tagFetishWatching Her Go Ch. 03

Watching Her Go Ch. 03


Dear readers: I have gotten many positive responses to both chapter one and chapter two. I'm very pleased that this story captured the imaginations of may of you and it ranks high on the boards.

Although I wish this story could continue on the same path, I found that as I wrote it, the characters made me go on a journey that was unexpected even to me. This chapter delves into a darker realm and may not be to everyones liking. But I ask that you read it with an open mind and judge it - not on the content - but on where Brent and Angie made me go. More chapters are sure to come. Angie has more to give to her man.

"Mom's name? It's Noelle...why do you ask?"

It might have been the tension as it was released from me...or just a reaction to her words, but a little shiver ran through me right then. Noelle...oh thank you thank you thank you. I smiled at her to try and hide my relief and my obviously incorrect assumption. My mothers name was Mary.

"Oh, nothing...I was just being ridiculous." And I was. That's for sure.

She looked at me for a while...trying to delve into my mind.

"Brent, were you thinking that we had the same mother???" And she giggled a little. "How could that be?"

"You're going to think I'm nuts, Angie." As I thought about it more deeply, even I thought I was nuts to have even considered the possibility.

"When you told me that your mom used to pee in front of you, and the fact that mine did too....well, it was just a weird coincidence...I mean, how many moms DO that?" Maybe it was more common than one would think.

"To top that off, my mother left us when I was pretty young...and with you being younger than me.....Oh I guess I just had an odd feeling about that. I have to admit that as I talk about it, I can see how ridiculous the thought really is. I must be delirious from our evening together." I smiled at her and held her closer.

"Delirium. That's a terrific trait in a brother." And she laughed.

Ok. Lets play this little game for a while.

"Well...my sister has a pee fetish..."

We giggled at the silliness of this whole conversation while we stroked each others soft clean bodies.

"Actually, Brent...I have other fetishes as well. Your 'sister' is pretty deviant."

"Really! I have a perverted sister? How deliciously interesting!"

We continued our verbal play for a bit longer and soon found ourselves sampling each other again with my hardness slipping gently in and out of her velvety warmth. There was no rush this time, we were just two people enjoying each other in an act of intimate love. Soon we rolled so I was on my back where she straddled me and got to work, searching for our release.........


We kept our newly found lust separate from our work lives. There was unquestionably no need to involve employees and co-workers in our personal life. As I previously mentioned, we have a wonderful crew of people who work at the business. They are family as much as anyone could be, but no need to get tongues wagging with gossip about the bosses. In my experience, nothing is more disruptive than gossip. We didn't need any of that.

The next night I went to her townhouse and she cooked a fantastic meal that we consumed on her balcony. As we ate, we watched the parade of humanity in this posh section of the city which is known as the Pearl. After finishing our 2nd bottle of local Pinot Gris, we headed upstairs to her bed, where she removed my clothes and blindfolded me. To my surprise, she then tied my hands to the sides of the headboard with silken ropes. I heard her as she freed herself of her own clothes and climbed on the bed to sit next to me. It felt exquisite as she ran her fingers across my chest and lapped at my cock and balls with her wet tongue. She quite unexpectedly wrapped her cotton panties around my hard cock and masterfully masturbated me, slowly jamming her delicate finger in my ass to massage my prostate until I spewed creamy ropes of cum on her hands, wrists and panties. She undid my blindfold and I watched in appreciation as she rubbed her hands and those sticky panties all over her breasts, tummy and pussy. Tossing the used panties back onto my upper chest so I could smell our combined scent, she lay down on her back with her head at the footboard. She scooted forward until her exquisite pussy was almost touching my spent, soft cock and recently drained balls. She spread her legs to straddle my own and almost immediately started to masturbate. I lay there tied and unable to use my hands to assist in her ministrations, but I watched with intensity as fondled her gash with self-love. She used her left hand to spread open her folds, while the fingers of her right hand made circles around her blood engorged clitoris. She would occasionally dip her fingers into her wet hole and draw some fluids out to use as a massage cream. Her eyes closed and her moans started as she made herself hotter and wetter. The fingers of her right hand moved with increasing tempo until eventually they were nothing but a blur as she ravaged her flesh – reaching for the powerful orgasm she held inside her tight body.

