Watkin's General

byColleen Thomas©

Tasha's harness was purpled leather and instead of two straps it had only one. A wide triangle of leather covered her mound and supported a long thin dildo made of translucent blue jelly. It drooped slightly and bobbed in time with her stride as Tasha approached her.

Both women moved from the hall entrance to the sofa and Natalie could not take her eyes off of them. She was very apprehensive, but also very turned on. Cindy stood in front of her and stroked the black dildo. Tasha sat next to her and then reached out to poke Maria in the side.

"You all right Chili?"

"I think I'm in love," Maria said as her body shook again.

Tasha and Cindy both burst out laughing and Natalie smiled. If Maria noticed the laugh at her expense she didn't respond. She just curled up tighter and hugged herself.

"How you want to go about this Tee?" Cindy asked when she had mastered herself.

"Why don't you lie on the floor?" Tasha said.

Cindy lay down on the carpet and held the big dildo up, "all right Cowgirl, lets see how well you can ride," the big woman said with a grin.

Natalie slipped off the couch and onto her knees next to the big woman. She was not at all sure of this, but her pussy was on fire and she needed release again. She carefully straddled the big woman's hips hand held herself up on her knees. Cindy stroked her wet lips with the tip of the dildo and then pushed her hips up. It wasn't quite online and bumped against Natalie's inner folds producing a shudder from the tall doctor. Cindy tried twice more, each time a little off the mark before Natalie took the dildo in her hand and brought the head to her entrance. She held it there and slowly let her weight shift from her knees to her pelvis.

The thick bulbous head of the dildo slowly stretched her until it slipped past the entrance and into her tight channel. Natalie gasped and shifted her weight back to her knees allowing her pussy to adjust to the plastic intruder. Cindy was watching her with an expression of fascination and lust, but she also seemed to realize that Natalie needed to do this at her own pace and so the big orderly held her body still. When Natalie had adjusted to the stretched feeling she shifted her weight again and slowly let her body sink onto the thick black shaft. She had never felt anything like it and twice she was forced to stop her slow descent and let her body get used to it. At any point she could have just lain forward and allowed only that much of the big dildo to penetrate her, but somewhere in her lust and booze fogged brain she had decided she was going to take it all.

Cindy's hands moved to her hips and applied a firm pressure downwards, pulling her onto the cock. Natalie felt her mound bump against the rubber of the harness and she realized she had the whole thing inside now. She could feel the muscles deep inside her spasm and clench the big dildo. It took some getting used to, but soon she decided she liked it.

"O.K. Girly, ride that bull," Cindy said.

"Hold on," Tasha said in a passable imitation of a Texas drawl. She got up and went to the other room and returned with Natalie's Stetson. She dropped it on the Doctors head and laughed. "Can't expect a girl to ride without her hat,"

Natalie knew she must make quite a sight on her knees with Cindy's cock stretching her open, wearing just her stockings, garterbelt and hat. She could see the image in her minds eye and it turned her on even more. She began to work her hips in a grinding roll, like she had used so many times on Max, the mechanical bull back home at her favorite club. The motion caused the big dildo to move in side of her while each thrust brought her clit up hard against the rubber material of Cindy's harness.

Natalie felt her teeth snap together and her body compact like a spring when Cindy suddenly thrust upwards. Her hand flew to her hat from habit and she adjusted her body to the new motion. Getting in rhythm took a few strokes, but soon she was riding up as Cindy relaxed, allowing a good portion of the now slick plastic to slide out of her pussy, and riding down when Cindy thrust, driving it back into her. Natalie seemed to feel every inch of the big dildo and she was amazed at how good the whole thing felt. If she had known what she was missing she would have dumped Dawn and found another lover, she thought fleetingly. Cindy's thrusts were long and even, the big woman had her feet flat on the floor with her legs up, she could deliver powerful thrusts with minimum effort this way.

Natalie's passion was peaking when Cindy changed her position. Natalie was not sure why until she felt Tasha's big breasts pressed into her back and the small woman's hands wrap around her chest to seize her small breasts. Tasha's fingers quickly sought out her hard little nipples and began to squeeze and roll them. She felt Tasha's knees on her sides and the jelly dong on the small of her back as Tasha's lips found her neck. Natalie moaned and then cried out; the deep thrusts of the dildo, Tasha's manipulation of her breasts and soft lips on her neck, and the knowledge she was doing this with two women at once all seemed to fuse into a single, incredibly erotic impulse that sent Natalie over the edge. This orgasm was unlike any she had ever experienced and Natalie screamed as the pleasure became unbearable.

