tagIncest/TabooWeekend with Sis Ch. 03

Weekend with Sis Ch. 03


When we got home from Shauntel's party at midnight, I noticed Shawna's answering machine was blinking.

Shawna pushed the blinking read button and we heard:

"Shawna this is Dad. I hope you’re having a good time, we've go a problem with our hot water heater--actually it blew up, so we aren't going to make it down this weekend. We're really sorry Hon'. I hope you and Larry are having fun. We're really sorry. We'll call tomorrow to see who won the game!"

I looked at Shawna who looked puzzled at first then said "I guess they have it under control."

"I hope so!" I replied.

"I'm going to take a shower and wash Tyson's cum of my tits. You want to join me?" She asked.

I couldn't believe my ears. My sister was asking me to join her in the shower.

"It'll be like old times!" She giggled.

My used to have us take baths or showers together when we were in elementary school, but the last time that happened must have been when I was in third grade. Last time I saw Shawna in a shower it was through a peephole in the restroom at camp when we were in middle school.

"Uh, I don't..." I stammered. I was reluctant first because she was my sister; second because my cock was sore from all the action I'd been getting the last two days.

"Yeah c'mon! We have a big shower!" She said and grabbed my hand pulling me into the bathroom.

She stripped off her leaving only her bikini bottom as she adjusted the water then she turned around and de-pantsed me leaving only me speedo she made me wear to the pool party.

Then she untied her bikini bottom and let if fall to the floor. I slid me speedo off and Shawna smiled slyly when she saw my flaccid six inches. Then she hopped into the shower and motioned for me to join.

"Wash my back, Larry." She said handing me a bottle of shower gel.

I squeezed a little on my hands and lathered it up then soaped up her back working my way down from her shoulders. I stopped just above the crack of her gorgeous ass. I felt a twinge between my legs as my cock began to get excited.

"Don't stop there! I need my butt washed too!" She giggled.

Once again I reached out and rubbed her tight butt with soap.

"Now my legs! There smooth I saved this afternoon!" She demanded.

"Yeah, they’re really smooth." I noted as I slid my hands down her sexy legs. My cock began to stiffen in earnest now.

Shawna then turned around as I was squatting washing her legs.

"How's that view?!" she giggled!

"Amazing." was all I could manage to say as I gaze up at her soft pussy.

"Stand up here and wash my front now!" she smiled.

"Uh alright." I stammered as I struggled the get up.

"Start right here." She said as she place my hands on her round tits.

Slowly I rubbed soap onto her 36Cs. Her nipples become erect under my hands, and my penis followed suit rubbing against her leg.

"Careful there Mr. 11 inches! Don't get near my pussy with that monster. I don't want you to get any ideas." She scolded.

"Sorry, Your, well, your so hot. I can't control it." I explained.

"I know you can. If I didn't want to see your cock I wouldn't have got you in the shower with me." She laughed.

I continued soaping up her tits.

"Ok, I think those are clean now fella, wash my belly." She giggled.

I moved my hands lower across her belly and around her silver belly button ring. As I did she washed her hair then rinsed it as I moved my hands back to her tits.

"You like those don't you?" She giggled and rinsed the rest of her body.

"Now for you." She said as she grabbed the shower gel.

She lathered up her hands than went straight to my cock.

"This thing is so big; I better concentrate on it while you wash the rest of your body." She said as she ran her hands over my cock.

"Damn you're so big! I wish you weren't my brother so I could fuck you." She mumbled.

I wasn't sure what was a bigger surprise my sister praising my size or saying the f-word. I quickly soaped my chest, back, and butt. Then I rubbed some shampoo in my hair as she continued to play with my cock.

"I do you legs." She volunteered and dropped to her knees in front of me.

She lathered up her hands again and ran her hands up my legs from my ankles occasionally griping my cock before running back down my legs.

"Time to rinse!" She exclaimed.

I leaned back under the showerhead to rinse my hair. As soon as I closed my eyes she grabbed my balls.

"These are big too!" She laughed as I almost fell over.

I went ahead and rinsed my body. Then when I finished I looked down to see my sister smiling up at my from the shower floor.

"Lean back against the wall." She whispered.

I complied with her requested and she quickly engulfed my cock with her soft lips. She gave me head for about five minutes before releasing my cock.

"Larry, can you cum again tonight?" She asked.

"Uh I don't know. I'm pretty tired." I said hoping I wouldn't disappoint her.

"Ok, I want to give you a little more before I'm done. If you are going to cum, le me know." She said and went back to work on my throbbing cock.

Five minutes later I felt my balls tighten and my breathing quickened.

"Shawna, I think I'm getting close." I whispered.

She looked up and smiled as I tried to hold my load in.

"Here it comes." I muttered when I couldn't hold it any longer.

Shawna gripped my cock hard and stood up next to me as she smiled my cock dry being careful not to get the cum on her body.

"Oooooh!" I moaned.

"Damn, I love big cocks Larry. I 'm so glad you came down. Since mom and dad are staying home, we'll have some more fun tomorrow." She said as she turned off the shower.

Shawna toweled me off and I toweled her off. Then she put on a lime green silk thong and cami set. She wrapped my towel around my waist and led me over to her bead.

"Curl around while we sleep." She whispered as she pushed me down on the bed and laid next to me.

"Get this wet thing off my bed she said a she grabbed my towel and flung it toward her clothes hamper.

"I uh, I'm naked." I whispered.

"Yeah, its not like I haven't seen you before." She laughed as she laid down next to me.

She pulled my arm around her small waist as she laid with her back toward me. Then she reached behind her back and grabbed my flaccid cock saying "This better not end up any place it shouldn't tonight!"

"I'll be good." I said.

Soon she was asleep. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't believe I was lying next to my hot sister naked while she wore only a thin silk cami and thong. Oh yeah and she let me play with her tits and then gave me some great head in the shower. Finally I feel asleep. The last thing I remember seeing was my sister's thonged ass in the light shining through the window and the clock, which read 3:30 AM.

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