Her moans increased in depth and volume and soon she called out....

"...cumming...I'm cumming...ughhh ughhhghhgghh..."

She used both hands to hold herself open and I watched her pussy as it spasmed and pulsed with her intense release. I lay mesmerized as her clit moved up and down with each wave. My God, what a view she gave me. When she came down from her pleasure, she raised her head to look at me, smiled and then released once again, only this time it was the confines of her full bladder. Her stream started gently, quickly becoming a strong spray of super hot piss. The yellow stream arched from her and landed on my stomach and groin, splashing playfully all over my skin. I longed to touch the stream with my fingers, but I could not as I was still a prisoner of her desire. She shifted her groin downwards and aimed her urine directly at my newly awakened cock, ultimately soaking me from chest to ass. Soon she dribbled to a stop and we lay there in her pool of piss, the liquid soaking into her bedding.

"That was unbelievably sexy...but you've wet your sheets and stained your mattress with that little show, Angie." We wouldn't be sleeping in THIS bed tonight, of that I was certain.

She laughed and pushed herself up onto her elbows, moving slightly forward so that our groins now touched. My cock slid across her wetness.

"Bob and I would have gone through many mattresses by now, if that were the case. I have a waterproof sheet below the bed pad. Nothing is problematic here...well...except your obvious inability to use your hands, that is." And she giggled.

She had a point.

"Hmmm. Do you think we could do something about that Angie? I feel the need of a little bladder relief myself. Tied as I am, I can't reach the bathroom or even control the direction of my pee."

"Oh, then let ME help you, since you have such an unfortunate problem." She moved my legs together and kneeled on the wet bedding – straddling my groin and legs. She took my cock in her soft hands, pointed it at her puss, looked into my eyes...and waited for the surge. Although her hands were hot on my cock, I restrained from hardening again and relaxed my bladder to give her what she wanted.

The wine had done its trick and I let go with a blast of amber that she aimed right at her clit.

"That's so HOT...that's so good!!!" and she used my yellow stream to massage all her sensitive spots, eventually mashing her groin onto mine as I pissed and pissed and pissed, never wanting this to end.

I needed to grab her and hold her, but the silken bonds held me, arms outstretched.

As my waters ended, she lay down on me, unafraid of the wetness. We lay quietly for some time. It was she who broke the silence.

"I love you, Brent."

"And I love you, Angie."

She continued to lay across my chest, but now reached to untie the ropes that held me prisoner. Once my wrists were free, I wrapped my arms around her and held her, never wanting to let go. I felt her melt as she gave herself over to me. This was certain love. This was us.

The golden liquids beneath us soon turned cool and we knew we must let go of one another and get up. We kissed, and as one, moved to stand on either side of the bed to grab the handfuls of sodden material, stripping our flows from the mattress True to her word, under the bed pad was a soft thin sheet of material that prevented our combined urine from spoiling the materials. I followed as she led me to the washer, where we left them to dance together in the water.

She led me by hand back through her bedroom and straight into her master bath.

"I think we should shower, Brent. But first, I need you to do something for me."

"Of course, my love. Tell me."

"Remember that you said that you would do anything for me? That you wanted everything from me?"

"Yes, Angie...it was only yesterday." And I smiled at the wonderful memory.

"Now is the time to prove that. I need you to watch me as I go to the bathroom."

"Wow! I'm surprised you have any left, Angie...you peed a good long time...." And then it hit me. Not pee...she wanted me to watch her as she...as she pooped! Huh?

Her head down, she spoke again, but looked at the floor.

"Brent, I'm covered in piss...our piss. I have to GO and I need you to watch. I need to feel you stare at me as I go. It makes me feel vulnerable and exposed. Please watch me. Please say you will." And she looked up at me.

She wanted to feel vulnerable. She wanted me to be there as she did a very private thing. Likely the MOST private thing a woman does. Not something that anyone watches. But she said she needed me there. To expose her private act.