Natalie fell forward and Cindy locked her big hands at the small of her back and held her tight as she shook and spasmed. After an eternity the spasms ceased and the overwhelming pleasure dropped to a level of only pleasant arousal. Natalie was still trying to catch her breath and clam down enough so her heart didn't seem to be trying to hammer its way out of her chest when she felt something cold and slipper on the crack of her ass.


"Shhhh, just a little lube Doc," Tasha said in a reassuring voice. Natalie felt the small woman's fingers begin to massage the lubricant into her crack. Tasha's fingers felt very sensuous, and Natalie was surprised at how nice it felt when the black woman's finger began to make small circles around her sphincter. Tasha's finger suddenly slipped into her rectum up to the first knuckle before Natalie's body clenched holding it fast.

"Relax baby," Tasha cooed, "that's just a finger,"

Natalie tried to relax and Tasha applied more lube and slowly worked her finger into the tight tunnel. The sensation was very strange to Natalie; her pussy was still filled with Cindy's cock so there wasn't much room inside her body. She could feel Tasha's finger as it slid in and out, producing delicious ripples of pleasure. If Natalie had known what the small black butch had in mind she might not have wiggled her ass back against the intruding finger.

"How is it Tee?" Cindy asked.

"Damn tight. Baby, have you ever had a cock in your ass?"


"Well get ready, cause here it comes,"

"Wait! I don't... Ohhh!"

Natalie groaned when she felt the head of the blue cock pressed against her rear entrance. She tried to move forward to avoid it, but she was impaled on the big black dildo and held in the vice of Cindy's arms. She could not do more than ride forward slightly which only opened her cheeks wider.

"Relax Doc, or it will hurt," Cindy whispered.

Natalie looked over her shoulder apprehensively. Tasha held the jelly dildo with both hands to keep it stiff enough to penetrate. She was slowly applying more pressure with her stout hips. Natalie tried to relax, she knew anal sex could be very painful from whispered discussions among classmates. The tip was situated right on her opening and slowly the blunt missile slid forward, forcing the tight ring of muscle to expand. Natalie yelped when the head slid forward and in, the ring of her sphincter clenched the shaft and she felt a stab of pain that took her breath away.

"In," Tasha said as she moved one hand from the shaft to Natalie's hip. The tall doctor groaned as more of the dildo slid into her. She could feel the head forcing her tissue aside and sliding against the dildo already inside her through the thin membrane that separated them. Tasha's second hand on her other hip let her know it was almost all the way in and the gentle bump of the black woman's hips against her ass announced full penetration. Natalie had never felt so incredibly full in her life. The muscles in her rectum clenched spasmodically on the blue dildo while those in her cunt squeezed the black one. The feeling was so powerfully arousing that she felt another orgasm hit her. This one was different from the others, not so powerful, almost like a very strong aftershock.

"I think she likes it," Tee said and chuckled.

"Wait till she gets some action," Cindy said.

The big woman's hands slid up her back and then curled over her shoulders, holding Natalie's upper body tightly to her chest. There were some minor adjustments made as Tee and Cindy maneuvered so they could both get purchase and be comfortable.

"Ready for the fucking of your life, white girl?" Cindy whispered.

Before Natalie could respond she felt Tee slowly draw back. The movement of the dildo in her bowels was incredibly lewd, but also very stimulating. She moaned when the small woman drove back into her. Cindy seemed content to just hold her and let Tee do the work. The small woman held Natalie's hips firmly and began to really fuck her then, driving in and out with deep long strokes. Natalie was moaning and groaning steadily when Cindy thrust upwards for the first time. The tall doctor gasped but Tee did not break her rhythm. The competing motions were awkward at first, but Natalie soon got the hang of it.

Natalie was in heaven now. She could feel both cocks sliding against one another inside her. She was alternately full to bursting and achingly empty. The combined motion forced her mound against Cindy, stimulating her clit with each stroke. She had never felt anything so intense and she could feel another orgasm building. When it came it was breathtakingly sudden and intense. Powerful contractions of her inner muscles shook her whole frame as Natalie cried out like a cat in heat. Through the whole thing neither of her partners slowed their pace and the continuing stimulation served to prolong and intensify her orgasm until it seemed she would die of pleasure right there on the floor.

