tagGay MaleWeight Room Balling

Weight Room Balling


It all happened as many of these things do as a simple mistake, but what a mistake. I d been going to this particular gym for about 8 months. I m normally a early riser so I d get in there first thing in the am when it was completely empty, do my thing, shower change and still beat most of the office to work.

Then I got moved to a project that required night work for a few weeks. After a week of being all mixed up I d adjusted to getting up at 10 PM instead of 5 AM. I decided I should try working out late in the evening before work. It was better than slacking like I had been.

So I packed my bag, and headed off to the gym dark and late one evening. I got there close to 11 and was greeted by a huge, gorgeous attendant. Hey man the gym closes at 11 Bill (that was the name on his tag) said.

Shit. Well can I get a couple of minutes in? I just started night work and can t get here any earlier I complained.

It must have been the defeated, pleading look on my face that helped because Bill looked around and seeing the place empty leaned over the counter and said Tell you what I normally work out for about an hour after I lock-up, if you ll spot for me, I ll let you stay and work out with me.

Cool, deal. Let me run in the back and change I said running into the back to my locker.

I came back out to a gym locked up for the night, most of the light were out, except for those around the free weights and the locker and shower area. Leaving the place with a weird sense of isolation the familiar nautilus machines turned into weird dark sculptures. All and all a weird sight.

Hey, man nice pecs I hear with a strong hand closing on my shoulder, making me jump out of my skin. Hey sorry I scared you. Bill said with a slight chuckle. Where do you normally start.

I normally run arms, shoulders, back then chest and legs last. I said turning. It was hard not to notice that he was completely ripped up. He d changed into a pair of short nylon shorts, which outlined his cock nicely and a half shirt.

If he noticed me checking him out, or my cock starting to tent out my own shorts, he didn t lead on. He just agreed with my rotation and we started, me on arms, him on shoulders. We worked around the free weights, our grunts and groans echoing back from the rest of the dark gym. I couldn t keep my eyes off him. Every movement sent more and more muscles rippling. God I was in heaven. I just wished the grunts and groans coming out of each of us were of a more personal nature.

Soon we were both covered in sweat. I looked up to see Bill stripping off his shirt and throwing it in the corner. Hey man, get comfortable. No old ladies to be offended by a shirtless guy at this time of the night. Bill joked. Heck if it wasn t a tad dangerous to have everything hanging out I d work out naked

My cock almost ripped through my shorts with the thought if this stud naked with his cock flopping as he pumped iron. After a second or two of consideration I shed my shirt too. Well I wouldn t want to be over dressed would I??

I managed to work through the rotation to chest, and set the bar up for my chest work out. Bill came around to my head to spot and I started my set. Half way to go I glanced back to realize I could see right up Bill s shorts. I was pleasantly greeted by a thick cock and heavy balls, hanging free of any underwear. I know my cock was standing out in my shorts so I finished the set quickly and Bill and I changed places.

As Bill started his set, my eyes settled on that lovely outline of his cock. I was so engrossed by his cock I almost missed the first blastoff breath on my balls. It was quickly followed by another, and I realized that Bill was deliberately blowing each breath up my shorts. I guess he could see I wasn t wearing any underwear either.

I switched from a bar to a set of dumbbells and started my next set. Being a tease I started blowing up Bills shorts just as he had done to me. But much to my surprise with each blow Bill s balls seemed to get closer and closer. I realized he was scooting lower and lower and closer to my face.

Deciding enough was enough with this teasing I dropped the weights reached back and grabbed bills ass and pushed my head up his shorts licking his balls before sucking them into my mouth. I finally heard the first groan of pleasure I d been waiting for since we started as Bill pressed his sweaty crotch into my face.

After tonguing his balls for a few minutes. I sat up and grabbed his shorts and tugged them down. We don t really need these anymore I think I said as his semi-hard cock, popped out and slapped me in the cheek. I took the head of his cock in my mouth, tasting the mixture of sweat and precum. Feeling it grow harder and harder as my tongue slid around the head. I swallowed his rapidly hardening cock inch by inch, teasing the underside of his cock the whole way.

I son had my nose buried in his pubes, the sweat from his stomach trickling down to tickle my nose. I pulled back until just the head was in my mouth. Looking up to see him with his eyes closed. I took one hand and cupped and massaged his balls and with the other put his hands on the back of my head. Fuck my face Bill I moaned before he shoved his cock back in my mouth. Opening my throat, gagging a little, I soon had Bill fucking my face in long deep strokes the head of his cock popping out of my moth before forcing it s way past my lips and down my throat again. Bill started fucking faster and harder, his cock pistoning into my face. Knowing he was getting close I slid a hand up the crack of his ass and shoved my thumb forcefully up his ass. Feeling around for the bulb of his prostate I just hit it when Bill slammed his cock into my throat and started cumming hard. I barely could force my head back so I could take his cum in my mouth so I could savor the flavor.

I swallowed, once, twice, three times while he kept cumming. Eventually I pulled the head of his cock from my mouth only to have a final spastic shot land on my cheek. Scooping it up with a finger popping this last treat into my mouth I looked up and said Now that s a work out.

Damn was all Bill managed before slumping heavily onto the bench across from me. After catching his breath Bill looked up and said God that was great it s been forever since I came like that. God I need a shower. Care to join me?

Not that you d have had to ask me twice, I just nodded and followed him into the shower room. We started soaping each other, arms, chests, legs. My cock was still raging hard from earlier. Bill, coming up from my legs flicked his tongue over my cock head. You know I ve been selfish we really need to finish you work out session Bill said with a little smile.

Taking the soap from his hand I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around, soaping my cock quickly I pressed the swollen purple head at the entrance to his asshole. Leaning over and wrapping my arms around his waist I buried my cock in his ass in one thrust. I could feel my balls slap up against his. Leaving my cock buried to the hilt I took the soap and started soaping his cock. Matching the thrusts of my cock with the strokes of his.

I could feel how hot and tight his ass was, gripping my cock tightly with each thrust. Pulling out almost to the tip then sliding it back to the hilt, each time my cock rubbed past his prostate, eliciting a groan of pleasure to match my own. I knew I was getting close. All the teasing during the workout and my blowing him had me close to cumming in no time. Taking one of his hands and putting it on his cock and the other on my balls I grabbed his waist and started slamming my cock deep into him. I could feel the cum boiling up in my cock, struggling to hold it off for as long as possible I rammed his ass like a mad man. Finally burying myself in his ass and whitewashing his insides with my cum. His ass clamped down hard, almost painfully as he started cumming too. Thick gobs of creamy cum hitting the shower wall before being washed away by the hot spray.

Slowly my soft cock slid from his ass, followed by a small torrent of my cum. Leaning against the cool shower tiles with my eyes close I felt bill cleaning my cock and balls. We finished showering in silence, standing close and touching each other often.

I met Bill at the gym entrance after drying and dressing. With the key in the lock Bill looked up and said You know I work till close by myself all week long

Really, I might have to stop by again That was 3 years ago. Bill and I have been regular work out partners ever since. I ve never been in better shape. It s nice to have a partner for pumping iron, among other things.

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