Sure, I had heard the sounds back when I hid in the stalls in college. But I wasn't IN THERE with them. I didn't watch as they relaxed, or pushed or grimaced or wiped. Could I do this?

The words came tumbling out without my consent.

"Show me how you go, Angie."

She smiled a small smile and led me to the toilet as she spoke.

"You need to look at me, Brent. You need to watch me. Don't look away. Promise me that you will watch. Promise me..."

"I promise."

She turned and sat. I stood in the doorway and watched as her bottom and her upper thighs spread out from the pressure of the seat. She seemed so delicate as she sat there. I don't think I could have turned away even if I wanted to. Knowing what she was about to do gave me the oddest feeling. Like I was part of a ritual that no one should ever witness. She did look exposed and vulnerable.

"I'm embarrassed, but I need you here. I've never done this before. Not even with Bob. Tell me to go, Brent. Tell me when to go. I have to GO, Brent"

I knew that this had nothing to do with sex. For all I knew, it might even have to do with her mother...or her father. This was painful to her, but at the same time, it was necessary. It was a purge of something in her psyche. I was a necessary part of this. But I knew that there was something left unsaid. I groped for the meaning as I stared down at her.

"Not yet, Angie. You can't do it yet. You need to wait."

"I CAN'T wait. I need to go. Oh...please let me go. Please."

Was I wrong? Had I guessed wrong? Was this right??

"No, Angie. Not yet."

It was strange. I felt empowered by my words and her responses. I reached for her face and lifted it so that she looked at me. I leaned down and kissed her supple lips. I went to my knees and nuzzled her neck as I stroked her body.

"...I need to..."

I smelled her hair...clean with a faint aroma of our urine mixed in. I played my fingers down her back and across her spread bottom and forward to her thighs. I parted her legs.

"Brent...I have to GO...I need you to let me go..." A small puft of gas escaped from her rear.


Boldly, my right hand snaked between her thighs and touched her pussy. And I reached further back to her puckered asshole that held back her waste. I cupped her ass and used my middle finger to probe her opening.

"...oh Brent, please..."

I slid it in gently...only a little...and met the mass that she held back. I listened to her whimpers for a full minute and then removed my finger from her most private place. I felt another small escape of gas. Was I being cruel, or was this what she wanted?

"I can't hold it...!"

I brought my hand out and rubbed my recently hidden finger on the back of her neck, beneath her hair. Marking her as the dirty girl she wanted to be.

"It's coming out...oh God, I need to go...please let me go...."

I leaned back and looked at her.

"You may go."

And almost at once, I heard the unmistakable cracking sounds as her long held waste forced open her anus and moved downward to slide from her body to the bowl. I watched her face as it went from pain to relief with that first release.

"Ughh..." And then a splash. She reached back and flushed the evidence away. As the toilet finished it's flush I watched her face crinkle as she pushed more out.

As I said, I knew this was not about sex...but it was so intimate...so private...so forbidden. I grew hard as I watched her go. I stood up and continued to watch this beautiful creature in the middle of her dirtiest time. In a few moments she seemed to completely relax.

"Are you done?"

"I think so. Oh thank you, Brent. Thank you for being here...for watching me...for making me wait. Thank you for touching me before I went."

She was actually thanking me. For watching her as she pooped. For making her wait. For touching her...for marking her as mine. She reached for the toilet paper.

"No. Don't wipe yourself yet." I wasn't sure where I was going with this yet, but something told me that she didn't need to wipe. Or...I didn't want her to. I reached back and flushed again and lifted her to a standing position as her waste spun down and away. It was only then that I noticed the earthy smell of her act. Not a gagging, reeking smell, but one that was somehow...well...sexy. It was of her.

I held her in my arms for a while and then reached across to the shower door. I opened it and turned the water on. She leaned into me and shivered as the water heated up.

When it was ready, we both walked into the large shower and I turned her so her backside faced the spray. She knew what I was doing and she bent over and spread her cheeks and legs, allowing me to wash away the remnants of her exertions. I knew right away that this was more than I had thought. I was washing away whatever demons she had previously hidden. This was a new beginning for her...for us. The past washed down the drain.

To be continued...

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