tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWelcome Back Chyna!

Welcome Back Chyna!


Chyna was back in the WWF, feeling good. She had surgery on her back a couple of months ago and was feeling good. Also horny. She hadn't had sex in a while, ever since the surgery. Chyna sat on her couch, her body heating up as her thoughts turned from how to win the match to how a cock would feel deep inside her pussy.

Chyna couldn't hold the feeling inside any longer. She ripped off her leather pants and her white panties. She began rubbing on her pussy, already wet from the thoughts. Chyna stuck 3 fingers in, pumping herself in and out. She took her free hand and licked her fingers, then stuck it up her ass. Now with double penetration, Chyna could get into a faster orgasm. Just as she was gonna cum, a voice called from outside the door.


"Um, hold on." She quickly dressed and wiped her hands on the couch. "Who is it?"

"It's Terri."

"What do you want?"

"Can you please come by my locker in a minute? Just need to show you something," said Terri. Chyna sighed. She wanted to get back at her masturbating but didn't want to hurt Terri's feelings.

"All right." Chyna could hear Terri walking away. She got dressed in a different outfit: a leather strapless tanktop with a skirt with no panties underneath.

She knocked on Terri's door. "Come in," called out Terri. As soon as Chyna walked in, she gasped and turned around. Terri was on the bed, nude and also fingering her shaved pussy.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry, Terri." Chyna could feel her face turn red with embarassment.

Terri got up. "No, no. Chyna, I know you haven't been having any sexual contact with any guy or girl. I haven't either so I thought we could pleasure each other. And if that's not enough then I ordered a few backup girls."

Chyna gulped and shook her head. "I never had any lesbian experience."

"Well, there's a first time for everything." Terri took her hand and began rubbing on the leather. Even through the leather, she could feel Chyna's nipple hard and erect. Chyna shuddered and the next thing she knew, she was sucking on the hard nipples of Terri Runnels.

As Chyna sucked, Terri stripped her clothes off. Chyna's breasts were strong and firm. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and by the looks of it, was already getting wet. Her ass was also firm.

Chyna pulled away, wanting more of her. She moved foward towards her pussy. Chyna could feel the heatness coming from her clit. She licked the clit as Terri licked hers. They got into a 69 they had never been in.

Both their clits were getting excedingly wet and loved it. Chyna's mouth was hungry for more. She plunged her tongue deep inside her vagina. Terri screamed. "Oh god, oh god! Lick me, Chyna! Lick me!" she cried.

Terri's pussy muscles tightened around her tongue. Chyna moaned as she slowly pumped her tongue in and out. Terri was in an orgasm. "OH GOD! OH GOD! CHYNA! I'M GONNA CUM! GET YOUR TONGUE OUT!" she yelled, grabbing her breasts.

But Chyna refused. She could feel the cum trying to get out but her tongue blocked the exit, causing Terri to scream like crazy.


Chyna finally let her tongue out and a huge flood of cum came pouring out. Her face was wet with cum. Terri calmed down, licking Chyna's face clean. The door flung open and the red head Diva Lita came in.

"Hey, did the party already start?" she asked.

"Yep, but it isn't over yet," answered Terri.

The two ladies backed Chyna against the wall. Lita went over to her ass, licking around the hole. Chyna moaned. "What are you going to do?" she whispered.

"You'll find out." Lita stuck her fingers, then her whole fist. The fist shocked Chyna's body. her fist was pumping in and out like a cock.

Chyna moaned. "Oh god, yes."

Terri also fisted her in the pussy. Chyna wanted this penetration like back in her locker room. Only this was better, bigger and was pumping faster. Chyna couldn't hold her wild side in. She tilted her head and let out a huge scream.

"OH GOD! YES, LITA, YES TERRI! GO FASTER! AUGH!" she yelled. Terri and Lita did what they were told. They loved the way she screamed. "I'M GONNA CUM!!!!"

Terri let out her fist and the cum poured onto her breasts. Lita licked her lips and pulled out her fist. She went over to Terri's breasts and licked off all the cum that had landed on. Terri moaned, enjoying the way Lita licked her. Feeling more and more horny, she reached over to Lita's ass and fingered the hole. Lita moaned while sucked on the nipples.

Chyna was exhausted but as soon as she saw Lita getting fingered, she got back up. She went in between Lita's legs and licked on her cum tasting pussy. Lita moaned as she was the center of attention. She closed her eyes, moaning, wishing her boyfriend Matt Hardy was here. Chyna's tongue was incredible.

Lita left the two WWF Divas as they continued to make love. She searched through Terri's purse and came upon a big dildo. She strapped it on herself. Terri found a dildo twice as big and wide as the first one.

Chyna laid on her side, playing with her nipples. Lita entered her ass. Chyna screamed but she knew this feeling was nothing compared to what Terri had in store. Terri rammed the huge monster deep inside her wet cunt. Chyna couldn't do anything but yell.

"Oh god! Yes Terri!" she screamed with ecstasy. Chyna never had this much fun before. Terri plunged her dildo deep in her clit.

Unlike Terri, Lita pumped herself to Chyna slowly. Chyna loved getting fucked into the ass but she wanted to go faster. Terri seemed to be reading her thoughts cuz she pumped her dildo deep in and out, fast. Chyna's breasts jiggled as two dildoes fucked her. Chyna cocked her head and moaned. She could feel an orgasm coming. As soon as she opened her mouth, a real big cock was inserted in her mouth. Chyna looked and saw Hunter, her ex boyfriend. Chyna grinned devishly and began giving him head.

Test was also there and he pumped his rod into her tiny pussy. "Oh, Chyna. I need you to make me cum!" he said and rammed his erect cock in. Chyna screamed, the cock still in her mouth. She sucked on it more, the cockhead going down her throat. Hunter moaned, as Chyna massaged his shaft.

Chyna couldn't hold her yell any longer. She felt waves and waves of orgasms. Everyone began taunting her. talking dirty to her. Chyna was loving every minute of this, she was in the biggest orgasm of her life! Chyna screamed in pleasure, sweating like a pig. "Oh yes! Yes, oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

After a fwe hours of sucking, licking, pumping and screaming, Terri kissed Chyna daintly. "Welcome back, Chyna. Welcome back."

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