighter as well as a witch, but the Warlock did not fear her. She was as yet oblivious of her heritage and powers. Still, he would not risk going after her first. In a time of stress, her powers might activate and that would be the end of the Warlock's efforts to enslave the Charmed Ones.

No, his first target would still be Phoebe Halliwell, the Charmed One without an offensive power.

Taking Phoebe was a relatively simple matter. She was walking home after a long night at P3 and he shot her with the stun gun from behind in the parking lot. She went down like a log and he stuffed her into the trunk of his car. No one was around to witness the abduction in the dead of night.

The other two sisters went home earlier and would not miss Phoebe until the morning, but would probably not go looking for her until the afternoon. If all went well, he would not need that long to enslave the witch.

He carried the groggy girl to his apartment undisturbed and took off all her clothes without ceremony. After he gagged and tied her spread eagle to his bed, he stopped to admire the view.

Phoebe's skin was unblemished and smooth. Her breasts were large and topped with big, brown areoles. Her ribs were barely visible when she took a breath, and her waist was indented. Her mound was shaven completely bare. Her hips were flared and her short legs perfectly sculpted. The Warlock enjoyed the sight of the naked beauty on his bed for half an hour, before he noticed her breathing was shallow.

"I know you're awake," he said. The girl kept her eyes closed, her body unmoving. The Warlock chuckled to himself and stroked her calf.

Phoebe flinched with the power of a premonition. In her vision she was the Warlock's happy slave, helping him succeed in enslaving the rest of her sisters, and a girl she didn't know. Now Phoebe looked at the Warlock with unbridled terror in her eyes. Pleading sounds were muffled by the gag.

"Oh, yes," the Warlock said, leaning into her face, "I'm going to take the Charmed Ones as my own. And you'll be the downfall of the others." He straightened up with a grin that infuriated Phoebe so much she wished she could just have a hand free for a second so she could slap it off his smug face.

Phoebe started to scream for Leo, her whitelighter, to come rescue her. The Warlock just chuckled at her desperate screams.

"The whitelighter is too busy defiling your sister to hear you. Also, this place is warded against such things. But, please, go on. I love the sound of it," he said with a smile. "As a matter of fact, I'm going to rape you for half the night, before I enslave you, and then, after I turn you into my slave girl, I'll have you blow me until dawn. Then I'll send you to enslave your sisters for me."

Phoebe's head shook in denial, but her insides were gripped in dread. She saw it in a vision, so it must be coming true unless she prevents it from happening. She thrashed about with all her might, but her limbs were securely restrained and she couldn't budge them for more than an inch in any direction.

When she finally gave up on the struggle, she looked up at the face of her abductor. He was obviously enjoying her panicked struggle and Phoebe steeled her will. She would not give in to him, no matter what. Her sisters would come looking for her and then this little upstart would get his with a vengeance. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and told herself she wouldn't give him an inch.

The smell of fresh ginger invaded Phoebe's nostrils and she looked at the Warlock's hands. He was slowly carving a piece of ginger into the shape of a butt plug. Phoebe had been figged twice by a boyfriend in college. She shut her eyes tight and denied to herself that this was happening.

She had just managed to get her breathing and panic under control, when the Warlock touched her thigh. She flinched involuntarily and leveled a glare at him. He smiled and snaked a hand under her butt. Try as she might, she couldn't stop him from lifting her from the bed and slipping a pillow under her hips.

Phoebe shut her eyes again as he started to spread lubricant over his finger. The smile on his face sickened her. She tried to pretend she was somewhere else, but the Warlock's touch anchored her to the reality of her imminent rape.

His finger snaked between her buttocks and began spreading lubricant all over her anus. Phoebe felt her face burn. She told herself she would not give him anything, but here he was, enjoying seeing her embarrassed.

"Shhh, relax," he whispered at her. "Relax. Just relax. This won't hurt. Much," he added with a chuckle.

Her brow furrowed and her entire body tightened as his finger slowly pressed into her. In just a few heartbeats, he penetrated her ring of muscles and began massaging her anus and spreading lubricant all over it. When his finger left her, she let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

He spread her buttocks with one hand and pressed the thin tip of the ginger against her anus. Her eyes shot open and she saw the triumph in his eyes, which made her turn her head away. She willed herself to not shut her eyes again.

Before she could tell herself to be strong and think of a way out of the situation, the plug began to slide into her. It spread her ass painfully wider with each millimeter of penetration, until her asshole reflexively clenched the narrow base of it. She heaved a deep breath of relief, the butt plug was now firmly lodged inside her and it's juices would soon start to make an effect.

The Warlock left the room and Phoebe tried again to loosen the bonds. When that showed no sign of progress, she tried to expel the anal intruder but, with each tensing of her stomach, her ass would send increasing signals of burning pain to her head. She gave up and the burning pain became something more akin to a tickling itch.