"Hey Doc," Maria called when Natalie finally stopped shaking. The small Hispanic woman had finally recovered from her own orgasm and was watching from the sofa. Natalie turned her head towards her to see Maria's legs splayed wide and her fingers rubbing herself.

"Maybe we should start calling you cookie,"


"Yeah, cookie. Or maybe Oreo, since you know what it's like now to be the creamy white filling between two hard blacks," Maria said and burst into a gale of laughter. Cindy joined her in laughing, but Tasha only grunted. Natalie noticed that the smaller woman was loosing the rhythm as her thrusts became shorter, faster and more jerky. Natalie realized she was close to coming.

"Fuck... Tight... Fucking...Ass!" Tasha exclaimed and then stiffened as her orgasm rocked her. Tasha's orgasm set off another in Natalie and she whimpered and sighed as the waves of pleasure flooded her senses. She became aware of her surroundings again when the blue dildo left her ass with an obscene slurping sound. Cindy was still driving the big cock into her pussy, but Tasha sat back on the floor and fanned herself.

"You gonna keep the pussy all to yourself?" Maria asked.

"Nah, I want a crack at that ass," Cindy said.

"Great," Maria said and rose to get her toy from the box. Tasha rose to help her, but Natalie wasn't able to follow their movements. Cindy still held her tightly and was driving her towards another orgasm with her seemingly inexhaustible stamina. Natalie gave in to the flood of pleasurable sensation and stopped worrying about anything else. The world shrunk to her body and the big black woman who was making her feel so good. Natalie didn't scream this time, she just sighed and whimpered. She was deliciously satiated and wanted only to lie there with Cindy when it finally subsided.

A stinging slap on her buttock jolted Natalie out of her semi stupor. Tasha smiled down and helped her up. Natalie's knees felt like rubber and she had to lean heavily on the small woman to remain erect. Maria was sitting on the sofa stroking the strapon she now wore. Natalie had to smile, Maria's harness was red, and the clear red dildo attached was even larger than Cindy's. Leave it to the smallest of the three butches to have penis envy, Natalie thought.

"Come on chica, come sit on Chili's pepper," Maria said. She had a big smile on her face and Natalie had to admit she looked damned sexy. She felt her own arousal being restoked.

Maria laid way back into the sofa and Natalie straddled her hips with Tasha and Cindy's help. Her legs were still not working quite right and she was a little unsteady. Maria held the thick red dildo steady as Natalie eased herself down on it. Her pussy was still stretched from Cindy's dildo and she was so wet from her previous orgasms that she accommodated the big cock with little difficulty. Cindy moved behind her and spread Natalie's ass cheeks. Natalie had feared that the larger dildo would hurt, but she found it slid in with relatively little pain. If she had been full before she was now stuffed with hard plastic.

The two women quickly established a rhythm. Where Cindy and Tasha had worked in unison, Cindy and Maria seemed to work alternatingly. When her pussy was full her rectum was empty and vice versa. It was a different twist on the wonderful feelings she had discovered earlier and Natalie could not decide which she liked better. She only knew for sure that she would never pass up the opportunity to experience this again.

Natalie's body was sensitized and she reached another orgasm quickly. She had never been multiorgasmic, that had been Dawn's thing. Now that she had experienced it Natalie could see why her lover had seemed such a nymphomaniac. Maria was still thrusting up into her, murmuring endearments in Spanish, while Cindy held her hips and pistoned the black cock into her ass. Natalie wondered about the big butch, she had not come yet as far as she could tell. Her thoughts were broken when Tasha climbed onto the sofa and sat on the back, She spread her legs invitingly and Natalie got her first look at the black woman's cunt.

Her vulva was a darker black than her skin, and surrounded by a thick forest of tight curls. The lips were black as well and pouted slightly. Tasha reached down and spread her lips to reveal the coral colored inner folds. Natalie craned her neck forward but was unable to get her mouth on that soft inviting flesh. Maria and Cindy seemed to know what was going on and made some subtle adjustments. Maria pushed herself back deeper into the cushions and Cindy moved herself forward slightly. This changed the angle of their entry slightly and Maria ceased to thrust deeply. Cindy continued to work her hips, but she did not drive as deeply. The adjustments allowed Natalie to reach Tasha's pussy without discomfort.

