tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWearing A Short Skirt In Bangkok

Wearing A Short Skirt In Bangkok


Note: If you're looking for dirty hardcore sex, this is NOT the page for you. Some scenes in this story were actually based on personal life experience. Leg lovers, I hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katherine, a 39 year old housewife and mom from Florida. I'm 5'11 tall, 34b, with slender built, and dirty blonde hair. My long smooth legs are my best feature, and I enjoy showing them off to anybody who appreciates.


It was 2 years ago when my husband Steve had to do seminars in several asian cities. I was allowed to tag along with him in that trip. All expenses were paid by Steve's company, not to mention the pocket money provided for us, which meant lots and lots of shopping for me! We enjoyed the whole trip, but I'm going to share the experience I had in Bangkok.

I felt the warm weather the moment we stepped out of the plane. It was warmer than what I expected, but I still loved it. We stayed in one of those middle class hotels located at the center of the city. The place was perfect and the locals were friendly. It was great!

There was a time Steve went to a meeting, so I decided to go see places and have fun on my own.

The weather was perfect. I wore a white tank top, a short denim skirt, a bra, panties, a pair of high heeled sandals, and sunglesses which I used as a hairband.

Some of the local women also wore short skirts, but I been told that most of the local guys there were more attracted to exotic women, particularly white blondes, and my height at over 6' tall in high heels made me stand out even more.

I recieved a lot of looks the moment I stepped out of the hotel. Most of the men were staring at me as I walked down the street. I was taller than most people, and it attracted more attention.

I was going to a flea market. I had to take the bus as directed by one of the hotel employees. So I got on a bus and sat on an empty seat by the window. My skirt rode up my thighs when I sat down, and guys in the bus were really watching as I crossed my legs. Even the guy seated in front of me had to turn once in a while to just to have a glimpse, but I just pretended not to notice.

My sexy long legs were on display for them to see.

I didn't mind that, until a middle aged man transferred and sat right next to me. I think he couldn't take it anymore, because he placed his hand on my lap and started rubbing my thighs instantly. I didn't know what to do. He might hurt me or something if I screamed. I didn't want to cause trouble or anything so I just looked out the window and pretended that everything was normal.

I think he really enjoyed how soft and smooth my thighs felt, because he put his hand inside his pants. He played with himself while feeling up my legs. His hand moved higher and higher until he managed to hike my skirt up even more.

Now the full length of my long legs were exposed for him to carress and for everyone else to watch. I had no idea if it's a common thing or what. I looked at another lady seated at the other side and she just shook her head. It looked like she was signaling me not to worry, and that it will be over soon eventually.

When the guy started rubbing my thighs faster with longer strokes. I figured he might be cumming by then. I was right, then he immediatly let go of my legs and got off the bus on the next stop. I felt some sort of relief the moment he got off the bus.

As I was trying to fix my skirt back down, one of the guys who were watching sat next to me. He knew I wouldn't complain 'cause he watched me the whole time. So he pulled my skirt back up, even higher than the other guy. He hiked my skirt high enough to expose my panties.

He rubbed my inner thighs as he partially spread my legs. I realized the guy wanted more after he put his hand inside my panties. It didn't take long, he had his fingers inside my bald pussy. He obviously enjoyed what he was doing. He thrusted his fingers deeper and harder inside me each time.

I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from moaning. Another man from behind my seat slid his hands under my top. He was squeezing my breasts and kissing my neck at the same time. He was very gentle so I really did not mind.

I started to give out soft moans. The way the guy was fingering me got my pussy soaking wet. So I willingly opened my legs wider for him. The man behind me was licking my ear, which I always loved. The guy next to me fingered my wet pussy harder and faster until I reached orgasm.

I told the guys I had to get off on the next stop after I came. They just smiled at me, helped me straighten my clothes up, and moved away.

So I got off the bus and went on with the flea market, pretended that nothing happened.

That was one unforgettable bus ride for me...

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