Soon, the itch in back was joined by a more insistent itch in the front. Her pussy was now engorged and a drop of dew leaked down her ass crack. She had never before felt so humiliated. A Charmed One, Champion of the Weak, Protector of the Innocent, tied spread eagle on someone's bed, helplessly leaking juices from her pussy. If it wasn't for a warlock hell bent on enslaving her and her sisters, Phoebe would actually find her predicament arousing and a welcome break from her grueling daily routine.

The Warlock reentered the room naked and Phoebe found herself admiring his physique. He was tall and lean and sported a big erection that was as straight as an arrow... "What the hell is the matter with you, Phoebe," she thought to herself. "He is an evil fuck, and you had better get your clit off your mind if you wanna protect your sisters."

He stood next to the bed and began to knead her breasts. She didn't enjoy his mauling touch, but she tried not to show any discomfort. He knelt over her on the bed and took his erection in hand.

Despite herself, Phoebe emitted a wail, pleading for mercy. The Warlock looked into her eyes as his cock made contact with her pussy lips. Phoebe tensed all her muscles, but he penetrated her and hilted himself in one rough thrust. Her entire pussy hurt despite the lubrication already there.

He began to thrust in and out in a steady, almost leisurely rhythm. He was obviously enjoying the tight pussy at his mercy.

Phoebe lost all track of time as the rape continued for a long while. Her pussy was sore, but not overly so, yet her muscles could no longer sustain the futile efforts to expel the cock that plowed her. As she relaxed her pelvis, the mental block she put up fell as well.

She felt the seesawing motion across the underside of her clit in a perfect rhythm and admitted to herself that she was getting inexorably close to an orgasm. She started to moan into the gag. She was mentally exhausted and tears streaked down the sides of her face. She had to hold out until her sisters saved her. Only that thought kept her together.

As his fingers found her clit, she fixed him with a questioning look. He smiled his triumphant smile and pulled back the clitoral hood. "I'm going to rape you until you come," he said and Phoebe could smell his breath, "I took a potion to make me last the whole night."

Hearing that, the last vestiges of resistance melted away from Phoebe. She only wanted this ordeal to end. She no longer cared what would follow it. A tiny voice in her head told her that she is suffering needlessly, that her sisters will break the enslavement and free her and that everything will be alright.

He started touching her clit with his fingertips in concert with his thrusts. The premonition faded from her mind's eye and she gave in to the rapist's will. She bucked her hips and the motion changed where his cock was stimulating her insides. The fresh stimulation overloaded her senses. She saw stars and felt explosions inside her head.

Phoebe came with a ferocity that surprised the Warlock. Her whole body tensed and her skin flushed from head to toe. She moaned continuously. Her shuddering cunt held him tight and stroked his organ. He shouted in triumph over the prostrate witch and resumed his thrusts before she stopped convulsing.

Phoebe couldn't enjoy her orgasm as he began anew his assault on her raw pussy. The sensations were painfully strong. His thrusts were becoming more forceful and he started to shout and Phoebe knew he was close. A part of her was relieved, but a bigger part dreaded what followed. In less than a minute, the Warlock hilted himself in her and came with a loud, inarticulate shout.

She felt his hot cum coat the inside of her womb. Just as he shot his whole load into her, she felt the cum start to move through her insides towards her head. It felt like someone was tickling her skin from the inside. Phoebe panicked anew. What was going on? The tickling reached her head and entered her skull. Phoebe's thoughts dissolved before she could make any sense of it.

The Warlock fell heavily on the girl under him. His face was pressed into her shoulder and he breathed her scent. After a minute, his cock softened and slipped out of the girl's cunt. He rolled over and caught his breath.

"Damn," he thought, "that was close. The bitch almost outlasted me." He looked over at the girl. She gazed at him with unbridled adoration. He released one of her hands and ordered her to untie herself and then sleep next to him.

He was exhausted and sleepy with heady relief. In order to enslave her, he had to stay close to cumming himself but not cross the plateau, and he almost didn't make it. When he came, he released a possessing spirit he had summoned. If he had released it into her without her being under the effects of an orgasm's afterglow, she would have fought off the spirit without any effort. A whole day would pass before he could summon another one and try again. Her sisters would have rescued her long before that.

The girl came so close to being home free that the Warlock couldn't help but chuckle. He took off her gag and kissed her. He would have to make her cum every thirty hours or so to keep her from fighting through the possessing spirit's control, and he looked forward to doing that to all four of the Halliwells. The plan was working.

"Wake up around seven a.m. and wake me as well. I have to brief you before I send you home," he said as he fell asleep with an enslaved Halliwell in his arms.

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