The next few minutes were to remain some of the wildest, hottest and most pleasurable of Natalie's life. Maria's red cock was deep inside of her, and kept her filled, the little Hispanic woman's thrusts were only enough to keep her aware of it moving inside of her. Cindy held her hips tightly and drove the black dildo in and out. With her pussy filled the constant filling and emptying of her rectum was maddeningly exciting. Maria's warm hands were working her breasts, pinching the nipples and pulling them out. Natalie had sensitive breasts and did not usually enjoy having them handled roughly, but the sensation of her pussy and ass were so strong that she welcomed the rough play. Only really strong signals from her boobs could cut through the haze of sensation from her lower body. Tasha held Natalie's head tightly to her cunt. It smelled strong and pungent and the taste was particularly powerful, an overwhelming musky flavor that mirrored the taste of her lips. Natalie lashed the small woman's clit with her tongue and then lapped at the sticky furrow.

It was far too much to last for very long. Maria came first, crying out in Spanish. Even as the sounds reached her ears Natalie felt her own body spasm. She made no noise at all this time, her mouth was glued to Tasha's slick wet cunt. Tasha seemed to appreciate Natalie's oral skill as much as Maria had and shuddered as she came. Only Cindy continued unabated and apparently unsatisfied.

When they had all disengaged themselves the room smelled of sex. Tasha curled up on one end of the sofa with a pillow while Maria sat on the other, too shaky to remove her harness. Natalie was sitting on the floor, her body racked by aftershocks. Cindy sat Indian style and seemed amused.

Natalie finally mastered herself and said, "Sin, you haven't come yet have you?"

"She never gets off," Maria offered.

"Yeah," Tee added, "Poor bitch has to do it herself,"

Natalie looked directly into the big woman's face, "You have never come with someone?"

"No, I just like making my bitches feel good,"

"That just won't do," Natalie said. Tasha smiled at her and Maria laughed. Natalie was determined to make Cindy feel as good as the big woman had made her feel. She carefully adjusted her stockings and garterbelt, noting the way Cindy's eyes lit up and followed her fingers. Natalie took a pillow off the sofa and lay back on the floor spreading her legs wide.

"Come on Baby, didn't you say you wanted to feel my legs wrapped around you?"

Cindy nodded and quickly moved between Natalie's legs, the dildo slid easily into Natalie's soaking pussy. She wrapped her legs around the black woman's hips and locked her ankles just above Cindy's ass.

Cindy looked into her eyes and then kissed her. When the kiss broke Natalie winked at the big butch and said, "Now fuck me,"

Cindy needed no more words and tore into Natalie with avengance. Long, deep, powerful strokes soon had the Doctor crying out in another orgasm. Another and another ripped through her and still Cindy hadn't come. Natalie began to despair, she did not know how much more of the pounding she could take. Her body was so sensitized that her orgasms were coming one on top of another, some strong some weaker, but she knew the pleasure was getting so acute it would soon be painful. She looked up at Cindy, ready to apologize and ask her to stop, but her words froze on her lips.

Cindy's eyes were tightly shut and the muscles in her jaw were working. She was obviously very close, but something was holding her back. What could it be? Natalie thought. She replayed the whole night searching for the answer. Her mind grasped at details, Cindy's outfit, the dance floor and her asking if Natalie could polish a belt buckle, her words when Natalie first took her cock, the way her eyes lit up when Tasha had placed the Stetson on Natalie's head. It came to her then, what the big woman wanted, but never got from her women here in the inner city.

"Come on Cowboy, ride me hard," Natalie said through clenched teeth as another orgasm tore at her sanity.

Cindy's eyes shot open and a huge grin displayed all of her perfect white teeth. Another driving thrust and her face contorted in pleasure as her body stiffened.

"I'll be damned, you go girl!" Maria shouted.

Cindy drove in deeply and shouted a hoarse cry. Her body came unglued then, spasming as she came. Natalie had never felt quite so good as she did at that moment. Part of it was pure sexual bliss, but even more gratifying was the knowledge that she had succeeded in making Cindy feel that good.

By now it was very late. Tasha helped Cindy and Maria remove their harnesses and took them to the bathroom to wash. Maria went to get a beer from the kitchen. Cindy picked Natalie up in her arms and carried her to the bedroom. All four of them piled into the king bed and Natalie fell asleep with her face between Tasha's soft breasts and her ass pressed tightly against Cindy's hard body.

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What if Colleen Thomas was never a woman and is still living?

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23 and a trauma surgeon?She would still be in premed,a trauma surge wouldn't be on her own til she was about 30.4yrs college/premed,4yrs med,2yrs residence,then another 2yrs specializing in surgery thenmore...

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